KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 120

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Chapter 120: Progressive Precious Treasure

Su Yu knew that the Golden Gnome King would have a precious treasure within it, thereafter the precious treasure fused with the Golden Blood and advanced, however, there seemed to have some complications during the fusion process causing the weapon to become an unimpressive golden wheel. At this moment, thanks to the aggravation from the Golden Blood within him, the precious treasure was finally fully advanced.

The Eye of Perception activated as it locked on the precious treasure, the information it obtained was as follows:

Information: Origin Force Necklace, first form, have not advanced yet.

Others: Unknown

The information that Su Yu obtained left him befuddled, what was the Origin Force Necklace that had not advanced? Could it be advanced further?

At this moment Zhang Zhong Mou exclaimed as he pressed the bracelet on his right hand, a streak of red light was released as he pulled a fiery red long sword covered in markings out, this was clearly the Red Lotus Sword.

Zhang Zhong Mou’s face was filled with elation as he placed the sword within his right hand, waving it in the air as he felt the frightening power contained within the sword allowing him to easily create whooshing noises in the air. The sword inadvertently went towards a stone and actually cleanly sliced it in two.

“Really impressive, haha, hahaha, this is going to be great.” Zhang Zhong Mou was extremely excited.

By the side, Ma Zi Ye’s eyes were squinting as she placed the bracelet on her left hand, her right hand pressed on the Star Bracelet as she slowly pulled, a slender blade that was flashing with a dark red light was pulled out.

This blade was carved with silver stars and seemed exceptionally dazzling, Ma Zi Ye did not speak but rather wielded the Star Blade as she executed various blade arts.

As she brandished the Star Blade, it seemed almost impregnable. A ferocious hissing wind sounded out as she swung it around, this show of strength was incomparable, starkly contrasting to Zhang Zhong Mou’s display.

Zhang Zhong Mou noticed this and his face was filled with envy as he muttered: “Someone with a martial arts background is really different, grandnanny, this blade dance is really nice to look at, hopefully it isn’t just artistically pleasing.”

Su Yu constantly looked at the ‘Origin Force Necklace’ within his hand, he felt that this was definitely not an ordinary precious treasure and although there was not much information on it, he still placed it around his neck, safely against his flesh.

When he placed this necklace onto his neck, he swiftly felt the strange energy within his body surged into the heart of the pendant as though it were feeding the necklace, it was fortunate that the necklace absorbed the strange energy gradually and did not cause much problems.

Su Yu recalled the information regarding the necklace that mentioned it could advance, the absorption of his strange energy, was this something that could allow the necklace to advance?

His body contained over ten holes that could absorb and circulate strange energy, he was not afraid of the loss of strange energy but rather felt that the necklace was absorbing the strange energy too slowly, he was looking forward to the effects on the necklace when it was filled with the strange energy.

Having worn the necklace, Su Yu finally noticed Ning Yan, she was still seated alone in the corner like a stranger, her face was covered with a cloth as she quietly sat there. Su Yu did not know that her face had been disfigured, although Ma Zi Ye filled Su Yu in on the events that transpired since he went unconscious, she did not mention Ning Yan.

At this moment looking at her face which was covered by a cloth, he wondered what she was up to. He could not help but secretly ask Zhang Zhong Mou as he pointed at Ning Yan, indicating to him to fill him in on what was going on.

Zhang Zhong Mou hurriedly lowered his voice as he whispered: “When we encountered a monster, the tongue of the monster had a toxic poison and actually licked her face, causing it to be disfigured.”

Su Yu’s body trembled as he muttered: “She has strange energy within her, it should be able to recover.”

Zhang Zhong Mou then mentioned Zhou Bi Rong’s matters before continuing: “She is still tier zero and her strange energy is insufficient to fully recover.” Thereafter he seemed to think of something as he smiled: “Dear brother, this is your chance, with your power, you can even heal instant noodle sister’s sliced off foot, aiding Ning Yan in healing her face shouldn’t be a problem.”

Hearing Zhang Zhong Mou address him as brother Yu made the goosebumps on his body stand as he glared at him before looking into the distance at Ning Yan. He seemed to think of something as he turned to Zhang Zhong Mou: “If I wish to help her…… she has to first remove the piece of cloth covering her face, not everyone can bear to do this, it’s so difficult for her to have an objective to work towards, this may be the pushing factor that will force her to work hard and recover.”

The ‘666’ marking that was on Ning Yan’s neck floated through his mind, coupled with the fact that she was adamant against killing monsters, this made Su Yu very puzzled and he really wanted to know what would happen if Ning Yan killed a monster and advanced to a tier one dark iron warrior.

Ma Zi Ye wielded the Star Blade in a blade dance before panting as she stopped, her face was filled with elation as she gently stroked the Star Blade, feeling the Star Blade and the ability “Starlight” which it contained, she seemed to comprehend something as she kept the blade within her Star Bracelet and walked over to Su Yu and Zhang Zhong Mou.

Zhang Zhong Mou also placed the Red Lotus Sword back into his bracelet, carrying a sword was rather inconvenient.

“Thank you.” Ma Zi Ye’s face was slightly flushed as she looked towards Su Yu.

Su Yu waved his hand: “There’s nothing to be thankful about, you have a martial arts background and this blade is most suitable for you, I’ve done this in consideration of the group, the stronger we are the greater our chances of living on.”

Ma Zi Ye acquiesced: “That’s right, right now we have to prioritise helping everyone become stronger. If we were all tier two dark iron warriors, the group of five would not have been so arrogant.” Thinking of Lei Rui’s miserable state, she could not help but sigh.

The night was gradually becoming darker and after a round of chatting everyone began to rest. Ning Yan continued to sit in a dark corner as her eyes occasionally glanced over at Lei Rui who was still in a vegetative state, a flash of hunger could also be seen in her eyes but she would always shake her head as though she were tossing away an idea, her eyes swiftly showing helplessness and fear as she hugged her body, continually trembling as though she were exceptionally lonely.

It was a peaceful night, when Su Yu finally woke up, he rubbed his eyes and noticed that the grey clouds in the sky had parted, exposing a brilliant sun which caused this sinister forest to seem more alive.

After a night of rest, Zhao Shi Chang’s injuries had fully healed while Qin Jia Gui and Zhao Bi Rong who were more heavily injured had not fully recovered but were in a condition where they could walk.

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