KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: Awakening in a Death Battle

This was a monster that similarly had thick scales covering its body, dragging a large tail and seemed like a pangolin, it was only that its body was several times larger than the ones the group had killed before, making it clear that this monster was likely the leader of that group of monsters.

With the appearance of this monster, the single-eared woman and the other four people began to swiftly disperse as they stood in five different directions, thoroughly surrounding the monster.

“Lunkhead!” The single-eared woman stood unmoving as she coldly shouted.

“Understood, boss!” The big fellow laughed in response as his right arm transformed into a huge black bear fist which heavily smashed towards the monster.

The fist of this big fellow was extremely frightening and even the leader tier monster had to stop its roars as it raised its front claw to block while its other claw explosively swiped towards the big fellow’s chest.

The woman pointed: “Old Li!”

The single-armed man did not speak but his figure had already closely followed as he went forward, the branches covering his chest extended out wildly and immediately blocked the claw which was swiping towards the big fellow’s chest.

“Four eyes, loyal man!” The woman exclaimed in succession as the glasses male and the tattooed male moved like lightning from the left and right as they did a pincer attack.

The right hand of the glasses male stretched forth as a ball of black mist immediately covered the left hind leg of the monster, the tattooed man’s right arm emitted crisp metallic cracking noises as an icy mist spat forth before his icy fist flew forward, his target was the right hind leg of the monster.

By the side, Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and the others could only watch as the few people combined their attacks and worked in unison, their targets were clear and this monster whose might was clearly exceptional actually miserably shrieked in a mere instant as its legs were crippled causing its huge frame to fall. As for the big fellow, he had achieved his aim and explosively retreated.

The big fellow was the first to rush forward, attracting the attention of the monster. The single-armed male’s job was to protect the big fellow and the glasses male and the tattooed man were assigned the role of attacking, in a single exchange they had managed to cripple the two hind legs of the monster.

Losing its hind legs, the monster fell to the ground and at the same time, the single-eared woman finally struck, her speed was even faster than the men as she flew forward with a ‘swish’.

In the instant that she pounced forward, her left and right hand also struck and a shocking scene appeared before the group’s eyes, a ball of dull fiery red light exploded from her left hand while a dull fiery red long sword appeared within her right hand.

This long sword was roughly 1.2 metres from hilt to end, slightly broad about three fingers thick and the body of the sword was flowing with streaks of fiery red vein patterns that seemed like charms, filled with an energy fluctuation that even ordinary people could sense.

As the monster fell, the woman easily leapt as she appeared behind the monster, both hands wielding the long sword as she slashed down.


The long sword seemed like it was piercing tofu as it easily entered the monster’s body.

“Howl!” The miserable shriek of the monster could be heard as its entire body trembled before beginning to shrink back.

Having done this, the female leapt once again as she gently patted her hands, seemingly having done something simple as she instructed: “Loyal man.”

The tattooed man nodded, the monster had suffered a blow from the long sword and after releasing a miserable shriek, its body had contracted and was now gradually expanding, its eyes had lost its glow and seemed like it was not far away from dying.

The tattooed man did not continued to hesitate as he immediately pounced forward, the metallic cylinder on his right hand emitted crisp crackling noises as his icy fist heavily smashed out.


This fist which was filled with all his strength smashed heavily into the monster’s fallen head, even if the monster’s head was made from granite it would also have been crushed.

Looking as the monster’s skull cave in, a black crystal appeared which immediately flew into the right arm of the tattooed man.

A low growl was emitted from his mouth as the big fellow walked forward and asked: “So did you manage to breakthrough?”

The tattooed male continued to growl for a while before raised his head dejectedly: “I still require a little more, damn, is it really so hard to promote to tier three?”

Hearing his words, the others sighed as disappointed expressions appeared on their faces.

The single-eared woman walked forward as she plucked the long sword out from the monster back, turning her hand, the group could see the long sword give off a dazzling red light before swiftly disappearing into the left hand of the woman. At this moment, the group noticed that atop her left hand was actually an unassuming bracelet.

Looking at the long sword in her hand appear and disappear like magic, the group exchanged glances as they felt puzzled.

Could it be that her long sword was kept within that bracelet? That was simply impossible and went against the logic of science, however, Qin Jia Gui and the others could guess that the long sword was not so simple, it could even possibly be like Li Dong’s poisonous wasps and could be summoned.

