KGGD Glossary


苏羽 – Su Yu (‘Yu’ means feather)

张仲谋 – Zhang Zhong Mou (Best friend of MC)

苏玉 – Su Yu (Jade)

宁妍 – Ning Yan

雷蕊 – Lei Rui

秦家贵 – Qin Jia Gui

林石 – Lin Shi (teacher)

赵世昌 – Zhao Shi Chang

周碧蓉 – Zhou Bi Rong (Police lady)

马紫叶 – Ma Zi Ye

袁倪萍 – Yuan Ni Ping ( Qin Jia Gui’s Girlfriend)

Cultivation Levels

Dark Iron




级 – Grade

阶 – Tier

领悟 – Comprehension


撕裂爪 – Rending Claw

感知之眼 – Eye of perception

蜥蜴臂 – Lizard’s Arm

钢铁之网 – Web of Metal

飞铲 – Flying Spade

牙弹爆 – Fang Bullet Burst

地刺突击 – Earth Spikes Assault

岩炮头锤 – Rock Head Cannon Pulveriser

铁拳爆破 – Demolishing Iron Fist

铁箭爪 – Iron Arrow Claw

骨刀 – Bone Blade


地刺戒指 – Earth Spikes Ring


Lesser Goblin

Greater Goblin

Bloody Ape Dog

Golden Goblin


River Boa Beast

Gnome Rider

Savage Bull Demon


AJ市职业技术学院 – AJ metropolis college of technology and trade

Sayings and Idioms

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