KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Strange Ability

Qin Jiagui hurriedly intervened: “Okay okay, whether it be western of chinese medicine, there must be a reason for their existence, aren’t they talking about the fusion of western and chinese medicine now? I feel that both have their strong points

Zhao Shichang glared at him: “This is a problem of perspective.”

Xu Ruyun responded: “A problem of principles.”

Qin Jiagui had a bitter smile while Su Yu laughed as he gently brushed a leaf off his shirt, these two people were certainly interesting.

After resting for a while, the group continued forward, the seven newcomers were given two big packs each to carry, knowing that there was food within, they did not dare to be careless.

There were a total of nineteen people, three experts at tier three, three at tier two, six at tier one and finally eight at tier zero. It could be said that the group was reasonably powerful, Qin Jiagui, Zhao Shichang and the others were filled with confidence, this was the first time they felt in control of their situation. Along the way, they began to fill the newcomers in on what they needed to pay attention to, also discussing how they should act when they encountered monsters.

Su Yu was currently most vexed about helping others to reach tier two, if he assisted them, the result was minimal and they needed to personally kill to advance faster.

“Lass, remember, in the future when we meet a tier two monster, I will block it while you take the chance to use your Runewords to attack it, I think that will work.” Su Yu instructed, he had decided not to knock the monster unconscious but rather work together with Jade to kill it, this would probably have a better result.

Jade affirmed with a nod.

It was strange that the entire afternoon passed without any danger, they only met with a small group of Lesser Goblins which immediately fled upon seeing Su Yu’s large group without attacking.

The group would naturally not chase as they watched the group of little green monsters flee.

Qin Jiagui occasionally pulled the map out to determine their position before continuing forward, the forest was beginning to thicken and it became harder to move forward, Zhao Shichang continued to wield his bone blade to open a path while Zhang Zhongmou used the Red Lotus Sword to help.

Large swaths of forest were chopped down as branches and bramble were cleared, Zhao Shichang and Zhang Zhongmou opened the path and their speed increased.

This was a relatively peaceful afternoon and even the sounds of monsters roaring in the distance were absent, it seemed that they were in a portion of the forest where there were no monsters.

This primitive forest was very different from the one that everyone was familiar with, there were few insects or poisonous creatures, the weakest monsters in the food chain were likely the Lesser Goblins and Gnomes.

However, although they were the lowest tier of monsters, they were still much stronger than ordinary humans.

When ordinary humans entered here, if they were not relying on luck, numbers or weapons, it was simply impossible to kill a Lesser Goblin.

As night fell, the group were already tired and prepared to rest. Zhao Shichang, Zhang Zhongmou and Ma Ziye who had taken out her Star Blade began to clear the area of wild grass and shrubs, creating an open area of roughly twenty metres. Everyone then worked together to clear the debris to allow them to sleep more comfortably.

The bags which contained food were placed in the centre, Jade carefully placed Lei Rui amongst the bags as she sat there to protect her.

The others attempted to rest as close to the centre as possible, because they were numerous, they took shifts of three throughout the night.

The small groups were formed based on their relationships, Qin Jiagui was together with Yuan Niping, Su Yu was together with Zhang Zhongmou and the others, Li Dong and Zhou Huakang were together, and the others were a random mix.

Liu Zheng held a pen and paper as he sat beside Zhang Zhongmou excitedly speaking: “Hey, can I check with you what are your abilities and who’s the strongest?”

He could tell that Zhang Zhongmou loved to talk, he was a chatterbox and questioning him would be the easiest.

Qin Jiagui glanced over at Xu Ruyun: “You actually managed to kill a Greater Goblin to advance to tier one? What ability did you gain?”

Xu Ruyun frowned slightly while Qin Jiagui smiled: “Don’t be mistaken, all our abilities are openly shared, only when we are familiar with each other can we better complement our skills. As for my ability, I am able to cause my skin to turn to metal.” As he said this, his right arm immediately transformed, turning to metal while a metal circular drum suddenly appeared on his right shoulder.

“This can fire a Steel Missile, it is a new ability which I gained after promoting to tier two, my fist can cause the things hit by it to explode, these are my current abilities.”

Qin Jiagui’s words dispelled some of the concerns which Xu Ruyun had as he slowly spoke: “My ability seems to be in my chest area…….” As he said this, he moved aside his black coat to expose his chest.

Su Yu also looked over, Xu Ruyun’s performance had been astonishing and everyone was curious what ability he had attained.

