KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 124

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Chapter 124:Sudden Appearance of the Giant Foot, Everyone is like an Ant

Everyone continued moving forward, they had gone forward for a short period of time when loud shouting noises could suddenly be heard from the back, curious, they group stopped to look back and saw the bald headed bus driver, tanned and skinny middle aged man, the youth who was a hooligan and a few others racing towards them in a crazed manner as they shouted: “Wait for us! Wait for us!”

“Eh? They’ve all returned, didn’t they meet a monster?” Zhao Shichang was puzzled, more and more figures appeared and the twenty odd people who had left all returned, of them were several mothers carrying their children, panting as sweat covered their entire bodies.

“I understand now, their shrill cries earlier weren’t due to a monsters attack but rather the floor that was littered with the corpses of monsters or the corpses of that other group of people.” Qin Jiagui was astute and immediately thought of this.

Qin Jiagui’s guess was correct, when this group of people had seen the corpses Chu Xiang and the others, their hearts were shocked and suspected if Qin Jiagui and the others were killers who were trying to escape from the crime scene. However, they swiftly discovered the corpses of monsters which littered the floor, causing several people among them to cry out.

The words of Zhou Birong and the others flashed through the minds of every person, although they could not understand what was happening, the valley suddenly became extremely sinister, the floor that was littered with the corpses of monsters was the best example, these monster corpses could not simply be explained away as movie props, they were simply terrifying and they had not dared to venture further, rushing in a crazed manner to seek Zhou Birong and the others.

Twenty odd people had expressions of fright as they raced forward, someone even shouted: “What’s going on here, who can explain all this? You guys, quick, talk!”

Su Yu and the others did not bother with their shouts but rather continued to walk deeper into the valley.

This group of people did not get any response from Su Yu’s group, they were filled with trepidation towards them but also needed to depend on them, finally deciding to follow ten odd metres away in order to get a better grasp of the situation. Along the way, the cries of little children could be heard as well.

The walk was peaceful and several minutes later, they finally managed to exit the valley. What appeared before them was a dense copse of ancient trees that stretched to the sky.

The bald headed bus driver together with the others realised that they had finally exited the valley and were all smile, however, upon noticing the endless forest before them, disappointment could be clearly seen in their eyes. Several people even tried to use their handphones to no avail, there was still no signal and even tested messaging but failed to get any results.

Qin Jiagui took out the map and swiftly found the right direction as he pointed: “It should be in this direction, let’s go.”

Liu Zheng who was by the side stretched his neck as he asked curiously: “This big brother, what’s this map about? Is this the map of the forest? If we follow the map can we leave this place?”

Qin Jiagui glanced at him but did not reply as he kept the map, holding onto Yuan Niping’s hand as he continued moving.

Liu Zheng was not disheartened but rather bumbled over to Zhou Birong’s side as he spoke: “Beautiful lady cop, let me help you with the luggage.”

Zhou Birong faintly smiled as she shook her head.

Liu Zheng fell further back to Jade’s side, staring at Lei Rui who was on her back with curiosity written all over his face.

Jade glared at him as she exclaimed: “What are you looking at?!”

Liu Zheng was shocked and his face was filled with indignation as he muttered: “Damn, when the protoganist of a novel enters into a strange new world, they should be able to dominate everything and be extremely boisterous, brothers from everywhere coming up to worship him and various beautiful ladies offering themselves. There are now several beautiful ladies and a bunch of brothers………” As he spoke of beautiful women, he looked over at Jade and Zhou Birong and when he spoke of brothers he turned to look at Su Yu, Qin Jiagui, Zhao Shichang and the others.

“The only problem is, it seems these brothers and beautiful ladies don’t give a damn about me……” Li Zheng was extremely depressed.

Leaving the valley and entering the dense forest, they had merely walked a hundred metres when Qin Jiagui and the others suddenly felt something as they stopped.

“Why aren’t we walking anymore? Have you guys discovered something?” Liu Zheng’s face was excited but he suddenly shut his mouth as he kept quiet.

“Sha Sha” sounds could be heard from all directions, extremely faint at first but the sounds swiftly became louder and closer.

Following the advancement of the sounds, little green monsters with wooden clubs began to appear.

Lesser Goblins, their numbers were rather shocking and in the blink of an eye over a hundred Lesser Goblins had gathered with ten odd Greater Goblins behind them.

Whether it be Liu Zheng or the bald headed driver and the twenty odd people, they were all shivering in fright. They swiftly retreated as they huddled together, the little children began to cry and the faces of the adults were as white as a sheet of paper, they simply did not dare to believe their eyes.

They were akin to Su Yu and the others when they had first encountered monsters, they simply could not believe their own eyes.

“Goblins? Heavens, the appearance of these monsters are identical to Goblins that are found within games.” Liu Zheng exclaimed in shock.

Qin Jiagui glared at him: “In this world, these monsters are known as Goblins, and not Goblin*.”

T/N*: Not sure about this part, both names in Chinese mean goblin.

