KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: Combat Genius

Qin Jiagui softly spoke: “That Wang Xiang is clearly a ruffian, there was an altercation between Zhou Huakang and him earlier in the day, he must be filled with thought of revenge, he may even hate the rest of us. As for Xu Ruyun, he is overly calm and doesn’t seem like an ordinary person, he’s only just arrived within this frightening forest but has not shown the slightest bit of fear, he seems to adapt extremely quickly and has actually become a tier one dark iron warrior, such a person……. Befriending him is certainly a good thing but on the same note, if we fall out, he would be a terrifying enemy……”

Su Yu closed the lid on the box of chocolates as he placed it within the bag by his side before continuing: “Relax, I will pay attention.” He knew the reason why Qin Jiagui had come over to speak to him, he wanted Su Yu to pay more attention to Wang Xiang, Xu Ruyun and the few others.

Qin Jiagui breathed a sigh of relief, it was good that Su Yu had the same intentions, he was afraid that if their group met with any danger, these unstable elements might create some trouble. Within their group, only Su Yu would have the ability to split his attention to take notice of Xu Ruyun and the others.

Qin Jia Gui went on: “There are still a few more days, we’ve covered quite a bit of ground today. Based on our current speed, it seems that we may reach the position indicated on the map within five days.”

Su Yu looked at him as he suddenly asked: “Qin Jiagui, what is the likelihood that the position indicated on the map is actually the exit?”

Qin Jiagui fell into a deep contemplation before finally speaking in a low voice: “I’m not sure, actually…… I don’t have much confidence myself, however, we can’t speak of this matter. This is currently the only hope that everyone is clinging on to, if there isn’t hope, I fear that our group will disperse.” Having such this, fatigue and helplessness filled his features.

Su Yu looked at Qin Jiagui with sympathy, in this moment he finally realised that Qin Jiagui had long suspected that the position indicated on the map could possibly not be the exit, he had firmly insisted on this to strengthen the confidence of everyone, blindly believing that that was the exit. This blind faith was the only thing holding the group together, otherwise, it was likely that they would suffer from mental breakdowns.

“Actually, maybe it isn’t as terrible as we currently think it is.” Su Yu suddenly stretched his hand to pat Qin Jiagui, although they were comrades, they had a sense of rivalry between them and their relations were not especially close, it could only be said that they were forced to be comrades by the circumstances surrounding them.

As Su Yu patted Qin Jiagui, he could fill his broad and firm shoulders, suddenly, a feeling that Qin Jiagui was actually a reliable companion well up within him. At the very least, he was certainly acting in the best interests of the group, amongst the males within the group besides Zhang Zhongmou, Qin Jiagui was the second most trusted companion of Su Yu. As for Zhao Shichang, Li Dong and Zhou Huakang, Zhao Shichang was slightly better but it was impossible to trust him 100%, as for Li Dong and Zhou Huakang, he simply could not bring himself to trust them, it could only be said that it was better to have two more members than two less members in the group.

As the newly joined personnel, he did not expect much for them, they could not be considered true comrades yet.

Qin Jiagui was stunned for a moment as he felt Su Yu pat his shoulder, in his impression, Su Yu was a easy-going person who seldom did anything to anyone, besides being very good friends with Zhang Zhongmou, whether it be himself, Zhao Shichang or Li Dong, Su Yu did not seek them out to speak with them. This was the reason why Zhao Shichang, Li Dong and the others felt as though Su Yu was a person who was difficult to get close to, together with his strength, they actually had a feeling that he was unreachable.

Even Qin Jiagui had been given such an impression, this was why he had been so hesitant about approaching Su Yu to discuss matters.

Within this forest, power was everything, whoever had the strength would be able to gain the respect of others. If everyone were merely ordinary humans, with Su Yu’s character, he would definitely become someone transparent within the group. However, because he had strength, the feeling he gave the others was someone who was unreachable.

As a result, Li Dong and Zhou Huakang seldom sought out Su Yu to talk, they actually wanted to get closer to Su Yu and become buddies with him like Zhang Zhongmou, however…… They were afraid to be in his presence, not daring to speak as they felt that Su Yu was difficult to interact with.
Su Yu had merely casually patted Qin Jiagui but this spoke of his recognition, he did not know that his simple gesture had caused a feeling of being overwhelmed by recognition from a superior to well within Qin Jiagui. Qin Jiagui actually scolded himself for having such a feeling but his heart could not help but have a strange sensation.

He suddenly understood, being recognised by someone much stronger than himself was actually something so fulfilling, it actually made him feel overwhelmed.

Although they were of similar status within the school in the past, Qin Jiagui had been much more outstanding than Su Yu, however, after entering this forest, because of Su Yu’s luck in killing his first Lesser Goblin, the gap in strength between the two was merely widening.

Su Yu was slowly widening the gap, originally Qin Jiagui could still see his back and had tried his hardest to catch up, when he finally looked up, he realised that he had been left far behind, unable to catch even the slightest glimpse of him.

After promoting to tier three, Su Yu had the power of the Rending Storm, he had even improved the technique allowing him to cause an explosive effect a distance away, together with the Golden Blood made him a formidable force. He had also given away two precious treasures which allowed both Ma Ziye and Zhang Zhongmou to promote to tier three and tier two respectively, such abilities and methods were miles ahead of what Qin Jiagui had.

Ma Ziye had also promoted to tier three today, back when Su Yu had jested about lacking the confidence of fighting Ma Ziye, Qin Jiagui had heard it and he had cursed in his heart, he felt that Su Yu was merely acting humble, Su Yu had acquired the Golden Blood and had thereafter exploded forth with a might that had swept all the frightening monsters like the Golden Gnome King and Savage Bull Demon away, even two Ma Ziyes probably could not create such results.

Thinking back to York and Chu Xiang who were both tier three experts but had been killed by Su Yu, Qin Jiagui suddenly felt a weird sensation well up within him, could Su Yu actually be a combat genius? Or could he just be extremely lucky?

Su Yu’s growth had been personally witnessed by him, how strong was the current Su Yu? This was something that was impossible to estimate.

Su Yu patted Qin Jiagui’s shoulder before continuing: “I’ve always believed that since we are able to enter this area, there will definitely be a way out. It’s only that we haven’t found it, there is always a way, we definitely have hope.

Qin Jiagui nodded, this unplanned discussion between the two of them had actually drawn them closer together.

The first half of the night was guarded by Zhao Shichang, Mao Mingzhu and Wang Xiang, