KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: Third Tier Chu Xiang

“Su Yu!”

“It’s Su Yu!”

“Su Yu!!!”

“Su Yu’s awake!”

In this instant, Zhao Shi Chang, Li Dong, Zhou Hua Kang, Jade and the others began to yell, their voices were filled with elation, this feeling was as though the clouds had suddenly parted allowing the sun to shine forth.

Su Yu tousled his hair as he looked around, seeing Qin Jia Gui who was on the ground, Lei Rui who was stabbed by a sword, Zhao Shi Chang who had spat blood and was on the ground, Zhang Zhong Mou whose face was shrouded in a black fog and screaming, the entire scene was simply a complete disorder.

Lu Wei was injured as he retreated while howling, events had transpired too suddenly, Wang Quan Feng, Su Ge and Li Feng Xuan stared blankly and could not help but stop.

Su Yu saw Wang Quan Feng and the others in front of him and had not gathered his senses as he asked in bewilderment: “You guys are…….”

Ma Zi Ye had fallen to the ground and struggled to climb back up as she grit her teeth: “Su Yu, they are the enemy! This was the result of their actions!”

Su Yu stopped tousling his hair as he nodded his head, his body suddenly shrinking as he kicked with his legs, pouncing forward at Lu Wei who had lost his hand.

Wang Quan Feng pressed the glasses on his nose and soundlessly produced a ball of black mist within his right hand which he swung towards Su Yu.

Crisp cracking noises were emitted from the metallic cylinder on the right hand of Su Ge as a white mist was spat forth, shooting towards Su Yu from behind.

Su Yu awakening was out of their expectations and he had suddenly injured Lu Wei causing them to feel alarmed, however, these people remained calm as they instantly surrounded and attacked Su Yu.

Zhao Shi Chang climbed back up as he wiped the blood by his lips, the bone blade on his right hand swept forth as he shouted: “Tattooed fellow, you’re mine!” before rushing towards Su Ge.

Ma Zi Ye pressed her temples as she forced herself to come out of her dizziness, swiftly standing as she began to assist Su Yu.

Su Yu’s sudden appearance caused a big boost in confidence within the group, they had a kind of blind faith in Su Yu’s abilities.

Su Yu had just pounced towards Lu Wei when he was suddenly attacked from both sides by Wang Quan Feng and Su Ge, their attacks seemed as though they would hit him but Su Yu rotated his body as his entire body seemed to be flung in the air, instantly colliding with Wang Quan Feng.

Wang Quan Feng groaned, his left hand no longer pressed his glasses as he attempted to retaliate but Su Yu was faster than him as his left hand clamped down, immediately twisting the right arm of Wang Quan Feng which was carrying the ball of black mist.


Su Yu’s strength was simply too terrifying, Wang Quan Feng miserably howled as his right arm was bent backwards.

“You were the one who attacked old Mou.” Su Yu softly spoke.

Zhang Zhong Mou’s face was shrouded in black smoke, within the group only Wang Quan Feng’s strange energy could cause this and Su Yu had instantly realised that he was the one who had acted against Zhang Zhong Mou.

Su Yu’s voice resounded beside Wang Quan Feng’s ear and he could even feel Su Yu’s breath on his face, causing his face to feel ticklish. Wang Quan Feng was suddenly filled with an uncontrollable fear as he felt death looming over him, causing him to shout and wanted to retaliate but Su Yu had already clamped down his right arm behind his back as he suddenly gave a heavy push.

At this moment, Su Ge had shot out a large amount white mist from his metallic cylinder and Wang Quan Feng was helpless as he flew inside the mist, in an instant his head and chest were covered in frost.

Su Yu then strode forward as the Rending Storm flew forward, smashing towards the back of Wang Quan Feng.

Wang Quan Feng’s body was about to be pierced when a red light suddenly flashed, the black scales on Su Yu’s left arm emitted sparks as a piercing “Clang!” resounded.

Su Yu groaned as shock registered within his eyes, he noticed that a fiery red long sword had chopped down on his left arm and although the black scales were as hard as steel causing this blade to be rebounded, there were still white traces marking the area where the sword had chopped.

Chu Xiang had pounced over silently as she chopped down with her long sword, saving Wang Quan Feng’s life. Su Yu swiftly shook his arm as he activated the Fang Bullet Burst.

Wang Quan Feng miserably groaned as his back endured four blows, four bloody holes could be seen as his body tumbled away. Su Ge shouted as he dodged, by the side Zhao Shi Chang had already arrived and was wielding his bone blade in a crazed manner.

Everyone understood that this was the most critical moment, Su Yu was their final hope and they could not allow Su Yu to be surrounded by the rest of them. With their teamwork and methods, it was possible that Su Yu would fall like the leader tier monster earlier.

Due to this, regardless of Zhao Shi Chang, Ma Zi Ye or the others, they all rushed forward to provide assistance.

“F*** your mother!” Zhou Hua Kang was the first to rush towards Lu Wei who was injured, Lu Wei’s expression as he snatched away his food was still flashing within his mind and Zhou Hua Kang harboured a deep hatred for him. Since Lu Wei was injured to the extent that his bear paw had been minced into shreds by Su Yu, was it not a good chance to take revenge?

Lu Wei’s transformation occurred within his right hand and now that it had been destroyed, large amounts of his strange energy had been lost. Although he did not die miserably like Jennifer, he was still severely injured and his face was exceptionally pale, he continually retreated as he howled.

“Bzzz, Bzzz”

The sounds of poisonous wasps could be heard from above as Lu Wei wildly yelled, the hundred wasps were flying wildly towards his face.

In an instant, all areas of his face began to emit a piercing pain as Lu Wei wildly waved his two hands, hugging his head. At this moment, his face was filled with terror and no longer had his previous arrogance and haughtiness.

Zhou Hua Kang lifted his leg as he gave a heavy kick to Lu Wei’s crotch region while laughing sinisterly: “Weren’t you very arrogant? Why don’t you continue being arrogant? F*** your mother!” as he wildly kicked and stepped on Lu Wei’s body.

Lu Wei hugged his head as he continued to howled, rolling on the ground as his face swelled with countless tumours, all causing by the stings from the wasps.

Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang surrounded Lu Wei who was rolling on the ground as they continued to step and kick, they had never felt so comfortable venting their anger. Finally, Zhou Hua Kang was unsatisfied with merely kicking as he raised a metal spade, continually smashing down. In no time, the metal blade was covered in fresh blood…….

Zhao Shi Chang seemed crazed as he wielded his bone blade, tangling with Su Ge and preventing him from diverting his attention to attack Su Yu. Ma Zi Ye did not speak as she activated her Web of Metal, streaks of rope began to expand out towards Su Ge, Li Feng Xuan, Chu Xiang and Wang Quan Feng.

Wang Quan Feng’s face and upper body had been frozen by Su Ge’s white mist as he stood there rigidly while looking at Ma Zi Ye, Jade and the others rush over. Fear could be seen on his face as he suddenly turned and ran.

Chu Xiang’s right hand held a fiery red long sword and her face and upper body had gone through a transformation. Seeing this, Su Yu trembled in his heart, a person who was able to transform her head and upper body was definitely a tier three expert.

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