Looking at the perfect combination of the five people as they easily dealt with a seemingly frightening monster before thinking back to themselves, Qin Jia Gui suddenly felt that compared to these five people, their group was like a random mob thrown together.

Having taken care of the leader monster, the big fellow laughed loudly as he came before Qin Jia Gui and the others with an amiable expression on his face: “Everyone let’s move out together, you people can actually find food in such an environment, that’s simply too outstanding. It’s only…… your group seems rather strange, hahaha.”

He was actually curious as to how a group with so many mediocre females managed to live, that was simply a miracle.

Thereafter, he laughed as he pointed at Su Yu who was still asleep on the ground: “What’s wrong with him? Did he sustain a heavy injury and thus remains unconscious?”

Qin Jia Gui did not know how to explain and merely nodded, although this big fellow seemed extremely amiable, the other party were all experts of tier two or higher, in comparison, their group merely had two tier twos and felt a suffocating pressure.

“Let’s go, there are too many dangers within this damned forest, moving together will be much safer, haha.” The big fellow laughed in a forthright manner before pointing to himself: “Let me introduce myself, I am Lu Wei, the others call me lunkhead. Haha, that person there is known as four eyed frog, his name is Wang Quan Feng, he’s an annoying fellow who usually opposes me, I actually hate people who wear glasses.”

Having said this, he realised that Lei Rui also wore glasses as he changed his words while laughed: “Of course, females are exceptions, haha, females are exceptions.”

The glasses male who was referred to as four eyed frog otherwise known as Wang Quan Feng walked over as he adjusted his glasses: “When lunkhead handles matters, it’s always a strong start but a weak finish. Since you’ve began introducing us, you should introduce all of us.” Having said this, he pointed to the tattooed man: “That fellow is called Su Ge, we call him loyal man.”

Zhang Zhong Mou could not help but interrupt: “Such a weird alias, why is he called loyal man?” The big fellow who was known as lunkhead and Wang Quan Feng who was known as four eyed frog were understandable but why was this Su Ge whose entire body was covered in tattoos known as loyal man? If it were him giving out aliases, he would certainly refer to the person as tattooed man.

Lu Wei laughed: “Haven’t you noticed the ‘loyal’ tattooed on his right arm? That is why we call him loyal man.”
Zhang Zhong Mou suddenly understood. This Su Ge was not a man of many words and only indifferently looked at them without saying a word.

Wang Quan Feng then pointed towards the single-armed male and introduced: “This is Li Feng Xuan, we refer to him as old Li.” Finally, he pointed towards the woman: “This is the boss of our group, her name is simply wonderful, she’s called Chu Xiang, lovely and moving’s Chu, Concubine Chu Xiang’s Xiang*.”

T/N*: They are describing the Chinese character of Chu Xiang’s name.

This single-eared woman gently nodded towards Qin Jia Gui and the others, her eyes focused on Qin Jia Gui’s handsome visage for a moment longer.

Looking at the party as they amiably introduced themselves, even if Qin Jia Gui and the others were unwilling they had to at least say their names, as for Chu Xiang and their group of five, they paid close attention to Zhao Shi Chang and Ma Zi Ye.

Within their group, only Zhao Shi Chang and Ma Zi Ye had reached the second tier, as for Su Yu who was currently unconscious, Qin Jia Gui and the others did not introduce him. The group of five did not care about this, an injured person who was unconscious would certainly cause them no harm.

Because of the matter with York and Jennifer, Qin Jia Gui was especially cautious of strangers, however, the other party was clearly much stronger than them and it was not the time to engage in a conflict with the other party. Only when Su Yu wakes up would they be able to negotiate.

Having this thought, Qin Jia Gui had a smile on his face as he portrayed a warm attitude.

Zhou Hua Kang could not help but question: “Do we wish to go together?” He was also unwilling to travel with the group of five, although the other party were strong, they were also a threat.

Lu Wei glanced at him as he laughed: “What’s the matter? Could it be that this young fellow does not wish to travel together with us? Do you feel that we’re incompatible? Hahaha.” Although Zhou Hua Kang introduced his name, Lu Wei did not really remember his name, a fellow that had only risen to the first tier was not someone Lu Wei paid heed to.

