KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Cataclysmic changes within the school

Su Yu lay listlessly on his desk, through his earphones he could hear the current news being reported from the small radio in the drawer under his desk.

Su Yu had been influenced by his grandfather and if he was bored his greatest love was to listen to the fresh news on the radio.

Teacher Ma was currently animatedly giving a lecture, spittle was flying everywhere as he constantly gestured however no one was really paying close attention to what he said.

This made teacher Ma secretly sigh about how rotten wood cannot be carved.

The time was 2:45pm and this was the first class of the afternoon. The location was AJ metropolis college of technology and trade, a university that was not even third tier and could be considered as either a fourth tier or fifth tier school.

The current class was “Computer system class number two” and there were a total of twenty seven people in the class.

Su Yu changed his sleeping posture, laid down in a more comfortable position as he swept his gaze casually across the class

Zhang Zhong Mou his best friend and table mate was already making light snoring noises, his open mouth was making strange noises and the whites of his eyes could be seen rolling around, this person certainly had many sleeping shortcomings.

In the leftmost column third seat from the front, the goddess of his dreams Ning Yan quietly sat there as she earnestly listened to the lesson.

Ning Yan was the undisputed belle within the computer system class and was the crush and fantasy of most of the guys.

From Su Yu’s current position, he could see Ning Yan’s snow white nape and jade-like skin, her soft flowing black hair that was filled with unspeakable charm.

Su Yu swallowed his saliva as even his lethargy seemed to lessen.
The female student sitting at the same table as Ning Yan suddenly turned and caught sight of Su Yu as their eyes met.

This female student seemed to know what Su Yu was looking at as she glared at him with an obvious killing intent.

Su Yu hastily retracted his gaze as he seemed to have a guilty conscience.

The female student who sat at the same table as Ning Yan had the same surname as Su Yu(Feather) and was called Su Yu(Jade)*, both families were neighbours and not only were did they have the same surnames, even their names were very similar and only pronounced slightly differently.

[T/N* The MC and his childhood friend have similar names in English, in future we will refer to her as Jade]

It was with much coincidence that the two ended up in the same kindergarten, then primary school and secondary school and finally also came to the same university in the same class.

The two should have been childhood sweethearts with relationships as close as brothers and sisters however the truth was contrary to expectations and the two viewed each other adversely.

Jade’s character was tomboyish and she could be even more rough than boys, when Su Yu ran into her in university, he almost cried out and lamented on why he had to meet this jinx.

Being glared at by Jade, Su Yu once again laid down on his table and closed his eyes to sleep while listening to the news that was being reported on the radio.

Su Yu was not really sleepy but could not focus his attention on the dreary lesson teacher Ma was currently speaking about, rather, the news he was listening to was that much more interesting.

“…… In the recent weeks, ‘sky holes’ have been appearing that we need to pay close attention to…… based on our latest information, this morning at around 10:35am, three ‘sky holes’ appeared in the north sector of the people’s road, the largest of these exceeded fifteen metres and half of a ‘Jin Hua supermarket’ was swallowed by it. Three people are reported missing and rescue works are underway, experts speculate that……”

News regarding the ‘sky holes’ was currently being reported and over these few days, all over the world was news regarding these ‘sky holes’

These ‘sky holes’ did not have any warning signs before they appeared and the most fearsome of the lot appeared overseas in a small city centre where a ‘sky hole’ that exceeded a mile swallowed nearly half the city.

The issue regarding these sky holes has generated quite a bit of panic among the populace. Some people have speculated that 2012 was the year that the world comes to an end. Although experts and professors have come out to deny these rumours by attributing them to natural geological phenomenons, this was not enough to suppress the hysteria.

Su Yu was listening to the news report from the radio, although the sky holes were dreadful, this issue was simply too distant for him. Instead the things he thought about many other things. Such as how to get into the good books of Ning Yan, what to eat for dinner, the continuation of a certain fantasy novel and the latest chapter update,when will Diablo 3 be coming out….

Suddenly, there was a loud ‘Boom!’ and thereafter sounds of rumbling transmitted from below the school as the surroundings began to violently tremble.

