KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: Single-Eared Woman

The three streams of black smoke seemed to have intelligence as they curled about his right palm and formed a mysterious black cloud.

The man with the glasses used his left hand to push the glasses on the bridge of his nose as something shot forth from within his body. He stretched out his right hand to press down on the face of a monster and in a short moment, a black mist swirled about his right hand, shrouding the head of the monster.


This particular monster let out a blood-curdling screech as it raised both claws frantically to strike back but the attacks only struck air. The male with glasses had long retracted his right hand and the plague went for another monster.

The previous monster that had it’s head enveloped with mist was constantly emitting miserable shrieks as if it was blind. It was swaying about as it fled haphazardly with both hands reaching for it’s face as it attempted to grab something. However, only “Chi Chi Chi” sounds could be heard and very soon both of it’s hands became charred black as though they were burned from being struck by lightning.

The miserable shrieks of this monster swiftly became weaker as it finally swayed and fell to the ground. The black mist that covered its face gradually dissipated and its head had already been charred black, as though it had been burnt within a blast furnace.

Amongst the four males, besides the stout bloke, single-armed male and glasses male, the final person’s clothes were in a state of total shambles, there were merely a few pieces of cloth which had been stuffed into his waist, exposing his bare upper body which was covered in beautiful tattoos. On his upper right arm, there was a word ‘Loyal’ that was tattooed there, his entire body that was covered in tattoos coupled with his sinister face and killing intent made one feel from their first glance that this person was definitely someone who had mixed around in the vicious underworld.

However, regardless of what experiences he had been through or what strength he might have had, after arriving in this place, he would also have no choice but to accept the cruel reality. His clothes were in tatters like that of a stray dog, fallen to the point where he had to eat the flesh from monsters to continue living, facing the threat of death in every moment. However, this sort of cruel environment actually made his killing intent even thicker.

This group of four males and one female, based solely on their eyes and killing intent, he was definitely the most fearsome.

A ball of black mist was shot out from the right arm of the glasses male and in the blink of an eye it had taken care of two monsters, the male whose body was covered in tattoos stretched his right hand as cracking sounds were emitted like that of metal machinery assembling.

In no time, his right arm had transformed into something that looked like a metal circular cylinder, his right hand was clenched tightly and became covered in metal like that of Qin Jia Gui, the only difference was that his skin was not black in colour but rather a faint frosty white colour.

Crisp cracking sounds resounded out as the male with tattoos suddenly stretched his right arm, his right fist that was currently covered in metal retracted and immediately disappeared into the metal circular cylinder, closely after, a pillar of white mist was emitted from within the metal circular cylinder.

The male with the tattoos began to move as he swiftly began running in the outskirts of the area, the white mist which was shot from his right arm followed the swing of his arm and immediately enveloped three of the monsters which were pouncing forward.

Being hit by this pillar of mist, the bodies of the three monsters immediately became rigid, wherever the pillar of mist came into contact with their bodies, a thick layer of ice could be seen and actually caused their bodies to be encased in ice.

These three monsters revealed expressions of shock on their face as they looked down at their body being covered in frost. The tattoo covered man’s right hand made cracking noises again as from within the frosty metal cylinder, suddenly a fist shot out.


The frost enveloped fist slammed viciously into the first monster’s body that was covered in frost and immediately the area that was covered in frost started to shatter. This frost fist seemed unstoppable as it continue to smash apart the first monster’s chest while proceeding on to the second monster and finally the third monster….
Qin Jia Gui had always been on guard against the other party. Naturally he noticed the other party’s activities, when he saw the male with tattoos’ right arm’s evolution that transformed into a metal cylinder which sprayed out mist that managed to freeze three monsters followed by shooting out his frost enveloped fist that smashed three monsters in one attack. All of this happened in a flash, the three monster’s body were shattered as they collapsed, causing Qin Jia Gui to suck in a breath of cold air.

This fellow, how the hell did he appear? Why was is that each of them was more terrifying than the other? Although the sole female had not made a move, it seemed like she was the leader among this group, could it be that she was even more powerful?

From the methods that they have revealed recently, these four males, every one of them were at least at the tier two realm of the dark iron warrior.

The six to seven monsters that surrounded the tattooed male, glasses male and others were taken care off effortlessly within a few moves. As for the other side, the singled armed man, large man with trees, Zhao Shi Chang, Ma Zi Ye were fully displaying their abilities as they confronted the monsters that were not even tier two beast soldiers. Tier two dark iron warriors had the absolute advantage when facing the monsters.

The stout fellow and the single armed male had swiftly taken care of four monsters each, Zhao Shi Chang had taken care of three monsters and Zhang Zhong Mou had taken advantage of Ma Zi Ye’s usage of the Web of Metal to kill one of the trapped monsters with his Rock Head Cannon Pulveriser.

Ma Zi Ye had taken care of the other two which were trapped while Zhou Hua Kang was the most fortunate, when Qin Jia Gui heavily injured a monster with his Demolishing Iron Fist, he had taken the chance to heavily smash down with the metal spade, causing the monster’s neck to snap.

After killing this monster, Zhou Hua Kang almost jumped from his elation as he finally advanced, becoming an actual tier one dark iron warrior.

Qin Jia Gui glared over at Zhou Hua Kang and was rather dismayed that he had snatched his kill, however, upon seeing him advance to the next tier, increasing the strength of the group, he did not speak out.

Till now, the twenty odd monsters had finally been cleared as the big bloke laughed in a loud manner: “Wonderful, really wonderful, hahaha. Too bad there’s no alcohol, after coming to this damned place for seven to eight days, I haven’t had a single bit of alcohol.”

The glasses male pushed the shades on his nose as he asked: “You being able to survive till now is already a miracle of the heavens, you still wish for their to be alcohol to drink?” shaking his head as an expression of disbelief filled his face.

“Four eyed chicken, what nonsense are you talking about? I think that you’re already tired of living right?” The big bloke began to angrily exclaim while the glasses male adjusted his glasses calmly without talking, as though he could not be bothered to argue with the other male.

“Everyone shut up! What we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived!” The female who only had a single ear exclaimed in a cold voice as her remaining ear seemed to tremble slightly, as though she had heard something.

Her words had just been spoken when a dirt wall suddenly collapsed with a ‘Kaboom!’ exposing a large hole within. Within the large hole came a monster that was over two metres tall, opening its mouth as it howled towards the sky.

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