Zhou Hua Kang could see viciousness under Lu Wei’s smile and his heart felt cold, no longer daring to speak up. Wang Quan Feng was already adjusting the glasses on his nose as he spoke up: “Let’s move out together, we’ve stayed in this place for far too long.”

Whether Qin Jia Gui and the others were willing or not, the group of five had already decided to move together and seemed to treat them as a single entity. Lu Wei came before Zhou Hua Kang as he laughed: “Come, carrying those bags by yourself is too strenuous, let me help you with them.”

Zhou Hua Kang was shocked as he hurriedly grabbed the bags as he shook his head.

Lu Wei did not insist as a mysterious smile was plastered on his face.

Grudgingly, Qin Jia Gui and the others followed the five people as they continued into the depths of the valley.

Qin Jia Gui and the others did not feel safe together with these five people, although they appeared amiable on the surface, their amiability carried a form of overbearingness that seemed to only hold concern for themselves, this made Qin Jia Gui and the others extremely uncomfortable, however, the group knew that it was not the time to engage in a conflict with the other party, they could only bear with it until Su Yu awoke, if Qin Jia Gui and Zhang Zhong Mou reached tier two, they would then have the strength to negotiate.

Over the many days, the group had all matured and were no longer reckless. Although they were unwilling, they decided to bear with it and wait for an opportune moment.

In the route that followed, they continued to meet with the monster that was like a pangolin, it was only that the group of five would kill the monsters cleanly without leaving a single for Qin Jia Gui and the others, it was unknown whether this was done intentionally.

Qin Jia Gui and the others exchanged glances, if this continued, even though it seemed safe, they would not have any means to advance.

“Haha, brother Qin, what do you think? With our groups merged, we can basically kill everything within this forest.” Lu Wei had killed a few of the monsters as he suddenly patted Qin Jia Gui’s shoulder with a smile on his face.

Qin Jia Gui laughed grudgingly: “Yes.”

Lu Wei suddenly noticed that Qin Jia Gui and Yuan Ni Ping’s hands were clasped together and began to measure Yuan Ni Ping before saying to Qin Jia Gui: “Your girlfriend?”

Qin Jia Gui responded: “Yup.” Although Lu Wei seemed forthright, he was asking too many questions and Qin Jia Gui actually felt rather uncomfortable.

Lu Wei seemed to measure Yuan Ni Ping with unadulterated intentions, his eyes wantonly gazing at her breasts before laughing: “Brother Qin, your luck with woman is quite good, haha, who knew that you would still have such a beautiful female companion within this dangerous forest, really so impressive, i really admire you, you’re faring so much better than us haha.”

Yuan Ni Ping could feel his wanton gaze and could not help but cover her breasts.

Qin Jia Gui also noticed this as a fire raged within his heart, however, he could not engage in a conflict under the current circumstances and could only smile: “That’s right, actually, I really admire your group. Your teamwork is impeccable, I wonder what brother Lu used to do?” as he hurriedly diverted the topic.

“About that…….” Lu Wei laughed before suddenly whispering: “Brother Qin, look at loyal man, that fellow haha.”

Qin Jia Gui looked over and saw Su Ge with his cold countenance staring at Zhou BI Rong, a fiery light could be seen within the depths of his eyes.

Qin Jia Gui’s heart trembled, this fiery light seemed like that of a hungry wolf looking at its prey.

“This fellow used to be in the triads, it could be said that the police were their mortal enemies, however, he seems to be especially caring towards that policewoman, look at his eyes, it’s clear that he wants to swallow her whole haha.”

His voice was very soft and only Qin Jia Gui could hear him, Qin Jia Gui’s expression changed multiple times, Zhou Bi Rong was wearing a police uniform and although it was dirty, it was very eye-grabbing.

“Brother Lu, what is your intention in telling me all this?” Qin Jia Gui faintly sighed before questioning in a low voice. Lu Wei suddenly talking to him in this manner was simply too strange.

Lu Wei looked at him deeply before saying in a soft voice: “I think highly of you that’s why I’ve decided to secretly inform you. Loyal man has some ideas towards the female cop and if he were to do anything, you guys better not be foolish and attempt to stop him. If this fellow rages, even I am afraid of him, also, he has already risen to tier two and should be breaking through to tier three soon, extremely frightening.”

