KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 121

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Chapter 121: Newly Arrived Personnel

At this moment, Qin Jia Gui’s head was lifted as he stared at the sky and muttered: “If our school was really swallowed by a Sky Hole and dropped here, the place we arrived at should be an underworld, why is there still a sun within the underworld?…..”

Zhao Shi Chang continued: “Everything is only a conjecture at the moment, nobody knows if it’s really because of the Sky Holes…….. Also, even if it were really the Sky Holes, we may not necessarily have fallen into the underworld, I remember some books mentioning that there exists different dimensions or super realistic virtual worlds within this planet…… Ai, I really don’t understand what’s going on with this damned world, Qin Jia Gui, do you really think that we are no longer within our previous world? If that’s the case, do we have any hope of returning?”

Qin Jia Gui was silent as Su Yu continued: “Whether this world is within our original world or another dimension, since it exists, there will definitely be a reason. As long as we understand the underlying principles, we will definitely be able to return to our original world. Since we are able to arrive here, there must be a way back, the most important thing is finding this ‘door’ which will allow us to leave.”

Qin Jia Gui nodded: “That’s right, we obtained the map which possibly shows us the ‘door’ within this world.” As he said this, he opened the map and began to analyse it carefully: “This valley is recorded within the map, based on the distance indicated on the map, we should be able to reach the exit in six to seven days.

Having said this, the group’s spirits were lifted, they only needed to endure for six to seven more days before leaving this frightening forest.

Ma Zi Ye swallowed her instant noodles as she hurriedly spoke up: “Today is the tenth day, we’ve already been in this forest for ten days.”

There were varied expressions on the faces of everyone as they heard these words, Li Dong sighed: “Who knew that we would be able to survive within this forest, we’ve already managed to hold on for ten days and after six to seven days we will finally reach the end, I really hope that it really is the exit of this world. Fellows, if we really manage to leave this world, do you think that we will be able to keep the power that we have obtained? If we continue to have such strength, wouldn’t we be like superhumans in the real world?”

Having said this, an expression of excitement appeared on his face, it was clear that he was imagining the benefits of having such strength within their familiar world.

Qin Jia Gui glanced over at him: “If you have the time to daydream, why not think of how to survive the remaining few days, within this forest many things can happen and we do not know what other frightening monsters live within this forest.”

As he spoke, he also began lifting up large bags of food as he prepared to leave.

Su Yu noticed Jade attempting to lift Lei Rui who was currently in a vegetative state, walking over he spoke up: “Let me do it.”

Jade gently bit her lower lips as she shook her head: “No, I will personally carry her.” before carefully placing Lei Rui onto her back, it was fortunate that Jade was rather fit, together with the strange energy in her body, carrying Lei Rui was not too punishing a task.

Su Yu watched Jade’s actions and immediately knew that she felt that she owed Lei Rui too much, causing her to want to personally help Lei Rui. Sighing, she assisted to lift Lei Rui’s bags of food off the ground.

Qin Jia Gui and Zhao Shi Chang continued to walk in front, Yuan Ni Ping was close beside Qin Jia Gui, Jade who carried Lei Rui was in the centre while Su Yu, Ma Zi Ye and Zhang Zhong Mou fell to the back of the group.

Zhang Zhong Mou constantly touched his Red Lotus bracelet, he was filled with anticipation for the appearance of a monster to allow him to test the strength of the Red Lotus Sword as well as the Red Lotus Fire Assault ability.

Su Yu could still feel the Origin Force Necklace slowly absorbing the strange energy within his body, there were no other abnormalities.

The group of people followed the valley and continued deeper, the valley was extremely long and one could not see the end of it, after several minutes without any warning, the ground suddenly began to tremble.

Qin Jia Gui who was walking in front immediately stopped as he carefully scrutinised the surroundings, panic could be seen on his face as the trembling became more intense as though there were an earthquake.

“What’s going on! Everyone be careful!” Qin Jia Gui loudly shouted.

Su Yu immediately stood beside Jade as a precaution.

“Eh? Look over there!” Zhao Shi Chang suddenly cried out in alarm as his hand stretched to point in a direction. The group noticed that following the tremors, the ten odd metres of ground ahead of them had suddenly sunk in forming a hole that was over ten metres wide.

“Sky Hole?” Su Yu was extremely shocked as he rushed forward but swiftly stopped, the tremors were becoming more intense and the everyone an energy fluctuation, thereafter an object was slowly emerging from this Sky Hole.

This tremor only lasted for several seconds before everything became calm again. Qin Jia Gui, Su Yu, Zhao Shi Chang and the others stared dazedly in front of them, the Sky Hole which had appeared before them had raised back up and returned to normal, what was strange was that atop this hole that had been filled, there was actually a tourist bus with sounds of alarm coming from within.

“Bang! Bang!”

The windows of the bus were smashed as a person began to climb outside, cries of a child could be heard from within.

Su Yu, Qin Jia Gui, Zhang Zhong Mou and the others were standing ten odd metres away as they exchanged glances, weird expressions were on their faces as Su Yu suddenly said: “I understand now.”

Qin Jia Gui also followed up: “I also understand.”

Suddenly, everyone understood what was going on. Their school must have also arrived within this forest in the same manner, the tourist bus and the people within must be a new batch of people that were sent into this world, looking at the unbelievable scene before them, everyone seemed to think of this possibility.

“Initially when we surmised that we had fallen into this world through the Sky Hole, we imagined that we had fallen from the sky…… Who knew that this was not the case and we actually arrived from below the ground…… Damn, what’s going on with this world……” Su Yu muttered to himself, as for Qin Jia Gui, he had already rushed forward as he forcefully opened the door of the tourist bus.

Male, female, old and young, people were climbing out in panic from the fallen tourist bus. Looking at the numbers, there were over twenty people, after exiting the bus, besides a few children who were crying, the others began to slowly calm down as they measured their surroundings before noticing Qin Jia Gui, Su Yu and the others.

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