KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 129

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Chapter 129: Ma Ziye’s Third Tier Transformation

As the Starlight activated, the Single Eyed Zombie King could not longer be bothered with Zhang Zhongmou as it roared to the sky, a blinding starry light could be seen flashing from the Star Blade, if someone were to see the insides of the Single Eyed Zombie King, they would be shocked to find that the stars shrouding the Star Blade actually seemed alive as they gave off an eye-piercing light, slicing through the Single Eyed Zombie King’s bones, flesh and skin.

“Roar!!!” The Single Eyed Zombie King howled as endless amounts of lights seemed to shoot out from his body, its entire body seemed to suddenly break apart like fragments of ice, disintegrating to the ground.

Frightening, the blade technique ‘Starlight’ was simply too frightening such that even Ma Ziye who had leapt away was staring wide eyed and speechless in amazement.

Although she had already comprehended the Starlight, she did not want to misuse, it could only be used once a day and the chance could not be easily wasted.

This was the first time which she had witnessed the might of the Starlight, even the powerful Single Eyed Zombie King had been rent into fragments, a crystal swiftly flew through the air as it entered the right leg of Ma Ziye, swiftly after, she could feel phenomenal changes occurring within her right leg.

The powerful Single Eyed Zombie King was a tier three beast soldier, after absorbing the black crystal, Ma Ziye could immediately feel the strange energy within her right leg swell to explosively new heights, she did not need to consciously do anything as it rushed towards the ‘door’ of her right leg, immediately pushing through.

The surging and swelling strange energy that was in the form of qi was like a raging river as it swiftly moved through her entire body, the floating pieces of metal rope swiftly extended up her right leg, moving to her torso as it was completely entwined by the metal rope.

The surging strange energy rushed in all directions before finally being stopped by four new ‘doors’ that had emerged at the neck, two shoulders and left leg. The strange energy then gradually calmed down as these four ‘doors’ were like boulders that stopped the entry of the strange energy in the form of qi from entering the other parts of the body.

Tier three dark iron warrior, the next after Su Yu. Ma Ziye had relied on the prowess of the Star Blade together with guts and luck to finally kill the Single Eyed Zombie King, allowing her to advance and become the second tier three dark iron warrior of the group. Thereafter, a stream of information filled her mind as it prompted her to make the choice with regards to her advancement ability.

After advancing to a tier three dark iron warrior, one would have the chance to choose a new ability. Ma Ziye’s original abilities were the Web of Metal and the Steel Spear, if she were to choose to comprehend a new ability, she would be able to obtain the ability: Steel Combat Suit.

The Steel Combat Suit was a defensive ability which could envelop the body in steel chains, creating an extremely sturdy protective combat armour. At the same time, she had two other choices which were to upgrade her existing abilities to higher tiers.

The Web of Metal could be advanced into the more effective and powerful Heaven’s Net, as for the Steel Spear, it could be advanced into the Envenomed Steel Spear which gave one’s attacks numbing properties.

All this happened in the blink of an eye and Ma Ziye did not have the time to think through her options as the three Metal Chain Zombies rushed toward her, forcing her to stomp as she activated the Web of Metal before stooping down to roll with the Star Blade already firmly grasped in her hand. Her right arm chopped down as the Star Blade arced through the air, chopping a Walking Zombie cleanly in two.

Zhang Zhongmou had activated the Blazing Red Lotus, burning the Single Eyed Zombie King and two Metal Chain Zombies along with it, the Single Eyed Zombie King was simply too powerful as it sent Zhang Zhongmou flying while being burnt by the fire.

It was fortunate that Ma Ziye had then attacked to stab the Single Eyed Zombie King causing his force to be dissipated, otherwise, the outcome would have been disastrous.

Even so, Zhang Zhongmou was sprawled on the ground groaning as he spat a mouthful of blood.

A Walking Zombie took the chance to pounce but Zhou Birong was already wielding her hooked claws to block as she shouted: “Quick, retreat!” There were several Walking Zombies piling forward and she would not be able to hold on for long.

Zhao Shichang had noticed the advancement of Qin Jiagui to tier two before he shot a missile from his shoulder which immediately killed three Walking Zombies, he was extremely envious, even though he was also a tier two dark iron warrior, his ability only allowed him to freely extend and contract a bone blade, there were no special abilities or powers, making Zhao Shichang feel rather dismayed.

Although he was also tier two, he was several times weaker than the other party.

Besides the Single Eyed Zombie King, the other two Metal Chain Zombies which had been shrouded by the Blazing Red Lotus were not as strong, their bodies were scorched as they continued to miserably shriek as they wildly flailed, struggling for barely ten seconds before falling to the ground, their bodies shrinking as a burnt smell filled the air.