Qin Jia Gui smiled but this smile was extremely forced, he did not believe that Lu Wei really regarded him highly and had thus chosen to inform him, it was more likely that Lu Wei wanted to tease him, wanting to see his frightened expression. At this moment Qin Jia Gui was extremely disgusted with Lu Wei and if he had the ability, he would have ripped off the mouth on Lu Wei’s face.

On the surface, although Lu Wei appeared extremely forthright, Qin Jia Gui could feel a sort of detestable arrogant aura emanating from him.

The sky swiftly became darker and even this group of five did not wish to proceed in the darkness.

“Everyone, let’s rest here for the night.” Wang Quan Feng had just spoken when Lu Wei suddenly stretched his hand, taking a large bag of food from Zhou Hua Kang’s side as he laughed: “Haha, I’ve been tired for a while now. Damn, eating the raw flesh from these monsters for the past few days makes it feel as though i have forgotten about chicken.”

An angry expression appeared on Zhou Hua Kang’s face as he clenched his fists but did not act out.

Lu Wei did not care about him and had already ripped open the large back of food, treating himself as family as he smiled while handing out food to the others.

“Boss, what do you feel like eating? Bread or biscuit? Eh? There’s even so much mineral water in here, haha.” Lu Wei held the bag as he laughed while speaking to Chu Xiang.

“We still have urgent matters to attend to, we’ll be making a move first.” Qin Jia Gui could feel that if they stayed the night, frightening matters would occur. Seeing that these five people wanted to rest, although the sky was dark, he suddenly said these words in an attempt to leave.

Ma Zi Ye understood his intentions as she immediately followed: “That’s right, this matter is urgent and we must hurry through the night.”

Qin Jia Gui looked towards the five with an apologetic expression on his face: “I’m so sorry, we really have urgent matters to attend to and must leave. These two bags of food will be left for all of you, I believe it will last for several days.” While saying this, he began placing the bags on his person on the ground.

Chu Xiang and the other four were dazed, they did not expect that the people before them actually wanted to rush in the night.

“Urgent matters? What urgent matters would require you rushing through the night within this forest?” Wang Quan Feng habitually adjusted his black shades as he questioned the group.

Qin Jia Gui hurriedly replied: “The school that we came from isn’t far away, everyone is still there waiting for us. We need to bring this food back, the rest have been starving for days and cannot wait any longer.”

“School?” Lu Wei was stunned.

Wang Quan Feng laughed: “Since they’ve already been starving for several days, there’s no need to worry about a single night. Rushing in the night is several times more dangerous, I believe that the friends within your school do not wish anything untoward to befall all of you. Also, there are so many things that can be eaten within this forest, wild grass, leaves, monster flesh…… all this can be eaten. Although it may be difficult to swallow, I believe that they will not die from hunger. You guys can just rest easy and stay the night. We will move out together tomorrow, if we stick together it will be much safer.”

“That’s right, everyone should stay. Don’t take such unnecessary risks.” Lu Wei appeared very friendly as he held onto Qin Jia Gui, however, the force he used was very large and Qin Jia Gui could not get out of his grasp.

Qin Jia Gui attempted to struggle but simply could not extricate himself. Looking towards Lu Wei, the other party was smiling and clearly would not allow them to leave.

Wang Quan Feng, Su Ge and Li Feng Xuan stood up one after another as they blocked the group.

A smile appeared on Wang Quan Feng’s face as his left hand adjusted his glasses before drily laughing, Su Ge and Li Feng Xuan’s faces became heavy as they coldly measured the group, clearly filled with ill intent.

Zhao Shi Chang and Ma Zi Ye hurried to Qin Jia Gui’s side as the atmosphere became tense.

“What’s the matter? The few of you are really too much, I’ve been treating all of you like companions yet the few of you seem to not appreciate this.” Lu Wei’s mocking voice could be heard as he suddenly turned around: “Boss, what do you think?”

Behind him, Chu Xiang who was rummaging through the contents of the bag heard Lu Wei as she retracted her hand and slowly stood up, her left hand stretched forth as her right hand gently touched the bracelet on her left hand while she calmly spoke: “If you really wish to leave it’s fine, however, leave all the food behind.”

Lu Wei was dazed for a moment before furiously clapping as he laughed: “No wonder you’re the boss, so straightforward. Haha, since the few of you want to leave, we won’t force you to stay, leave behind all the food and you can leave.”

