KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: Poisonous River

“Steel Spear, this is the new ability that I have gained.” An unsatisfied expression could be seen on Ma Zi Ye’s face as she suddenly tossed the steel spear within her hand.


The steel spear flew through the air before smashing into a dirt wall, immediately penetrating it until at least half the spear could not be seen.

“Impressive, in the future when you use the Web of Metal to trap monsters, you can use this Steel Spear to finish them, such a combination can be said to be absolutely perfect.” Zhang Zhong Mou thought deeply before exclaiming.

Ma Zi Ye glared over at him as she retorted: “Perfect combination? There isn’t any strange energy within my arms, although my strength has increased by two to three times, if I were to meet a frightening monster that was on the same tier as me, even if I use the Steel Spear, it would likely be useless. The enemy would just have to touch it and this spear would likely be knocked aside, such an ability is absolutely redundant without any use.” Ma Zi Ye had a gloomy expression on her face as she said gruffily.

Zhao Shi Chang silently nodded, his strange energy was contained within his right arm and after gaining the unique ability to form a blade, its might was extremely frightening regardless of speed or strength, it was something that Ma Zi Ye paled far in comparison. After promoting to tier two, Ma Zi Ye’s ability did indeed seem quite redundant.

Qin Jia Gui noticed all this and rather than feeling empathy for Ma Zi Ye, he actually felt a little happy.

It was possibly because he had always viewed her as a competitor, seeing that she had gained a redundant ability, a feeling of happiness in others demise welled up within him.

Qin Jia Gui immediately reprimanded himself for such despicable thoughts.

Zhang Zhong Mou saw Ma Zi Ye’s depressed look and laughed: “Don’t be like that, I feel that it could still have its uses.”

Ma Zi Ye sighed: “Unless…… unless my right arm also contains strong amounts of strange energy…… only then will I be able to utilise the strength of this Steel spear.”

Zhang Zhong Mou seemed to think of something as he replied: “That actually isn’t an impossibility.” He recalled that when Su Yu had entered the third tier, the scales on his left arm had actually extended and covered his chest area as well.

Ma Zi Ye heard his words but shook her head and did not reply. The Steel spear which had been thrown by her was gradually disappearing and the metal chains that were covering her right leg also disappeared, returning to normalcy.

The rest of the group finally gathered around and realised that Ma Zi Ye had advanced to the second tier, although they were envious, their feelings of elation were stronger as the strength of the group was clearly increasing and their safety was solidified. Su Yu was currently unconscious but the group suddenly had two more tier two dark iron warriors, this was a great relief to the stress they had been facing.

The bottom of the slope was littered with rubble and a stream could be seen there, going closer, the group realised that the water was bluish green and clearly not ordinary.

Everyone exchanged glances and no one was willing to lightly test. Zhao Shi Chang contemplated for a moment before stretching his right hand, a bone blade emerged as he chopped and sliced off the arm of the monster which Ma Zi Ye had killed, placing it into the stream.

Qin Jia Gui frowned as he thought to himself: “How could this possibly test for anything?” The severed arm was submerged into the water but there was indeed no reaction as Zhao Shi Chang tossed it away, pausing for a moment, he then proceeded to submerge his bone blade into the water.

Upon immersion, he immediately groaned as he hurriedly retracted his hand, the originally snow white bone blade had actually become black.

“Such a ferocious vile poison.” The group noticed this and were shocked as they hurriedly retreated, moving further away from the stream.

Zhao Shi Chang’s expression was ugly but it was fortunate that the strange energy within his body began to take effect as the portion of the bone blade which had turned black slowly receded.

Since the water contained poison, the group immediately threw away the idea of staying here as Zhang Zhong Mou said to Qin Jia Gui: “Where should we head to next?”

Qin Jia Gui measured his surroundings as he frowned before finally pointing to a direction which was along the stream: “Let’s walk this way, the direction should be correct.”

Zhang Zhong Mou lifted Su Yu onto his back once again as the others began to pick up the large bags of food on the ground before moving along the stream. As they continued to move, they came across a deep pond of water which was filled with the bluish green poisonous water, the flow of the stream ended in this deep pond and passing this deep pond was a deep ravine.

Qin Jia Gui nodded as an excited expression appeared on his face: “It can’t be wrong, this is the ravine that is indicated on the map. This is definitely the correct direction, let’s hurry and continue advancing forward.”

Qin Jia Gui’s speed immediately increased as he hurried forward.

The others in the group also began to feel excited as they heard Qin Jia Gui’s words and moved deep into the ravine. After hurrying for a period of time, a faint miserable cry was suddenly heard in front.

“Hey, did you guys hear that? It seems that something is crying miserably.” Zhao Shi Chang said apprehensively.

Ma Zi Ye acknowledged: “I seem to have heard it too.” However, upon listening intently, no other sounds could be heard and only the sound of the wind blowing through the ravine howled beside them.

Qin Jia Gui frowned: “There doesn’t seem to be any noise, did any of you hear it?”

The others shook their heads and indicated that they did not hear anything, only Ma Zi Ye and Zhao Shi Chang seemed to have heard something.

Qin Jia Gui did not hear anything but Ma Zi Ye and Zhao Shi Chang were the only people who were at the tier two stage within the group, they had both heard the noise and could it be possible that they had both been mistaken? Qin Jia Gui could not help but be cautious.

Zhao Shi Chang continued: “Let’s ignore it for now, it is possible that I was mistaken, let’s carry on.” After becoming a tier two dark iron warrior, Zhao Shi Chang seemed to have become more spontaneous and brave as he swiftly continued walking.

“Let’s go.” Qin Jia Gui contemplated for a moment before quickly following behind Zhao Shi Chang as he cautiously proceeded.

Continuing deeper, the walls on both sides became taller and it was becoming darker, there was a bloody scent that filled the air and their hearts were shocked as they bypassed a boulder and saw a pile of monster corpses.

This was a group of monsters that were small and resembled mole crickets, however, their bodies were covered in black scales and they had a tail which was over a metre long. At this moment their corpses were strewn all over the place, their deaths were all different, some had been split at the torso, others had been struck in the head and some had even been burnt black by a fire.

Trails of blood covered the entire ground which seemed to indicate to the group that a fierce and cruel battle had occurred here.

The group took this all in as they exchanged glances before looking into deeper into the ravine, there was an enormous pile of boulders there and there were four figures that were seated in a relaxed posture at the bottom while a single person sat atop the pile of boulders, as they wind blew and his clothes fluttered, he actually gave one a feeling of solidarity and arrogance.

When the group noticed these five people, they were actually bringing thin pieces of meat in the blood covered hands to their mouths and eating them. By their side, the corpse of a monster had been dissected and the skin on its four limbs had been removed, its flesh had also been sliced up and it was clear that the bloody meat which the five people were currently consuming was that of the monster.

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