KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: Purposely preventing others from evolving?

“The sudden appearance of the huge foot couldn’t possibly be to prevent them from promoting…….Can it be further deduced that it was meant to prevent us from helping them? No, no, something so ridiculous can’t possibly be design, it has to be coincidence.”

Qin Jia Gui quickly dismissed this frightening thought as he examined his surroundings. Yuan Niping, Jade, Liu Zheng and the others were extremely pale, they were clearly terrified and Zhao Shichang was currently explaining loudly to the others about the huge foot. This was the third time they had encountered the giant foot and they were comparatively more calm than the others.

“It seems like we have to care about more than monsters within this damned place, we still have to be wary of a huge foot above our heads…… It could possibly stomp down at any time, if we’re unlucky we could end up like the goblins, squashed into meat pulp. We can be considered extremely fortunate this time, nobody got hurt.” Qin Jiagui looked over at Su Yu as he bitterly smiled.

Su Yu lightly sighed as he tousled his hair, his mind was ill at ease, the appearance of the giant foot was too sudden and it had strangely stomped all the monsters to death, as for the others, they were ‘lucky’ to have gotten out uninjured, this was simply too much of a coincidence.

“If we wish to find out if it was merely a coincidence, we only need to try it another time to find out. If it were due to us attempting to help others……. Why didn’t anything happen when I previously assisted them……..” Su Yu immediately recalled the time when he had helped Jade and the others, he had also made several Lesser Goblins unconscious, allowing Jade and the others to become tier zero dark iron warriors.

“Or could it be that the number of people and monsters this time were too many and the amount of help rendered had surpassed the allowable limit thus attracting the giant foot? Then again, it could also be merely a coincidence……..”

Su Yu tousled his hair as he sunk into contemplation, he came to a decision that if it were merely a coincidence that would be fine, however, if this were not the case, many things could be speculated from this event. Right now he was still clueless about the world they were in.

After everyone calmed down, Qin Jia Gui held a map as he continued moving forward, the trees within an area of a hundred chinese feet were all felled and this made hurrying a difficulty, Zhao Shi Chang was forced to use his bone blade to continually force open a path.

The forest was extremely dangerous, The twenty odd people did not need Su Yu and the others to guide them before picking up the wooden clubs left behind to defend themselves, as for Xu Ru Yun, she actually took two clubs and followed the group.

Along the way the cries of little children could be heard, together with the terrifying forest surrounding them, the emotions of the newly acquainted group of people were extremely vexed.

Amongst these twenty odd people, the abnormally calm Xu Ruyun and Liu Zheng were the only two who managed to kill a Lesser Goblin with the help of Zhao Shichang and the others. After obtaining the strange energy, shock flashed through their eyes as they realised that they had really arrived at a strange place, no longer in their previous familiar world.

Liu Zheng retrieved a pen and a piece of paper as he began to swiftly record while muttering: “Damn, this is simply too inconceivable, I have to record everything down and if we have the chance to return to our world, i would consolidate all the events into a novel. I will definitely become famous!”

As he spoke, his laptop bag was firmly plastered to his body. This bag was his precious treasure, large amounts of recording materials were contained within, he simply could not afford to lose it.

Liu Zheng’s greatest dream in life was to become a renowned novelist, even though he had confirmed that they were in a terrifying new world, his first thoughts were actually how to record all the events, he wanted to return to the original world to consolidate everything to create a phenomenal novel.

Because of this, he was unafraid and actually filled with vigor as his blood roiled, he felt excited, everything before him was simply the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to his life, it was like being in a fantasy type novel.

Xu Ruyun did not mention what he did in the past, however, this male was exceptionally calm, even the bald headed bus driver who had plenty of experiences was panicking, only Xu Ruyun continued to adapt to the world and all the circumstances around him, his expression was calm as he silently followed behind the group.

“Hey, everyone……. Everyone listen to me first…… where exactly are we headed? Why are there only trees everywhere…….” The bald headed bus driver wiped the sweat on his brow as he asked anxiously.

