KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 123

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Changed the names of all the characters from three words to two words.

Chapter 123: Avid Reader

Qin Jiagui frowned before sighing.

Li Dong looked at this bunch of people who had fallen into another world without knowing anything and felt superior in his heart, looking at the group, he actually felt that it was rather laughable, if they came into contact with monsters, what would that scenario be like? Haha……. His heart was filled with a feeling of schadenfreude.

Although this middle aged man’s wife was within the hospital and could die at any moment, Li Dong did not feel any compassion. If this was the past he might have felt some compassion, however, after being in this forest for over ten days and watching as countless classmates and teachers die, Li Dong already lost his feeling for compassion.

Even he could die at any moment, under such circumstances, he did not have the time to be bothered about someone else.

Zhao Shichang then spoke up: “Don’t quarrel, this place isn’t the world that you were previously familiar with. Everywhere is filled with monsters and danger, you people better think of ways to find weapons to protect yourselves, in that way you will have a better chance of living.”

Zhao Shichang’s words had just been spoken and several people looked at him, some had compassion in their eyes while others seemed as though they were looking at a retard.

It was clear that they felt Zhao Shichang was a lunatic and no one bothered with him.

The middle aged bus driver felt that the group of people before him were rather strange, he had questioned Qin Jiagui whether this region was Shipaizhen or White Marsh town but was interrupted by the tanned and skinny middle aged man, seeing Zhao Shichang’s crazed talk, he hurriedly grabbed hold of Qin Jiagui and asked: “Little brother, where exactly are we?”

Qin Jiagui looked towards Zhao Shichang as he replied: “He’s already answered you, you people have fallen into a Sky Hole and arrived in this place, we aren’t sure where exactly this place is, but one thing is for certain, this world is completely different from the world that we are familiar with. There are various frightening monsters, everyone should look for some items to protect yourselves.”

Qin Jiagui’s words made the bus driver speechless as he shook his head and muttered: “Such bad luck, another lunatic, these bunch of people must have something wrong in their heads…… . this is problematic.”

In the other group, there was youth who seemed to be lacking sleep, he was holding a laptop bag and had seemed troubled when he heard Qin Jiagui’s words, he actually laughed: “I know about the Sky Holes, I’ve heard that they are the indication of the end of the world in 2012, it’s been appearing all over the world. Hey, do you mean to tell us that we’ve been transported through them? Haha, I often read such novels, if you’ve got the time you should write your own novel, I feel that you should make it even more realistic, for example, you should state that this place is a world at the heart of the earth and you are the natives of this area, we have fallen into the heart of the world……. Wait, there’s actually a sun here, why not we just call it a mysterious and mystical mainland China world, you are original natives of that world, how’s that? I feel this idea is quite good……. That’s right……. Sky holes…… falling into a mystical world……. This is such excellent material! Inspiration……. This is inspiration! I’ve finally got a concept for my new novel!”

This youth who had dark eye circles hurriedly took out a pen and some papers and actually began to write, rushing to note down everything he had just mentioned.

Hearing the words of this youth, Qin Jiagui and the others exchanged glances, it was not weird for the other party to not believe their words, to the other party, they had fallen from the highway and landed within the valley, at this moment if someone at the bottom of the valley told them that they had arrived at another unknown world, it would simply be too difficult to digest, it was no wonder that they treated Qin Jiagui and Zhao Shichang as lunatics.

“There’s still no reception on the phone, I don’t think anyone will be able to rescue us anytime soon, let’s move out on our own, this place shouldn’t be too far away from the highway.”

At this moment, there were already people beginning to explore the area ahead, rubble covered the bottom of the valley and the tourist bus had landed on its side, it could no longer move and they could only rely on their feet to travel.

Zhou Birong noticed that this group of people simply did not listen to the warnings of Qin Jiagui and Zhao Shichang as she personally spoke up in a loud voice: “Everyone, I am a police officer, listen to me, what they just side is completely real, this place isn’t the world that all of you are familiar with. There’s danger everywhere and it’s actually filled with various monsters that exceed our understanding, everyone should do your best to prepare some weapons to defend yourselves……”

She was still speaking but a large majority of the people ignored her as they inspected their surroundings, they did not see any danger and climbed back aboard the tourist bus to take their luggage.

Zhou Birong was dazed, the youth with large eye rings hurried over with his laptop bag, elation evident on his face as he spoke: “This police officer, are you an original resident of this area or did you arrive in this place before us? Hmmmm, so many people being transported over…… this concept seems to be a group transportation, it will be easy to make errors in the plot in this way…….” The youth bit on a ballpoint pen as he frowned.