As Xu Ruyun exposed his chest, Su Yu noticed that there was a slight trembling at the area of his chest, small blades appeared suddenly one after the other from beneath his skin.

“This…… this is……” Qin Jiagui was stunned.

Xu Ruyun reached down as he pulled one of the blades out, the group could see that this was a surgical knife, flicking his wrist, the small blade flew threw the air before embedding itself within the trunk of a tree.

“Pull out surgical knives from within your chest, this is your ability?” Qin Jiagui had an expression of incredulity.

Xu Ruyun nodded before continuing: “It could be due to the many surgical knives on my person, after advancing, my body actually had a sucking power which absorbed these blades into my body. This was the cause of my strange ability, I am able to continuously pull surgical knives from within my chest.” he had a bitter smile on his face, this ability was certainly too unusual.

Everyone exchanged glances, they were unable to clearly say whether his ability was strong or weak, he was currently at tier one and it would be difficult to make a judgement call, only when he reached tier two would they be able to tell if this ability was good.

Zhang Zhongmou heard Liu Zheng’s question of who was strongest as he laughed: “Who’s the strongest? That’s naturally this daddy right here.”

“Really?” Liu Zheng had a fawning expression on his face, when the monsters attacked, he was too engrossed with preserving his life and could not pay attention to how the others were fighting. As such, he did not know who was the strongest as a look of curiosity and worship appeared on his face before silently pointing towards Su Yu: “Why is it that he is always the first to rush forward when we meet with strong monsters? It seems that all the stronger monsters are dealt with by him, I actually thought that he was the strongest but it’s actually brother Zhang.”

Zhang Zhongmou glanced over at Su Yu as he drily laughed: “Him? You asked who was the strongest human, that’s definitely me, but he’s already too strong to be even considered a human.”

Liu Zheng was exasperated, he realised that Zhang Zhongmou was teasing him.

Li Dong and Zhou Huakang sat together as they silently conversed: “You beat up that Wang Xiang today, he will surely remember this, you better look out for yourself.”

Zhou Huakang nodded as a cold smile flitted across his face: “I can’t stand such hooligans, he actually dares to retaliate? That would give me a good reason to kill him off.”

Li Dong softly continued: “As time goes on, the circumstances might become unfavourable, if we meet with monsters again tomorrow, we should allow the monsters to assist us in killing him, leaving such a person within the group would be like leaving a ticking time bomb, although you are currently stronger than him, an exposed gun is easy to dodge while a hidden arrow is difficult to defend against, also, who knows whether that fellow will get lucky, managing to kill a tier one monster and promoting to become tier one dark iron warriors like us?”

Li Dong’s foresight was much greater than Zhou Huakang, while speaking he was glancing over at Xu Ruyun, he was a talent who had come to this world, managing to promote to tier one in a short period of time, this made Li Dong who had struggled so hard to advance to feel envious.

Zhou Huakang affirmed with a grunt, as Li Dong said, it was better to find the earliest opportunity to get rid of that Wang Xiang.

Qin Jiagui and Yuan Niping chatted for a short while before walking over to Su Yu’s side and seated himself beside him. Su Yu was currently opening a box of chocolates, noticing Qin Jiagui, he also offered some to him.

Qin Jiagui accepted the offer as he bit down, he actually did not really like the flavour of chocolates.

Looking at the group who were seated all around, Qin Jiagui whispered: “Su Yu, the group is suddenly much bigger, we aren’t familiar with their characters and morals, we need to be especially careful and observant.”

Although Su Yu wasn’t the leader of the group and he didn’t want to think about being it, when matters became serious, Qin Jiagui’s first thought would be to approach him and discuss. Even Qin Jiagui who wanted to be leader could not help but admit that within the group, Su Yu was the real backbone.

Su Yu placed a piece of chocolate into his mouth, chewed and swallowed before replying: “That bus driver, the black faced uncle, Liu Zheng who constantly daydreams as well as the programmer shouldn’t be much of a problem, we must pay more attention to that person called Wang Xiang, he may cause some problems…… Also, we need to pay attention to Xu Ruyun.” Suddenly, he turned to face Qin Jiagui as he laughed: “Why aren’t you eating? Don’t like chocolates?”

Qin Jiagui laughed before finally placing the remainder of the chocolate into his mouth, chewing silently.

Su Yu continued: “Chocolates are high in calories, eating a bit of it is sufficient especially in such a vicious environment.”

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