KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: Promoting and Burning the Zombies

Although the poison from the wasps could not kill, they managed to halt the Walking Zombies in their tracks, causing them to wildly flail their claws in an attempt to fend off the wasps.

Zhou Birong’s right hand had transformed into a three hooked claw as she sent it colliding with the claw of a Walking Zombie, both sides groaned as they retreated simultaneously.

Qin Jiagui was at the precipice of the tier one stage, his strength was much greater than a Walking Zombie. At this moment, he howled as he sent the Demolishing Iron Fist flying forward.

The right hook of the Walking Zombie blocked as the hook of its left hand went sweeping forward towards Qin Jiagui’s stomach region, however, the hook of its right hand collided with the Demolishing Iron Fist and was immediately sent flying away with a loud explosive noise, causing the Walking Zombie to groan as it retreated backwards. Its left hook had nearly clawed Qin Jiagui but the Demolishing Iron Fist had actually sent it retreating backwards, its entire right arm was numb from the impact.

Qin Jiagui roared as he kicked the ground, the power of his waist was also used as he shot forward like an arrow.


Qin Jiagui actually left the circle as he collided with the Walking Zombie who had retreated.

“Qin Jiagui, what are you doing?” Li Dong saw this and immediately exclaimed.

He was the person who had instructed them not to break the formation yet he was the first to do so, damn, what was Qin Jiagui thinking? Li Dong and Zhou Huakang were shocked and angry as they looked at the large pack of Walking Zombies which were rushing at them from all directions. Their hearts were beating fast and their expressions were extremely ugly.

Qin Jia Gui had already gathered his strength as he smashed it into the chest of the Walking Zombie, a frightening momentum caused him and the Walking Zombie to tumble away, the Walking Zombie lifted its hook as it clawed into his waist, Qin Jiagui howled in pain as he lifted his right hand, smashing down.

The Demolishing Iron Fist was shot out again, this blow contained all the force within Qin Jiagui’s body.


His right hand smashed onto the skull of the Walking Zombie which was pressed below him.

The skull of the Walking Zombie was only slightly tougher than an ordinary human, it simply could not withstand the might of the Demolishing Iron Fist and was instantly blown apart, brain matter and blood spewing everywhere.

“Aaaahhhh!” Qin Jiagui lifted his head as he roared to the sky, Li Dong who was behind saw this and was speechless. He could see Qin Jiagui’s right arm continue to swell as his clothing ripped apart to expose a completely metallic arm, his shoulder was also expanding and a metal circular drum appeared on his arm.

Tier two dark iron warrior, after killing the Walking Zombie, Qin Jiagui had finally broken through, promoting to the tier two stage. His entire right arm had completely transformed and the strange energy began to gather within his arm, turning to qi as the wounds on his body healed at an astonishing rate visible to the naked eye.

As Zhao Shichang and Ma Ziye consecutively promoted to tier two, Qin Jiagui’s heart had been ablazed. This time, they were faced with a dangerous situation with thirty tier one Walking Zombies, with the few of them they simply would not be able to defend. Although he had bade Zhou Birong, Li Dong and the others not to move, he had used everything within him to rush forward because he knew that once he killed a Walking Zombie, he would definitely be able to promote to tier two.

For this goal, he had acted crazily without care for his body. Ma Ziye’s advancement process had let him clearly understand that wishing to easily promote was simply impossible, if one wanted to gain strength, they needed to put their lives on the line. This possibly conformed to the rules of this world, allowing them to struggle between the edges of life and death in order to advance.

This was a rebirth after meeting with the jaws of death.

Qin Jiagui could feel the tremendous changes which were occurring within his right arm, he immediately gained an understanding of his new abilities as he roared to the sky, all the indignation within his heart was finally explosively released.

“Monsters!” Qin Jia Gui did not climb back up but rather howled, his right arm was raised as a circular cylinder protruded from the circular drum on his right hand, following his howl, the circular cylinder shot a metal object in the form of an artillery shell that was roughly half an inch long and roughly as thick as a child’s hand.

This metal object left a trail of faint white mist as it flew forward, instantly flying into the group of Walking Zombies.


A tremendous explosive noise rang out as a fiery light flashed, the might of it was simply astounding, causing even Su Yu, the Single Eyed Zombie King and everything else to be completely distracted as they turned their heads to look. No one understood what had happened or why there was such a loud explosive noise.

