KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 126

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Chapter 126: Violating procedures?

Su Yu lifted his head, his gaze was fleeting as he continued: “Along the way we’ve met a Golden Goblin and a Golden Gnome King, we’ve acquired the Golden Treasure as well as the Golden Blood, based on the information from the Eye of Perception, it seems that there is a Golden Race within this world, the half man half eagle monster was also golden in colour, do you guys think that it could be part of the Golden Race?”

Qin Jiagui spoke: “Su Yu, what are you suggesting?”

Su Yu continued: “The Golden Race……. Dark iron warriors……. Dark Metal Race, could there be some connection between all this? Or would it be better to say that all the events we have experienced thus far have some sort of unknown connection, QIn Jiagui, hand the map over to me.”

Qin Jiagui retrieved the map before handing it over to Su Yu.

At this moment, Zhang Zhong Mou, Zhao Shi Chang and the others gathered over, curious expressions on their faces. They had encountered two large packs of monsters and faced the stomping of the giant foot twice, anyone with a brain could tell that something was amiss.

Su Yu unfurled the map as he slowly continued: “Since acquiring the map, together with the assumptions of Jennifer, we have headed in the direction indicated on the map thinking that it is the exit of this forest, however……. This map does not clearly indicate that this is the exit of the forest, all this is merely our conjecture.”

Everyone felt their hearts tremble as Qin Jiagui hurriedly asked: “Su Yu, are you saying that the place indicated on the map may not be the exit of the forest?”

Su Yu affirmed: “Although I don’t really wish for this to be a reality, thinking about it, everything has only been our conjecture thus far, based on the encounters this half day, don’t you guys feel that this forest……. Seems to have somebody or some indescribable power that seems to be influencing everything behind the scenes?”

Thinking back to the appearance of the giant foot as well as the two large packs of monsters, everyone could not help but nod their heads as a feeling of alarm filled their hearts.

Su Yu rolled up the map as he passed it back to Qin Jiagui before muttering: “The place indicated on the map could be the exit of the map……. But it could also be a place that we would never expect, however, this is currently our only hope.”

Ma Zi Ye suddenly spoke up: “Su Yu, I feel that the two incidents earlier could likely have some relation to them.” as she stretched her hand to point at Xu Ruyun, Liu Zheng and the others.

Zhao Shichang questioned: “What do you mean?”

Ma Ziye said in a heavy voice: “Everyone think about it for a while, if we didn’t meet them, what would this group of people encounter?”

Zhang Zhongmou quickly responded: “I know, if they met with such a big group of monsters, they would certainly be killed.”

Ma Ziye continued: “That’s right, if Su Yu’s conjecture is correct and we assume that there really is somebody or some force which is influencing the scene, then such a big group of people who were supposed to die from facing such a big group of monsters actually survived and a large majority of them actually gained strange energy to become dark iron warriors, from this perspective, aren’t we ruining what was supposed to be? Changing whatever was planned in the system.”

Ma Ziye’s words made Zhang Zhongmou, Zhao Shichang and the others all nod. Thinking about it, this really seemed to be the case, of course the crux for this conjecture was that there was some power or force that was influencing behind the scenes, it could also be said that there was something that was maintaining the balance and laws within the world, and anything within the world would need to follow this set of rules to proceed.

Qin Jiagui frowned as he spoke up: “Let’s look at this from another angle, if they didn’t meet with us, they might not have to face so many monsters. Do all of you still remember when we first arrived in this world, there were only ten odd Lesser Goblins which rushed into the school.”

Su Yu continued: “Whether this is the case or not, we will soon find out. Based on your conjecture, if we continue to move together, we will likely meet with a third large pack of monsters. I feel that there is some force or will that seems to want to force this group of people into dire straits.

Qin Jiagui muttered: “Su Yu, if your conjecture is correct, then what is the objective of the person influencing this forest from behind the scenes? Could it be for leisure? Sending us to this place to watch us fight with monsters for fun? No, if there was some power that could really create such a frightening world, to the extent of using Sky Holes to send us here, such methods……. Can really be construed as the work of god or the devil, such an existence, how could it possibly be bored to the point of wanting to watch us duke it out with monsters for fun?”

Su Yu looked at his left hand: “Not for boredom or leisure, Qin Jiagui, haven’t you thought of the possibility that the other party’s goal is actually for us to evolve?”

Qin Jiagui, Ma Ziye and the others trembled as they looked over at him.

