KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Crisis! A deadly situation

Single Eyed Zombie King, that was a tier three beast soldier which had the strength to battle with Su Yu, this was the reason that Su Yu took things very seriously.

First a large group of Lesser Goblins then came the Gnomes, and finally this pack of zombies had appeared, was all this really only a coincidence? Or could it be a certain power that was breaking their balance and setting a punishment on them?

A strange feeling welled up in their hearts when Li Dong and Zhou Hua Kang suddenly shouted.

Su Yu’s expression changed as he turned, footsteps could be heard coming from the left. Thereafter, a group of fifteen Walking Zombies appeared followed by four Metal Chain Zombies and a Single Eyed Zombie King.

This time, even Su Yu took a sharp gasp of air as Qin Jiagui exclaimed: “Everyone be careful, retreat, quick, retreat!”

Two tier three Single Eyed Zombie Kings, eight tier two Metal Chain Zombies, together with thirty tier one Walking Zombies, such a power was simply staggering and would likely result in their deaths.

“Damn, could this be the punishment for attempting to cheat?” Zhang Zhongmou muttered, his face was filled with anxiety as his right hand pressed onto his left, the Red Lotus sword appearing within it.

“Old Mou, remember the sword skill contained within, don’t waste it, use it at a critical moment. Su Yu reminded. Ma Ziye was very astute and would not require his reminder, however, Zhang Zhongmou was too brash and Su Yu could not help but give a gentle reminder. His Earth Spikes Assault was currently on cooldown, Zhang Zhongmou and Ma Ziye each had a sword and blade skill to use, using the Earth Spikes Assault as an estimate, the power from these two skills would definitely be fearsome, they could likely be the key in determining their victory in this battle.

What Su Yu was able to think of, Ma Ziye was also able to do so. Her eyes were staring at the Single Eyed Zombie King which were behind the pack of zombies, her heart filled with excitement and trepidation.

The Star Blade within her hand was a precious treasure like Su Yu’s Earth Spikes Ring, when comparing strength, the Star Blade would likely not lose out to the Earth Spikes Ring. The power of the Earth Spikes Assault had been witnessed multiple times and if the Starlight contained within the blade had a similar might, together with her tier two strength she could possibly find a chance to deal with a Single Eyed Zombie King.

The Single Eyed Zombie King was a tier three beast soldier, after killing the Single Eyed Zombie King, it was likely that she would promote to a tier three dark iron warrior like Su Yu, by that time, she would really be able to stand by Su Yu’s side to do battle.

With this thought, Ma Ziye’s heart began to beat faster, although the scene before her was extremely frightening, it also carried plenty of opportunity.

The two groups of zombies which were in front and to the left of them did not immediately attack but instead approached slowly, the bald headed bus driver and other people had expressions of panic as they retreated, they could see the three metre tall Single Eyed Zombie King and cold sweat covered their bodies, they simply did not have the courage to battle.

“Jade and the rest of you stand in the centre, don’t move about recklessly, each of the monsters there is more powerful than any of you.” At this moment, Su Yu and the others had already placed their bags of food on the ground, swiftly forming a circle around Jade, Ning Yan, Yuan Niping and the others who were not tier one.

As for Xu Ruyun, Liu Zheng and the others, they were not viewed as real comrades and in this moment of danger they did not bother to protect them.

Jade nervously placed Lei Rui atop the bags on the ground as she firmly grasped a metal spade, her hands were wet with cold sweat. She had seen the fearsomeness of a zombie, Ding Shan was killed by a single blow from a Metal Chain Zombie, that scene flashed through her mind as though it had just happened, meeting with these zombies once again, how could she not feel anxious and afraid?

Because the two groups of monsters were moving to pincer them, Su Yu swiftly moved to the left of the circle while Ma Ziye, Zhao Shichang moved to the front. As for Qin Jiagui, Zhang Zhongmou, Zhou Birong, Li Dong and Zhou Huakang, they formed a small circle behind the three as they were merely tier one dark iron warriors.

Li Dong had already summoned a group of poisonous wasps, the poisonous wasps made buzzing noises as they appeared before him.

“The circle formed by the five of us shouldn’t be broken, under no circumstances should we recklessly rush out.” Qin Jiagui exclaimed in reminder to Zhang Zhongmou, Zhou Birong and the others. At this moment, the five of them had formed a circle protecting Yuan Niping, Jade and a few others. As for Su Yu, Ma Ziye and Zhao Shichang, they were situated directly in front of them.

Su Yu had the confidence to block a Single Eyed Zombie King and four Metal Chain Zombies, however, he was anxious for Ma Ziye and Zhao Shichang, how could the two of them possibly deal with the other party of identical monsters?

Su Yu shouted commands to Zhang Zhongmou as he nodded, this battle rested on the laurels of Zhang Zhongmou and Ma Ziye, Su Yu was not the most important factor.

Su Yu and the others were in formation, as for Xu Ruyun, Liu Zheng and the others, they had swiftly retreated, it was weird that the two groups of zombies actually ignored them, merely continuing to move forward at a gradual pace.