Liu Zheng stared blankly.

Su Yu’s left hand went up as he spoke: “Stay here and take care of yourselves, I will handle the ten odd Greater Goblins at the back.” before pouncing forward, heading straight towards the group of Greater Goblins.

Jade, Ning Yan and Yuan Niping stood in the centre of the group while Qin Jiagui, Ma Ziye, Zhang Zhongmou and the others guarded the exterior. Zhao Shichang’s right hand went forward as an extremely sharp bone blade appeared, a wave of this blade immediately killed two Lesser Goblins.

The ten odd Greater Goblins which were tier one beast soldiers did not require much effort from Su Yu, in a mere twinkling of the eye they were all knocked unconscious. The Greater Goblins were tier one beast soldiers and would be sufficient to allow Jade and a few others to promote to the tier one level, if they were lucky, this would also allow Qin Jiagui to promote to tier two.

When Su Yu had taken care of the Greater Goblins, Zhao Shichang, Zhang Zhongmou, Qin Jiagui and the others charged in.

Zhang Zhongmou was extremely excited as he retrieved his Red Lotus Sword as he shouted and killed his way into the Lesser Goblins.

“Kill, Kill, Kill Kill Kill!!!!!!” Zhang Zhongmou shouted as he chopped wildly with the Red Lotus sword, he did not know any sword arts nor did he know how to pierce, slash or thrust. He could only use the sword like a stick as he smashed haphazardly, however, this Red Lotus Sword was phenomenally sharp, together with his strength which was at tier one, the Lesser Goblins which were the lowest tier of beast soldiers were swiftly decimated.

Sweeping the sword, the two legs of a Lesser Goblin were chopped, Zhang Zhongmou lifted a leg as he kicked it towards Jade: “Big sister Jade, kill it quickly.”

Jade carefully placed Lei Rui down as she lifted a metal spade, this time, she did not hesitate as she smashed down towards the head of the Lesser Goblin.

In order to become stronger and protect Lei Rui, Jade had already steeled her heart.

Qin Jiagui, Zhao Shichang, Ma Ziye and the others began to spread out, killing these low level Lesser Goblins simply did not yield many benefits for them and a large majority of the heavily injured Lesser Goblins were kicked towards the other group as they commanded: “If you wish to live, kill them.”

Xu Ruyun did not ponder for long as he lifted a stone off the ground and heavily smashed downwards as they skull of the Lesser Goblin was immediately crushed.

Su Yu had made the ten odd Greater Goblins unconscious as he shouted towards Jade, Yuan Niping and the others: “Come over here, kill them and you will definitely be able to promote to tier one……”

His words had barely been spoken when the sky suddenly turned dark, an object suddenly broke through the clouds as it swiftly descended.

This object that had suddenly broken through the clouds was actually an enormous foot the size of a mountain, no one could react or even cry out, a tremendous explosive noise rang out as the foot stomped down in the area of the people.

Immediately, an area of a hundred chinese feet worth of trees were flattened, forming a deep hole with the shape of a foot.

The enormous foot which had stomped down swiftly lifted as an explosive noise rang out from a distance, in no time, the explosive noises grew further away as the large foot disappeared into the distant horizon.

Su Yu’s head was ringing and could only recover after a moment of shaking his head, his face was filled with terror, all around him were people who were slowly climbing to their feet, their faces also filled with fright. As for the bald headed driver and the twenty odd people, they were continually shrieking and a few people even seemed crazed, their faces had an odd expression and they seemed to have lost their minds.

The scene that had occurred earlier was simply too startling and terrifying, regardless of dark warriors or even tier three expert, in that instant there was simply no way to resist.

Su Yu patted his face as he forced himself to calm down from his shock. Lifting his head to examine the surroundings, all the trees within the vicinity of one hundred chinese feet had all fallen down, the entire area was in a mess and all the Greater Goblins and Lesser Goblins had been stomped to death, it was fortunate that no one had died.

This was akin to a human walking barefooted and inadvertently stomping on some ants, Su Yu and the others were lucky to avoid death.

“It’s simply too coincidental, everyone is fine and dandy yet all the monsters have been stomped to death, coincidence or design? The appearance of that enormous foot was simply too sudden……”

Su Yu wiped the sweat off his face, he could not help but recall the instant which the enormous foot made its appearance, he had just made the ten odd Greater Goblins unconscious and was prepared to allow Jade and the others to kill them to advance to tier one, as for Zhao Shichang and the others, they were merely injuring the Lesser Goblins to aid the ordinary people without strange energy to obtain it, however, the huge foot had suddenly appeared and actually killed all the monsters, could this really be a mere coincidence?

At this moment, Qin Jiagui and the others finally came out from their state of shock as they calmed down, looking at the corpses of the Goblins which had been stomped into meat paste, Qin Jiagui sighed: “It’s a pity, otherwise Ni Ping and all of you would have been able to advance to tier one……” having said this, his heart suddenly trembled as he thought of a frightening possibility.

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