KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: Dreamlike Scene

Fresh blood splattered in the air.

The Bloody Ape Dog let out grunting noises, it had miscalculated and did not expect that this group of humans were so powerful. It immediately attempted to run as it turned its body and kicked, jumping onto a large tree when suddenly a black figure pounced like lightning towards it.

The Bloody Ape Dog had just jumped into the air when the flying kick from the black figure landed squarely on its chest.


The Bloody Ape Dog let out a shrill cry as a hole appeared on its chest, this leg had at least shattered three to four bones of its ribcage.


The Bloody Ape Dog landed heavily on the ground as the black figure strode out and fell from above, a feet kicked out and squashed the head of the fallen Bloody Ape Dog.

The face of the Bloody Ape Dog was crushed, as though it had been run over by a car, its eye sockets were empty as the eyeballs shot out, large amounts of blood spilled out from the crushed face and within the blood, white brain matter could be seen floating as well.

The strength contained within this foot was immense.

Amongst the group, the only one with such frightening leg strength and skillful kicks was non other than Ma Zi Ye, she had hurriedly kicked the Bloody Ape Dog down to the ground before finally dealing a fatal blow to immediately kill it, her right leg absorbed the strange energy from the crystal within the Bloody Ape Dog and Ma Zi Ye could feel the strange energy within her right leg surge as though it was about to make a breakthrough. A moment later, the strange energy became peaceful again but she had not broken through to the second tier.

“Ai……” Ma Zi Ye sighed, she could feel that she was at the precipice and lacked a small amount to break through.

Qin Jia Gui had just suffered from a sudden attack and although he had managed to dodge, his entire body was covered in cold sweat. As he looked at the corpse of the Bloody Ape Dog, he said in a heavy voice: “The night in the forest is simply too dangerous, I think we should all find a place to rest first.” While saying this, he picked up the torchlight which had fallen to the ground as he shone it in all directions, quickly noticing a piece of empty ground not far away and began heading in that direction.

Zhang Zhong Mou continued to carry Su Yu who was still fast asleep and found a piece of land covered with withered leaves without any rocks to place him down, wiping the cold sweat on his face as he took a cigarette from his bag.

The others slowly placed the bags of food in the centre of the group before each finding a place to rest.

Qin Jia Gui switched off the torchlight as his girlfriend Yuan Ni Ping leaned and sat together with him. Qin Jia Gui was not as strong as Su Yu but was able to give one a feeling of safety, Yuan Ni Ping felt exceptionally comforted when she was beside him.

Because Su Yu could not be woken up, the group were on high alert as Qin Jia Gui spoke up: “Everyone take a rest. I will keep the first watch.”

Zhao Shi Chang responded: “Wake me up in the later half of the night.” before closing his eyes, pulling up his shirt collar as he lay on his side, maximising the amount of resting time.

The others did not bother to be polite as they all closed their eyes, they seemed to be affected by the sleeping form of Su Yu and the group quickly fell fast asleep.

Qin Jia Gui noticed that Yuan Ni PIng was clenching his hands and found it strange, looking at the group who were sleeping he said in a low voice: “Ni Ping, why aren’t you sleeping?”

Yuan Ni Ping continued to cuddle with him as she replied softly: “Can’t fall asleep, I want to have a good chat with you.”

Hearing her words, Qin Jia Gui realised that over the past few days they had not talked much, in this chilly night, Yuan Ni Ping’s words made Qin Jia Gui feel comforted as he held on tightly onto Yuan Ni Ping’s delicate hands, his other hand stretched and hugged her thin waist, enjoying her moving body and heat.

Yuan Ni Ping leaned into his bosom, Qin Jia Gui used his chin to gently brush through her hair, although the two of them were covered in the smell of blood, they were used to this smell and at this moment they were extremely comfortable.

“Jia Gui, do you think we’ll be able to leave this forest alive?” Yuan Ni Ping suddenly spoke up in a low voice.

“Yes, we will definitely leave this place and return to the world we are familiar with.” Qin Jia Gui firmly said as he hugged her, Qin Jia Gui had always been staunch in every situation and he faced each situation with confidence, he was not someone to say things lightly.

“I believe you.” Yuan Ni Ping lifted her face while Qin Jia Gui looked down, he could feel her presence in the darkness and suddenly the two began to breathe more heavily as Qin Jia Gui could not hold down his impulse and kissed her.

At this moment, Qin Jia Gui saw a ball of faint white light from the corner of his eye and his heart shivered as he immediately lifted his head, his right hand clenching.

“What…….” Yuan Ni Ping could feel Qin Jia Gui’s entire body become tense like a panther that was about to strike.

Qin Jia Gui shook his head, signalling to her not to talk before silently standing up and walking forward, he swiftly noticed that by the side not far away lay several corpses.

These were corpses of Lesser Goblins and Qin Jia Gui had already noticed that they had been killed by the seeds of the Golden Mother Earth and died with smiling expressions on their faces.

Because rushing in the night was simply too dangerous, the group had chosen to stop in this area. The few corpses of the Lesser Goblins were over twenty metres away from them, together with the fact that the area was actually littered with corpses of monsters that had died in the same manner, wanting to totally evade these corpses was impossible and the group had ignored it.

At this moment, QIn Jia Gui gazed at the corpses of the Lesser Goblins and was speechless, he finally understood what the white light he had seen from the corner of his eye was.

It was unknown when little ‘jellyfishes’ began to emerge in large amounts from the corpses of the Lesser Goblins, these seeds had already grown quite large and each little ‘jellyfish’ had grown to the size of a mature adult’s head, their bodies emitted a faint gentle white light and they were translucent, appearing extremely beautiful in the night.

Each corpse seemed to be covered in boils that were made of these little ‘jellyfishes’ covered in faint white light, in no time over hundred of them had gathered and the white light emitted from them was dazzling, it was able to light up an area of over ten metres and Qin Jia Gui was speechless and shocked at this strange scene before him.

“So beautiful……” Yuan Ni Ping softly said in a voice that only she could hear, the scene before her was like something from a dream.

As more and more little ‘jellyfishes’ with faint white lights appeared, the few Lesser Goblin corpses began to wither, as though all the nutrients in the corpses were being absorbed and they swiftly became skin and bone.

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