KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: Deep Sleep

Jade, Ma Zi Ye and the others were extremely anxious but they could only look from a distance at the crazed Su Yu, the Golden Goblin was being crushed by him, flesh and blood splattered everywhere as the corpse was rent in two, the Golden Gnome King attempted to attack Su Yu with its solitary arm while wielding the wheel but Su Yu’s left arm swept forward to block while his right arm went forward.


Innumerable amounts of tentacles exploded out as they wrapped the Golden Gnome King within forming a flesh cocoon as they slowly squeezed, finally, large amount of blood and meat pulp squirted out from the gaps of the meat cocoon and when they tentacles finally released, the originally stout form of the Golden Gnome King was already reduced into a bloody meatball, without any way to differentiate between its head, hands and feet.

Such a gruesome killing method was simply inconceivable and the strength within this right arm was unbelievable.

Su Yu’s madness continued for a full hour and all the corpses on the ground had been desecrated by him, finally, he managed to lift his right arm as he continued to smash the ground.

One punch after another and this continued for a longer period of time, a large hole was already visible on the ground and Su Yu lay within the hole as he continued to howl, his howling was gradually becoming softer until finally there were no more sounds.

Qin Jia Gui and the others who were hiding far away felt their entire bodies covered in cold sweat, each person could feel that their mouths were dry and looking at Su Yu as he lay there in the hole without any sound or movement, Ma Zi Ye, Jade and Zhang Zhong Mou finally gathered the courage to rush over.

Qin Jia Gui and the others hesitated for a moment before following slowly behind.

“Su Yu, Su Yu, how are you?” Jade ran to the side of the hole as she hurriedly supported Su Yu, his entire body was covered in blood as though she had just pulled him out from a bloody sea and he was currently dripping wet.

Ma Zi Ye hurriedly assisted to turn over Su Yu who was lying flat within the hole, the sleeves on his right arm were torn but it had already returned to normal, no longer in the frightening state earlier. His breathing was regular as though he were merely asleep from being too fatigued.

“Hey, Su Yu, wake up.” Jade saw that Su Yu was alright, there were no wounds on his body and although she shook him violently, Su Yu continued to be in a deep sleep without any signs of waking.

“What should we do?” Jade was feeling anxious and Ma Zi Ye muttered: “Don’t be anxious, he may have used up too much strength earlier and thus fell into a deep sleep. It’s fine as long as he’s alright.” Stretching her hand to touch Su Yu’s forehead, his temperature was normal and really seemed to be only in a deep sleep.

At this moment, Qin Jia Gui and the others had reached, looking at Su Yu who was in a deep sleep and the mess around him, the group exchanged glances.

A Golden Gnome King, Golden Goblin, four to five Savage Bull Demons and large amounts of other monsters had all been killed in a single breath by Su Yu. As for the Golden Mother Earth, the Golden Blood within its body had been taken away and after its final release it had thoroughly withered and become an ashen white thing that lay limply on the ground, without any signs of life.

“This fellow……” A moment later Qin Jia Gui shook his head as he sighed, this area that was littered with the corpses of monsters, if they were able to kill a few, they would each have a chance to obtain the crystal energy within the monsters and become stronger, possibly even becoming a tier two dark iron warrior, it was really such a pity……

The blame was certainly not on Su Yu.

Although Su Yu could not be woken up, it was fortunate that he was alright and the group finally relaxed as they slowly inspected the floor that was covered in corpses. They also remembered that the golden monsters had precious treasures within their bodies.

After faintly discerning the body of a Golden Goblin that was currently mashed up with other corpses, Zhang Zhong Mou and Qin Jia Gui searched through the pile of meat and finally found a flashing golden ball of light.

This was the precious treasure hidden within the Golden Goblin’s body.

Zhang Zhong Mou attempted to emulate Su Yu’s actions back then as he attempted to crush the ball of light but could not crush it no matter how he tried, after a short while some information flashed through his mind.

“Damn, only the person who killed the Golden Goblin will be able to open the precious treasure?”

Zhang Zhong Mou seemed depressed as he looked at Su Yu who was snoring.

As for the Golden Gnome King, although it had the blood of the golden race, the precious treasure within it had already melded with the four bone spikes, Zhao Shi Chang lifted the four bone spikes and found them to be very heavy, they certainly were not ordinary objects.

Qin Jia Gui said in a heavy voice: “Everyone, let’s hurry and leave this place. This area is filled with corpses and it will easily lure trouble over.”

Zhang Zhong Mou kept the precious treasure ball of light that he was unable to open as he carried Su Yu who was currently still in a deep sleep: “Qin Jia Gui is right, let’s hurry and leave this place. Damn, now that Su Yu is sleeping like a pig and can’t be woken up, if we meet with any monsters that would be troublesome.”

Hearing this, the group felt their hearts shiver as they swiftly moved. Zhang Zhong Mou carried the sleeping Su Yu while the others helped to carry the large bags of food including Zhang Zhong Mou and Su Yu’s portion. Thereafter, they hurriedly retreated back in the direction they came from, the forest was already pitch black but Qin Jia Gui held a torchlight and the group was able to rush out of this wretched place.

Rushing in the night together with Su Yu who was unconscious, the group’s hearts were in a flurry and each of them felt cold sweat cover their backs.

Everyone walked briskly and Zhang Zhong Mou who was carrying Su Yu muttered: “Damn, normally when Su Yu is around I don’t feel it, but when he’s down…… this terrifying feeling is really awful, hey, young master Yu, when are you going to sleep till?”

Su Yu who was on his back continued to stay silent without any reaction.

The night in the forest was exceptionally frightening, it was pitch black all around and frightening roars could be heard in the distance.


The group which were rushing nervously hear a strange sound from a large tree to their right and a red figure could be seen rustling branches as it seemed to fly through the sky, its two claws flashing forward as it struck towards Qin Jia Gui who was holding the torchlight.

The torchlight in Qin Jia Gui’s hands seemed to have gained the attention of this monster and its sudden attack was like lightning, in an instant the claw seemed to be clawing into the back of Qin Jia Gui’s head.

Its entire body was blood red, an ape-like body with a dog or wolf head, this was clearly the Bloody Ape Dog.

The Bloody Ape Dog was a solitary beast, it liked to travel alone and its numbers were extremely small. Its speed was very fast and it liked to hide before mounting sneak attacks on humans and others of the beast race, its favourite parts were the heart and brain.

Back in the day the group had once met a Bloody Ape Dog, that single Bloody Ape Dog had caused the entire group to be in a state of panic and treated every bush and tree as an enemy.

That was the past, currently the strength of the group was much higher and although its attack was sudden, Qin Jia Gui was still able to react as he howled, his body pounced forward as he dodged, Zhao Shi Chang who was by his side said nothing as his right hand swung, an inch long bone knife that was on his arm swept forward.

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  2. Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye and the others were extremely anxious but they could only look from a distance at the crazed Su Yu.

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