KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: Killed in an Instant

“Boss, hurry and use your real abilities!” By the side, Li Feng Xuan shouted, Chu Xiang’s real abilities were terrifying but she seemed to continue to hide them, Li Feng Xuan felt that the situation was very grim and could not help but shout.

Chu Xiang nodded as a divine light flashed through her eyes, cruel killing intent could be seen on her face as she stooped lower before kicking, wielding her sword with both hands as she suddenly chopped forward. At the same time, a symbol appeared in the centre of her forehead, her true strength as a tier three dark iron warrior was about to be exhibited.

Hearing the howl of Li Feng Xuan, Su Yu wordless retreated as his right hand pressed towards the ground.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

Following the explosive sounds from the ground, sharp obelisks began to shoot out from the ground, in an instant, the area of several metres was covered with dense and numerous rock awls, Chu Xiang’s eyes were wide as she struggled to look down, her body was currently pierced by the sharp stone obelisks and large amounts of fresh blood was flowing down.

“Ho……. How…….” Chu Xiang’s eyes became wider as her entire body trembled.

By the side, Li Feng Xuan’s eyes seemed as though they would pop out, he simply could not believe the scene before him.

With regards to Chu Xiang, Li Feng Xuan, Su Ge and the others were completely confident in her strength. The faith they had in her strength was similar to that which Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhao Shi Chang and the others had for Su Yu.

In their hearts, once Chu Xiang utilised her real abilities, she would have been able to easily kill Su Yu and the others. However, the reality was that Chu Xiang had been unable to exhibit her real strength before suddenly being pierced by countless stone obelisks.

The vitality of a third tier dark iron warrior was frightening, even though her body had been pierced by the summoned stone obelisks from the Earth Spikes Assault, she did not die immediately as she continued to tremble. Suddenly, the symbol on the centre of her forehead exploded with a blinding light as a frightening streak of lightning shot out.

Su Yu could not dodge in time and could only lift his left arm.


Su Yu’s left arm was covered in a layer of black scales and the lightning caused his entire body to feel numb. Groaning, Su Yu suddenly crouched down as he pounced, the stone obelisks from the Earth Spikes Assault disappeared as Chu Xiang’s bloody body fell to the ground, at the same time, Su Yu reached her side as his left arm smashed.


The Rending Storm heartlessly minced through Chu Xiang’s face which was filled with indignation, she had a frightening strength which she had not showcased, she was indignant but no longer had any chance.

After shredding Chu Xiang’s face which was filled with hate, indignation, fright and other mixed feelings, Su Yu suddenly groaned as his left arm trembled, black smoke could be seen wafting out from under the black scales. The streak of lightning had struck his left hand and a frightening wound was created, causing his left arm to continually tremble, in this instant, his left arm felt like there was a mountain weighing down on it and simply could not be lifted.

Li Feng Xuan was dazed for a moment before letting out a shrill cry as he rushed forward, his face was filled with ferocity as the branches at his chest area filled the air like poisonous pythons as they moved towards Su Yu.

Even Chu Xiang did not know that Li Feng Xuan had a huge crush on her, it was only that love within this forest was simply too laughable, causing Li Feng Xuan to control himself and not confess, hiding it deeply within his heart as he silently protected her, that was already sufficient for him.

At this moment, Chu Xiang had suddenly died miserably and Li Feng Xuan seemed to have been struck by lightning as he attacked in a crazed manner, utilising all the strange energy within his body as he exploded forth with the most powerful attack of his life.

At this moment, Su Yu’s left arm felt as though it was weighed down by a mountain and simply could not be lifted, the Earth Spikes Assault could not be activated again and Li Feng Xuan’s sudden berserk attack caused Su Yu to be unable to dodge, in an instant, his neck, arms and body were firmly wrapped by the thick branches.

“Die! Let’s die together!” Li Feng Xuan shouted in a crazed manner as his hands clamped down on Su Yu’s neck in a death grasp, branches wrapped firmly around Su Yu’s body as they contracted, wanting to squash Su Yu into meat pulp.

In this moment, Su Yu felt all the bones in his body emit crisp cracking sounds, breathing became more difficult, even though he was already a tier three expert, he had no way to get out of his current predicament.

“Guu…… Gu……”

Blood began to flow out of Su Yu’s mouth, his left arm was still immobile and Li Feng Xuan opened his mouth as he suddenly bit into Su Yu’s shoulder.

Groaning, Su Yu frowned as he suddenly took in a deep breath, his right arm which was wrapped by the branches slowly opened as a streak of golden light suddenly shot out from his palm.

Zhao Shi Chang madly chopped as he kept Su Ge busy, the attitudes of both parties had gone through a drastic change, Zhao Shi Chang was like a crazed tiger and his might seemed to overpower Su Ge, however, as Chu Xiang screamed and died, Su Ge’s emotions were riled and began to have thoughts of running away as he barely managed to lift his right arm, blocking Zhao Shi Chang’s bone blade as he retreated. Suddenly, he felt as though something was tangling his legs, causing him to be unable to lift them.

Su Ge’s heart trembled as he looked down, his legs were already wrapped in black steel ropes.

Ma Zi Ye’s Web of Metal had finally caught him.


Su Ge howled as his metallic cylinder began to emit large amounts of frost, attempting to block Zhao Shi Chang’s attack. However, Zhao Shi Chang swiftly appeared behind him and took advantage of his immobility to pierce through with his bone blade, Su Ge could not dodge and only felt a cold sensation from his back, looking down, he was able to see a bone blade that was stained with blood protruding from his chest.

Zhao Shi Chang then swept his arm as Su Ge cried, his upper body was sliced off, the Web of Metal had lost its effect as he tumbled away, his upper body was rent open and the organs and intestines within began to flow out together with copious amounts of blood.

Ma Zi Ye also wanted to pounce but suddenly saw that Su Yu had been trapped by numerous branches, her heart trembled as she flew with a flying kick towards the back of Li Feng Xuan’s head.

It was almost at the same time where Ma Zi Ye saw a scene that left her shocked.

Su Yu noticed that the situation was grim and his right hand had extended, a ball of golden light had shot out from his palm, the golden light that exploded forth became streaks of golden thread which began to expand out from his right arm, in an instant, the black scales on his left arm were covered in the golden thread.

Su Yu suddenly took in a deep breath as the strange energy within his body began to surge, his left arm pulled and the branches began to tear, the black scales which were covered in golden veins seemed as though they were ravaging the brittle and ripping out the rotten, destroying the branches as he heavily smashed Li Feng Xuan’s chest.

The chest armour made from branches that covered Li Feng Xuan’s chest was like mud and a big hole was instantly punched through, blood, bone and organs were minced together as an enormous hole exploded from the back of Li Feng Xuan.

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  1. How come the MC is weak even with such upgrade in power? If this goes through out the story it will kind of contradictory to what power should be.

  2. Shouldn’t he be much stronger after the golden blood and all those monsters he killed,snd do the group still have his prizes from killing the 2 golden monsters at the flower

    • I also suspect that the lighning was cast thanks to a treasure like suyu’s ring wich allows him to cast earth attribute spell. And those spell are very powerful.

      • He is stronger. He has got those golden thread because the flower had the advantage of making the monsters have a golden lineage. But I think that her speciality was paralysing her opponents with the lightning atribute and that’s why he couldn’t move.

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