KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Tragic

Although Ma Zi Ye escaped having her chest pierced, she had fallen heavily to the ground and a big portion of her clothes had been ripped. A half second later, she would have been skewered through the chest and stomach, it was certainly a very close shave.

When she saw the tear in her clothes, her charming face had already lost all colour and her legs felt weak. This was the first time that she had felt terror that seemed to enter her bones.

The big green monster fell heavily, the club that was tossed by Su Yu caused it to be injured and when it climbed back up, green blood could be seen trickling from its mouth.

Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang, Zhang Zhong Mou and others attacked from all directions. Zhang Zhong Mou followed Su Yu’s example as he gripped his wooden club and hurled it.

The ground was littered with the corpses of green monsters and wooden clubs could be seen everywhere.

The lights within the eyes of the big green monster seemed to gradually grow brighter as the ugly green face frowned as though its face was twisted. It seemed to be angry now.

A low pitched growl could be heard from its mouth, totally different from the shrill voices of the smaller green monsters but made their hairs stand on end.

With a howl, its claws swept and the two wooden clubs that were sent flying towards it by Zhang Zhong Mou were knocked aside as its body pounced.


Qin Jia Gui shouted madly as fresh blood spewed from his mouth, his body was like a broken kite as it flew away and the crisp sound of bone breaking could be heard.

A single blow from the green monster had sent Qin Jia Gui flying away, a wave of its hand and it grabbed the wooden club that was being smashed towards it, causing both party’s hands to tremble.

The green monster curled its lips, exposing its fanged teeth like an evil demon that was laughing as it swiped down with its claws, ripping the skull of a person as blood and brain matter oozed out.

At the same time, its back was heavily smashed by a wooden club that was wielded by Zhao Shi Chang.

The green monster howled as it stamped its feet, causing the ground to shake. It actually did not bother about Zhao Shi Chang who had backstabbed him but rather dashed to the other side as both its claw flew out “Chiii”, the claws entered into a person’s stomach as it lifted him into the air before heavily tossing it at Su Yu who was rushing over.

Amongst the group, the green monster paid closest attention to Su Yu.

The wooden club that Su Yu had tossed earlier made it feel the threat of death for the first time, amongst everyone, the one that made it feel trepidation and hatred was non other than Su Yu.

The strength of the green monster was extremely frightening and the sound created from tossing this person was astonishing. Su Yu knew that if this person were to smash on the ground, he would certainly die but Su Yu had no other choice as he prostrated himself on the ground to dodge.


This person flew past Su Yu’s head while he was prone on the ground, and fell heavily on the ground. He immediately became a mess of meat from the frightening impact, truly dying in a really gruesome way.

Su Yu who was prone on the ground, felt a cold wind assail his back as he immediately retaliated with his left hand, sending the wooden club within it madly forward. He knew that the green monster must have pounced as it threw the man, if he were slower by just half a second he would end up with the same grisly end.


Su Yu felt his left hand tremble as the wooden club seemed to have hit something. Looking up, he was astonished to see that the wooden club was actually held by the green monster’s claws.


A terrifying hoarse howl could be heard from the green monster’s mouth as its claws pulled as the wooden club was being forcefully taken away.


The green monster simply did not give Su Yu any chance to retaliate as it snatched the wooden club and used it to smash towards him.

With no way to dodge, Su Yu growled as his eyes widened and he lifted his left shoulder to forcefully block.

The frightening blow smashed against Su Yu’s left shoulder causing him to shout miserably, “crack crack” sounds of bones fracturing could be heard as it was immediately broken.

“Su Yu!” From behind a crazed shout was heard as Zhang Zhong Mou pounced, he had seen Su Yu in danger as he selflessly rushed forward, his arms stretched out as he tightly hugged the green monster from behind.

“HURRY!” Zhang Zhong Mou shouted fiercely.

The green monster had been suddenly hugged from behind my Zhang Zhong Mou as its body shuddered. It then swept its hand backwards as it aimed for Zhang Zhong Mou’s head.

“Zhong Mou!” Su Yu shouted as he attacked, ignoring the intense pain in his right shoulder as he used all his strength to heavily smash at the green monster.


Su Yu’s left fist heavily smashed against the green monster’s chest as the green monster’s hand clawed at Zhang Zhong Mou’s face.


The bandage covering Zhang Zhong Mou’s face was ripped off and Su Yu felt cold, within his mind the images of Zhang Zhong Mou seemed to flash through.

Zhang Zhong Mou and him had been best buddies since primary school and their relationship could be said to be as close as brothers. How could he die? How could he die like this here?

“AAAHHH!” Su Yu suddenly shouted in rage as his fist heavily pummeled, fresh blood splashed everywhere but the green monster continued to grip Zhang Zhong Mou’s head as it tossed him aside, its other hand swept as blood sprayed from Su Yu’s chest, its leg then kicked out and sent Su Yu tumbling away.

Within this time, Ma Zi Ye had managed to finally kick the green monster’s leg with her side snap kick.

Ma Zi Ye’s strange energy was gathered within this right leg and the force was immense, a “snap!” sound could be heard as the green monster howled, its left leg had been broken as its body fell forward.

Zhao Shi Chang crept forward and smashed his wooden club, hitting squarely on the back of the head of the green monster.

Blood splattered as the green monster howled in anger, his claws swept forward as Zhao Shi Chang and Ma Zi Ye were simultaneously sent flying, their bodies had two large wounds that were dripping large amounts of blood.

The green monster continually howled as it held its bent leg, its eyes were blood red as it actually climbed back up, seemingly insane as it attacked.


Another person screamed as he failed to dodge and was grabbed. The green monster had a vicious smile as it bit down on the person’s neck while using both claws to tear, entering his abdomen and rending the body in two.
Seeing the bloody organs and large intestine sliding out, the surrounding people screamed in fear as the cruelty of the green monster made them back away, losing their fighting spirit.

In terms of speed, how could they compare to this green monster? In the blink of an eye it had already killed three people and its fourth target was Ning Yan who was currently shocked into a daze as she stood not moving.

Ning Yan had killed a green monster before and thus contained some strange energy within her but she had never expected that the green monster was so vicious as she stood there stunned, staring as the green monster who rushed over, without any response.

“Dodge!” Suddenly, a mad shout could be heard as Ning Yan came to her senses, the person who frantically shouted was precisely Su Yu who had just stood back up.

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  1. What happened to its leg being broken? How is it still running? Is it just hopping really fast because no matter how tough you are a broken leg means it cannot support weight lol.

    Anyway good enough story so far. Hopefully as they get more power it will move away from the whole stupid thing with only one limb receiving power (which as stated earlier, wouldn’t really make you all that strong as most of the power for hits comes from the core).

  2. When they said that they were sending thirty people, I figured most of them would die, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon. How are they going to carry the food back at this point even if they find it?

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