The power of the Blazing Red Lotus could not be underestimated, although it was unable to kill the Single Eyed Zombie King, it was more than sufficient to kill two tier two Metal Chain Zombies which struggled for barely ten seconds before being burnt to death.

Zhang Zhongmou who had spat blood, struggled to get up as two crystals suddenly flew into his head, thereafter, he felt a surge of powerful strange energy within his head.

“Aaaaahhh!” Zhang Zhongmou could not help but yell, more and more of his face was turning into stone as the strange energy continued to surge, gradually congealing as it formed qi.

He had finally broken through, after burning two Metal Chain Zombies to death, he had promoted to become a tier two dark iron warrior.

“Haha!!!” Zhang Zhongmou could not help but wildly laughed, all the injuries on his body were recuperating at a high speed, his head had completely turned to stone, between his eyebrows there was a circular object which suddenly opened, it was a stone eyeball.

“Eye of Petrification”, this was the new ability of Zhang Zhongmou.

Zhang Zhongmou was incomparably excited as he turned to look at a Walking Zombie which was moving towards Zhou Birong in a pincer attack, the Eye of Petrification between his brows shot out a pillar of light which immediately collided into the chest of the Walking Zombie.

In no time, “Gegege” noises could be heard from the Walking Zombies body and metal chains, from the point where the light touched, everything began to turn to stone. In barely two seconds, the entire body of the Walking Zombie had turned to stone, like a statue as it stood rigidly there.

Zhang Zhongmou ran forward with the Red Lotus Sword as he lightly waved it, the stone statue immediately disintegrated into multiple small stone pieces.

The Eye of Petrification could send a Light of Petrification out from the third stone eye between his brows, those that were hit by the light would turn to stone, the effectiveness would last for roughly two seconds, if the opponent was weak, the petrified area would be larger while if the opponent was strong, the petrified area would be smaller.

Also, the Eye of Petrification had a cooldown, it could not be endlessly used to shoot out the Light of Petrification.

Ma Ziye and Zhang Zhongmou had utilised the frightening abilities within their precious treasures to kill a Single Eyed Zombie King as well as two Metal Chain Zombies, allowing them to advance successfully. On the other side, Su Yu had successfully killed the fourth Metal Chain Zombie as he turned to deal with the solitary Single Eyed Zombie King that was climbing back up.

If the current Su Yu was to battle with a Single Eyed Zombie King one on one, there was simply no doubt what would happen. Su Yu had previously dealt with a Single Eyed Zombie King when he had first promoted to a tier three expert, how could the same monster be a problem for the current Su Yu?

The Rending Storm activated as his black scales raised, Su Yu did not make any superfluous movements as he directly rushed forward.

The immense Single Eyed Zombie King did not have many techniques or movements, it merely lifted its two hands as it wielded large amounts of thick metal chains to smash towards Su Yu.

Su Yu’s left arm lifted as explosive “Zi Zi Bang” sounds rang out, metal chain after metal chain were struck by the Rending Storm, it seemed as though they were being put through a grinder, instantly being rent apart. Su Yu’s legs kicked as he charged, his left arm breaking through the metal chains which were flying towards him as he heavily struck the lower abdomen of the Single Eyed Zombie King.

The Single Eyed Zombie King was tall and Su Yu did not jump, hence his arm could only barely reach the lower abdomen area.

“Ha!” Su Yu roared as he kicked, the Rending Storm minced its way into the lower abdomen of the Single Eyed Zombie King, the frightening strength pushed at the immense body of the Single Eyed Zombie King causing it to continually move backwards.

The immense Single Eyed Zombie King was a powerful tier three beast soldier, however, before Su Yu, it seemed merely like a paper mache without any ability to resist as it was forced back by Su Yu.

All the energy contained within the Rending Storm was unleashed as the Single Eyed Zombie King’s immense body was severed in two, its lower body falling backwards while its upper body fell forwards with its face towards the ground.

Su Yu halted as the rotation of his left arm stopped, meshed meat and blood could be seen covering his upraised black scales, the black scales gradually came back together as though they had a will of their own.

Fresh blood drenched his black scale covered left arm as it slowly dripped to the ground.

At this moment, two tier three Single Eyed Zombie Kings had died, the Walking Zombies had almost been cleared by Qin Jiagui before he finally lifted a severely injured Walking Zombie and placed it before Yuan Niping: “Ni Ping, kill it.”

Yuan Niping lightly frowned but did not say anything as she lifted a metal spade, gritting her teeth as she smashed towards the Walking Zombie.

On the other side, Zhang Zhongmou had activated the Blazing Red Lotus, burning two Metal Chain Zombies to death. There were still two Metal Chain Zombies which had escaped unscathed as they pounced from the left and right, Ma Ziye stomped the ground, she had finally made a decision to give up on increasing her offensive and defensive capabilities but rather chose promote the Web of Metal to the even more powerful Heaven’s Net.

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