Those that were sleeping, reading comics, sending messages through MM, using QQ messenger to chit chat…… all looked up as their expressions were shocked and even more looked perplexed.

Teacher Ma who was at the front of the class had his mouth wide open and seemed to recall something as he rushed out of the classroom without a word. The speed with which he did so could be said to not be slower than the world champion at sprinting.

Su Yu hurriedly took off his earphones as he lifted his head.

His best buddy Zhang Zhong Mou was in a deep sleep and had been rudely awakened by the sudden trembling and rumbling noises. He woke up confused as he wiped the saliva by his mouth and said: “I had almost touched her thighs, why was there thunder…… eh, the sky is already dark?”

The oppressive rumbling noises and trembling continued for a few seconds before finally stopping as everything returned to normal, only the sky outside had suddenly become dark.

“What was that? An earthquake?”

“It must have been an earthquake. But why has the sky suddenly turned dark? Is it going to rain soon?”

The students in the class awoke from their daze after two seconds as they stood up one by one. Many had curious expressions as they viewed out of the window, soon there were more who had trembling faces.

Outside, the hubbub and buzz of voices could be heard, it was clear that the few sounds of trembling and rumbling had caused the entire school to be in an uproar.

“Cough, cough.” Sounds of coughing could be heard from the door as teacher Ma who had been the first to run away upon feeling that things were amiss had returned, his face was unnatural as he said: “It could have been an earthquake, as a precaution, please leave the university and head to the field. Do not stop within any buildings or stand beside them.”

Once done teacher Ma was once again the first to go, earlier the university had held on through the few seconds of earthquake and that was already very fortunate, if it came again who knew what would happen.

At this moment the entire university was abuzz as everyone exited their classrooms and squeezed as they attempted to go outside, wanting to leave the university as soon as possible.

“What’s going on?” Su Yu had managed to squeeze his way into the corridor outside and as he looked at the sky he saw that the sky was gloomy and filled with dark clouds, there was also an unspeakable pressure in the air.

It was clear skies for thousands of miles earlier, how could the trembling and rumbling of the university result in such a drastic change to the sky?

Looking down, endless streams of people could be seen running out of the university forming waves of humans that were headed to the empty field.

The school was being cautious as they made everyone evacuate the university to gather at the field.

Boisterous crowds that were squeezing about were all over the place. Su Yu was currently stuck at the corridor of the third level, he could neither move forward or back. Within his heart, he thought about his best friend Zhang Zhong Mou and his dream goddess Ning Yan.

“These dangerous circumstances are the best to showcase a man’s spirit, it’s a pity……. Where is Ning Yan?” Su Yu thought of a beautiful outcome as he looked around however Ning Yan was nowhere to be seen.

As more and more people began to run out of the university building, the waves of humans were less packed and Su Yu was secretly regretful that he had not seen Ning Yan and had missed the opportunity to perform in front of her.

While he was feeling regretful, a miserable shriek could suddenly be heard from a distance.

Having lived to twenty one years of age, this was the first time that Su Yu had actually encountered such a mournful sounding miserable shriek, the sound was like sharp nails that pierced into one’s mind and soul, making one’s hair stand on end.

Not only Su Yu, all those heard it immediately had their faces change as they looked towards the origin of the blood-curdling screech.

Su Yu could remember clearly, that it was the school’s gate.

This was not a mainstream university and the area it encompassed was not very wide. There were only three teaching blocks, two accommodation blocks, a library, food hall, snack counter, field and others. The facilities were lacklustre and the school gate was not far from the teaching block.

Having just recalled where that place was, a second frightening shriek followed.

Su Yu instinctively thought of the guards that were standing by the school gate and from the corridor of the third floor he looked down. What he saw was something that was such an impossibility that he found himself doubtful of his eyes.

A pack of green-skinned naked monsters that resembled kids that were the ages of about thirteen and fourteen, charged through the school gate.

Su Yu’s vision was decent and he could clearly see these pack of monsters. They had large eyes and a nose that sunk in, a large ferocious mouth of a predator as their entire body was dark green. In each of their hands was a club that seemed to be like a baseball bat.