Anger could be seen on Zhao Shi Chang’s face as he spoke: “Aren’t you guys being too overbearing? We don’t have any ill intentions, why must you act this way? All of us have landed ourselves in these dire straits and should help one another……”

Zhou Hua Kang also yelled: “Why are you guys so unreasonable!”

Ma Zi Ye glanced over at them: “You people are really naive, trying to speak logic at this point in time?” Her right leg was ready and even though the opponent was frightening, if her Web of Metal was able to trap them all at once, they would certainly have a shot at winning.

Su Ge whose body was covered in tattoos said in a cold voice: “She has to stay.” as he pointed towards Zhou Bi Rong.

Anger could be seen on Zhou Bi Rong’s face but she did not speak, at times like this it was better to keep calm.

Qin Jia Gui’s back was covered in cold sweat as his mind churned to compare the strengths of the two groups. The other party were tier two at the very least and Chu Xiang was even at tier three, as for their group only Zhao Shi Chang and Ma Zi Ye were at tier two. What was most frightening was that the other party also cooperated superbly while Ma Zi Ye and Zhao Shi Chang had only recently entered the second tier, in comparison, they simply did not have much of a shot at victory.

“Alright, we’ll leave the food!” Suddenly, Qin Jia Gui grit his teeth as he exclaimed.

When these words were spoken, everyone was stunned.

If they engaged with the other party, it was likely a death sentence. In that case, giving up the food and preserving their lives was more important. Once Su Yu woke up, they would have sufficient strength to attempt to get back their losses, it was more important to not engage in conflict and preserve their lives.

“Qin Jia Gui, are you mad?” Li Dong grasped the big bag by his side tightly as he shouted at Qin Jia Gui in a hoarse voice.

Qin Jia Gui sternly said: “Leave all the food behind, did you all forget that everyone is still waiting for us to return back at the school? Let’s hurry back first, the problem with food can be solved at a later date.”

Li Dong wanted to protest but Lei Rui suddenly spoke up: “That’s right, everyone leave the food behind, let’s head back first.”

Looking at the scene unfold before her, Chu Xiang suddenly laughed as she gently clapped: “So this is what it is to endure humiliation in view of the greater picture? It’s really hard to see, haha, such talent.’ as she measured Qin Jia Gui with a mysterious expression.

Hearing her words, Qin Jia Gui realised that the situation was getting out of hand, it seemed like the other party had hardened their hearts and did not wish to leave behind any possible threats.

Wang Quan Feng adjusted his glasses as he suddenly spoke: “Boss, I actually have a suggestion.”

“Oh? Four eyes, what good idea have you come up with?” Chu Xiang smiled.

Wang Quan Feng continued: “Although our group of five is indeed quite decent, I feel that we can still expand a little, there’s so much food and the five of us will surely be unable to carry it all.”

Lu Wei nodded: “Your words are true, so what’s the plan?”

Wang Quan Feng stared at Qin Jia Gui and the others: “I believe we can accept three people, amongst you, who is willing?”

Qin Jia Gui and the others exchanged glances, a strange smile appeared on Wang Quan Feng’s mouth: “We only require elites because we are a small group of elites. If you wish to join us, you have to prove that you are the best within your group and kill the others. The last three survivors will be our future teammates.”

As his words were spoken, Qin Jia Gui and the others felt their hearts palpitate as they retreated a step away from each other. In an instant, each person could only fend for themselves, Wang Quan Feng’s words had incited unrest and no one within the group felt they could trust another person.

Wang Quan Feng continued: “This is your only method for survival, otherwise, we are also willing to personally act and kill everyone. We require our teammates to be elites, wastrels do not have the right to continue living within this forest and wasting resources.”

The single-armed Li Feng Xuan suddenly spoke: “This is too troublesome, even leaving one of them alive would be a bother on our minds, I feel we should kill all of them.”

Su Ge interrupted: “No can do, that female cop cannot die, I want her, the rest can die.”

