KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: Summoning the Swarm

However, this Golden Goblin had clearly died and its entire body was covered in blood, at this moment it was being lifted by the group of dismayed Gnomes as they respectfully placed him by the side before continuing to dig a big hole.

The group watched all of this and immediately understood that this group of Gnomes was planning to bury the Golden Gnome.

Who knew that this group of monsters would actually have the empathy to bury corpses of their own race, the group were stunned and puzzled as Zhang Zhong Mou could not hold it in any longer and wanted to speak when Li Dong who was behind him squeezed forward in an attempt to get a better look when he stepped onto a dried twig creating a snapping sound.

This sound immediately alerted the group of Gnomes that were roughly thirty metres away and over twenty pairs of eyes instantly looked over at the group.

“Roar!” The group of Gnomes seemed to be exceptionally infuriated due to being peeked on as they immediately picked up their wooden shields as they wielded their metal spades and rushed towards the group.

Over twenty Gnomes surged forward, although they were the lowest tier of monster, their numbers were too plentiful and the group did not dare to be flippant as Zhao Shi Chang stretched his right arm which immediately began to twist and extend, swinging it, a thick tree by his side was immediately chopped in two. He had already advanced to a tier two dark iron warrior and his right arm together with the sharp bone blade which could extend and retract at his will was frightening. Looking at this group of Gnomes, he wanted to test his new found abilities.

Turning, the bone blade extended and combined with the right arm to reach an astounding two metres, sweeping forward, fresh blood splattered through the air as two Gnomes miserably screamed, their wooden shields together with their bodies completely rent in two.

Ma Zi Ye said in a heavy voice: “Zhao Shi Chang, have you forgotten what we talked about? Leave these monsters to the rest to handle.”

Zhao Shi Chang’s bone blade was extremely powerful and he felt extremely satisfied, hearing Ma Zi Ye’s words, he laughed: “Alright, let’s leave it to them.” Although he said this, his body continued to pounce, the bone blade sweeping once again as two other Gnomes were chopped at the legs while he cackled: “These Gnomes are simply too weak, I’ll stop killing them, you guys go ahead.”

Zhou Bi Rong glanced to the side at Ning Yan whose face was currently wrapped up in cloth: “So what’s it going to be? Are you still not going to kill monsters? If you wish to recover your looks, you will definitely need to promote to the first tier.”

Ning Yan’s hands firmly grasped a metal spade as light seemed to shine from her eyes, filled with killing intent. However, this quickly changed to fear, as though she were in facing a huge dilemma.

If she wanted to recover her looks, she would have to kill monsters, however, it seemed that killing monsters created a terrifying fear within her, these two thoughts continued to conflict with each other making her unable to make a decision.

Zhou Bi Rong saw Ning Yan’s body language and assumed that she was merely too afraid to kill the Gnomes, stretching her right hand forward, three claws extended out, as a Gnome was immediately clawed till its guts spilled out, thereafter, Zhou Bi Rong tossed the Gnome before Ning Yan as it continued to howl, it was severely injured but had not yet died.

Zhou Bi Rong used an encouraging look to egg Ning Yan on.

Ning Yan hesitated for a moment before lifting the metal spade and smashed towards the head of the Gnome.

As the metal spade was about to hit, Ning Yan suddenly became rigid as the metal spade stopped just before the throat of the Gnome, no longer continuing down.

“No!” Suddenly, Ning Yan threw away the metal spade as she stumbled backwards, her two hands clutching at her chest, her eyes filled with an expression of fear as she muttered: “No, no……. I can’t……. I can’t kill……. No…… no…….” She then touched her disfigured face as a struggle could be seen in her eyes, it was not something that words could describe.

It seemed that killing a monster was extremely terrifying for Ning Yan.

Ning Yan’s weird actions made Zhou Bi Rong stunned, was killing a Gnome really that difficult?

“Ning Yan, what’s the matter with you?” Zhou Bi Rong was very curious as she walked over and asked in concern.

Ning Yan turned around as she used her arms to hug herself, her entire body was trembling but she did not speak, she seemed to be closing off her heart, purposefully distancing herself from the group.

Zhou Bi Rong stood there dazed, not sure what to say.

Qin Jia Gui, Ma Zi Ye and the others who had already promoted to the first tier followed their previous arrangement and only injured the Gnomes, leaving them for those who had not promoted to the first tier.

When the twenty odd Gnomes were finally killed, Li Dong had finally advanced and became a tier one dark iron warrior.

Li Dong’s transformation also occurred on his right hand, Zhang Zhong Mou laughed: “Li Dong, why don’t you showcase to the group what your abilities are?”

Li Dong immediately clenched his right hand as it began to swell, small hole began to appear atop it, making it seem like a beehive.

Everyone felt extremely uncomfortable because this transformation was simply too ugly, the small holes that covered the surface made one feel uneasy.

“What is this ability?” Zhang Zhong Mou was extremely curious after seeing Li Dong’s right hand become something like a beehive.

Li Dong looked at the extremely puzzled expressions on the faces of the group and could not help but speak in discontentment: “Ignore the ugly appearance, this ability may not lose to any of you…….”

Thereafter, Li Dong slowly closed his eyes as a he suddenly shouted, the holes contracted and expanded as buzzing noises could be heard, strange yellow wasps began to fly out of the holes as a buzzing sound filled the air, there seemed to be at least a hundred of them.

“This……. This is…….” The group were in shock.

Li Dong was rather proud of himself: “My ability allows me to summon groups of poisonous wasps, these wasps have poison and listen to my orders to attack. What do you guys think of my ability?”

Zhao Shi Chang, Qin Jia Gui, Ma Zi Ye and the others exchanged glances, this was the first time they had encountered such a unique ability and his transformed right hand could actually summon living creatures? This was simply too inconceivable and freakish.

Li Dong continued: “However, summoning this group of poisonous wasps is extremely taxing on the usage of strange energy. I’ve already used all my strange energy and have only managed to summon such a small group of poisonous wasps. Haha, I really wish to know what it would be like once I reach the second tier…….”

Having said this, Li Dong’s face filled with anticipation. Although the others found his right hand unbearably ugly, he was extremely satisfied and felt that his ability was very unique, he even felt that his ability was possibly even greater than Qin Jia Gui and Su Yu.

“If I am able to promote to the third tier…… I think that I’ll be stronger than Su Yu.” Li Dong silently thought to himself with a satisfied smile on his face.

Ma Zi Ye muttered: “You actually need to expend large amounts of strange energy? I understand, these poisonous wasps are likely formed from the strange energy but this ability is definitely unique.”

The group would have never imagined that the strange energy could actually be used to form living creatures, looking at the buzzing yellow wasps, they were all bemused.

LI Dong’s face was extremely satisfied as he rescinded his strange energy, his right arm returned to normal as the buzzing poisonous wasps instantly disappeared.

“Let’s go take a look at the corpse of the Golden Gnome.” Qin Jia Gui was already walking forward, he wanted to check the corpse of the Golden Gnome. There was the precious treasure within the Golden Gnome’s body and he wanted to see if the precious treasure was still there.

When Qin Jia Gui walked to the side of the corpse, his body suddenly shivered as the expression on his face changed.

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