KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: The Strength of Tier Two

The rocks on the two sides began to tumble as the dirt wall collapsed exposing one hole after another like that of a beehive. From these holes swiftly came groups of monsters which instantly surrounded them.

These monsters that had suddenly appeared were identical to those monsters that had miserably died on the ground earlier, they were all akin to mole crickets but had hard black scales on them with an enormous tail, their claws were sharp and watching as they appeared from within the dirt, Qin Jia Gui felt as though this group of monsters were a mix of pangolins and mole crickets.

Their thick scales and claws were the sharp instruments which allowed them to dig through the dirt wall.

Looking as the surroundings filled with over twenty of the strange monsters in the blink of an eye, Qin Jia Gui and the others had ugly expressions. They not only needed to fend off against this group of monsters, they also had to be wary of the five people, no one was certain that the other group would not act to attempt to steal the food.

Besides Su Yu who was fast asleep, the remaining eleven people were in a tight circle. Zhao Shi Chang was silent as his right hand stretched forth, it swiftly lengthed and immediately became a metre long, transforming into something akin to the forelimbs of a two segment insect with a hard carapace.

The party of five were constantly measuring Qin Jia Gui and the others, they were not really concerned about the twenty odd black scaled creatures and noticing Zhao Shi Chang’s right arm transform, apprehension could be seen in the eyes of the five as they clearly became more cautious.

The twenty odd monsters did not make any unnecessary actions, after surrounding the two groups they immediately began their assault.

Because Qin Jia Gui and the others had a larger group, a majority of the monsters were rushing towards them, only six to seven of the monsters headed towards the other party.

Watching these ten odd monsters surround them and strike, Zhao Shi Chang immediately swung his transformed right arm, a bone blade extended out as a flash of white went forth, a monster which was approaching had its chest rent apart as the blood within its body spurted out before falling to the ground.

Strands of black rope appeared on Ma Zi Ye’s right leg as she stomped on the ground, instantly activating the Web of Metal.

After promoting to a tier two dark iron warrior, the speed with which Ma Zi Ye activated the Web of Metal was much faster, the area that was within her control radius was also much greater and in the blink of an eye she had already trapped three of the monsters, causing them to be stuck in position.

Zhang Zhong Mou who was close beside her laughed as half his face turned to stone, immediately rushing towards the monsters who were trapped by her.

There were indeed benefits to be reaped from following beside Ma Zi Ye.

Zhang Zhong Mou was not the only one with such a notion, Li Dong who had recently promoted to the first tier had also been trying to stay near Ma Zi Ye, waving his right arm, it immediately transformed into that of a bee hive as “Weng…. Weng…..” sounds filled the air. Immediately, a group of poisonous wasps flew out as they surged towards the incoming monsters.

Qin Jia Gui noticed as Zhao Shi Chang easily injured a monster and immediately guessed that the monsters were definitely not tier two beast soldiers, they were likely a group of monsters with strengths at the level of a Greater Goblin.

Calming down, Qin Jia Gui finally pounced.


A thunderous sound was emitted as the Demolishing Iron Fist shot forth and heavily smashed into the chest of a monster, causing the scales to immediately rupture as the monster was sent tumbling away. Upon falling to the ground, it did not immediately die but it had clearly sustained heavy injuries.

The bullets within Zhou Bi Rong’s pistol had already been used and her pistol was already thrown away, her right arm was currently extended and had been transformed as three claws emerged, clashing head on with the sharp claws of a monster with neither gaining the upper hand.

In the blink of an eye, everyone was engaged in a messy battle with the group of monsters.

On the other side, the party of five also acted, it was clear that the five people did not regard the monsters heavily, they had already dispatched a large group of these monsters and a majority of their focus was on Qin Jia Gui and the others. Finally, the group of five took a sigh of relief as they saw that the other party were rather weak.

“Let me help you guys, haha…….” The stout fellow suddenly laughed loudly as his right hand stretched forth and suddenly swept, his right arm had suddenly become covered in thick black fur like that of a bear’s arm, this thick bear palm was extremely powerful and a monster that was pouncing was immediately smashed flying.


The monster’s head smashed into a boulder as its brain juices leaked out, immediately dying. The big fellow continued to take large strides as he rushed toward Qin Jia Gui and the others.


The bear-like arm smashed out and another monster had its skull crushed in like that of a watermelon bursting, the frightening strength was simply terrifying and the cruel manner which the head was pressed into the chest of the monster was simply horrifying.

These actions immediately caused the other monsters to tremble, Qin Jia Gui turned his head and his facial expression changed, this big fellow with his transformed right arm was definitely at the tier two level or higher.

As the group continued to level up, Qin Jia Gui and the others also began to have a greater understanding of the transformation of dark iron warriors. After reaching the second tier, their four limbs would have gone through a complete change, like Su Yu who had his left arm completely changed, Zhao Shi Chang with his right arm and Ma Zi Ye with her right leg.

The right arm of the big fellow before them had completely changed and was naturally at least a tier two dark iron warrior.

Following closely behind the stout fellow was a the male with only his left arm remaining, he also strode forward to assist Qin Jia Gui and the others.

The transformation for this male was at his chest region and branch-like objects could be seen extended from his chest, entwining themselves to form a dark green armour. Atop the armour were branches that were one to two metres in length, looked like tentacles and could be moved according to his will.

These branches instantly extended out and trapped a monster in the blink of an eye, the monster which was trapped, flailed wildly with its two arms and its eyes were widened as it attempted to remove the branch which had wrapped around its neck. The male with a single-arm smiled as the branch suddenly contracted, a crisp snapping noise could be heard from the neck of the monster.

The monster groaned as its skull bent over, its neck had already been snapped by the branch.

When the branch finally released itself, the monster immediately fell limply to the ground, clearly dead.

The big fellow and the single armed male acted to help and in the blink of an eye four of the monsters had already been dispatched by them. Zhao Shi Chang who swung with his bone blade could freely extend and retract, using it like a whip, he immediately killed another monster and two other monsters had also been heavily injured by him.

By the side, the skinny male with the shades pushed his glasses and his right arm went forward, “poof poof poof” sounds could be heard as three black holes appeared on his right arm and immediately emitted black smoke from them.

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