Lu Wei sighed as he looked at the Qin Jia Gui and the few others: “Actually, there’s so much food and the few of us will simply be unable to carry it all. We were planning to be comrades for two more days, in that way there would be free help in helping us carry the food. However, you people actually wanted to shirk us off……. Since you carry such intentions, you are a threat to us. We will definitely not allow you to leave alive tonight, otherwise, you may come back in future to take revenge when you’re stronger. Haha, four eyes, you’re really too evil. What’s this talk about leaving three alive? The way I see it, you’re planning to kill them all in the end right? Actually, faced with such a bunch of useless people, why bother using such methods? Let’s just kill them all. Boss, it’s your call!”

Wang Quan Feng adjusted his glasses as he smiled: “It seems like lunkhead isn’t all brawn, he’s got some brains on him after all.”

Chu Xiang’s gaze flickered as Qin Jia Gui suddenly kicked causing a large bag of food to immediately fly in the air, heavily smashing towards Lu Wei who was before him as he shouted: “Ma Zi Ye!”

Ma Zi Ye understood him and immediately stomped her right leg as she activated the Web of Metal.

The other party were very clear in their attitudes and would not allow them to live. In that case, they could only fight.

Earlier, Qin Jia Gui had continually acquiesced and pleaded as though he did not have any backbone, however, now that he had steeled his heart, he was fierce like a lion as he first kicked the bag of food towards Lu Wei before yelling at Ma Zi Ye to act, thereafter, his right arm swiftly transformed into metal as he used the Demolishing Iron Fist to smash towards Lu Wei’s face, all this occurred at lightning speed.

Ma Zi Ye had already advanced to tier two and the Web of Metal could be instantly activated as streaks of rope expanded outwards. Zhao Shi Chang was only slightly slower than them as he shouted, his right hand sweeping as his arm transformed and a bone blade appeared, he was also tier two and was not fearful of the other party.

Zhang Zhong Mou, Li Dong, Zhou Bi Rong and the others began to act, everyone knew that pleading for mercy was impossible and they could only gamble with their lives, grasping for that sliver of hope.

It was useless to be afraid of death at this moment.

Lu Wei laughed loudly as he hastily retreated backwards, his right arm stretched forth and instantly became a black bear arm.

Wang Quan Feng, Su Ge and Li Feng Xuan’s first reactions were actually to retreat backwards, Ma Zi Ye’s Web of Metal had actually failed to trap even a single one of them.

“That’s too simple, little lady, the biggest mistake you committed was knowing that your strength was inferior to ours yet not hiding your trump cards. If you did not utilise this move earlier and suddenly used it now, we might actually have been in dire straits.” Wang Quan Feng explosively retreated while adjusting his glasses, sighing and shaking his head.

Ma Zi Ye’s heart felt tight, she felt regretful, although the words of Wang Quan Feng were difficult to listen to, they were not without logic.

While Wang Quan Feng was talking, Su Ge’s right arm clenched. Crisp cracking sounds were emitted as a metallic cylinder appeared, his right hand which was clenched in a fist retracted into the cylinder and dense white mist was spat forth, its target Ma Zi Ye.

Wherever the white mist touched, they would instantly be covered in a thick layer of frost.

Ma Zi Ye could only choose to dodge but Su Ge suddenly exclaimed as he rushed forward, the metallic cylinder once again make cracking noises as the frost covered fist actually flew out.

Ma Zi Ye’s expression changed, Zhao Shi Chang who was behind, shouted as he swung his two metre long arm and bone blade forward.


A crisp sound could be heard as the bone blade and the frost fist collided as fragments of ice exploded out, Zhao Shi Chang’s bone blade was extremely sharp and even with the layer of ice covering Su Ge’s fist, it had managed to slice a fissure and blood coloured water was flowing out. However, the strength of Su Ge’s fist was much stronger and Zhao Shi Chang groaned as he was sent flying back.

These events happened in the blink of an eye, Wang Quan Feng, Su Ge, Li Feng Xuan and Lu Wei had explosively retreated at the same time before attacking together, their target was clear and they were rushing towards Ma Zi Ye.

Ma Zi Ye’s Web of Metal held the greatest threat to them and if they were careless it was possible for them to be trapped.

Su Ge had been blocked by Zhao Shi Chang, Wang Quan Feng adjusted his glasses as his right hand stretched forth, three balls of black smoke were emitted from his right arm as his right hand clenched and tossed the black smoke at Ma Zi Ye who was retreating.

