KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: The Exceptional Strange Energy of Zhang Zhong Mou

The casualties this time around were serious. The amount of casualties that a single ‘Greater Goblin’ caused actually exceeded that which fifteen of the ‘Lesser Goblins’ caused.

There were only eighteen people left alive and one amongst them was a normal student who had suffered severe injuries and lay on the ground panting with each breath as blood could be seen flowing from both his nose and mouth. From the looks of it, he would be hard pressed to continue living and certainly had no way to continue on with them.

The others like Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and Ma Zi Ye were also heavily injured but they were fortunate as the strange energy in their bodies reduced the pain and increased their regenerative abilities. Of them, Su Yu’s regenerative abilities were the most frightening.

It may have been due to him promoting to a ‘Tier one dark iron warrior’, waves of strange energy continued to be released through his entire body as they gathered at the injured areas and healed with a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. In a short while, not only had the wound on his chest completely healed, even his initially broken right arm had also began to slowly become mobile again.

Su Yu finally came to his senses after feeling out all of the miraculous energy and immediately rushed to Zhang Zhong Mou’s side.

Zhang Zhong Mou had been smashed in the head by the Greater Goblin and based on the strength of the Greater Goblin and the sharpness of its claws, his head would likely have been split open.

When Su Yu noticed him, he realised that the fellow was actually slowly sitting up and the white bandage that covered his face had been torn apart. On his face, there only remained a weird gash but otherwise there was absolutely no other injuries.

“You……” Su Yu was stunned.

Zhang Zhong Mou laughed as he took out a cigarette and lit it, took a puff as if he knew why Su Yu was in such a daze and said: “I’ve already said, my strange energy is actually within this face…… The skin on my face has become impenetrable by gun or knife.” He had a tone of self ridicule and also helplessness.

Other people’s strange energy were located within their hands or feet, enabling them to wield powerful attacks during battles. With his strange energy located in his face, Zhang Zhong Mou felt very helpless.

Having a strange energy within his face….. The question was how to use this face to kill those green monsters?

Although he was shocked as to why Zhang Zhong Mou’s strange energy was located in his face, he was happy that Zhang Zhong Mou was alright as he breathed a sigh of relief. Su Yu’s left hand patted his shoulder before looked in another direction, hesitating for a moment before finally walking over.

Ning Yan was currently clutching her right arm and slowly getting up.

Earlier the Greater Goblin had initiated an attack on Ning Yan and Su Yu had thrown him wooden club at it, he did not expect the Greater Goblin to dodge resulting in the club smashing into Ning Yan’s right arm.

It was fortunate that Ning Yan’s strange energy was located in her right arm, otherwise this club would have been sufficient to turn her arm into meat pulp.

Although it contained strange energy, the force of the club was simply too vicious and Ning Yan still felt that the bone within her right arm had fractured, an intense throbbing pain could be felt as she hugged it and slowly stood up, her face a pasty white.

“Sor…… Sorry, are you alright?” Su Yu finally mustered the courage to walk over and stuttered as he asked in concern.

Ning Yan had always been the goddess of his dreams, the person he had always secretly admired. It was only that Ning Yan was simply too beautiful and her studies were excellent. Within the school, she almost never spoke to Su Yu and he only dared to look at her from afar, a kind of indescribable feeling of inferiority made him frightened of going near her as he only dared to secretly admire from afar.

Ning Yan lightly grit her teeth as she looked at Su Yu without saying a word.

Su Yu never expected that Ning Yan would actually ignore him and the atmosphere became stiff and awkward. It was lucky that Qin Jia Gui and Zhao Shi Chang had walked over as Qin Jia Gui softly asked: “Su Yu, your left hand earlier, what’s going on?”

Earlier when Su Yu killed the Greater Goblin and absorbed the strange energy, his left hand had undergone a transformation and actually had strange claws on it. This was immediately noticed by many of the group and Qin Jia Gui could not contain his curiosity as he came and asked.

Su Yu looked over and even Ma Zi Ye had come over, their eyes filled with curiosity.

The group were not dim-witted and had guessed that with the Greater Goblins fearsome strength, killing it would result in the absorption of a frightening amount of strange energy. Thus they were all very curious about it.

Su Yu did not hide anything as he clenched his left hand, his entire fist was covered with jet black scales that seemed like the hand of a lizard.

Looking at this black scaled hand, Qin Jia Gui, Zhao Shi Chang and they others all did a sharp intake of cold air as they could distinctly feel that there was a frightening strength contained within.

“If I didn’t guess wrongly, killing these monsters will cause us to go through some unfathomable changes. Human’s who have received the strange energy are referred to as ‘Dark iron warriors’ and this is a Greater Goblin while this is a Lesser Goblin……”

Su Yu passed on the information that he had obtained as well as some conjectures that he had based on the information.

Qin Jia Gui clenched his right fist and on the back of his hand appeared a patch of jet black metal-like speckles as he said: “I understand, if we kill enough of these monsters and collect enough crystals within our bodies, we will continually evolve and gain even stronger abilities. It’s only that our transformations seem to be different, while scales appear on yours, these weird metallic like speckles appear on mine.”

“Not only are the changes that occur to each person different, even the areas which the transformations begin is also different. This dark iron warrior certainly seems interesting……” Ma Zi Ye suddenly spoke: “This strange energy not only gives us exceptional strength that far exceeds normal humans, it also gives us a shocking regenerative speed….. The wounds that I have suffered have already mostly healed in such a short period of time. This energy is simply too inconceivable. Everyone, what world are we on? Do you think we are still living on earth?”

No one continued speaking, if one admitted that this was not earth, then how would they find the rescue teams, would that not become an impossibility? Everyone wanted to be back home with their families, some people even reminisced about their friends.

The area suddenly became deathly silent.

Su Yu rubbed his hair as he looked at the seven to eight corpses that littered the floor. The sports teacher had died first, causing Su Yu to feel shock and anger. However, upon seeing the floor that was currently full of corpses, he actually felt numb.

A group of thirty one of them had left the school and barely half a day had passed but only eighteen of them remained. Amongst them was one who was severely injured and whether he would be able to live on was still in question.

The sky was still dark as cumulonimbus clouds covered the sky, Zhang Zhong Mou took out his handphone and suddenly said: “It’s already 12pm.”

The group felt a shudder as they understood the meaning behind his words.

It was already twelve in the afternoon, they had two days worth of time and half a day had officially passed.

Most people in the group had been injured and Ma Zi Ye suggested to rest for a while, and having lunch before moving off. No one had any objections.

Qin Jia Gui looked over at the student with heavy injuries and said: “What should we do about him?” Everyone looked over, he did not have any strange energy within him and with this severe injury, it was simply impossible for him to continue following them. Would they really have to leave him behind?

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