KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: Secret Treasure Weapon

Zhou Hua Kang was not dumb, he could clearly see the relationship between Su Yu and Jade, although the two people often bickered and seemed to not see eye to eye, people who knew them understood that they had been together since young, although they were not directly related, their relationship was definitely akin to a blood brother or sister.

It was due to Jade that Su Yu had persisted in returning to the school, in Su Yu’s heart, Jade was extremely important and likely exceeded what he imagined.

Su Yu saw that Zhou Hua Kang’s face was swollen red in shock and anger but did not dare to retaliate, embarrassment could be seen on his face as he hurriedly pulled Jade as he whispered: “Jade, calm down, this isn’t like you.”

Zhou Hua Kang sighed in relief as he swiftly retreated to the side, he had finally witnessed Jade’s explosive anger and scolded in his heart but felt exceptionally helpless.

Jade spoke in a hoarse voice: “Su Yu, what are you talking about? Lei Rui ended up in this state because of me, he actually called Lei Rui a burden, is he even human?”

Su Yu secretly thought to himself: “The person Lei Rui saved was you and not Zhou Hua Kang, it is natural for him to feel that she is a burden.” He did not dare to say this as he hurriedly consoled: “I understand, I understand. Nobody feels that she is a burden, Zhao Shi Chang has already said that she should be able to gain consciousness soon, by then everything would be okay.”

While speaking he also patted Jade’s back, a strange thought filled his mind, if it were the past, he would never have imagined himself being so close to Jade, if they had not entered this frightening world and experienced so many events, would Jade have decided to rely on him?

Jade gradually calmed down as she looked at Lei Rui who sat on the ground immobile. Gritting her teeth, she looked towards Su Yu with an extremely solemn expression as she said in a heavy voice: “Su Yu, I want to become strong.”

Su Yu stared blankly for a moment before nodding, he had a stunned expression on his face.

Jade slowly continued: “I want to become stronger, nobody is going to get hurt because of me in the future…… I want to become stronger, strong enough to protect Lei Rui, I won’t allow any harm to come to her, Su Yu, You have to help me, help me to become stronger.”

Su Yu was silent for a moment before replying: “I understand.”

It was good that Jade was willing to become stronger, she had finally understood the cruelty of this world and in this way the chances of her surviving had increased significantly.

The sky was already dark and they had many injured people, the group decided to rest the night. Jade looked after Lei Rui as she gently fed her.

Su Yu and Zhang Zhong Mou saw this as they exchanged glances, feeling that this was simply unimaginable.

Zhang Zhong Mou had stopped moaning as he held his face, clean, flat and smooth, this fellow’s ability was all within his face and although the withering effect of the black smoke was extremely terrifying, Zhang Zhong Mou’s face was extremely tough and was able to recover in a short period of time.

Su Yu looked at the group who were mostly injured as Ma Zi Ye slowly recounted the events that had transpired after he had fallen unconscious. Su Yu felt alarmed and also recognised the need to make his teammates grow stronger.

“Young master Yu, thinking about it, I should pass this to you.”

Zhang Zhong Mou seemed to recall something as he took a ball of light which was shining with a faint golden colour, this was the precious treasure within the Golden Goblin that had been killed by Su Yu after he obtained the Golden Blood, Su Yu had fallen unconscious and Zhang Zhong Mou had kept it, this precious treasure could only be opened by the person who killed the monster.

Receiving the golden ball of light, Su Yu seemed to think of something as he suddenly stood up, he remembered that Chu Xiang had held a fiery red long sword and it did not seem as though it was formed from strange energy.

Su Yu found Chu Xiang’s corpse but did not see the fiery red long sword, upon closer inspection, Su Yu noticed an ordinary looking bracelet on her wrist.

With a thought, Su Yu’s Eye of Perception activated as it locked on the bracelet, a stream of information quickly appeared within his mind.

Name of Precious Treasure: Red Lotus Bracelet

Information: Ability to summon a Red Lotus Sword

Sword Abilities: Red Lotus Fire Assault

Cooldown: 24 Hours

Others: Ownerless

This bracelet was indeed a precious treasure, it could summon a Red Lotus Sword which could utilise the Red Lotus Fire Assault ability, however, the cooldown
for the ability was similar to his ring and needed a full day before it could be used again.

At this moment, he finally understood why Chu Xiang was so indignant in the moment of her death, Chu Xiang was a tier three dark iron warrior and her strength was definitely not inferior to him, she also had the Red Lotus Sword but had been struck by Su Yu’s Earth Spikes Assault before she had the chance to use the Red Lotus Fire Assault, there was also the possibility that the ability had not been refreshed since its last usage.

The strength of this Red Lotus Sword was definitely not ordinary but Su Yu had the Rending Storm with its tremendous destructive power, if he were to hold a long sword it would actually hinder his ability, if he held it in his right hand, he would be distracted and be confused about when to use his left arm or the sword in his right, this sword simply did not suit Su Yu’s purposes.

Su Yu currently understood how important it was for his comrades to become stronger, upon seeing the information of this sword, he was already considering who was most suitable for the sword.

Qin Jia Gui’s battle method was similar to his and was struck off the list, Zhao Shi Chang already had a bone blade and did not need a sword, Su Yu was swiftly thinking of the various members of the team like Ma ZI Ye, Zhang Zhong Mou and Jade.

Giving the sword to Jade would be due to personal reasons, she had just mentioned wanting to become stronger and passing her this sword would definitely help her improve her strength, however, she was not the most suitable person, she was still tier zero and there was no indication how her strange energy would develop, the most suitable choices were either Ma Zi Ye or Zhang Zhong Mou.

Both people lacked strong offensive methods, Zhang Zhong Mou could only rely on his head to smash the enemy, as for Ma Zi Ye, although she had reached the tier two level, besides using her leg to do a flying kick, she did not have any good methods and simply could not compare to Su Yu’s Rending Storm, Qin Jia Gui’s Demolishing Iron Fist or Zhao Shi Chang’s Bone Blade.

Most importantly, Ma Zi Ye had a martial arts background and should have practiced sword arts previously. If a sword was given to her combined with her Web of Metal, her killing ability would certainly rise tremendously.

Su Yu’s mind was churning and his gaze swiftly fell onto Ma Zi Ye. Without question, if emotions were taken out of the picture, Ma Zi Ye was definitely the most suitable person for the Red Lotus Sword, within a short period of time, she was also the best candidate to get used to it.

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