Branches began to appear before Li Feng Xuan’s body, these branches were entwined forming a branch chest armour, the chest armour did not only assist him in blocking attacks but also could extend and attack, wrapping around the legs of Ma Zi Ye.

These four people were acting in unison while Chu Xiang appeared exceptionally graceful, although she had lost an ear, she seemed to have a natural arrogance as she slowly walked towards Qin Jia Gui and the others, her right hand gently touching the bracelet on her left hand as a faint right light could suddenly be seen.

She was going to make her move.

Chu Xiang’s right hand gently touched the bracelet on her left hand as though she were touching her lover, a faint red glow was emitted from the bracelet, suddenly, her body stooped as she flew forward, her right hand swept as a streak of red light swept forth like lightning.

“Aaahhh!” Qin Jia Gui suddenly yelled as fresh blood spurted from his chest, in this moment between life and death, his legs kicked the ground as his body swiftly retreated backwards, a frightening inch deep wound from his left shoulder to his right waist could be seen.

“Jia Gui!” Yuan Ni Ping leapt forward in shock, Chu Xiang lightly belched, her right hand was already holding a long sword that was gleaming with a red light, she found it weird that her blow had not been able to sever Qin Jia Gui’s body in two.

“Buzz, Buzz”

Suddenly, a group of poisonous wasps appeared above her head like clouds as they pressed down.

This was Li Dong’s ability: Call of the Wasps.

Chu Xiang’s long sword was erect as her legs kicked, her head began to change, her speed increased as the long sword sliced like lightning towards Li Dong.

Although Li Dong’s Call of the Wasps was still a tier one ability, it could summon one hundred poisonous wasps and this was not easy to deal with. Chu Xiang had analysed the situation and immediately decided to go after Li Dong, ignoring the heavily injured Qin Jia Gui.

Her abilities had been activated and Chu Xiang’s speed exploded, Li Dong was shocked as he commanded the poisonous wasps to attack while retreating backwards.

Chu Xiang was simply too frightening, even Qin Jia Gui who was so strong had been severely injured in a single exchange, how could Li Dong possibly defend himself?

Li Dong fled while the figure of Chu Xiang had already rushed before Zhou Bi Rong, Lei Rui, Jade and the others. Zhou Bi Rong yelled as three claws appeared from her right hand, clawing towards Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang stooped down to dodge while the long sword swept, sweeping upwards from her waist.


Zhou Bi Rong groaned as the long sword pierced her, Chu Xiang then smashed with her shoulder sending Zhou Bi Rong flying like a broken kite.

“Aaaahhhh!” Jade could not help but scream as Lei Rui pulled her to retreat in panic. Chu Xiang smiled as she suddenly tossed the sword which was covered in blood.


The long sword flew through the air and instantly appeared before Jade’s chest.

Lei Rui could see clearly from the back and could not help but shriek as her hands pushed, causing Jade to fall while the long sword which was piercing towards Jade instantly entered Lei Rui’s chest.

Lei Rui’s eyes rolled up and did not even manage to scream before falling to the ground.

Su Ge’s right arm which had a metallic cylinder heavily struck, Zhao Shi Chang groaned, his right arm was very long and allowed him to easily wield his bone blade, however, it’s hardness was reduced and Su Ge who was close to him had heavily smashed with the metallic cylinder, Zhao Shi Chang could not withstand the blow as he groaned and fell away. Su Ge growled as the frost fist flew forward.


The fist was about to smash into Zhao Shi Chang’s chest but Zhao Shi Chang managed to react and managed to retract his right arm to block in time. The frost fist slammed onto his right arm causing it to smash onto his chest, miserably shouting as he spat out blood, his body tumbled away.

Lu Wei’s right arm had become a huge bear arm, together with Wang Quan Feng and Li Feng Xuan, they were conducting a pincer attack on Ma Zi Ye. Ma Zi Ye had no way to dodge and could only steel her heart as she once again activated the Web of Metal, while doing so, she also activated the Steel Spear as she heavily stabbed in the direction of Lu Wei’s chest.

Lu Wei’s bear palm swept.


Ma Zi Ye’s Steel Spear was sent flying as an intense pain filled her hand, the webbing between her fingers had actually torn.

Zhang Zhong Mou who was by the side did not speak as half his face turned to stone, utilising the Rock Head Cannon Pulveriser as he smashed towards Wang Quan Feng, assisting Ma Zi Ye in blocking one person.