Zhou Birong was helpless as she finally shook her head and sighed, she understood that there was simply no way to convince this group of people, her police uniform was in tatters and this group of people clearly did not think that she was a real police officer.

The youth before her was constantly talking and she could not help but stretch her right hand as a three hooked black claw suddenly appeared as she spoke in a heavy voice: “Do all of you believe me now? There are frightening monsters everywhere, after killing these monsters you can gain unique abilities like me, have all of you understood this? This is no longer the world that you are familiar with.”

Zhou Birong suddenly used her strange energy, transforming her right arm into the black claw, the group heard her exclamation and looked over, immediately becoming speechless.

The hooligan youth could not help but laugh: “What prop is that? It actually looks like the real deal. Hey, I know, are you people some actors in a show?”

“That’s right, no wonder you’re in such pitiful straits, are you filming a apocalyptic genre? I was really frightened a moment ago.” A mother who was hugging her child shouted.

Amongst these people, only the youth with dark eye rings stared speechlessly at Zhou Birong’s right arm, he had personally seen Zhou Birong’s right hand transform and this was definitely not a simple prop, could what she was saying be true?

The youth’s mouth was wide open in shock.

Zhou Birong looked at this bunch of people who were still adamantly refusing to believe and could only rescind the strange energy within her right hand, causing it to return to normal as she looked back: “Su Yu, Qin Jiagui, let’s go.”

Su Yu nodded as the group continued walking forwards in the valley.

The youth with the dark eye circles noticed the entire process of transformation and rushed over with his laptop bag shouting: “My name is Liu Zheng, I’m willing to travel with your group. This police officer, can you tell me what’s going on with your right arm?”

At this moment the bald headed bus driver had grabbed his cap and pointed in the other direction of the valley: “Based on my estimations, that should be the correct direction. I remember that White Marsh town lies in that direction, I think we should walk in that direction and we will be able to see the highway.”

The group of people were still rather trusting in the bus driver who was experienced, they took their luggage and moved together with the bus driver in the other direction.

Su Yu looked back, a large majority of the people had believed in the bus driver and followed him and only two people had remained behind.

Of these two people, one of them was the youth with the dark eye circles, he had introduced himself Liu Zheng and based on his words earlier, he should be a avid reader of fantasy(Xuan Huan) novels as well as an amateur writer.

There was another young male, he was slightly older than Su Yu and the others, he seemed to be around twenty six years of age, he was wearing a pair of thick rimmed spectacles, his attire was black and seemed to be a gentle, quiet and ordinary male.

Zhou Birong looked curiously over at him, she did not expect that someone beside Liu Zheng would actually remain.

“Hey brother, do you really believe what they are saying?” Liu Zheng noticed that someone besides him had remained and could not help but ask in curiosity.

“The male clothed in black shook his head as he said faintly: “Instinct.”

Liu Zheng was stunned as Qin Jiagui looked back: “What’s your name?”

“Xu Ruyun.” The male clothed in black did not seem as though he liked speaking and each word he spoke was extremely simple.

Qin Jiagui nodded: “Follow us, you will swiftly understand that every word we said was true.”

They had walked for a short period of time before frightening screams could be heard from the other side of the valley.

The hearts of the group trembled and Liu Zheng’s face finally changed as he spoke in a soft voice: “Those are their screams, could it really be…… really……”

Although he had personally seen Zhou Birong’s transformation, his heart was still doubtful, hearing the frightening screams of the other group, he felt terror surge in his heart and gradually began to believe that Zhou Birong and others words to be true.

Xu Ruyun’s gaze seemed to flash but his face continued to remain calm, he did not show signs of franticness or panic.

“Have those people met monsters? I wonder how many people will be able to live.” Qin Jiagui sighed.

Zhao Shichang continued: “They should have met a monster, if they encountered Lesser Goblins or Gnomes they would still have a shot, if it were any other monster……. Only if there’s some miracle.”

The Lesser Goblin was the weakest monster they had met but it was still several times stronger than an ordinary human, as for the Gnome, it was slightly stronger than the Lesser Goblin.

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  1. … They sure tried really hard to convince them…
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    Why did they even bother talking to the group of newcomers…

    • True. But see here like li dong – theres no more compassion. Those feelings already die when they see the friends that share laughter and sadness with them die violently. They experience baptism of blood and they want the new people to undergo that too conciously or subconciously.

      Additionally they probably instinctively try to protect their own interest – new people mean more liability and more mouth to feed. They have no time nor energy to hand hold anyone.

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