KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: The Fearsome Large Green Monster

Previously the green monsters they met were had short builds that were comparable to youths that were thirteen to fourteen years of age. The green monster before them was at least 1.8 metres tall and even compared to the average person it could be considered large. Its green muscles swelled and thick black fur could be seen, holding nothing in its hands instead it had two claws that were at least seven to eight centimetres long, flashing with a cold black light.

“Another monster has come.” The group were quick to react as a they stood up hastily while the two nearest to the monster immediately attacked it from the left and right.

By now everybody knew that killing the green monsters would cause them to become stronger and although the green monster before them was big, it was alone and did not seem frightening. They had just each killed a green monster and gained the strength of the strange energy, they were now fighting to be the first to kill the green monster.

“Be careful.” Su Yu instinctively felt that something was not right as the big green monster before them gave him a totally different feeling and pressure.

“Die!” The person who attacked from the left used both hands as he wielded the wooden club and smashed it towards the big green monster’s head.

The person on the right was more quick witted as he bent down and aiming for the monster’s leg. He estimated that going for the head first would simply be too difficult and if his club managed to hit, it would cause the monster to stumble to the ground and he would definitely be able to take the chance to end its life.

This big green monster stared at the corpses of the green monsters that littered the ground and its eyes seemed to glow with a faint red light as it slowly walked forward. In the blink of an eye, it had already clashed with the two people as both its hands flickered out.


This sounds was extremely strange as though someone were using brute force to rip a piece of cowhide or taking a knife to slice through thick meat.

The two people that attacked, shrieked as their bodies were sent flying through the air as gurgling sounds could be heard from their mouths yet no sound came out, only blood could be seen gushing from their necks.

In the short engage, the jet black claws on the hand of the big monster were like two small knives as it completely cut through the necks of the two people

Their windpipes were severed and fresh blood spurted out like a fountain, attempts to breathe created gurgling noises as their bodies trembled uncontrollably. It was only a short while before the movements ceased, they were already dead.

Su Yu, Zhang Zhong Mou, Qin Jia Gui, Ma Zi Ye, Zhao Shi Chang and the others had a sharp intake of cold air.

This big green monster suddenly appeared and in the blink of an eye it had already killed two people, the group were dazed for half a second before they finally recovered.

“Aaahhhh!” Someone shouted as he retreated, his heart was filled with terror. Even more people began to rush forward as they thought to make use of the advantage of numbers to surround the monster and attack it.

A green flash could be seen as the monster disappeared from the vision of the group. Thereafter, another miserable shriek could be heard as the group looked over in horror, the school guard who had almost fought with Qin Jia Gui was currently lifted into the air as the monster clamped down onto his arm and leg with its hands.

This school guard was still confused as he felt everything go blurry as a pain shot through his arm and leg before the sky and ground seemed to spin and his body was lifted into the air by the monster.

When he realised what was going on, the school guard shouted frantically: “Save me! I can’t die! I have a kid that is barely three years old. He needs me, save me!” His face was contorted as madness and fear could be seen on it. He struggled violently but felt as though his arm and leg were clamped by steel that weighed several thousand catty, simply immovable.


Fresh blood spurted and the school guard’s crazy shouting turned into miserable shrieks as his arm was violently crushed by the green monster.

“Stop!” Su Yu exclaimed as his left hand wielded the wooden club. After a moment of daze, he was the first to recover as he rushed forward.

A figure flashed by him, Ma Zi Ye’s strange energy was gathered in her right leg and her speed was faster than his as she overtook him and hurled the wooden club towards the green monster.

Using the wooden club to distract the enemy, Ma Zi Ye’s body twisted as her leg kicked out and her body was oblique to the ground as her leg was like a whip as it shot forth.

This was precisely the side snap kick technique within Wushu, with the current strength of her leg, if the monster were to be kicked by her it would certainly fall to the ground.

At this point, Su Yu was only half a second behind her.

Close behind him were Lin Gui Jia, Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhao Shi Chang and the others who had strange energies within their bodies as they all rushed forward.

Although there were some conflicts between Qin Jia Gui and the school guard earlier, it was not the time for such petty grievances.

This monster was simply too strong and if the group did not work together, they would be defeated individually and everyone might eventually end up dead.

This big green monster stood at its original location as it held on to the broken arm of the school guard who was howling and suddenly used him like a weapon as he swung the school guard towards the sweeping kick of Ma Zi Ye.

Ma Zi Ye grunted, the strength and speed of the whipping leg was too great and she did not have the time to stop as the school guard was squarely hit. He moaned as blood flew from his mouth and two figures fell.

Another green flash could be seen as the green monster moved again, it followed the school guard which it had tossed and swept down with a single claw.


This claw entered into the back of the school guard as fresh blood splashed out. The school guard let out a miserable cry as a hole was pierced through his body, without affecting the momentum in the slightest, the claw continued and pierced through Ma Zi Ye’s body as well, causing the two people to be skewered on its arm.

Su Yu’s heart was violently trembling as he grew frantic, he could not catch up and he howled as the black scales on the back of his left hand appeared as he flung the wooden club.

Using all his force, the wooden club made a “Ssssiii” noise in the air as the frightening strength caused the wooden club to fly forward at an incredible speed.

Hearing the weird and piercing noises through the air, the first change in expression appeared as it turned its head but was too slow to dodge.


The wooden club had heavily smashed into its back.

The force of the wooden club was simply too frightening and even the green monster which was so strong let out a howl as the sound of bones breaking within its body could be heard and its body was sent sprawling to the ground.

“Attack!” The others saw the chance and howled as they pounced.

Su Yu had used too much force in his previous attack and a tearing pain could be distinctly felt at his chest region. He paused at his initial position as he took in a big breath before recovering and picking up his wooden club to attack.

The green monster had suffered a blow from Su Yu’s club and heavily tumbled to the ground, the school guard’s body fell to the ground as a horrifying large hole could be seen within where even the heart was exposed. It was clear that he would not live for much longer.

His eyes were showing their whites as his only arm trembled, he seemed to want to say something before he died as he muttered: “Hao….. Dearest Hao…… Daddy…… Daddy….. Will be coming home now…… to accompany you…… Daddy will get out of…… the forest…… Immediately…… get…… home……”

Finally his voice became silent as his hand tightly held onto a shrub as though he wanted to use it to stand but his life had already left him behind forever.

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