Su Yu gazed into the distance as a solemn expression covered his face: “I can’t be absolutely certain, however……. I have a feeling that killing the monsters and gaining strength, advancing and meeting even stronger monsters to gain even more strength, such a cycle seems to be aiding us in advancing. Allowing us to become stronger, as for those who fail to adapt, they will be removed, killed by the claws of a monster. Although this is unable to explain why the other party wishes for us to advance, if we suppose that this conjecture is true, then it would explain our earlier encounters.”

“Because we violated the rules of advancement, the twenty odd people should have engaged in a brutal slaughter allowing a few people to live and become stronger. Because of our appearance, they did not encounter any danger and could easily become dark iron warriors, as for me knocking the monsters unconscious to allow Jade and the others to advance, this also went against the rules of them struggling to advance, this resulted in the appearance of the giant leg which caused all the monsters to be stomped to death.”

Su Yu’s words were extremely stunning and it was a while before Jade suddenly shouted: “That doesn’t seem right, you actually knocked a couple of Lesser Goblins unconscious earlier to allow us to kill them, why didn’t anything happen then.”

Su Yu said heavily: “I believe that aid rendered from a comrade to another comrade is permissible, but we cannot go past a certain threshold. All this is merely my conjecture.” As he said this, his hands spread out in a helpless manner as a bitter smile appeared on his face.

The group became silent as they felt a sense of helplessness, no one knew the real reason behind the events that had transpired.

Suddenly, Liu Zheng appeared as he spoke up: “Could it be that you guys haven’t considered that this world is simply like a system, everything must be done within the constraints of the system. Currently it seems as though you are cheating in a game, going against the natural laws and thus receiving punishment.”

Zhang Zhongmou glared at him as he blurted out: “Damn, are you saying that we are cheating? In that case you are the first person who gained benefits from our cheating, I should kill you first, maybe that will cause the situation to revert back to normal.”

Liu Zheng was alarmed as he drily laughed: “I was merely joking, just joking. Aren’t I merely dissecting the information for everyone? I’ve read so many fantasy novels and it wasn’t for naught, I overheard all of you mention that you’ve done something similar without receiving any obstructions, this shows that there are still some loopholes which can be used, using methods outside the box isn’t an issue, the important thing is to not be discovered doing so.

Liu Zheng’s words caused Su Yu and the others to come out of their stupor, what this fellow said actually made sense.

Su Yu thought back to the past where he had made ten odd Gnomes unconscious to allow Jade and the others to advance, compared to the events today, they were similar yet the outcomes were completely different. The only conclusion that could be derived was that the scale of the events were far too large, or could it be that Liu Zheng, Xu Ru Yun and the others had just arrived in this world and thus were exceptionally observed by the power? Thus, the power had discovered their attempts to cheat and intervened?

“Thinking of all this now is useless, we are merely conjecturing. We can’t continue to remain here, let’s go. We will eventually make heads or tails of matters.” Qin Jiagui stood up.

Su Yu affirmed: “Let’s continue to walk in the direction indicated on the map, and check out the area indicated on the map, there is at least a 50% chance that it is the exit of the forest.”

The others did not have an opinion, in this world, a large majority of the people were ignorant like the bald bus driver and the others, they could only follow behind Su Yu and the others.

Ma Ziye walked as she continued: “If Su Yu’s guess is correct and there is some power which is influencing everything behind the scenes, wanting to cause everyone to go through trials and tribulations to advance, we will likely meet with a third large pack of monsters. It will definitely be frightening because the other party will definitely not allow the rest of them to easily become dark iron warriors and advance……”

Her words had just been spoken when a horde of monsters charged out of a patch of wild grass before them.

Zhang Zhongmou looked over at her as he sighed: “Instant noodles, your mouth is really a jinx.”

“Go to hell.” Ma Ziye cursed as her expression turned ugly.

This time, a group of zombies appeared with black claws for hands, this was the tier one beast soldier ‘Walking Zombie’.

“Everyone be careful!” Su Yu shouted, they were so serious because the monsters this time were extremely frightening, far stronger than their imaginations.

A group of roughly fifteen tier one Walking Zombies were surging forward, these fifteen Walking Zombies were not a threat for Su Yu but the frightening part was that there was a group of four tier two Metal Chain Zombies, with the appearance of four Metal Chain Zombies, this meant that there was also a Single Eyed Zombie King.

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