KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 117

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Chapter 117: The Power of the Golden Blood

Su Yu’s face was like ice, his left arm had pierced Li Feng Xuan’s chest and was lifted high into the air, his legs kicked as he suddenly brought Li Feng Xuan’s body into the air with him.


Li Feng Xuan’s body was heavily smashed downwards, smashing against the body of Wang Quan Feng who was running away.

It was impossible to describe how frightening the energy was, when Su Yu’s left fist which was covered in black scales with golden veins smashed into the ground, dirt and rock exploded everywhere, Li Feng Xuan and Wang Quan Feng’s bodies were like ice sculptures that had suddenly been shattered, pieces of meat were mixed with the dirt and it was impossible to make out any human form.

Ma Zi Ye’s kick missed as she fell to the ground dazed, to completely shred two living people into a pile of minced meat, how much strength was required? If it were the Su Yu before he had entered his unconscious state, there was simply no way such an outcome would have occurred.

As Su Yu slowly stood up, the black scales which were covered in golden veins slowly receded as he began to gasp for air.

This was the power of the Golden Blood, after being unconscious for so long he had finally gained a new ability, this ability was simply too ferocious, although Su Yu had reached the third tier of strength, it was still too much for him to handle and that single attack had caused him to be filled with fatigue, causing him to pant breathlessly.

When he had first acquired the power of the Golden Blood, the burden on his body was too great which resulted in him becoming unconscious. Finally, at the most critical moment, he was awoken by Ma Zi Ye heavily knocking into him.

Su Yu did not only gain the abilities from the Golden Blood, he had also killed a large number of monsters including the Golden Gnome King, Golden Goblin, Savage Bull Demon and other monsters. This caused the strange energy within his body to surge and become thick to a frightening level, when Su Yu utilised all the strange energy within his body, his left arm, chest and back were all completely covered in black scales, at an initial glance, it seemed as though he were wearing a black scale chest armour.

Thinking back to the pleasure of the capability to ravage the brittle and ripping out the rotten after using the Golden Blood, Su Yu could tell that the Golden Blood had caused his strength and attack speed to increase tremendously, especially the frightening destructive power, looking at the condition of Li Feng Xuan and Wang Quan Feng’s body, the destructive power had clearly went up by several notches.

This was only a small portion of power from a single drop of Golden Blood, as for the complete power, even Su Yu did not dare to recklessly use it.

If his entire body had absorbed the Golden Blood, what level of power would he attain? Such a thought suddenly filled Su Yu’s mind.

When Su Yu smashed Li Feng Xuan and Wang Quan Feng into meta pulp, Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang panted as they finally stopped, Li Dong’s feet were covered in fresh blood, Zhou Hua Kang tossed the metal spade in his hand to the side, it was dripping with blood and minced meat could be seen stuck to it. On the ground, the stout Lu Wei was drenched in blood, although a human form was still visible, every inch of his body was battered, his face had become a pile of meat and had already died miserably.

As for Su Ge, he had already suffered several cut wounds from Zhao Shi Chang and had also died miserably, amongst the five people, his death was the most direct, his corpse was actually intact.

This battle had started and ended quickly, Chu Xiang’s group of five had all perished, Qin Jia Gui and the others were severely injured, if it were not for Su Yu gaining consciousness at a crucial moment, the outcome of this battle would have been totally different and it was likely that Qin Jia Gui and the others would have been the ones dead.

“Su Yu! Hurry and take a look at Lei Rui!” Jade anxiously shouted.

Lei Rui had been pierced by Chu Xiang’s sword because of her, if Lei Rui died, Jade’s heart would be filled with guilt for the rest of her life.

Su Yu who was still panting felt his heart shiver as he rushed over.

Qin Jia Gui had also taken a blow from Chu Xiang’s sword, an inch long wound could be seen as he laid on the ground, it was fortunate that his vitality was strong and although the wound was frightening, it was not life threatening. Yuan Ni Ping held tightly onto his hands, her face filled with concern, seeing that Qin Jia Gui’s wound had stopped bleeding, she was able to finally let out a sigh of relief.

Zhang Zhong Mou’s face had been enveloped in black mist, it was fortunate that Su Yu had swiftly dealt with Wang Quan Feng, with the death of its owner, the black mist dissipated and Zhang Zhong Mou was able to groan softly, his strange energy was located in his face and if it were anyone else who had suffered from the black mist, they would have already died. He was the only one who was fine, although his face was in agonising pain, it was continually recovering and there was no life threatening risk.

Amongst the group, Lei Rui was in the most danger.

Zhou Bi Rong and Lei Rui had been pierced by Chu Xiang’s sword, Zhou Bi Rong had not been wounded at a critical location but Lei Rui had been pierced directly in the chest, if it were a normal person they would have already died. Even though Lei Rui had strange energy within her, being pierced in the chest was a devastating wound and she could lose her life at any moment, Jade was extremely anxious as she breathed deeply by the side.

Su Yu hurried over as his left hand pressed over Lei Rui’s wound, transferring the strange energy which was in the form of qi into Lei Rui.

At this moment, the strange energy in the form of qi within Su Yu was exceptionally strong and constantly flowed between his left arm and chest, constantly rushing against the four ‘doors’, under Su Yu’s directions, the qi began to continually flow from his left palm into Lei Rui’s body.

“Su Yu, you have to save her! Lei Rui, you can’t die, I don’t want to owe you this favour forever without being able to return it, Lei Rui, do you hear me?! Hurry and wake up!” Jade nervously held onto Lei Rui’s hands as she screamed, her entire body trembling.

Su Yu’s face was solemn as he silently transferred large amounts of qi into Lei Rui’s body, however it was like a clay ox entering the sea*, there was simply no effect and he could only feel Lei Rui’s vitality becoming weaker and weaker, although his strange energy had already began to swiftly heal the wound on her chest, the wound on her heart was not getting any better.

