KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: Meeting another Group

In this instant, the group felt their throats itch as they had a slight feeling of disgust, Jade, Lei Rui, Yuan Ni Ping and the other girls immediately turned and did not dare to continue looking.

When the group noticed the five people, the other party also noticed them at the same time. The four people beneath the pile of rocks immediately placed the meat into their mouths before standing up.

Only the female who was sitting atop the rockpile continued to slowly place the meat slices into her mouth, her actions were very graceful and this continued until the final piece of meat entered her mouth.

The two parties had suddenly met in this twisted corridor, the floor was littered with the corpses of monsters and the dense smell of blood was in the air, both sides began to measure each other and caution was written on everyone’s faces.

A female was seated atop the pile of rocks, traces of blood stained her face and her hair was disheveled, her left ear was severed and only a small bloody red scar remained. Her eyes were extremely bright and the black and whites of her eyes were extremely clear, filled with a sort of keeness.

The four people who were previously seated beneath the pile of rocks were all males, their clothes were all in tatters and their bodies were covered in fresh blood, it was clear that they had endured a cruel and grueling battle before managing to live. One of the males had their right arm snapped off at the elbow, his right sleeve was torn and the group could clearly see the remaining half of his right arm currently beside his body, gently swaying in the wind.

Both parties were deathly silent for a moment and amongst the one female and four males, a skinny male who was about 1.7m tall who wore a pair of shades shifted them down while asking: “Food?”

In no time, their eyes fell on the bags that were being carried by Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and the others. Everyone of them could not help but walk forward as the fire of greed seemed to fill their eyes.

Within this forest that was filled with death, those bags that were so precious such that they were all carried on their backs, if they were not filled with food what else could it be?

Looking at the floor which was littered with the corpses of monsters, it was unquestionable that they had all been killed by these five people. Although Qin Jia Gui and the others did not know the tier that these monsters were at, these five people were definitely not weak. Qin Jia Gui’s mind swiftly churned as he took in a deep breath, placing a bag off his back before tossing it towards the pile of rocks.

The four people immediately retreated back cautiously, only when the bag no longer made any movements did they slowly surround it.

“It’s all food inside, it should be enough for the few of you to eat for two days.” Qin Jia Gui spread his hands in a friendly manner.

The four people exchanged glances and the male whose right arm was half broken finally raised his left arm to open the bag and look within it. He yelled excitedly as he hurriedly took out a bread and used his mouth to rip apart the packaging, wolfing the entire bread down.

“Cough…….” Having taken two bites, he choked and his entire face turned red as he began to cough drily.

“Haha…..” One of the stout males laughed and the few people relaxed from their cautious states as they walked forward, immediately seeing the bag which was filled with bread, ham, sausage, chocolates, mineral water and other assorted food and drinks.

“Boss.” The stout male took two pieces of bread from the bag, he did not wolf the bread down in a starved manner like the single armed male but rather tossed a piece of bread to the female who only had one ear remaining.

The female stretch her hand to catch the bread and immediately began to inspect it, she was clearly in no hurry to eat it.

In reality they had already eaten much of the monster’s meat and were no longer hungry, it was only that they had finally seen ordinary food and the male could not resist tasting it.

Looking at Qin Jia Gui as he tossed a bag of food without any care to a couple of strangers, Li Dong was unsatisfied as he harrumphed but under the current circumstances he chose to keep quiet.

Qin Jia Gui noticed that these people had let their guards down after accepting the bag of food and proceeded to slowly move forward. Zhao Shi Chang and Ma Zi Ye were afraid that something untoward would happen to him and also closely followed behind.

If they wanted to traverse through this valley they would need to go past these people, having learnt their lesson from York and Jennifer, Qin Jia Gui did not wish to invite these people to join the group. It was obvious that the also did not wish for any altercations to occur between the groups especially when they had no information on the other party. In this moment, he really missed Su Yu’s ‘Eye of Perception’.

With the ‘Eye of Perception’, they would immediately be able to tell how strong or weak these people were. It was clear that the other party also did not possess the ‘Eye of Perception’ or a similar ability as they had a very cautious attitude towards them.

If he had not thrown a bag of food earlier to the other party, judging by the fiery light within the other party’s eyes, it was likely that they would have engaged in conflict. At this moment, using a bag of food to prevent any altercations and removing the nervous atmosphere enabled Qin Jia Gui to show that they were not hostile.

Watching as they slowly approached, the male whose body was stout smiled as he spoke: I can’t believe that you guys have so much food, that’s so impressive. I wonder where the few of your are headed? How did the few of you come here?”

The skinny male with his shades pushed it aside as he also spoke up: “Do you still need to ask? Big guy, they are clearly here due to the same reasons as us.”

“Four eyed chicken, do you think that you are very smart? Why don’t you guess what their first names are? If you are able to guess it, I’ll be willing to acquiesce that your are impressive.” The stout male was not convinced.

The male with the shades could not help but adjust the spectacles on his nose, he was really stumped by this question.

“Stop talking nonsense.” Suddenly, the female who had a slightly arrogant air about her jumped down as she stared into the valley up ahead while saying in a cold voice: “There’s something that is drawing closer to us, everyone be careful.”

“Monster again?” The stout male did not seem frightening but rather had a cruel and elated expression as he asked while looking at the Qin Jia Gui and the others.

Both parties were secretly measuring the other side, trying to estimate the strength that the other party possessed. Su Yu who was still sleeping on Zhang Zhong Mou’s back, Ning Yan whose face was still wrapped by cloth and the food carried on their backs, all this captured the interest of the other party.

The female said dully: “No idea what it is but it’s here” Her words had just been spoken when a loud ‘Kaboom!’ suddenly rang out, Qin Jia Gui and the others did not understand what was happening and were shocked as they immediately formed a circular formation with all the food on their backs placed in the centre. Zhang Zhong Mou also hurriedly placed Su Yu who was sleep fast asleep in the centre of the formation.

Looking at the actions of Qin Jia Gui and the others, the expressions of the five people changed, it was clear that their group of ten odd people were not a random mash of people but rather a group that had trained together.

In contrast, the party of five were standing according to their wishes. Even so, they were in a rough circular formation but were separated by a distance of around 1.5metres.

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