KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: Moldable Talent

As she made this decision, the strange energy within her body surged as comprehension filled her mind allowing her to understand how to use the strange energy to allow the Web of Metal to become Heaven’s Net.

Heaven’s Net, the upgraded form of Web of Metal, the area of effect was fifteen metres, together with the strengthening of her strange energy, the area of effect would also continually increase. Also, the greatest difference with the Heaven’s Net was that it did not only constrict the legs of the enemy, rather, it was able to continue moving up the body before totally binding the other party’s body, if the other party was really weak, it could even cause the other party to die from suffocation. Once her strange energy reached a sufficiently high level, she could even use it to instantly crush an opponent’s body.

At this moment, Ma Ziye had already noticed the Metal Chain Zombies and decided to test the Heaven’s Net, streaks of metal rope began to extend from her legs as they wildly formed a web, within the blink of an eye, two Metal Chain Zombies and three Walking Zombies were ensnared by the Heaven’s Net, the streaks of metal rope began to climb up their bodies before swiftly constricting their entire bodies.

Ma Zi Ye’s first try of the skill was very obvious, although she was not familiar with the skill yet, it had ensnared two Metal Chain Zombies and three Walking Zombies within seconds.

Wielding the Star Blade, Ma Ziye rushed forward, sweeping it forth as a Metal Chain Zombie groaned, thick blood spurted from the neck as its head tumbled away, sliced off by the incomparably sharp Star Blade.

The Heaven’s Net swiftly lost its efficacy as the other Metal Chain Zombie regained its freedom, however, it was hit by Zhang Zhongmou’s Petrifying Light causing both its legs to turn to stone.

The Metal Chain Zombie was at the same tier as him, the light was unable to completely petrify it but had managed to petrify its legs, causing the Metal Chain Zombie to be rooted to the ground.

The Red Lotus Sword thrust forward, although the legs of the Metal Chain Zombie were petrified, its hands could still move as it hurriedly wielded its metal chains in an attempt to block the Red Lotus Sword.

Zhang Zhongmou exclaimed as his arms exerted, the Red Lotus Sword moved forward, slicing through the metal chains as another light flashed from the side, the Star Blade went forward as the two arms of the Metal Chain Zombie which were raised in the air got chopped off.

The Metal Chain Zombie miserably cried, Ma Ziye had arrived but did not immediately kill the Metal Chain Zombie as she advised Zhang Zhongmou: “Next time, remember to petrify its arms first.” before rushing over to another Walking Zombie.

Zhang Zhongmou laughed: “Instant Noodles is really so cool!” The Red Lotus Sword swept forward, killing the Metal Chain Zombie allowing his strange energy to grow even stronger.

Su Yu carried a severely injured Walking Zombie and an unconscious Metal Chain Zombie as he tossed it before Jade.

When fighting the four Metal Chain Zombies, he had killed three while leaving one behind. This was done for Jade, he wanted to allow Jade to promote directly to a tier two dark iron warrior.

He did not dare to leave all four of the Metal Chain Zombies for fear of the giant foot, for now he wants to help Jade to advance.

Jade wanted to become stronger, she wanted to protect Lei Rui who could no longer protect herself, looking at the zombies on the ground, she did not hesitate as she immediately lifted a metal spade to kill the Walking Zombie.

Indeed, after killing the Walking Zombie, Jade suddenly shouted as she successfully promoted to become a tier one dark iron warrior, her strange energy was also located in her left hand like Su Yu, when she clenched her fist, strange streaks of white markings appeared on her skin, this change was clearly different from everyone else.

Su Yu saw this as he questioned: “What’s the matter? Quickly kill the Metal Chain Zombie before testing.” The Metal Chain Zombie was a tier two beast soldier, after killing it Jade would likely advance to a tier two dark iron warrior.

Jade lifted the metal spade, swiftly killing the Metal Chain Zombie which was unconscious, a black crystal swiftly flew into her left hand.

“How’s it now?” Su Yu hurriedly asked as he activated the Eye of Perception.

Jade firmly clasped her left hand as she replied: “There’s a very powerful strange energy….. but……”

Su Yu’s Eye of Perception could clearly see that Jade was still a tier one dark iron warrior, killing the tier two Metal Chain Zombie had failed to allow her to promote.

“Why is it like this?” Su Yu was stunned as he lifted his head, at this moment, the combat all around had already gradually died down.

“Could it be that if one wanted to advance to tier two, they needed to personally engage in combat?” Su Yu frowned, this was troublesome, not every girl was like Ma Ziye with combat prowess and being battle savvy.

“What abilities have you comprehended?” Although Jade had failed to advance to tier two, she had still advanced to tier one and should have gained some special ability, abilities could be strong or weak and were very important.