[T/N* Disappear with no hope of returning]

Impossible to save?

Su Yu suddenly stretched his right hand, in the centre of his right palm was a ball of golden light, streaks of golden thread began to extend forth from his right palm, in no time, Su Yu’s left palm had streaks of golden veins as he continued to press heavily down onto Lei Rui’s body, Lei Rui suddenly groaned as she spat out large amounts of blood.

“Lei Rui!” Jade cried out in alarm.

Su Yu panted as his forehead became covered in cold sweat, the Golden Blood was roiling within his body and the strange energy within his was like a tsunami as it instantly filled Lei Rui’s entire body. Finally, Su Yu was able to feel Lei Rui’s pierced heart begin to recover with a frightening speed.

“Alright!” Su Yu let out a long breath as his entire body fell to the ground by the side, his entire body was drenched in sweat as though he had climbed out from a pond.

Su Yu had just relaxed his hands when Lei Rui who was lying on the ground suddenly sat up.

Jade wiped the tears on her face as she hugged Lei Rui from the back in elation: “Lei Rui! It’s wonderful that you’re alright……” Having said this, she felt that something was amiss, although Lei Rui had sat up, her body was still rigid without any response.

Su Yu also swiftly noticed that Lei Rui was seated there dazed, her entire body was extremely tense but her face was wooden, her eyes did not have any lustre like a wooden puppet.

“Lei Rui? Lei Rui, it’s me, Jade. You……. Why aren’t you responding?” Jade hurriedly came before Lei Rui, her elation turned to shock, Lei Rui was awake but seemed to be in a vegetative state.

Su Yu’s heart trembled as his hand pressed forward, he was able to feel that although Lei Rui’s body had completely healed and her heart was whole, it was not beating and all the functions within her body had stopped. The reason she had suddenly sat up was likely due to the frightening amount of strange energy that had caused her to rebound upwards.

Lei Rui was already dead.

Her soul had already left her body.

“Lei Rui…… Lei Rui……” Jade gradually understood what had happened as she hugged Lei Rui and began to cry.

“Why did you save me! I really don’t understand, if it were me…… I wouldn’t be able to do the same….. I really don’t understand…… I don’t understand……. Why did you have to die for me…….” Jade’s cries were hoarse as she continually shook Lei Rui.

In that moment between life and death, Lei Rui had suddenly pushed Jade aside and took the blow from the sword for her, nobody would know what she was thinking in that instant.

“Jade, don’t act like this. She’s already dead……” Looking at Jade who was crying pitifully, Su Yu’s face was solemn as he gently patted her shoulders to comfort her.

Su Yu did not really have a deep relationship with Lei Rui, back in school, Su Yu’s results were mediocre while Lei Rui was akin to Ning Yan and had fantastic results. She also had exceptional leadership abilities and had become the class president, her outstanding performance was too stark from Su Yu’s mediocrity and they had not interacted much.

It was only when the school was transported into this strange forest, Su Yu’s brave and ferocious performance had allowed him to kill several Lesser Goblins, he had been severely injured and Lei Rui had fed him a meal, the relations between the two parties had then gotten closer.

It was due to the gratitude for the meal that Su Yu had allowed Lei Rui to join the group, they did not have a deep relationship but looking at Lei Rui die, especially to save Jade, Su Yu was rather deeply impacted.

Zhao Shi Chang walked over as he suddenly held Lei Rui’s hand, he seemed to have felt something as he lifted Lei Rui’s eyelids before finally speaking: “She isn’t dead. Jade, there’s no need to be so upset.”

Jade was dazed as she lifted her head and looked with her blurry vision at Zhao Shi Chang: “She isn’t dead?”

Zhao Shi Chang nodded: “My grandfather and father were both chinese physicians, although I don’t have much interest in medicine, I’ve heard of many diagnoses since i was young. Look at how Lei Rui is able to keep her eyes wide open, how does she look like a dead person?”

Su Yu was stunned for a moment, Lei Rui had suddenly sat up, although she was like a wooden puppet, her eyes were wide open but seemed lifeless.

Zhao Shi Chang had just spoken when Lei Rui’s eyes actually slowly closed before opening again.

“That’s right, if my deduction is right, she is blinking but her speed is several times slower than that of ordinary people. Her current condition can be called ‘death-like state’ or ‘suspended animation’……. In any case, she hasn’t really died.”

Zhao Shi Chang’s point of view made everyone feel that this was inconceivable, Li Dong, Zhou Hua Kang and the others gathered around as they measured Lei Rui who was seated there dazed.

“I’m sure you people have heard of similar incidents, a person died and their corpse was about to be cremated when they suddenly came alive.” Zhao Shi Chang continued: “There are several reasons and I can’t really explain them, in any case, I’m certain that Lei Rui isn’t dead, there may come a day when she wakes up…… It is also possible that she will never wake up and become a vegetable, however, her current condition is definitely much better than a vegetable.”

Listening to Zhao Shi Chang’s explanation, Jade’s crying gradually stopped.

Zhou Hua Kang who was by the side interrupted: “If she remains in this state, do we have to continue to carry her? Wouldn’t this be extremely tiring……”

His sentence had not completed when Jade suddenly jumped up and grabbed his collar as she screamed: “What did you say?! Who are you calling a burden?!” Jade’s eyes were red and her expression seemed as though she wanted to eat a person alive.

Zhou Hua Kang was alarmed, his collar had been firmly gripped by Jade and it was extremely difficult to breathe as he hurriedly exclaimed: “Let go! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being unkind.” If it were any other woman, Zhou Hua Kang would have already hit her, however, he did not dare to do so towards Jade.

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