The tanned and skinny middle aged man held his canvas bag firmly, he was initially anxious to rush back to Z City because his wife was waiting in the hospital for an operation, he needed to pay the money and sign the papers but with the events that had just occurred, he was simply overwhelmed and his face was filled with fear, he was currently muttering some words in an unknown dialect as he continued to firmly grasp the canvas bag. This was the money required to save his wife and he simply could not afford to lose it.

Hearing the panicked words of the bus driver, Zhang Zhongmou turned back to reply: “Uncle, don’t be nervous. If our luck is good, we may be able to leave this damned place within six to seven days, isn’t that right Jiagui.”

Qin Jiagui acknowledged with a nod, looking at the group of people who seemed like their souls had left their bodies with expressions of terror and anxiety, he thought for a while before continuing: “Everyone don’t be too afraid, actually we’re the same as all of you, because of various reasons we fell into this forest, although the forest contains various different monsters, if one kills the monsters they are able to become stronger. We’ve been in this forest for ten more days longer than you, if you wish to live on, you will have to work hard to kill the monsters, allowing yourselves to become stronger. If everyone does so, in roughly six to seven days, it is very likely that we will be able to leave this place and return to our familiar world. Of course, you will have to ensure that you are able to live through these six to seven days.”

Liu Zheng continued closely: “This brother is right, I’ve already killed a monster and acquired an exceptionally weird energy. Hey, Xu Ruyun, why don’t you say something, I seem to remember that you also killed that…… goblin.”

“Yup.” Xu Ruyun continued to be reticent, his expression extremely calm.

Seeing Xu Ruyun and Liu Zheng affirm the words of the two, hope surged within several of the newcomers, the hooliganistic youth stared at the backs of Qin Jiagui and the others as he muttered: “I see, so that’s how they acquired their strength. This is fantastic, if I can acquire strength similar to theirs, this world which doesn’t have any rules……. Wouldn’t it be extremely fun? Haha…….. We can do whatever we want…….”

The hooliganistic youth took a deep breath as his senses were filled with a bloody stench.

When everyone finally got past this area which was densely packed with trees, they met another large group of monsters.

Su Yu frowned, such a scene was quite rare, although they often met monsters along the way, they seldom met with such a large amount of monsters. As for today, since joining up with the twenty odd newcomers, they had met over a hundred goblins and there were actually over a hundred gnomes now.

A large majority of the gnomes were carrying metal spades and wooden shields while roughly ten of them had upper bodies of gnomes and lower bodies of wolves.

There was no hesitation as the hundred odd monsters immediately rushed towards them.

Like previously, Su Yu pounced towards the ten odd Gnome Riders, they were tier two beast soldiers and within the group only Zhao Shichang, Ma Ziye and himself could manage them.

These ten Gnome Riders were spread out and in a one on one situation, the Gnome Riders simply stood no chance against Su Yu.

Su Yu was not only a tier three dark iron warrior, he also had over ten holes within his body which could absorb strange energy, he also had a drop of Golden Blood within him, all this made Su Yu’s combat prowess at least double that of an ordinary three tier dark iron warrior.

Su Yu did not kill the Gnome Riders and merely knocked them unconscious, as for Zhao Shichang, Ma Ziye, Zhang Zhongmou and the others rushed forward to meet the group of Gnomes.

There were simply too many Gnomes, they were more vicious than the Lesser Goblins as they suddenly surrounded the group, several people swiftly became injured.

Qin Jiagui shivered as he heard a miserable cry, a woman was hugging her child and using her body as a shield, her back was smashed by the metal spade causing the head of the woman to fly, painting an extremely gruesome scene.

Qin Jiagui exclaimed in anger but the scene was simply too messy and he did not dare to leave Yuan Niping’s side. The Gnomes did not pose a threat to him but they could easily kill Yuan Niping and the others.

Xu Ruyun wielded wooden clubs in his hands as he voluntarily went forward to meet a Gnome, he had previously managed to kill a single Lesser Goblin with the help from the others previously, the energy within his body was not any less than a Gnome, faced with a single Gnome, his actions were extremely fluid as he used a wooden club to block a spade before tossing it away, spinning as he arrived behind the Gnome, retrieving a sharp operating knife from his black clothes as he sliced it across the throat of the Gnome.

