STH Glossary


叶凡 – Ye Fan (Main protagonist)
林佳 – Lin Jia ( Ye Fan was rejected by her previously, school belle)
刘云志 – Liu Yun Zhi (Antagonist who had a conflict with Ye Fan)
王子文 – Wang Zi Wen (Well-to-do classmate with relatively good relations with Ye Fan)
周毅 – Zhou Yi ( Ye Fan’s Classmate with a rich background)
李小曼 – Li Xiao Man ( Ye Fan’s Old Flame)
凯德 – Carter ( Li Xiao Man’s friend from America)
班固 – Bang Gu (Chinese Historian/Poet)
庞博 – Pang Bo (Ye Fan’s best friend in university)
李长青 – Li Chang Qing (Liu Yun Zhi’s follower)
张子陵 – Zhang Zi Ling (Soccer team friend of Ye Fan, rather close)
柳依依 – Liu Yi Yi (Classmate of Ye Fan whom he took pity on because of her circumstances)
刘万山 – Liu Wan Shan (Elder from one of the immortal sanctuaries in the State of Yan)
马云 – Ma Yun (Elder from Yu Ding sanctuary)
李颖 – Li Ying (Elder from Jin Xia sanctuary)


虬龙 – Curling dragon( Chinese dragon with various names like horned or hornless dragon)
金翅大鹏 – Golden Winged Roc
凶兽人 – Man-beast
蛟 – River Dragon
仙鹤 – Red Crowned crane


势 – Influence
神虹 – Mystical Rainbows


苦海 – Sea of bitterness [abyss of worldly suffering (Buddhist term)]
神桥 – Spiritual Bridge
神祗 – Divinity
生命神轮 – Divine Wheel of Life
旷古绝伦,盖世圣体 – Peerless Primordial Transcendent Divine Body


修士 – Cultivator

Units of measurement

一尺 (One Chi) = 0.3333 m
一里(One Li) = 500 m
丈( One Zhang) =  10 chinese feet  or 3.3m


母校 – Alma Mater
海上明月城 – Sea Moon City (Expensive and luxurious restaurant and bar)
天宫遗址 – Remains of a heavenly palace
大洋彼岸 – Overseas
玉皇顶 – Jade Emperor Peak
泰山 – Mount Tai (Most revered of the five sacred mountains)
玉鼎洞天 – Yu Ding sanctuary (State of Yan)
灵墟洞天 – Ling Xu sanctuary (State of Yan)
金霞洞天 – Jin Xia sanctuary (State of Yan)
东荒 – Eastern Badlands
西漠 – Western Desert 
南岭 – Southern mountains
北原 – Northern Plains
中州 – Central Province
洞天福地 – Immortal Sanctuary (A mountain for immortals located on the mortal world)
圣地 – Sacred Grounds
福地 – Blessed lands


丰田车 – Toyota

管子 – Guanzi (Ancient Chinese political and philosophical text)

山海经 – Classic of Mountains and Seas ( Classic chinese text of mythology)

奔驰 – Mercedes (Branded car)

甲骨文 – Oracle Bone Script (Ancient chinese characters found on oracle bones, usually animal bones or turtle shells.

钟鼎文 – Bronze Inscriptions (objects with inscriptions or carved text usually on cauldrons, similar to oracle bone script.)


封禅 – Fengshan sacrifice (Ancient practice of a Ritual ceremony, regarded as the highest of all sacrifices)


Time Period

东汉- Eastern Han Dynasty 25AD-220AD


神异经 – “Classic of Divine Wonders”

水经注 – “ Commentary on the Water Classic”

逍遥游 – “A Happy Excursion”

管子 – Guanzi (Ancient Chinese political and philosophical text)
山海经 – Classic of Mountains and Seas ( Classic chinese text of mythology)
道韵 – The way

Idioms [Literal Meaning (true meaning)]

黄钟大吕 – Yellow bell’s grand pitch (One’s resonant voice rings out, clear as a bell)

惜字如金 – Cherished words like gold (Not wasting words)

无用之树 – A useless tree (Useless person)

寸草不生 – not even a blade of grass grows (barren)

五彩缤纷 – all the colours in profusion (a garish display)
有惊无险 – to be more scared than hurt (get through a daunting experience without mishap)

斗转星移 – Turn the Big Dipper and move the stars (Time flies)

仙风道骨 – Immortal’s demeanour (sage like appearance)

震古烁今 – Shaking the old and illuminating the new (glorious and world-shattering)


三寸丁 – Useless person

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