KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: Star Blade

As for the others, they had never practiced the sword before and if they obtained it they would only recklessly hack with it.

Based on relationship, Zhang Zhong Mou had the strongest relationship.

Su Yu began to hesitate, should he decide based on personal feelings to give it to Zhang Zhong Mou or look at the greater picture and pass it to Ma Zi Ye who could utilise its full potential.

In no time, Su Yu’s mind began to think of all that Ma Zi Ye had contributed during this journey and his heart came to a firm decision, he would act for the greater good and pass the sword to Ma Zi Ye, this would improve the strength of the group and thus their likelihood of living.

With his decision made, Su Yu lightly sighed before crushing the ball of light in his hand.

With the ball of light shattered, the precious treasure that was contained within was immediately exposed.

The new treasure was actually also a bracelet.

On the back of Su Yu’s left hand, the Eye of Perception appeared as he suddenly sucked in a large amount of air: “So coincidental.”

Name: Star Bracelet
Information: Able to summon Star Blade

Abilities: Starlight

Cooldown: 24 Hours

Others: Ownerless

Who knew that this precious treasure was actually a weapon, this would allow him to pass a sword to both Zhang Zhong Mou and Ma Zi Ye, solving his dilemma.

Walking directly to Ma Zi Ye with a faint smile on his face, Su Yu spoke up: “Are you more familiar with a blade or sword?” Ma Zi Ye was still his first choice and he decided to ask for her opinion.

Ma Zi Ye was dazed for a moment before replying: “I’ve practiced both the blade and sword but based on my character, I prefer the might and prowess of a blade, the agile sword isn’t so interesting. Why are you asking this?”

Ma Zi Ye did not know what Su Yu had taken from the ball of light nor did she think that the sword that Chu Xiang had used was actually a precious treasure that could be summoned from the bracelet.

Su Yu had previously imagined that Ma Zi Ye would prefer the sword since she was a girl but her reply was contrary to this and she actually preferred the blade.

Faintly smiling, Su Yu continued: “Nothing much, I’ve just obtained an item and I feel that it’s suitable for your usage.” Before handing the Star Bracelet over to her.

“Wear it and use your strange energy to activate it, if you do so the precious treasure will regard you as the owner.” This Star Bracelet was an ownerless object and the method for it recognising an owner was simple, Su Yu had already understood this and explained it.

Ma Zi Ye was stunned, she did not expect Su Yu to pass a treasure bracelet to her and could not help but measure him a few times, disbelief written on her face.

Su Yu turned and was prepared to pass the Red Lotus Bracelet to Zhang Zhong Mou but suddenly noticed that Zhao Shi Chang was pulling Zhang Zhong Mou and speaking to him before pulling a golden wheel and passing it to him.

Su Yu’s mind churned, this golden wheel seemed as though it was the weapon of the Golden Gnome King, why was it with Zhao Shi Chang?

For the battle this day, it was not only Su Yu but even Zhao Shi Chang had noticed the importance of the strength of one’s teammates, Zhao Shi Chang’s right arm had already transformed into a frightening insect bone blade, this golden wheel did not have much use for him and he immediately thought of Zhang Zhong Mou who did not have any good offensive methods, immediately deciding to pass this golden wheel to him.

The Golden Gnome also had a precious treasure hidden within its body, when it advanced to a Golden Gnome King, the precious treasure within it would actually merge with a drop of Golden Blood, advancing to become a Golden Weapon. The Golden Gnome King was killed by Su Yu, the weapon after it was killed by a human would become not become an ownerless object but rather identify Su Yu as the owner.

Although Zhao Shi Chang managed to obtain the golden wheel, he could only use it as a normal weapon and could not utilise its full power.

When Zhang Zhong Mou received it, his brows frowned. Although this golden wheel looked nice and flashed with a golden light, when held it simply did not have much use, it could at best be ‘better than nothing’, it was no wonder that Zhao Shi Chang would gift it to him.

Su Yu noticed this and the Eye of Perception activated as it immediately gathered the information regarding the golden wheel which flashed through his mind.

There was simply no way to understand an unknown precious treasure, with the information from the Eye of Perception, Su Yu noticed that the owner was actually himself.

Su Yu was dazed for a moment before recalling that this golden wheel was actually the precious treasure weapon within the Golden Gnome King that had fused with the Golden Blood, when he had killed it, this golden wheel had recognised him as the owner.

Su Yu walked over before speaking: “Old Mou, this is for you.” handing over the Red Lotus Bracelet.

Zhang Zhong Mou was curious: “What’s this bracelet for? I’m not a lady why would I wear a bracelet?”

Su Yu glared at him before continuing: “This contains the Red Lotus Sword within, wear it and you will understand.”

Zhang Zhong Mou was not dim-witted and immediately understood: “This is a precious treasure? Similar to your ring?” Elation could be seen on his face.

Su Yu affirmed with a nod then continued: “Give this to me, you guys won’t be able to utilise it. Let me see if there’s anything special about it.” as he pointed at the golden wheel within Zhang Zhong Mou’s grasp.

Zhang Zhong Mou was elated as he accepted the Red Lotus Bracelet, hurrying to wear it on his right hand, as for the golden wheel which he felt was a useless item, he swiftly handed it over to Su Yu.

Su Yu had a faint smile on his face while Zhao Shi Chang asked curiously: “Su Yu, this weapon actually has other abilities?”

Su Yu replied: “That should be the case, this is actually a precious treasure that has actually advanced, a drop of the Golden Blood within the Golden Gnome King has actually merged with it but you guys are unable to utilise it.”

Listening to his reply, Zhao Shi Chang’s face became slightly red as he immediately understood, this Golden Gnome King had been killed by Su Yu and this golden wheel was actually a precious treasure, it had already identified Su Yu as the owner and would not be able to showcase its might in the hands of others.

Su Yu held the golden wheel and circulated his strange energy, the golden wheel gradually released a faint light and this eventually formed a golden ball the size of a millstone.

This strange scene also made Su Yu feel shocked as the others slowly walked over, in no time, Su Yu was able to sense the drop of Golden Blood within his right arm, it seemed to feel something as it reacted and voluntarily blew up the golden rays of light.

“What?” Su Yu was alarmed, as the golden ball of light exploded, even Su Yu could not help but back away.

The others that were surrounding it were also given a fright.

When the golden light faded, there was a bluish-white necklace that was covered in dark gold stripes on the ground.

When Su Yu picked it up, he saw that the pendant of the necklace slowly became dark blue. There was a bizarre lightning bolt symbol on top of it and inside it, one could faintly see blue rays of light surging about.

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