Su Yu simply could not believe his eyes as everyone around him all had the same expressions of eyes wide open. In a split second, everyone’s eyes revealed a dazed look as though their brains had short circuited.

First the entire university was trembling and rumbling noises were everywhere, a few seconds later the sky turned completely dark and then there were miserable shrieks. Now a group of monsters had appeared?

All these simply seemed like a dream. Many people seemed to come to this realised as they pinched themselves to see if they were dreaming.

This group of green monsters that numbered slightly over ten were extremely fast as they rushed towards the large numbers of students gathered in the field.

Many people were in a daze as only a few people reacted and screamed in fear, causing a frenzy as everyone ran off in all directions.


From the third storey, Su Yu could see things clearly. He saw the green-skinned monster who was the first to charged forth while wielding a large club. With formidable speed and force, the club struck a bespectacled student’s head as he stood there dumbstruck.

Thereafter, the skull was smashed and fresh blood splashed out like cherry blossoms, white brain matter could also be seen mixed within.

The skull was the hardest part of the human body, how could it be so easily smashed?

At this moment, a strange thought floated into the mind of Su Yu. He suddenly thought of these green monsters and they really seemed like the goblins within most games.

Those goblins within the games were exactly like these green monsters.

Following the death of the first person, this group of green monsters had already rushed into the midst of the people and with the swing of each club those stunned and dazed students who had not run away had their skulls smashed in.

The gorey scenes of bloodiness made several of the students who were still in the teaching block retch.

The field was a state of panic as students were like headless houseflies as they ran haphazardly in all directions while shrieking.

“Quick, quick call 110!”

Finally some people reacted as they frantically shouted while running away and dialing the police number.

At this moment, Su Yu finally woke up. Fortunately for him, he had often seen his mother slaughter chickens, cutting up fishes and so during her housework. Perhaps he was accustomed to bloody scenes and unexpectedly the bloody situation below did not make him vomit. Like the majority here, the first thing that came to his mind was to call the police for help.

Taking out his cellphone, he found that there was no signal. Others who could not believe this began to frantically dial but there was simply no way to connect.

“Ahhhh! They’re rushing over, they’re rushing up!” Suddenly, someone up ahead screamed in fear and Su Yu looked down in apprehension as he saw one of the green monsters rush into the teaching block before miserable shrieks could be heard from within the block.

The people in the surroundings began to panic as many people began to run to the higher floors while some were so frightened that they simply did not care what floor they were on and leapt out of the building.

“Quick, everyone let’s hide in the classroom!” Suddenly a female’s hoarse voice could be heard.

Su Yu looked over pensively and saw that the person who spoke was a female student wearing a dress and glasses, he immediately recognised her as the class monitor Lei Rui.

Everyone was panicking but upon hearing Lei Rui’s shout, they came to their senses as they all ran back into the classroom. Su Yu also hurried back and without anyone’s instructions began to close the windows and doors of the class.

“Hurry, use the tables to barricade the door.”

Although Lei Rui seemed gentle, when the time came for it she could certainly command.

Su Yu and a few of the other male classmates began to move the tables to barricade the door. The students in the class were mostly students from their class mixed with students from other classes, Su Yu looked at the group and saw that Jade and Ning Yan were both present however his best buddy Zhang Zhong Mou was not here.

In the blink of an eye, the people from the third level had all made clean their escape. There were some who ran into their own classrooms like Su Yu, some who escaped to a higher level and even others who had rashly jumped down as the ground floor had many avenues of escape unlike this level where they were blocked in.

Su Yu and the few male classmates began to stack up the few tables as they barricaded the front door, they could heard the miserable shrieks coming from the outside as it the sounds gradually grew closer. These males and females were barely past twenty and many had expressions of fear on their faces as this was the first time they had come so close to death.

Amongst them a few girls were huddled together and softly crying, their legs were weak as they fell to the ground and could not find the strength to stand up.

“Su…… Su Yu, will we die?” Suddenly, Su Yu felt that someone was grabbing the corner of his clothes.

