KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: Reappearance of the Giant Foot

Zhang Zhong Mou hurriedly waved his hands: “Sorry big sister, pretend I didn’t speak.” In his heart he was thinking that Jade was simply too fierce, if she said she would act she would definitely act, Ma Zi Ye was definitely more fun to tease. Although they often squabbled, she would not easily hit someone, although Ma Zi Ye was much stronger than Jade, she would not lightly throw her fists.

Qin Jia Gui had already recovered from his disheartened state the night before as he retrieved the map to carefully inspect. A serious expression could be seen on his face, by his estimates, with the current speed they were moving at, they would be able to reach the exit indicated on the map within seven to eight days.

Only Zhao Shi Chang looked full of energy while the others seemed to be very lethargic from lack of sleep, constantly yawning. Zhao Shi Chang felt that his entire body was filled with energy, after promoting to tier two, not only did his physical strength rise, he was also now the strongest one in the group besides Su Yu who was sleeping, he had a feeling like he was the leader surge within him and as he looked at the group, he felt as though he were a pillar of the group.

The group had managed to pack everything as they prepared to move out when suddenly thunderous sounds of ‘Kaboom!’ ‘Kaboom!’ transmitted over from far away.

Things happened so suddenly that the group were given a fright as they all lifted their heads to look into the distance. A huge foot the size of a mountain could be seen breaking through the clouds as it stepped on the forest below, exploding forth with the thunderous ‘Kaboom!’ sounds, the ground trembled as Qin Jia Gui and the others who were far away could still feel the imposing pressure.

The expressions on the faces of everyone had swiftly changed, although this was the second time they were encountering this, this scene still made them feel stunned as their bodies began to feel cold. Their brains seemed to no longer have any cognitive processes as they all lifted their heads and stared into the distance.

This huge foot had broke through the cloud layer and landed when another huge foot also broke through the clouds and landed.


The ground trembled again causing tens of thousands of monsters within the forest to shiver, as the huge foot landed, the other huge foot lifted as it went above the clouds before coming back down again.

The group still looked on in a daze as the huge feet continued to rise and fall, from one side of the horizon disappearing into the other side of the horizon. The ‘Kaboom!’ sounds swiftly grew further away before everything became peaceful once again as though the events earlier had not occurred.

Only after the giant feet had thoroughly disappeared did the group finally come to their senses as they exchanged glances, their faces were pale and even Zhao Shi Chang who had promoted to a tier two dark iron warrior no longer felt any elation as his hands clenched tightly, his lips shivered and he seemed to be muttering something.

Qin Jia Gui and Yuan Ni Ping were huddled close together, witnessing that giant foot made everyone feel cold, there was no question that if that huge foot which was like a mountain stepped onto them, they would instantly become meat pulp, regardless of tier two or three, they would all be squashed into mud.

A feeling of hopelessness welled up within them.

“Let’s go, we will only need seven to eight days to get out of this damned forest. Once we find the exit, no matter how frightening or strange this world is, it will be inconsequential to us.” Qin Jia Gui’s will was firm as he forced himself to calm down.

His words had a strong persuasive power as Ma Zi Ye acknowledged while lifting several big bags from the ground: “It’s time we move out, let’s hope the precious treasure map is real and we are able to find the exit earlier.”

“Move out!” Zhao Shi Chang recalled that he was the only tier two dark iron warrior and should naturally take the lead as he lifted a few bags before walking forward first.

Qin Jia Gui hurriedly called out: “Wrong way.” before looking at the map again and stuffing it into his bosom, lifting up a few bags he began walking in another direction.

Zhao Shi Chang was mute and felt rather embarrassed, Zhang Zhong Mou looked over at him as he laughed heartily: “Brother Zhao, you seem overly impatient and excited.”

Zhao Shi Chang took a deep breath to calm himself down before drily laughing: “The frightening scene earlier really scared me, I actually thought that was the correct way.”

Zhang Zhong Mou placed a cigarette in his mouth as he lit it and took a long puff before lifting Su Yu, placing him onto his back. Within this group, he was the only one with a cigarette addiction thus he could not be bothered to offer the others cigarettes.

Jade was beside him fanning her face: “Early in the morning why are you smoking already, you’re forcing us to inhale secondhand smoke, you must be willing to compensate for the loss to our health.”

Zhang Zhong Mou took another long puff before replying: “Jade, you won’t understand it. We all have strange energy within our bodies and this little smoke won’t be able to affect our fitness, your words are too severe.”

Ma Zi Ye laughed as she interrupted: “Jade, don’t listen to this big cigarette addict, there’s no point trying to talk sense into him.”

Jade nodded as she earnestly replied: “As the saying goes, beautiful women use actions rather than words.”

Zhang Zhong Mou felt speechless: “Beautiful woman? You’re a beautiful woman? Ai……”

Jade’s face immediately turned red from anger as she put her hands in akimbo: “What’s the matter? This lady isn’t a beautiful woman? Are your eyes located at your butt? You can’t even differentiate between beauty and ugliness?”

Ma Zi Ye faintly smiled as she shook her head, this Jade was simply too fierce, her words made her feel like hooting on the inside. To be fair, Jade was rather pretty but her actions were too coarse like that of a male, making it difficult for people to associate her with a beautiful woman.

Zhang Zhong Mou was silent as he continued to carry Su Yu, puffing as he walked beside Qin Jia Gui, whether it be him or Su Yu, they were both afraid of Jade.

Qin Jia Gui was in the lead with Zhao Shi Chang by his side, Li Dong, Zhou Hua Kang, Lei Rui and the others who had not advanced to the first tier were in the centre while Zhou Bi Rong, Ma Zi Ye and the rest stood in the rear. The trees in the forest were sparse and distinct but the direction which Qin Jia Gui followed based on the map was filled with dense trees with barely any room to maneuver, the group could only progress at a slow speed as Zhao Shi Chang continued to sweep his right hand with a faint smile on his face while he paved the way.

His metre long arm was covered in a hard crust and a metre long blade extended from it, this bone blade could extend and shorten according to his will and it was currently roughly a chinese foot long, easily slicing through all the branches, vines and thorns in the way.

This time, Qin Jia Gui fell behind him and allowed Zhao Shi Chang to use his bone blade to open a path, improving their overall speed.

“Brother Zhao, so formidable!” Zhang Zhong Mou who was carrying Su Yu spoke up.

“Haha…….” Zhao Shi Chang laughed, although his face seemed indifferent, he was exceptionally elated in his heart.

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