KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: Every Item has a Weakness

These hundred odd little ‘jellyfishes’ were floating in the air as the slowly floated to the ground before extending out their slender tentacles and began entering the ground, beginning their life’s journey.

As a third type of being that was between that of an animal and a plant, the Mother Earth had sent forth large amounts of seeds before its death, these seeds could plant themselves on any lifeform and absorb the essence of the lifeform, finally maturing out of a cocoon and flying out before gently floating into the ground. Amongst tens of thousands of seeds, only 0.1% of them had a chance to become a Golden Mother Earth and the Golden Mother Earth would then need to endure one thousand years before finally producing a single drop of Golden Blood.

One could tell how valuable the Golden Blood was.

At this moment Qin Jia Gui and Yuan Ni Ping were witnessing this scene where the seeds of the Mother Earth absorbed the nutrients from the corpses of the Lesser Goblins and became single entities, leaving the bodies before returning to the earth.

This scene was extremely breathtaking and seemed like a dream, Qin Jia Gui and Yuan Ni Ping silently hid behind a tree as they watched the scene unfold before them with wide eyes.

Watching the little ‘jellyfishes’ which released a faint light as they gently floated to the ground, returning to the earth, there was a sudden soft rustling sounds from the side as a large black figure suddenly appeared.

A bloody red forked tongue flew out as it immediately wrapped around three little ‘jellyfishes’ which were falling to the ground, dragging them back into its wide open mouth.

This was so sudden that Qin Jia Gui shivered, Yuan Ni Ping almost lost control of herself and gasped but she was able to react quickly and used her hands to cover her mouth.

Utilising the light emitted from the little ‘jellyfishes’, Qin Jia Gui and Yuan Ni PIng were able to see a tall black figure beside them, it was a monster whose entire body was covered in scales like that of a python.

Although the body of the monster was like that of a thick and solid python, it had four limbs and was able to walk like a man, from an initial glance it looked like a crocodile that could walk, however, the head of this monster was like a frog, its two eyes protruded out and its mouth was wide open, its tongue was like an arrow that shot forth, swiftly wrapping up the small ‘jellyfishes’ and sending them into its mouth, its speed was phenomenal and in the blink of an eye, more than half of the hundred ‘jellyfishes’ were already eaten.

This monster that suddenly appeared made the hands of the two people sweat.

“What should we do? Should we wake everyone up to run? Or should we fight the monster? Or will the monster leave after eating all the small jellyfishes?” Many thoughts flashed through Qin Jia Gui’s mind, from the figure of this monster, it would likely be difficult to deal with it, it was fortunate that the other party had not noticed them.

The little ‘jellyfishes’ seemed to become frantic as their floating bodies trembled, their speed was too slow and although they attempted to swiftly hide into the ground, they were all eaten within two to three minutes by the nameless monster.

The small ‘jellyfishes’ contained a poison within them that could make one hallucinate, even strong monsters like the Golden Gnome King and Golden Goblin did not dare to allow them to come into contact with their skin, all creatures have something that counteracts them and the monster before them was clearly something that could eat the little ‘jellyfishes’ without fear of its poison.

After swallowing over hundred of the young Mother Earths, this monster patted its belly before suddenly turning its head, its protruding eyes landing on Qin Jia Gui and Yuan Ni PIng.

Qin Jia Gui who was still hesitating understood that they had been discovered by the other party.

“There’s a monster!” Qin Jia Gui suddenly yelled, the group who were in a deep sleep were shocked awake, as for the monster with the crocodile body and frog head, it suddenly pounced as its mouth opened wide, the blood red tongue within immediately shooting forward.

Qin Jia Gui dodged to the side as the tongue shot into a tree trunk.

“Chi! Chi!”

The green smoke immediately emitted from the tree trunk as a small hole appeared on it.

Taking in a breath of cold air, he realised this monster’s tongue actually contained such a frightening poison.

“Ni Ping! Quick! Run away!” Qin Jia Gui shouted at Yuan Ni Ping to back away as his right arm stretched forward, half his hand had already turned to metal but he did not face the monster head on but rather continued to dodge to the side. He wanted to delay as much time with the monster as possible to allow the others to get up and deal with the monster together.

He did not have the ‘Eye of Perception’ and was unable to tell what tier this monster was at or how powerful it was, however, he could instinctively feel that this monster would be difficult to deal with and fighting it alone would be too dangerous.

By the side, Ma Zi Ye, Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhao Shi Chang, Zhou Bi Rong and the others began to get a grasp on the situation.

Zhou Bi Rong sat up as she drew the pistol from her waist as gunshots resounded.

The monster which was rushing over suddenly let out a frightening roar from its mouth as six bullets hit squarely on its body, sparks exploded out but the six bullets only managed to cause two scales to drop without causing any wounds, the scales on the body of the monster were simply too tough.

Zhou Bi Rong threw away her pistol as her right hand began to transform, a black metal claw with three talons appeared, getting up as she rushed forward.

Zhou Bi Rong and Zhao Shi Chang pounced towards the monster while Ma Zi Ye who was close behind them activated the ‘Web of Metal’.

This was how they had planned to work together, Zhou Bi Rong and Zhao Shi Chang would protect Ma Zi Ye and allowing her to fully utilise the ‘Web of Metal’, trapping the enemy.

Qin Jia Gui who had dodged to the side noticed that Zhao Shi Chang, Zhou Bi Rong and Ma Zi Ye had already rushed to the front and immediately activated the ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’, howling as he pounced.

Below Ma Zi Ye’s feet, strips of black rope-like objects began to extend outwards forming a black metal shaped thing that continued to shoot outwards like a spiders web.

This monster did not expect the group’s reaction to be so fast, it could feel that the group was much weaker than it and thus rushed forward, the innate senses of a wild beast were much greater than Qin Jia Gui and the others but things were occurring out of its expectation.

By the time it realised that something was amiss, the ‘Web of Metal’ had already been sent forth, Ma Zi Ye was at the precipice of breaking into the tier two stage and the speed of activation and might of the ‘Web of Metal’ had risen, in the blink of an eye it had already locked the feet of the monster in place.

Zhou Bi Rong, Zhao Shi Chang and Qin Jia Gui pounced from three different directions.


Suddenly, a blood red light flashed like a whip, Zhou Bi Rong suddenly cried miserably as her body fell to the ground, her hands clutching her face as she shrieked.

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