Yuan Niping who was protected in the centre could not help but firmly clasp her hands together, her face filled with excitement. Qin Jiagui had courageously rushed forward to kill a Walking Zombie before successfully advancing, a metallic cylindrical object had appeared on his hand which fired something that looked like an artillery shell, upon contact with the ground, it had caused a loud explosion which immediately blew three Walking Zombies apart, a small crater was left on the ground that was burnt black in colour.

Qin Jiagui saw the prowess of his newfound ability and could not help but feel excited, his abilities were really phenomenal and could be considered the most powerful within their tier, the metallic cylinder that appeared on his left hand was the ability he had gained after advancing to a tier two dark iron warrior: Steel Missile.

This Steel Missile could be shot from within the metallic cylinder on his left shoulder, upon contact with an object it would immediately explode, the longest distance it could reach was twenty five metres and its power was immense, the only drawback was that it had a minute long cooldown.

Advancing to the second tier, not only had he gained the powerful Steel Missile, even the power of his Demolishing Iron Fist had greatly risen, after firing the Steel Missile which had killed three Walking Zombies, three black crystals had immediately flown into his body causing his strange energy to become even more consolidated. He could not help but howl as he leapt forward, punching with the Demolishing Iron Fist.

“Bang!” A Walking Zombie was punctured in the chest.

The Walking Zombie had been knocked flying by the tier two Demolishing Iron Fist, a clear hole could be seen on its chest as it immediately fell to the ground dead. This was already the fifth Walking Zombie that had been dealt with by him.

As the saying went, good preparation is the key to success, Qin Jiagui had been stuck at the precipice of tier one for a long time before finally breaking through, after killing five consecutive Walking Zombies, his strength was immense and had immediately overtaken Zhao Shichang and Ma Ziye. It seemed as though he was using this chance to tell everyone that he was not any weaker than the others, at the same tier, he was definitely the strongest.

As Qin Jiagui successfully advanced to a tier two dark iron warrior and killed five Walking Zombies, Su Yu was like a galloping horse as he pounced, the frightening Rending Storm had already dealt with three tier two Metal Chain Zombies and he was moving towards the fourth, as for the Single Eyed Zombie King that was blown away, it let out a frightening roar as it finally stood up.

By the side, Ma Ziye and Zhao Shichang were working together, one held a Star Blade while the other wielded his Bone Blade as they chopped towards the legs of the other Single Eyed Zombie King.

If they were able to chop the legs off, the other party would become a tiger without its fangs and claws, however, the Single Eyed Zombie King was only one of the two tier three beast soldiers which they had faced, it could be said that besides the giant hands and feet and the golden eagle monster, this was the strongest monster they had faced. Even the tier three Golden Gnome King was slightly weaker than it.

How could such a powerful monster like the Single Eyed Zombie King be so easily dealt with? Its hands waved as sounds of metal clashing filled the air, suddenly, over ten thick metal chains began to madly thrash towards Ma Ziye and Zhao Shichang, each metal chain was over three metres long, before the two could wield their weapons to chop at it, the metal chains would have already ground the two into meat pulp.

Ma Ziye had a martial arts background and her movements were extremely agile, her body immediately reacted to the situation as she tumbled to the ground, dodging the metal chain while sending the Star Blade forth with a ground sweeping blade, a type of ground trailing blade style, gliding close to the ground as she chopped the legs of a pouncing Walking Zombie off.

The Walking Zombie miserably cried as it fell to the ground, continually flailing yet simply unable to get up.

Zhao Shichang was far removed from the agility of Ma Ziye, he could only wildly swing his bone blade as the metal chains collided with it emitting piercing metallic ringing noises, Zhao Shichang’s strength was inferior to the Single Eyed Zombie King and groaned as he wobbled while being pushed back.

Closely behind the Single Eyed Zombie King were four Metal Chain Zombies and ten Walking Zombies which were also rushing forward.

Zhang Zhongmou firmly remembered Su Yu’s instructions, his palms were drenched in cold sweat as he firmly grasped the Red Lotus Sword, slowly adjusting himself but not acting, he was waiting for the most critical moment to act.

If it were not for Su Yu’s reminder, Zhang Zhongmou would have already wielded the Red Lotus Sword to rush forward, however, he trusted in Su Yu, since his instructions were clear, there had to be a reason for it and he would do as told. He knew that Su Yu would not harm him and his instructions were naturally with the best interests in mind.

