KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: Disfigured

The group behind had just rushed forward and looked at Zhou Bi Rong who was currently rolling on the ground, large amounts of green smoke were rising from her face as ‘Chi! Chi!’ sounds resounded, the group were stunned and at the same time, Qin Jia Gui’s ‘Demolishing Iron Fist’ and Zhao Shi Chang’s ‘Bone Blade’ struck the monster.


Qin Jia Gui’s right fist exploded forth as the scales ruptured, the might of the Demolishing Iron Fist was extremely strong and it had immediately caused a bloody hole to appear on the body of the monster. As for Zhao Shi Chang, his Bone Blade managed to directly pierce one chinese foot into the body of the monster.

This monster’s entire body was covered in scales and its defense was very frightening, compared to the Demolishing Iron Fist, the Bone Blade was clearly more effective.

The monster howled after suffering two blows, the Web of Metal had lasted for only a second before losing its effectiveness, Ma Zi Ye leapt through the air as she threw out a flying kick.


Ma Zi Ye’s kick was blocked by the monster but when she landed on the ground, she turned as she threw out a sweeping kick.


The crisp sound of bone snapping could be heard as the monster fell to the ground, its right leg had been hit by Ma Zi Ye’s sweeping kick and the monster’s large body fell to the ground.

Seeing the chance, Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and Ma Zi Ye acted at the same time, hoping to deal the final blow to the monster.

Ma Zi Ye and Qin Jia Gui were already at the precipice to breaking through to the next stage, if they were able to kill this monster they would definitely promote to become a tier two dark iron warrior.

Zhao Shi Chang was slightly weaker than them but the monster before them was extremely strong, possibly even a tier two beast soldier, if it really was, he would also be able to advance after killing the monster.

“Roar!” The monster that had fallen to the ground gripped the ground with its two hands as its entire body shivered, suddenly exploding forward with a frightening strength like that of a tank as it rushed forward.

Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and Ma Zi Ye spat out blood, they were knocked aside however one of their three attacks managed to land on the monster.

The monster was crazed as it let out frightening howls, crazily rushing around as all the people hurriedly dodged.

“Aaaahhh!” Suddenly the shrill cry of a female could be heard and Qin Jia Gui who had fallen on the ground felt his heart lurch. When he turned around, he saw Ning Yan who was in a dream-like state being hit by the monster as she dodged a little too late.

Seeing that it was not Yuan Ni Ping, Qin Jia Gui let out a sigh of relief.

Although Ning Yan was a member of the group and their classmate, Qin Jia Gui did not really like her. Qin Jia Gui had attempted to chase her when he had just entered university, but that was already a long while back.

Ning Yan had been knocked by the monster and her body heavily flew away before landing with a ‘thud’. The monster opened its gaping maw as a bloody red tongue shot forward and landed on Ning Yan’s face.

“Chi! Chi!”

Green smoke immediately began to emanate from Ning Yan’s face as the frightening toxic poison instantly melted her face, similar to what had occurred to Zhou Bi Rong.

An indescribable pain made Ning Yan no longer be able to maintain her calm and otherworldly aloofness, she could not help but clutch her face as she let out a shrill cry, wildly rolling on the ground as the pain consumed her.

The other females all felt their hairs stand on end as they retreated further away in fear, what was more frightening than becoming disfigured to them?
“Ha!” Qin Jia Gui roared as Zhao Shi Chang and Ma Zi Ye who were beside him climbed back up, on the other side, half of Zhang Zhong Mou’s face had already become stone, taking the metal spade from Li Dong’s hands, he then hurled it towards the monster.

Ma Zi Ye stomped her feet as she once again activated the Web of Metal, Qin Jia Gui’s right arm swung as the Demolishing Iron Fist heavily smashed forward, Zhao Shi Chang had just fallen to the ground and felt something on his back that made his back ache, reaching his hand back, he realised that it was the four golden bone spikes that were in the form of the bone spike wheel which he had taken from the Golden Gnome King.

Feeling the bone spike wheel, Zhao Shi Chang immediately acted as his left hand grabbed and tossed it toward the monster.


The wheel flew forward and streaked forward like a faint rainbow, its speed was like a lightning bolt as it sped off.

The monster could sense the danger as it waved its arm.


The wheel had flown away but the monster shrieked as its left arm was snapped at the elbow, blood began to flow out like a spring.

The monster shrieked as it thought of struggling but once again found itself trapped without any way to move, Ma Zi Ye’s Web of Metal had activated and halted its movements.

At this instant, Qin Jia Gui and Zhao Shi Chang howled at the same time as they pounced, Qin Jia Gui smashed with his Demolishing Iron Fist at the monster’s head while Zhao Shi Chang’s one foot long Bone Blade pierced through the scales as it buried deep into the heart of the monster.

The two people had acted at almost the same time and the monster’s shrieks were cut off as the Demolishing Iron Fist smashed its face in, the huge body immediately collapsed to the ground lifeless.

“Aaaahh!” Qin Jia Gui yelled in elation, he had originally been at the cusp of breaking through to the next stage and if he were to absorb the crystal energy of the strong monster, he would definitely be able to become tier two.

A tier two dark iron warrior, this was a qualitative change, totally different from that of the first tier.

Qin Jia Gui’s elation was apparent, even a calm person like him could not help but yell out, he had clearly been yearning to become stronger, seeing the black crystal appear from the smashed in face of the monster, Qin Jia Gui was full of smiles as he stretched his hand forward in elation to grab it, however, he only grasped air as the black crystal became a streak of light and flew into the right arm of Zhao Shi Chang, disappearing from sight.

The smile on Qin Jia Gui’s face became rigid as he turned his head with some difficulty, finally noticing Zhao Shi Chang’s shocked and happy expression.

Zhao Shi Chang had acted at the same time as Qin Jia Gui and although the might of the Demolishing Iron Fist was stronger, what finally killed the monster was Zhao Shi Chang’s Bone Blade which pierced its heart.

Zhao Shi Chang’s expression of astonishment quickly became happiness as the transformation of his right arm quickly extended till the shoulder region before stopping.

“Aaaahhh!” Zhao Shi Chang roared, this monster was definitely a tier two beast soldier and it had actually allowed Zhao Shi Chang to immediately promote to the tier two dark iron warrior stage.

Feeling the strange energy within his right arm beginning to change into qi, feeling the appearance of the ‘door’ within his shoulder, his entire left arm was covered in a layer of hard black crust, suddenly, Zhao Shi Chang yelled as he swung his left arm.

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