Immediately, the Gnome made “gurgh gurgh” noises as blood immediately began to spurt like a fountain as the Gnome struggled to turn and retaliate, by this time Xu Ruyun had already silently retreated several metres and the Gnome whose neck was gushing blood managed to take two steps before falling face first onto the ground.

A black crystal flew through the air before entering Xu Ruyun’s chest, Xu Ruyun touched his chest as he felt the strange energy within him grow stronger, thereafter, he picked up the metal spade which belonged to the Gnome before pouncing to another solitary Gnome.

Qin Jia Gui was already at the precipice of breaking through, however, after killing several low grade Gnomes there were still no signs of him promoting. The tier of these Gnomes were simply too low and killing the Gnomes did not require him to use any strange energy, he soon grew bored of killing them and chose to heavily injure them to allow Yuan Niping and the others to finish them off.

Su Yu was like a galloping horse as he rushed into the group of Gnomes, the Gnomes were like eggs in his eyes that could easily be smashed with a simple wave of his hand, the Gnome Riders were swiftly dealt with and all ten of them were sprawled on the ground heavily injured.

“Quickly kill all the Gnomes then come over and finish off the Gnome Riders.” The ten Gnome Riders had lost their ability to retaliate, Su Yu activated the Rending Storm as he pounced into the group of Gnomes, instantly killing three of them while he shouted.

Qin Jiagui and the others had expressions of excitement, ten Gnome Riders would allow everyone to instantly become tier two dark iron warriors.

However, the group had not managed to rush forward to kill the Gnome Riders when a giant foot suddenly broke through the clouds and stomped heavily downwards.

The previous scene re-enacted itself, when the huge foot finally disappeared, all the Gnomes Riders and Gnomes had been killed while no one in the group had been injured by the giant foot.

Su Yu, Qin Jiagui, Ma Ziye and the others dazedly climbed back up as they exchanged glances, shock clearly written on their faces.

The first time could be written off as a coincidence but a second occurrence could not be written off.

“The giant foot is preventing everyone from promoting.” Ma Ziye suddenly spoke up.

Ma Ziye was able to notice this, Su Yu and Qin Jiagui were naturally able to do so as well. The scene immediately became deathly silent and the previous messy battle suddenly became peaceful and quiet.

“Why is it like that? This is simply too illogical……. That giant foot…… why is it preventing everyone from promoting?” Ma Ziye shook her head, she could not make heads or tails of matters.

Qin Jiagui then voiced out: “We can now confirm that it wasn’t mere coincidence that led the giant foot to stomp down, there must be a certain reason behind it.”

Ma Ziye responded: “What is it’s goal? To prevent us from promoting?”

Su Yu glanced at the group as he slowly said: “That is one possibility, there is another possibility and that is them.” His eyes looking towards the bus driver, Xu Ruyun and the others twenty odd people.

“Since meeting them, our path has become stranger and stranger, we first began to meet large numbers of monsters before suddenly facing the giant foot. All this seems to indicate that we have done something that we weren’t supposed to do, the giant foot seems to be acting to stop this event from occurring and has thus appeared twice.”

Hearing Su Yu’s words, Qin Jiagui’s expression immediately became solemn and a slight trace of fear could be seen on it.

Ma Ziye was stunned: “I really can’t understand, could it be……. Everything that has occurred is within the control of somebody or some power? This seems to be the only plausible explanation.”

Su Yu looked over at her before replying: “Ma Ziye, do you believe that it was mere chance that caused us to fall here?” Ma Ziye was dazed as she glanced at him, alarm clearly in their eyes.

Qin Jiagui nodded: “When these group of newcomers emerged from the ground, I already had a slight understanding that this was clearly not a natural occurrence, nor is it what was speculated in the science magazines within our world of dimensional tears. We had inadvertently fallen into a tear and arrived within this world, this is clearly controlled by some power that we simply do not comprehend. This could only mean that everything that has occurred thus far, including the frightening world and forest, must be due to a certain reason.”

Su Yu lifted his head as he muttered: “Do all of you still remember the first time we encountered the giant hand and foot? Also, the golden eagle man that managed to destroy them?”

Qin Jiagui and Ma Ziye looked over at him simultaneously.

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