Ma Ziye tumbled away while Zhao Shichang was knocked aside by the Single Eyed Zombie King, suddenly, the four Metal Chain Zombies behind the Single Eyed Zombie King had arrived before the entire group, the situation seemed extremely grim.

“Alright! The time is now!” Zhang Zhongmou had been waiting for a monster to appear directly before him, he guessed that this would allow his ability to have the most devastating effect as he finally stabbed the Red Lotus Sword within his hands heavily into the ground.

Sword Ability: Blazing Red Lotus
Su Yu had previously experienced the might of the Blazing Red Lotus, he had a rough estimate on the power and result of the move, as such, he had instructed Zhang Zhongmou to only use the ability when the enemy was within five metres of him, at that distance, the power of the Blazing Red Lotus would be the most devastating.

Zhang Zhongmou remembered Su Yu’s words and his entire body was tense, cold sweat drenched his body as he waited for the Single Eyed Zombie King and the four Metal Chain Zombies to come within five metres of him before activating the sword ability.

Zhang Zhongmou was merely at tier one, as per Su Yu’s instructions, his aim would be to utilise the ability on the Metal Chain Zombies, activating the sword ability would give him a high probability of killing the Metal Chain Zombie, allowing him to advance to a tier two dark iron warrior. As for the Single Eyed Zombie King, it was simply too powerful, with Zhang Zhongmou’s current level, even using the Blazing Red Lotus would likely be insufficient and carry too much risk.

At this moment, Zhang Zhongmou was really lucky, the Single Eyed Zombie King was actually moving in unison with the Metal Chain Zombie as they rushed forward, Zhang Zhongmou immediately activated the sword art.

As the Red Lotus Sword stabbed into the ground before him, a fiery red light floated above the sword as the markings on the sword lit up, it seemed as though red lightning was coursing through the sword as flashes of red light flowed from the body of the sword into the ground. The Single Eyed Zombie King and Metal Chain Zombies suddenly let out terrifying howls, from the centre of where they were in an area of around five to six metres, a blazing fiery red conflagration suddenly shrouded the region.

The frightening fiery red blaze lit up the sky as an area of five to six metres formed an enormous blazing lotus flower, swallowing the Single Eyed Zombie King and two Metal Chain Zombies within.

“Roar!” The Single Eyed Zombie King roared as the two Metal Chain Zombies miserably cried.

Ma Ziye who had tumbled to the ground was climbing back up when the floor suddenly exploded with the fire, the Single Eyed Zombie King struggled as it suddenly strode forward, its body ablaze as it rushed towards Zhang Zhongmou.

Zhang Zhongmou had merely stabbed the sword into the ground before lifting his head, the blazing Single Eyed Zombie King was already moving towards him as it roared, causing him to be in a daze.

In this moment, regret filled his heart, he understood that a person should not be too greedy, he should have remembered Su Yu’s warning that under no circumstances should he use the sword ability on the Single Eyed Zombie King.

Although Su Yu was unable to know the actual strength of the Blazing Red Lotus, he could guess that it would not be much stronger than the Earth Spikes Assault, together with the fact that Zhang Zhongmou was merely at tier one, even if he used the sword ability on the Single Eyed Zombie King, he would definitely be unable to kill it within a short amount of time, within this timeframe, the Single Eyed Zombie King would definitely be able to kill ten Zhang Zhongmous.

Zhang Zhongmou lifted his head as he felt a blazing heat draw closer, despair filled his heart as he yelled, wanting to retreat but there was simply no time.


In an instant, he was sent flying by the burning Single Eyed Zombie King, at the same time, the clear cry of a female could be heard like a flash of lightning in the night sky.

Ma Ziye had just climbed up as she noticed Zhang Zhongmou’s precarious situation, her heart trembled as she immediately kicked with her two feet, yelling as she pounced high into the air like a bolt of lightning, her hands firmly grasping the Star Blade as she stabbed into the body of the Single Eyed Zombie King.

The Single Eyed Zombie King let out a miserable shriek while Ma Zi Ye kicked, using the rebound to distance herself away from the monster. The Single Eyed Zombie King was a tier three monster and it was difficult to predict how frightening its retaliation would be.

As the Star Blade penetrated the body of the Single Eyed Zombie King, the blade ability Starlight also activated.
Su Yu’s Earth Spikes Assault and Zhang Zhongmou’s Blazing Red Lotus were long range attacks while the Starlight was a close range attack that needed to hit the enemy before activating.

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