Looking back, he found that it was Jade.

Usually, Su Yu and Jade would argue once they met however neither of them had the mood to do so now.

This was the first time that Su Yu saw such fear within Jade’s eyes and he felt something strange well up within him as he turned his head and gruffly said: “I don’t know, there’s so many of us…… no……. no problem……”

His words had barely left his mouth when suddenly a loud there was a loud ’Boom!’ that came from the front door of the class, as though large object had smashed the door and Su Yu as well as four to five other male students were almost sent flying with the tables.

“HURRY! Block it!” Class monitor Lei Rui was shrieking from the back as she charged towards the front.

Su Yu felt something squeezing his back,regardless of everything, Lei Rui pressed her body on to him as she spared no efforts to push forward.

Such an action that was originally erotic in nature. Although in such circumstances, nobody could care less as Su Yu gritted his teeth as he held on and pushed the door. Suddenly he turned his head as he shouted loudly: “NOT GOOD”

“Crack!” A distinct brittle sound could be heard as a wooden club smashed into the window by the side, causing the window to shatter into countless pieces.

A hideous green face that seemed like the devil from legends had appeared outside the window.

From a close proximity, the features of the green monster’s face could clearly be seen and that fearsome appearance was enough to let anyone’s hair stand on end.

“There are also students in other classes, hurry and find them. Why must you come and bother us!” A female student that was panicking began to madly shout.

“I don’t want! I don’t want my brain to be smashed in!” Another person screamed in fear as the green monster that was wielding the wooden club began to hammer against the window and it seemed that it would be able to enter in no time at all. In his fear, he opened a window by the side and jumped out.
The window on the other side was not facing the corridor and by jumping out, one would immediately plummet towards the ground from the third storey.

Following this jump, Su Yu could clearly hear a miserable shriek.

“Monster!” Amongst the male students someone suddenly shouted as he lifted a table and smashed towards the window.

The green monster had barely stuck half its head in before being struck.

This fourth tier university that they were in had bad facilities and even the desks and chairs in the classes were not properly secured. In this very moment, it was actually a boon.

Su Yu looked back and recognised that this male student was Qin Jia Gui, the fittest student in the class and his basketball skills were superb. He was tall and handsome and had many fans within the school.

His girlfriend was in the neighbouring class ‘Computer system class one’ and she was the class belle.

It was rumoured that he had once pursued Ning Yan but did not succeed and had thus went for the belle of another class. The two had ended up living together and many of the male students including Su Yu were green with envy.

It was apt to call Qin Jia Gui the fittest as he showcased his strength by lifting the entire table and flinging it at the green monster. It was a pity that the green monster only had half its head in and upon seeing the table had retracted his head and avoided it.

Seeing this, Su Yu was quick on the uptake as he hurriedly grabbed a chair and exclaimed: “Use the chairs!”

Qin Jia Gui came to his senses as he grabbed a chair and was waiting for the head of the green monster to come in before swinging down again.

The green monster’s body was small and could go through the metal windows that were split into three sections, however, each time it had half its head in Qin Jia Gui would smash and each of its attempts failed.

The spirits of the others lifted after seeing Qin Jia Gui hold the line and the male classmates each grabbed hold of a chair.

The green monster had failed all of its three attempts in getting in and had his scalp grazed as a trickle of green blood could be seen.

The monster was enraged as it retreated before suddenly emitting a shrill noise, thereafter it stood there in the corridor looking through the window as it stared at the group with a cruel and frightening expression.

“What is it doing? Why isn’t it moving anymore?” A female student by the side was unsettled as she asked Qin Jia Gui.

Qin Jia Gui shook his head as he was also confused.

Su Yu muttered lightly to himself and suddenly came to a realisation as the expression on his face changed: “He’s calling for help, crap!”

His words had just been said when several shrill noises could be heard that seemed like ancient devil beasts. Shortly after, the door of the class was continually knocked on and there were loud sounds of “Boom, Boom!”.

The green monsters seemed to have endless strength as the door was being pummeled and continued to shudder, the people within the class were all terrified, if the monsters rushed in, everyone would perish here.

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