KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Feeding Water

Along the way they did not meet with any danger, only encountering an area which was in a state of disarray where everything was destroyed and the gruesome corpses of a group of Gnomes laid there.

These corpses were either decapitated or disemboweled, their deaths did not seem to have been done by other monsters and seemed likely to be caused by humans.

Everyone felt inwardly stunned at the corpses whose fresh blood had not congealed, it seemed as though they had been killed not long ago. Could it be that within this forest not far away, there was actually a small group of humans like theirs? Or could there be a pair like York and Jennifer?

Initially, thinking that they were going to meet another group of humans, everyone felt slightly excited but upon thinking back to the couple of York and Jennifer, their hearts sank. Within this forest, meeting other groups of people was not necessarily a good thing. There would possibly even be negative consequences.

“Everyone be careful.” Qin Jia Gui softly reminded as everyone nodded, the expressions on their faces becoming rigid.

In the road that followed, they did not meet any humans or monsters and by midday, the group finally stopped to rest. With their physical stamina, they had rushed for an entire morning but even then most of the group had gotten tired even with the strange energy within their bodies.

Resting while eating and drinking, they realised they had already been in this forest for nine days. Each day was like living a nightmare and they were thankful that this would only last for another seven to eight days. They still had the hope of finding the exit to forever leave this place and this was the only thing that was holding them together.

“Su Yu continues to be in a deep sleep, do we need to feed him anything?” Zhang Zhong Mou placed Su Yu down as Ma Zi ye suddenly questioned.

“That’s right, what’s wrong with this fellow? How can he still be sleeping? Can we feed him? He doesn’t seem like he would be able to swallow anything.” Zhang Zhong Mou could not help but tousle his hair like Su Yu as he felt a headache.

Ma Zi Ye then replied: “Why not we try to feed him some water first.”

Zhang Zhong Mou nodded as he placed Su Yu’s head onto his leg, pinching his mouth as he attempted to pour water in. It seemed as though he had never done this before because none of the water entered the mouth but rather made Su Yu’s clothes wet.

Ma Zi Ye shook her head: “Big cigarette addict, your hands are simply too clumsy.”

Zhang Zhong Mou then replied: “Jade, why don’t you help to feed.”

Jade seemed to speak unwillingly: “Why must it be me? Only a ghost would attend to this fellow.” Although she said this, she still crouched down to attempt to do so but she was even worse than Zhang Zhong Mou, the water did not enter Su Yu’s mouth but rather entered into his nostrils.

Although he was unconscious, the water which had entered his nose made him immediately react as he sneezed, forcing the water from within out.

Jade was shocked as she shouted in elation: “You’re awake?” only to notice that Su Yu continued to sleep after sneezing.

Zhang Zhong Mou then helplessly said: “Jade, your actions seems to be even more retarded than mine.”

Jade’s face turned red but she did not have any retort.

Ma Zi Ye who was watching by the side gently bit her lip as she spoke up: “Let me try.”

Jade stood to the side with her red face as she passed the bottle of water to Ma Zi Ye.

Although they were both women, Ma Zi Ye was much better than Jade as she slowly fed the water bit by bit into Su Yu’s mouth, only when the water seemed like it would overflow from his mouth would she stop. After feeding several times, she finally stopped before helping Su Yu to gently wipe his mouth.

Zhang Zhong Mou watched from the side as he sighed: “I did not expect you to have such a gentle side, whoever marries you will definitely be a lucky man. You can be aggressive and yet gentle at the same time.”

Ma Zi Ye glared at him understanding that he was merely jesting, she did not respond to his words because who knew what demeaning words he would follow up with if she did so.

Jade laughed: “Old Mou, it’s really rare for you to praise a woman, since you admire her so much, why don’t you just marry her? This will then be your good fortune.”

“Eh?” Zhang Zhong Mou’s face actually turned red as he drily laughed.

Ma Zi Ye faintly smiled as she looked over at Zhang Zhong Mou and Jade: “I actually feel that the two of you are quite compatible, your characters are very similar.”

“Ah!” Zhang Zhong Mou and Jade yelled out at the same time as they exchanged glances and feigned vomiting at the same time.

“Hey, am I really so unbearable? What are you vomiting for?” Jade immediately raged as she gave Zhang Zhong Mou a flying kick.

Zhang Zhong Mou groaned: “Didn’t you almost vomit? Anyways, you’re young master Yu’s person, this little person wouldn’t dare be haughty in front of you. No, no, I wouldn’t even dare to think of it. How could I possibly dare to snatch you from young master Yu? I still want to keep this small life to look at beautiful women and smoke more cigarettes.”

Jade was so angry that her face had reddened as she shrilly screamed: “What do you mean I’m young master Yu’s person? This stupid Su Yu is even more disgusting than you, even if all the guys in the world die I won’t want him.”

Ma Zi Ye thought to herself strangely: “Why does Jade hate Su Yu so much?”

Zhang Zhong Mou seemed to be able to guess what Ma Zi Ye was thinking as he softly whispered to her: “I know why, when Su Yu was young he took a peek at Jade when she was bathing and even touched her butt.”

Ma Zi Ye’s face had an expression of incredulity as she looked at Zhang Zhong Mou then at the sleeping Su Yu before replying: “Impossible, how could he be such a person? You are more likely to commit such acts.”

Zhang Zhong Mou hurriedly answered: “I’m serious, Su Yu has been lascivious since young, we used to call him ‘Beast Yu’, like that of an animal.

Ma Zi Ye burst out into laughter: “‘Beast Yu’? This nickname is quite interesting, it’s a pity he’s changed already. I would really like to see what his beast-like nature used to be.”

Zhang Zhong Mou was speechless after hearing this as he lightly kicked Su Yu and sighed: “This fellow is so fortunate……” taking out a cigarette, he prepared to light it but there was suddenly a commotion from not far away.

Qin Jia Gui and Zhao Shi Chang immediately stood up and the group immediately entered into a cautious state, the smile on Ma Zi Ye’s face immediately receded and a valiant aura was released from her body.

Zhang Zhong Mou kept his lighter as he placed the cigarette in his hand behind his ear before standing up, staring at the area where the commotion was.

Looking past the dense forest, the group could see a group of Gnomes wearing leather armour, wooden shields and metal spades roughly thirty metres away, there were approximately fifteen to sixteen of them and at this moment the Gnomes had placed their wooden shields on the ground as the wielded their metal spades, continually digging.

This group of Gnomes did not notice them as the group silently watched, they exchanged puzzled glances as they thought, could the gnomes possibly be making a new dwelling?

The group quickly realised that this was not the case, at another side there were another seven to eight Gnomes wish dismayed expressions on their faces as they carried an enormous Gnome.

The group looked at the enormous Gnome which had golden spots on it and recalled Su Yu mentioning that these monsters with golden spots on them had the heritage of the golden race and that enormous Gnome was likely to be a Golden Gnome.

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