KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: Ma Zi Ye’s New Abilities


Zhang Zhong Mou, Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye and the monster tumbled and smashed into the ground at the same time as groans and miserable cries could be heard. Zhao Shi Chang who had climbed five to six metres high recovered from his shock as he hurriedly jumped down.

The monster tumbled about on the ground as it emitted out frightening noises from it’s mouth. It’s body weight was way more than Zhang Zhong Mou and Ma Zi Ye’s weight as it crashed onto the ground with a forceful impact. Among everybody, Zhang Zhong Mou and Su Yu also fell and slided down the incline, suffering light injuries from the knocks. As for Ma Zi Ye, she continued to spare no effort as she pulled the large bunch of green vines, causing the green vines to snap. The monster howled tragically as it fell heavily towards the ground. Ma Zi Ye followed along and slid straight down, her two feet stepping down on the slope as she appeared to be stamping down while she was coming down.


A sound came from the ground, Ma Zi Ye tucked in her legs and she rolled down before flipping her body. Without saying a word, she took large strides before sending out a flying kick towards the monster’s face who had just fell heavily onto the ground, still confused and disoriented.

“Ka Cha”

The monster’s face had no scales for protection, this particular kick of Ma Zi Ye was of her full strength. One must know that Ma Zi Ye was already on the verge of breaking through. The strange energy within her body when compared to a tier two dark iron warrior was not much weaker.

When this full powered kick landed on the monster, it howled as it’s eye sockets ruptured. When it finally reacted and wanted to flail about it’s hands to brush off Ma Zi Ye, it suddenly realized that it could not move its body at all.

It turns out that when Ma Zi Ye kicked the monster heavily on it’s face, at the same time she also released her Web of Metal.
This particular situation was the first time she utilised it while kicking and it was also done to such an effect. From below her right foot, a piece of dark steel extended out as it interweaved into a web, in almost no time a dark coloured web of metal was formed. Binding the monster’s entire body tightly, causing the monster to be suppressed and unable to strike back.


Ma Zi Ye shouted out, although the web of metal could only maintain for approximately one second, that was more than enough. When she utilised the strange energy in her left leg again for the second time and heavily stamped down on the monster’s face.

The first strike had already caused the monster’s face to completely sink in and it’s eyeballs nearly exploded. The following second attack that heavily landed down on the monster made it howl and sounds of cracking could be heard from it’s skull, followed by sounds of teeth and bone being shattered also rang out. The two eyeballs ruptured and the entire skull was like a mushy watermelon. Ma Zi Ye’s left foot touched the muddy ground, fresh blood and white brain matter seeped out into the ground.

Everyone was dazedly looking at Ma Zi Ye, that included Zhang Zhong Mou who was slowly getting back up, Zhao Shi Chang who was coming in from behind, Qin Jia Gui who was still supporting Yuan Ni Ping as they rolled down. All of them without exception was looking at Ma Zi Ye who made used of the green vines to catch the monster off guard, resulting in the monster fall off the slope and then following up with two leg stomps that killed a monster that was close to a tier two beast soldier in strength. This courage, insight and technique immediately swept through everyone, causing her to be in the limelight.

This girl was truly from a wushu family, especially these few days, when she managed to gradually activate the hidden potential of the strange energy. Just recently, the repeated actions could be said to be very natural and unforced, like the sound of ten thousand thunders. Even if it was Su Yu, he might not have been able to clear the monster as perfectly as her.

Ma Zi Ye’s last strike on the monster’s monster’s skull was followed by a low grunt. Everyone saw a crystal assimilate into her body, afterwards a piece of dark iron metal chain fluttered about like a small snake as it encircled around her left leg, continuously dancing about as it extended until her entire left leg was totally wrapped up. Finally adhering to her left leg as the chain interweaved, resulting in her left leg wearing a sort of ‘tights’ that was made of metal web. However this tights was capable of moving about.

Ma Zi Ye felt the strange energy within her body undergo a turbulent change. She was already on the cusp of breaking through, after killing this monster that was almost a tier two beast soldier, she naturally evolved immediately and became a tier two dark iron warrior. Furthermore, the strange energy within her body was very powerful, to the extent of faintly surpassing Zhao Shi Chang’s strange energy.

Upon becoming tier two and experiencing the strange energy’s transformation within her body, she sensed that her web of metal’s might has increased and it’s abilities were raised. She also comprehended a new strange energy method and acquired a new technique.

Tier two was a completely different realm from tier one.

After Su Yu and Zhao Shi Chang, Ma Zi Ye became the third person to become a Tier two dark iron warrior.

“Ma Zi Ye, how is it it? Did you comprehend a new ability?” Zhao Shi Chang stepped forward and asked after he woke up from his daze. He did not seemed to be concerned about her but was instead curious about whether her new ability was stronger than his after she became a tier two dark iron warrior.

Humans were naturally curious, especially now that Su Yu was in deep sleep, this was Zhao Shi Chang’s chance for him to surpass Su Yu.

This included Qin Jia Gui who had disappointment written all over his face, yesterday Zhao Shi Chang broke through and today Ma Zi Ye broke through. Originally he was one of the people in the group who had the highest chance of challenging Su Yu for the position of strongest. But who could have thought that in a blink of an eye, Su Yu was already at tier three and have left them behind in the dust. Now even Ma Zi Ye and Zhao Shi Chang are ahead of him, this was simply intolerable for Qin Jia Gui who was naturally fond of directing other people and craved for leadership roles.

Yuan Ni Ping understood Qin Jia Gui very well, she felt his hand faintly trembled and thus she gripped Qin Jia Gui’s hand tightly. She whispered softly and said: “In my heart, you are always the strongest, you will eventually surpass all of them and will be more formidable than them, they…… merely have good luck.”
Yuan Ni Ping’s words made Qin Jia Gui exhale out a long breath, indeed they were just lucky, one only needs to kill a tier two…. Or just a tier one monster to evolve into tier two. Qin Jia Gui always believed that his evolution will give him the strongest ability amongst the others. Being at tier one he already possessed the Demolishing Iron Fist and Iron Arrow Claw, when he finally becomes tier two he would definitely comprehend an even more formidable ability that would thoroughly overpower the others.

“Oh ya, instant noodles, what new ability did you acquire? What is it?” Zhang Zhong Mou saw that Su Yu who was lying on the ground uninjured, he breathed a sigh of relief and then quickly inquired her.

In the past, Ma Zi Ye’s dark steel chains on her legs could only extend out and protect up to her knees, now it could completely protect her entire left leg. It was obvious that she had broke through and entered the Tier two realm.

Ma Zi Ye saw that Zhao Shi Chang and Zhang Zhong Mou were both very curious, she faintly laughed and did not conceal her ability. On her left leg, chains of metal twisted and intertwined like a fried dough twist*. Ma Zi Ye stretched out her right hand and grabbed onto the chain and slowly raised it, a rod that was made of interweaved metal chains soon slowly appeared at it continuously extended out.

T/N: It’s a type of Chinese snack, google fried dough fritters.

Soon, Ma Zi Ye shouted out delicately as she raised her left hand and brandished a metal spear that was made from sections of metal chains.

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