KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: The Tier Two Ability of Zhao Shi Chang


A right arm expanded as an exceptionally sharp snow white bone blade appeared, together with the expanded right arm, their total length actually reached two metres.

This strange right arm swung down together with that enormous bone blade, slicing a thick tree that was quite a distance away like tofu, causing it to fall with a ‘Bang!’.

Zhang Zhong Mou hurried forward to inspect the tree trunk and noticed that the cut was smooth as he hooted: “Good fellow, so sharp.”

At this moment, all eyes were gathered on Zhao Shi Chang’s body, his right arm had thoroughly become akin to the forelimb of bugs or similar creatures. It was roughly a metre long, coupled with the frightening snow white bone blade that was also approximately one metre long, it was around two metres in length and the snow white blade made all the people feel shivers go down their spine.

Qin Jia Gui’s face was rigid as he watched from the side, he felt disappointed as he lifted his head to look at the dark sky.

It was simply too unfair, how could it be like this? He was clearly stronger than Zhao Shi Chang and the monster should have died under his hands and should have allowed him to promote, how could it be Zhao Shi Chang…… The heavens were simply being unfair to him.

Qin Jia Gui was silent when suddenly his hands felt tight, they were firmly held by a pair of delicate hands.

Qin Jia Gui turned his head in shock but realised that it was Yuan Ni Ping.

The others did not notice Qin Jia Gui’s current disappointment, only Yuan Ni Ping noticed this. She knew that Qin Jia Gui excelled at everything but due to this he was very competitive and loved to win, Su Yu was much stronger than him and he was still not very convinced about it. What more, Zhao Shi Chang who was inferior to him actually promoted before him and this made him very unsettled.

Looking at Yuan Ni Ping’s gentle eyes, Qin Jia Gui immediately felt comforted.

On the ground, Zhou Bi Rong who had been injured was already sitting up. She had stopped yelling as the powerful strange energy within her body circulated, the wounds on her face that were caused by the poison were slowly recovering.

Ning Yan also climbed back up, her hands were still clutching her face as she softly moaned, the strange energy within her body was much lesser than that of Zhou Bi Rong and her recuperative speed was much slower. At this moment the group could see her disfigured face between the gaps of her fingers and the group did not dare to even take a second glance.

Ning Yan who once had a beautiful visage now had a face that was sinister and frightening, the group saw this and all felt extremely awkward.

Ma Zi Ye had a bitter smile on her face as she looked at Zhao Shi Chang, she did not expect that he would be the first among the first tier to promote to the second tier.

Restraining the strange energy, Zhao Shi Chang’s right arm which was transformed into that of an insect returned to normal as elation could be seen on his face.

Half a night had already gone by, although Ma Zi Ye was not as disheartened as Qin Jia Gui, she still felt rather depressed as she had been longing to promote to a tier two dark iron warrior, in that way she would be able to close the gap between him by a little bit……

Thinking of this, Ma Zi Ye grabbed a packet of instant noodles as she began to slowly chew, her eyes often drifting to Su Yu who was currently having a peaceful sleep.

By morning, Zhou Bi Rong’s face had already fully recovered, the poison on the tongue of the monster was extremely corrosive but the strange energy within her body was equally powerful.

Looking at Zhou Bi Rong who had fully recovered, Ning Yan clutched her own face and suddenly shouted: “Why…… Why are you fine already?” After the blow last night, Ning Yan could no longer keep her calm and seeing Zhou Bi Rong fully recovered, she became crazed as she suddenly screamed.

She was touching her face and could feel the many scars that had formed on it, there was a burning sensation all over and although she could not see it, she could guess that she was as ugly as a malicious spirit right now.

The people all around were shocked awake by Ning Yan as they all looked over.

“Sister Zhou, you’re alright already?” Looking at Zhou Bi Rong’s recovered face, Ma Zi Ye smiled as she asked.

Zhou Bi Rong nodded in response before sighing, she noticed Ning Yan who seemed rather crazed and could tell from the expressions of the people all around that no one had any good feelings towards Ning Yan and no one really cared even though Ning Yan had been injured.

Jade’s relationship with Ning Yan back in the school was rather good but after Ning Yan’s personality took a strange turn, Jade could not get close to her and she feared that if she attempted to console Ning Yan, Ning Yan would view it as being ridiculed and thus chose not to console her but let her calm herself down.

“We were affected by the same type of poison…… I believe that my recuperative abilities are stronger because of the amount of strange energy within me……. Ning Yan, don’t be anxious, I believe that if you advance to tier one, the scars on your face will also completely heal.” Zhou Bi Rong had thought hard before speaking, she was quite a few years older than Ning Yan and although Ning Yan did not really conform to the group, she did not feel repulsed by her and spoke to her like a big sister talking to a little sister.

Hearing Zhou Bi Rong’s words, Ning Yan finally began to calm down a little as she turned around, not letting anyone see her face. “Chi!” A big piece of cloth was torn from her clothing as she wrapped her face, only exposing her two eyes.

Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhao Shi Chang and the others exchanged glances as they secretly laughed, this woman really cared too much about her appearance, she was so worried about exposing her disfigured face.

The few women understood how Ning Yan felt, the concern a woman felt for her appearance could sometimes even exceed that of her life, although they were in a forest where they could lose their lives at any time, this was a huge mental blow for Ning Yan.
Ning Yan turned back as the cloth around her face was bound tightly, only revealing her eyes which no longer contained her cool demeanour earlier but was replaced by viciousness and bloodthirstiness, her whole body was shaking as though she were extremely agitated by something.

A large majority of the group did not really care for her and busied themselves with other things after taking a glance, the mess the night before had prevented them from having a good night’s rest.

Jade rubbed her half open eyes as she looked at Su Yu who continued to sleep soundly, a fire burned in her chest as she kicked: “Stupid person, look at how well you’re sleeping.”

Zhang Zhong Mou yawned: “Jade, I think it’s your turn to carry him.”

Jade’s face became red as she said angrily: “Zhang Zhong Mou, what are you talking about? Are you looking for a beating? Do you believe me if I say that I’ll give you panda eyes?” Raising her fists as ill intent rose on her face.

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  1. wow so it wasn’t some type of curse that she was forbidden to talk, it was just the author’s stupid writing. What a useless character. Maybe the author created her just to make her hated, disfigured and kill her off as revenge for a beautiful girl that turned him down while he went to college.

    Seems to be something a lot of chinese author’s do.

    • What are you talking about? The author as already done foreshadowing, telling us that she has some mysterious importance to the future of the group. Have you forgotten about the strange 666 marking on her that has unnerved Su Yu because it wasn’t on her before.
      It isn’t so much bad writing as it is slow character building. He is trying to make her seem like a total bitch and piece of worthless garbage. That is what the goal is, not a side effect of making a badly written character which she isn’t.

      So no, the author did not create her just to die as some perverted form of revenge against some person in his life. I won’t fault you for forgetting what was written (Even though her importance has been foreshadowed 3 or so times so far in more than enough detail) but I will fault you for ignoring facts and using that incorrect conclusion to attack an author on a personal level such as you have done.

    • Ya Jade’s kind of a hypocrite going around making fun of Su Yu and Ma Zi Ya for having a crush and not even admitting to herself that she likes Su Yu

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