KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: Stream

Qin Jia Gui walked beside the corpse of the Golden Gnome and his body suddenly shivered as his expression changed.

Zhao Shi Chang who followed closely behind him also let out an exclamation.

The corpse of the Golden Gnome lying on the ground had been desecrated by somebody and its chest and stomach had been dug out, its four limbs had also been chopped off and it was twisted like a piece of fried dough crisp, this Golden Gnome had died a very tragic death. When Qin Jia Gui and Zhao Shi Chang noticed this, their minds immediately had the same thought, this Golden Gnome had been killed by humans.

Qin Jia Gui was hopeful as he still stretched out his hand to thoroughly inspect the corpse, however, there was indeed no treasure and it was likely that the person who killed it had already taken the precious treasure.

The Golden Gnome was weaker than the Golden Gnome King but it was still a monster that was on the same level as a Golden Goblin, a person who could kill a Golden Gnome needed to at least be an expert of tier two or higher.

Qin Jia Gui and Zhao Shi Chang exchanged glances, Zhao Shi Chang did not feel very worried as he was already a tier two dark iron warrior, even if it were a living Golden Gnome, he would have dared to engage it in combat.

Qin Jia Gui, on the other hand, had thought much further than him. He was currently trying to imagine the person who killed the Golden Gnome, he had tortured and killed the Golden Gnome, regardless of how the person really was, he was definitely cruel and was he working alone or was he together with a small group?

This was merely the corpse of a Golden Gnome and it could not give them too much information.

After a short rest, the group pressed forward. Su Yu continued to be unconscious as Zhang Zhong Mou, Ma Zi ye, Jade and the others gradually began to grow more concerned although Su Yu was alright by all appearances and seemed to be in a regular sleep.
After struggling past the dense forest, the features of the land began to change. Although the area in front of them did not have sparse vegetation, the ground was littered with more rocks as wild grass and shrubs became more scarce. This allowed the pace of the group to pick up, as the terrain grew steeper, the group saw a huge stone cliff that was roughly hundred metres high, the slope below it was covered in moss and different kinds of grass and flowers. What was more exciting for the group was that there was actually a stream at the bottom of the slope and from a distance, although the stream was very thin, it moved like a little snake and seeing a stream was something that made one feel happy.

“Everyone, be careful.” Zhao Shi Chang raised his voice, although the moss and vegetation on the slope was dense, the forest did not seem to have any poisonous bugs or snakes, they had lived within this forest for many days and had not seen even a single poisonous snake, this forest was simply too different from the forests back in the world they were familiar with.

Qin Jia Gui took out the map to take a look before looking at the surroundings, he realised that bypassing this area would be difficult and under the current circumstances they should follow the slope down before making further plans.

“Ni Ping, be careful. Hold on to me.” Qin Jia Gui grabbed a vine as his other hand stretched towards his girlfriend Yuan Ni Ping.

Ma Zi Ye measured the slope with her eyes before placing all the bags of food in her possession down and began to help Zhang Zhong Mou to send Su Yu down.

Looking at Ma Zi Ye’s actions, the others also placed their bags below the slope and this would make it much easier to tackle the slope.

Although it was a slope, its incline was very steep and the group would need to use the vines and large amounts of vegetation on it to stabilise their bodies as they slowly made their way down, amongst the group, Zhao Shi Chang was the fastest.

Since entering tier two, the amount of strength within his body was clearly different. At this moment, he had already dumped his baggage down the slope and grabbed onto two vines as he jumped and fell directly downwards with a ‘Shuaaaa’ sound.

After a distance of fourty to fifty metres, he had already arrived at the bottom of the slope in the blink of an eye. After landing, he immediately tumbled to reduce the force of impact before standing up and steadying himself. Thereafter, he waved his hands at the people who were still slowly climbing down with a smile: “Hurry up, there’s no problem, just fall straight down.”

Zhao Shi Chang lifted his head and continued to wave when the smile on his face suddenly grew rigid as he yelled: “Everyone be careful! Hurry and fall!”

Above the slope, a crocodile-like monster that was standing like a human had suddenly appeared, its entire body was covered in scales and its head was like that of a frog, they had already met this type of monster the night before and Zhao Shi Chang had dealt the killing blow to the monster to promote to a tier two dark iron warrior.

The group did not expect that a monster would suddenly appear while they were making their way down the steep slope.

Hearing Zhao Shi Chang’s yell, the people who were climbing felt their hearts shiver as they lifted their heads, the image of the monster immediately sending a jolt through their bodies as the speed they scaled the slope became much faster.

“Ni Ping!” Qin Jia Gui realised that they were in a very bad situation as he yelled while pulling his girlfriend, no longer caring about anything else as he hastily made his way down.

From the direction which the monster was sliding in, it was clear that it was aiming for Zhang Zhong Mou, Ma Zi Ye and Su Yu.

Su Yu was unconscious, Zhang Zhong Mou and Ma Zi Ye were currently working together to carry him down, each of their hands were holding a vine as they slowly worked their way down. Amongst the group, they were the slowest and had fallen behind, the monster was currently moving directly towards them.

“Careful!” Zhou Bi Rong who was on the other side screamed, she had been struck on the face by the monster and could still remember the pain that she had experienced, at this moment her pistol was already drawn. “Bang! Bang! Bang!” Following the sounds of firing, the last few bullets struck the chest of the monster.

The monster which had been sliding down trembled and stopped, turning to look in Zhou Bi Rong’s direction.

Zhou Bi Rong wanted to lure its attention and cause it to pounce towards her, thereafter she would let go of the vine and just fall, Zhao Shi Chang was at the bottom of the slope and he should be sufficient to deal with the monster, she was alright with risking injury.

Zhao Shi Chang pulled some vines as he began to climb up, however, it was more difficult to scale the slope and his speed of ascent was very slow. After halting for a moment and looking at Zhou Bi Rong, it ignored her and continued towards Zhang Zhong Mou and the two others.

“Careful! Hurry and slide down!” Zhao Shi Chang yelled in panic.

“This damned monster.” Half of Zhang Zhong Mou’s face had already turned to stone and his heart was extremely anxious but helpless, he could only watch as the monster opened its mouth and suddenly shoot its blood red tongue forth.

“Hurry! Jump!” Zhang Zhong Mou let go of the vine as he hugged Su Yu and immediately slid down.

Ma Zi Ye was more precise and immediately grabbed a large bunch of vines as she let out a delicate shout, dodging the blood red tongue while forcefully breaking the vines which the monster was holding. “Hua la la!” sounds could be heard as rubble began to tumble down and Ma Zi Ye fell towards the ground together with the monster.

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