Zhou Huakang’s face was contorted in anxiety as he suddenly spoke in a low voice: “There are simply too many of these zombies, we may not be able to hold out. How about rushing into the group of people over there, we can use them as meat shields and cannon fodder, in this way the chances of us living will be much greater.”

Qin Jiagui angrily glared at him as he exclaimed: “If you wish to live stop talking nonsense, when these zombies start to run they are much faster than all of you, if our group were to split up, besides Su Yu, the rest of us can forget about living.”

Qin Jiagui suddenly exploded in anger, Zhou Huakang was stunned silent and no longer dared to speak up. Qin Jiagui was so incensed because based on the method that Zhou Huakang had suggested, not only would large amounts of people die, people like Yuan Niping who were still at tier zero would have very slim chances of living.

Qin Jiagui’s exclamation had just been said when the two Single Eyed Zombie Kings suddenly shouted towards the skies before kicking with their two feet.

“Kaboom!” Two immense figures flew over ten metres into the sky, seeming like two large meet mountains as they pressed down towards the group.

At the same time, the tens of Walking Zombies and eight Metal Chain Zombies formed two groups as they rushed forward at them.

The battle had swiftly begun.

As for the bald headed bus driver and the group of people who were fervently retreating, cries of terror suddenly rang out.

Behind them, new monsters had emerged. Two groups consisting a total of thirty Lesser Goblins had suddenly appeared, blocking their path and in a single exchange, someone had already died miserably.

Su Yu and the others heard the bloodcurdling shriek but based on their current situation, they could only watch but were helpless to assist.

Su Yu howled as his left arm swept forward, ‘Chi! Chi! Chi!’ sounds were emitted as his entire arm became covered in black scales, this continued up his shoulder and onto his chest, thereafter, he swiftly rushed towards one of the descending Single Eyed Zombie Kings.

Although the Single Eyed Zombie King was exceptionally strong, Su Yu was even stronger and he had already directly collided with it.

The Rending Storm activated as a white pillar of mist was emitted from within the upraised black scales, the Single Eyed Zombie King roared as his hands waved, metal chains covered the sky as they smashed downwards.

“Klang” “Klang”

The metal chains were rent apart one after another by the Rending Storm, the Single Eyed Zombie King fell heavily to the ground as an oppressive explosive noise rang out. At the same time, Su Yu activated the Fang Bullet Burst, four fangs shot forth towards the Metal Chain Zombies, he needed to obstruct the Single Eyed Zombie King and Metal Chain Zombies, he could not allow them to reach Qin Jiagui and the others or they would be wiped in an instant.

On the other side, the other Single Eyed Zombie King had landed as Ma Ziye and Zhao Shichang courageously rushed forward.

They were both merely tier two dark iron warriors, Ma Ziye activated the Web of Metal as her right hand pulled the Star Blade from the bracelet of her left hand, a blade light flashed as she chopped it towards the left leg of the Single Eyed Zombie King.

With the sharpness and strength of the Star Blade, it was plausible that it could cut through the defense of the metal chains and sever the left leg of the zombie.

Zhao Shichang acted in the same manner as Ma Ziye, his right arm was extended as his bone blade swung forward, piercing towards the Single Eyed Zombie King.

Following closely behind the Single Eyed Zombie King, four Metal Chain Zombies also rushed forward, it was impossible for them to kill the Single Eyed Zombie King in a single exchange and if they were surrounded, they would definitely die.

The situation was extremely grim and Su Yu could see everything clearly, his heart was extremely anxious as he suddenly howled explosively, his left arm shot forth large amounts of white mist as the Single Eyed Zombie King in front of him suddenly let out an ear piercing shriek, its chest had exploded as metal chains broke off, metal pieces flew through the air as its immense body began to sway before flying away, the strength behind this blow was simply too terrifying, far exceeding his expectations.

As the group of zombies were slowly inching closer, Su Yu had already used the holes within his body to absorb large amounts of strange energy in the air, causing his body to be filled with a frightening amount of energy. He had then compressed it all into his left hand before finally sending out the fearsome blow as the Single Eyed Zombie King landed on the ground, sending it flying far away.

Back then, at the cave dwelling of York and Jennifer, Su Yu had attempted this move and the pile of boulders had been totally disintegrated, the might of this blow was definitely extraordinary.

However, the Single Eyed Zombie King was still a tier three beast soldier, although this blow was certainly fearsome, the Single Eyed Zombie King did not die. The blow earlier was tremendous and the concussive force had sent it sprawling to the ground, rendering it dizzy for a period of time, causing it to be unable to recover in a short period of time.

Su Yu needed this outcome, with this short period of time, he would then take care of the four Metal Chain Zombies.

Taking a deep breath, Su Yu turned as the Rending Storm was sent forth, white mist filled the air as he pounced towards the nearest Metal Chain Zombie.

At the same time, the two groups of Walking Zombies had rushed forward and were in battle with Qin Jiagui and the others.

Li Dong willed it as the hundred odd poisonous wasps went forward with buzzing noises, these wasps were already split into groups and each group went for the head of a Walking Zombie, wildly stinging as they buzzed around it.

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