KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Evolution and Mutation

Su Yu’s chest had a wound where he had previously been attacked by the green monster. It was fortunate that the wound was not too deep and when he climbed back up he saw the green monster rushing towards Ning Yan. He could not help but yelled as he hurled the wooden club in his hand in a bid to save Ning Yan.

“Siiiiii” The sound of a hissing wind could be heard as the green monster noticed Su Yu while it was howling. Seeing the wooden club flying over and the might and ferociousness of it, It quickly dodged as it feared to take it head on.

The wooden club flew by the green monster’s body as Ning Yan suddenly screamed, the club had unfortunately smashed into her right shoulder.

The strength of this toss was immense and Ning Yan screamed in pain, her body was like a broken kite as it flew away.

Su Yu never expected that the club which missed the green monster would actually hit Ning Yan and he was stunned.

The green monster noticed that Su Yu had gotten back up as his body turned and like an evil ghost it once again leapt towards Su Yu.

The bodies of both parties heavily collided as Su Yu’s left arm snaked around attempting to wrangle the green monster’s neck. The green monster’s left leg had been broken by Ma Zi Ye’s kick and in this critical situation it actually snapped with a “Crack!”,
causing it to lose its balance as it tumbled together with Su Yu.

Su Yu took the chance to press down on the green monster’s body as he stretched his left arm from the back of the monster and clamped down hard around the green monster’s neck.

A howl continued to resound from the green monster’s mouth as it struggled and attempted to swing Su Yu off its back. Su Yu continued to clamp down tightly with a death grasp, it wanted to reach behind to retaliate and claw at Su Yu but could not find the strength to do so.

Black scales appeared on the back of Su Yu’s left arm as the strange energy within exploded, this was a strength that could match four to five of the smaller green goblins but compared to the bigger green monster, it was not inferior in the slightest.

This frightening strength erupted and barely two seconds passed before the green monster’s neck started making brittle sounds of “Pa Pa” like as if beans were exploding. Soon, green blood started to seep out of it’s mouth,nose and ears.

Su Yu seemed unhinged as he continued to press down on the green monster’s body, both his legs were propped on the ground as his left arm continued to grip the neck forcefully. Suddenly, a “Siii” could be heard as green juice splattered, Su Yu had used too much strength and held onto the head of the green monster as he fell to the ground.

The force from the strange energy was simply too frightening as the neck of the green monster, all flesh and bone had been shattered causing Su Yu to carry the head of the green monster as he fell.

“Huff……Huff……” Su Yu finally relaxed his left arm as he lay on the ground panting, his heart was beating like thunderous drums.

Everything that just transpired seemed like a bad dream.

A ball of black crystal that was as big as half a fist came floating out from the head of the green monster before transforming into a flash of black light and entered Su Yu’s left hand.

Su Yu who was lying on the floor and panting heavily suddenly felt a burning torrential force surging up his left arm. This torrential force was totally different from the times he had killed the green monster and absorbed the strange energy because it continually swelled within his left hand to the point where it seemed like it wanted to explode out.

Something seemed amiss as Su Yu shouted in agony, his left fist clenched and he heavily threw a punch towards the ground beside him.


Su Yu suddenly felt as though the fist that he had struck towards the firm ground seemed to be going through mud as the once firm ground seemed soft, he actually drove his fist in.

After a short stupor, Su Yu hurriedly sat back up as waves of mysterious strange energy flowed from his left hand to his entire body like ripples that expanded out, the pain that was all over his body immediately lessened and the deep wounds could be seen healing at a rapid rate.

Su Yu was in a daze as he felt the earth shattering changes that were occurring within his body. Slowly removing his hand out of the ground, his left hand had thoroughly become covered in black scales and looked like the hand of a monster. With a single thought, five claws that were five centimetres long emitted a faint white light and immediately extended forth, from Su Yu’s perception he could tell that these five claws were exceptionally solid and sharp.

“This…… This is……” Su Yu was shocked as he saw these black scaled claws, feeling the frightening destructive might that was contained within them, he felt that with a simple wave of his hand he could rip through the ground and shatter rocks.

A mysterious and unfathomable feeling filled his heart as he lifted his left hand and looked at the black scaled claws. Circulating the strange energy within, the scales on the back of his hand suddenly twisted and split apart as a jet black eyeball appeared there.

Su Yu was astonished, the eyeball seemed to emit a faint light as it shrouded him within, a string of information flashed through his mind.

Rating: Tier One Dark Iron Warrior

Comprehension: Eye of Perception

Abilities: Rending Claws.

Su Yu was stupefied, a tier one dark iron warrior? Eye of Perception? Rending Claws? What on earth was this?

It was only a short while before he gathered his senses and looked at the back of his hand where the eyeball was currently emitting a faint light. Could this be the Eye of Perception? The five sharp claws that had extended out were clearly the “Rending Claws”, what did the tier one dark iron warrior mean?

In his confusion and puzzlement, Su Yu glanced at the body that was currently beside him. The large green monster was already dead and its head had been torn asunder by Su Yu, dying a tragic death.

With a simple thought, the black eyeball on the back of his hand began to rotate as it seemed to stare at the headless corpse, thereafter a string of information floated through Su Yu’s mind.

Name: Greater Goblin

Information: Low tier beast race

Grade one beast soldier

Likes to use its sharp claws to tear apart its prey

“Greater Goblin? Could the name of that large green monster be Greater Goblin? This “Eye of Perception, could it be that it can reveal the information of other life forms?”

His heart palpitating, Su Yu stood up as the eyeball on the back of his hand rotated, locking onto the body of the smaller green monster as a new string of information entered his mind.

Name: Lesser Goblin

Weapon: Wooden Club

Information: Lowest tier within beast race

Tier zero beast soldier

Likes to use wooden clubs to smash the skulls of its enemies

As expected……

Su Yu now understood as the “Eye of Perception” continually rotated, soon even the information of Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and the others had all flashed through his mind.

Without any exception they were all tier zero dark iron warriors with no other information available.

“I understand…… killing these monsters and gaining the strange energy, we will transform into something known as a black iron warrior. I’ve now promoted to Tier one dark iron warrior but they have not promoted and are thus still Tier zero dark iron warrior.”

When Su Yu relaxed his left hand, the strange energy stilled once again and the black scales which covered his left hand disappeared. That eyeball that seemed quite horrifying also disappeared as everything become normal again.

Qin Jia Gui coughed as he climbed back up, with every cough small amounts of blood spat forth. His injuries were not light and it was only the strange energy within his body that allowed him to barely stand himself back up.

Eye of Perception

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