Jade clenched her left fist as the markings on the back of her hand flashed: “Runewords, by drawing the runic words one can activate an attack.” as she said this, her left hand was in the air as she began to draw.

It was clear that she was not very familiar, drawing while she pondered. This process took over ten seconds before she suddenly shouted: “Strike!”, the markings on the back of her hand began to glow as a white shockwave suddenly shot out.


A piercing white light shot the ground as the ground seemed to have been struck by thousands of hooks, a crater was formed showing how terrifying the shockwave was.

Su Yu could not help but tousle his hair: “For a tier one ability, your runewords is really quite powerful…… however, you require over ten seconds to activate it, in a real threatening situation, you won’t have the chance to utilise it.”
Jade replied: “I’m just not used to it, it will definitely be more effective once i’m used to it.” as she said this, she also began to practice.

Su Yu affirmed with a grunt, however, his mind was thinking of the complexity of the drawing. Based on that complexity, even if she was extremely familiar, she would still require four to five seconds to draw the symbol, in a one on one combat against a monster, that was extremely dangerous.

Beside Jade, Yuan Niping had also advanced to a tier one dark iron warrior with Qin Jiagui’s help. Although this battle had been extremely perilous, the gains were also bountiful. Ma Ziye had promoted to a tier three expert, Qin Jiagui and Zhang Zhongmou had advanced to tier two while Jade and Yuan Niping had both advanced to tier one, the power of the group as a whole had risen by miles.

At this moment, two groups of zombies had been taken care of, the battle at the back had also ended, thirty Lesser Goblins together with the Greater Goblin had been killed, however, Xu Ruyun and Liu Zheng’s group had many injuries and casualties. The floor was littered dismembered corpses, twenty odd people had experienced their first baptism of monsters and the ones that managed to live were less than ten people.

When Su Yu looked over to them, the people remaining were Xu Ruyun, Liu Zheng, the bald headed bus driver, the tanned middle-aged uncle, the hooliganistic youth and his partner, a female whose head was chock full of yellow hair and ears were filled with piercings. There was also a young lad that was about 175cm tall with a tough and stocky build, these were the seven people who survived.

As for the others, they had all died miserably, this was a cruel reality. The weaker women and children had all died and of the seven that lived, only one was a female.

At this moment, besides Xu Ruyun, the other six had dazed looks on their faces as they stared at the ground which was littered with corpses before looking at the blood that covered their bodies, too stunned to recover in a short period of time.

Su Yu sighed as he looked towards Xu Ruyun who seemed unnaturally calm and composed, he wore a black windbreaker and spectacles that were made of thick wooden frames. A seemingly clean and cultured gentleman had actually promoted to a tier one dark iron warrior.

Su Yu recalled that there was a Greater Goblin amongst the group of monsters earlier, it was clear that Xu Ruyun had killed it, otherwise, he would not have so easily reached the tier one stage.

Su Yu’s vision fell on the Greater Goblin beside him, the wrists, neck and several other vital parts had been sliced, large amounts of green juice had flown out from these wounds, even a monster would gradually grow weaker before finally dying. The wound that killed the Greater Goblin should have been the wound on its throat, looking at the wounds on the Greater Goblins body, Xu Ruyun should have a sharp small blade on him.

Su Yu carefully looked and noticed that a majority of the corpses had their throats slit, they should have been killed by Xu Ruyun.

“This fellow is a talent who can be molded…….” Suddenly, Qin Jiagui softly whispered beside him.

Su Yu affirmed as he nodded his head, this Xu Ruyun was certainly quite outstanding.

This Xu Ruyun was extraordinarily calm and based on his performance, he was definitely not an ordinary person in the real world. It was a mystery why he was on this tourist bus which had fallen into a Sky Hole resulting in it entering this unknown world.

Zhang Zhongmou had walked to Su Yu’s side as he suddenly punched his back with excitement written on his face: “I’m also a tier two dark iron warrior! This precious treasure is simply too wonderful, now that my strange energy has become stronger, if we meet a Single Eyed Zombie King in future, haha! I will use the Blazing Red Lotus to burn that fellow, then…….. I will also become tier three! Haha, this is the first time that I’ve found this world interesting, with this sword, advancing has become so simple.”

Su Yu glanced over at Zhang Zhongmou and could not help but say: “Be careful of being overconfident, don’t forget what happened to the previous owner of the Red Lotus Sword, the Single Eyed Zombie King is different from a Metal Chain Zombie, I’m afraid the Blazing Red Lotus may be insufficient to burn it to death. You’re taking things too simply, in this forest, you have to be careful at all times. Remember my words.”

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