Zhang Zhong Mou was merely at tier one and his speed and reflexes were laughable in comparison to Wang Quan Feng. Wang Quan Feng dodged as his right hand grabbed, immediately grabbing Zhang Zhong Mou’s face as the black mist instantly shrouded Zhang Zhong Mou’s head.

“Aaahhhh!” Zhang Zhong Mou let out an explosive yell as his hands crazily attacked, attempting to grab Wang Quan Feng as he wildly yelled: “Su Yu! If you still don’t wake up we’re all finished!”

Lei Rui had fallen to the ground after being stabbed by the sword and Jade was dazed for a moment before recovering, covering her face with her hands as she screamed.

Chu Xiang smiled as she continued forward after tossing her sword, rushing towards Li Dong who was still attempting to flee.

Ma Zi Ye had activated the Web of Metal but did not expect that Li Feng Xuan was actually faster than her and had extended his branches to trap her legs, pulling and causing Ma Zi Ye to fall as she screamed.


The branches that had extended from Li Feng Xuan’s chest were extremely frightening, after trapping Ma Zi Ye’s legs, they actually pulled and seemed like they were pulling a paper man, immediately causing her to fly into the air as she heavily fell.

Ma Zi Ye tumbled and coincidentally smashed into Su Yu who was currently sleeping like a rock.


This blow was simply too forceful and Ma Zi Ye groaned as blood appeared on her lips.

Lu Wei saw the opportunity as he laughed and strode forward, his bear paw sweeping from above with a frightening force, heavily smashing towards the skull of Ma Zi Ye as he felt regretful, such a pretty lady was about to die.

Ma Zi Ye had just been smashed into Su Yu’s body and the force from the collision was simply too frightening, her mind was in a daze and in this instant she did not have the strength to struggle as she managed to barely lift her head, watching as the frightening black bear paw of Lu Wei swung down, slowly nearing her face.

Realising that she could not dodge, an expression of hopelessness and unwillingness appeared on her face, she knew that it was over and in that instant, the image of her parents appeared within her mind, she really wanted to see her parents, looking at that for the final time.


An explosive sound rang out and a sinister smile appeared on Lu Wei’s face. The huge black bear paw had firmly landed, exploding with a frightening sound. He could almost imagine Ma Zi Ye’s beautiful face which had been smashed into meat pulp and the red blood and white brain matter mixed together, that scene would definitely be beautiful.

His hand had firmly landed but Lu Wei felt that something was amiss because the wonderful feeling of exploding a skull was missing, it seemed like he had smashed into a piece of metal and his bear paw was actually feeling pain.

The bear paw of Lu Wei was focused on strength and in his group, his bear paw carried the most force.

What was going on? How could the lady’s head be harder than metal? It could actually cause his bear paw to feel pain.

Lu Wei was shocked and wished to lift his bear paw to take a look but suddenly felt that his bear paw was trapped, the other party’s strength was simply too frightening and Lu Wei pulled but could not move.

At this moment, he realised that something was wrong as he used all his force to attempt to explosively retreat. Suddenly, ‘Chi! Chi!’ sounds could be heard as the intense pain of tearing could be felt from his bear paw.


Lu Wei howled, this pain was simply indescribable, it was as though there were tens of thousands of different forces that were slowly ripping and tearing his bear paw apart, piece by piece.

Minced flesh, shattered bone, fresh blood…… these items were mixed together as they flew in all directions, Lu Wei howled as he explosively retreated, he was shocked to realise that the huge bear paw which he was proud of had actually be minced and destroyed…..

“No!!!” Lu Wei yelled, Chu Xiang, Wang Quan Feng, Su Ge and Li Feng Xuan instantly looked over, each person had shock in their eyes as they saw the youth who had been unconscious on the group lift his hand from beside Ma Zi Ye, his left arm was covered in black scales and the black scales were raised and rotating, upon contact with Lu Wei’s bear paw it had actually minced the entire bear paw in an instant.

Lu Wei howled as he retreated, his bear paw was gone and fresh blood flowed like a spring. His face was white like a sheet of paper and the youth who had always been unconscious gently pushed Ma Zi Ye as he soundlessly stood up before tousling his hair, a look of puzzlement appearing on his face.

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