KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: Tourist Bus that fell into Sky Hole

“There’s been an accident, hurry and call the cops.”

“Is anyone injured?”

“Be good, precious, don’t cry, everything is already!”

“Isn’t this a valley? Has the bus fallen into a valley?”

“We’re really lucky, falling into such a deep valley without being injured.”

“Eh, my handphone doesn’t have any reception!”

“Driver, what’s the matter with you? How could you allow the bus to fall into here? If anything untoward were to befall any of us, who would be responsible?”

The twenty odd people were in a clamor and the scene was a mess, the middle aged driver who wore a grey cap was pale-faced as he climbed out of the bus, looking at the surroundings, shock could be seen etched on his face.

Amongst the group, he was the most clear about what had happened. While he was driving the tourist bus on the highway, a hole of over ten odd metres had suddenly appeared before the bus and he did not have the time to react as the entire tourist bus fell into the hole, the surroundings had suddenly become dark as the entire bus trembled, everyone was panicking and after several seconds, the trembling had stopped and this bus had suddenly appeared within this valley.

“I know, the bus must have fallen into a large hole along the highway and slipped into this valley, it’s really a miracle that we made it out unharmed.” The middled aged driver removed his grey cap as he exposed his bald head, rubbing away the sweat which covered it.

Su Yu and the others exchanged glances, they realised that this group of people did not know that they had fallen into a Sky Hole and were in a completely different world, they really believed that they had merely slipped off the highway into a valley, thinking that it was a simple incident that occurred.

At this moment, there were parents who were placating their children, others had their phones out but did not have any reception, there were also a large majority who were staring at Su Yu, Qin Jia Gui and the others.

“This valley is simply too deep, the signal strength within a mountainous region is already bad, do any of you have reception? Sh*t, we can’t even call the police.” Someone shouted.

“Hey, are the few of you…… living in this area? Eh? Police officer?” When the group finally calmed down, several people began to earnestly measure Su Yu and the others, they could see their tattered attire and disheveled appearances, finally, they also noticed Zhou Bi Rong who was wearing a police uniform but also saw that it was in tatters, she did not seem like a real police officer and after asking they did not walk forward but rather began to slowly back away.

“Could these people be living in this mountainous region?” Several people began to discreetly talk.

“That’s not right, ordinary civilians wouldn’t be like this, could they be aboriginals living in this area? Look at their attires and the stench from their bodies……. We couldn’t possibly have run into cannibals right? It’s over……. We’re going to be cooked and eaten alive.”

“Nonsense, crow mouth*, we have over twenty people, we don’t need to be afraid of them.” Another person muttered with an indifferent expression on his face, looking at Su Yu and the others, he did feel that something was off.

Qin Jia Gui noticed that not a single person from the other group came forward and voluntarily walked over: “Everyone, calm down, I have something to inform all of you……” He was thinking of informing these people on the matters of the world, allowing more of them to survive.

The bald headed bus driver continued to examine his surroundings, attempting to make some sense of where he was. He was familiar with the area they had gotten trapped in and even if the bus fell, based on logic it should not be too far from the highway. However, as he examined the surroundings, he realised that nothing was familiar and he felt alarmed, hearing Qin Jia Gui’s cultured and gentle speech which was in contrast to his tattered appearance, he sighed in relief as he rushed over: “Little brother, are you a civilian living in this area? What district is this area? Shipaizhen* or White Marsh town*? We’ve had an accident and our bus tumbled down, how can we get out of this valley?”

T/N*:places in China

Both sides of the valley were sheer cliffs which were impossible to scale, the path seemed endless on both sides and this bus driver simply did not know which direction they should walk in.

A middle aged man whose face was dark, thin and carried a grey bag continually pressed his outdated handphone in a panicked manner, hearing the bus driver speak, he added: “That’s right, which direction should we head in? I have urgent matters to attend to in the city, initially I imagined that taking a tourist bus would be faster but who knew that we would get into an accident. This is so problematic, I should have taken the train.”

By the side, a youth who seemed like a hooligan was together with a male and two females, this bunch of youths wore ordinary clothes and upon hearing the words of the middle aged man, he actually lit a cigarette and smiled: “This uncle, since you have urgent matters to attend to, why didn’t you take an aeroplane? Wouldn’t that be even fast?”

The middle aged man glanced at him but did not reply as he rushed the bus driver: “Hurry and think of a solution, I really have urgent matters to attend to.”

The bus driver was also anxious as he snapped: “Calm down, everyone is anxious and I’m also feeling anxious, we’ve met with an accident and should calmly handle the situation. Just like what this brother mentioned, if you really had urgent matters to attend to, you should have taken a flight, then you wouldn’t be stuck in this situation.”

The middle aged man was incensed as his entire body trembled while he spoke in a hoarse voice: “My wife is critically ill and needs to have an operation done otherwise her life would be at risk, I would love to sit on a plane but I can’t afford it. After receiving this news, I scrimped to borrow money for my wife’s operation, how would I have the funds for taking a flight? The hospital is waiting for my signature and my payment, otherwise, they will not commence with the operation. I’m anxious, big brother, I’m really extremely anxious, help me think of a solution please.”

The dark and skinny middle aged man spoke while tears began to stream down his face.

The people in the surroundings became silent as a few mothers with kids actually had compassionate expressions on their faces.

The bus driver touched his bald head as he replied: “Brother, I understand, but can’t you keep quiet for a moment, I’m already asking for directions. Once we get back to the main road, we can hitch a ride, don’t worry, we won’t waste too much time here.”

Listening to these persuasive words, this uncle who seemed to have been through many of life’s struggles finally calmed down as he grasped the grey bag in his hand tightly.

The two pairs of youths who seemed like hooligans constantly stared at the grey bag within his hand, from the words spoken by the middle aged man, his wife urgently needed an operation and a large amount of money was required, he had borrowed the money and was rushing to the hospital to make payment, looking at the way he nervously held onto the grey bag, it seemed likely that the money was within the bag.

The two pairs of youths exchanged glances, ill intent clear in their eyes.

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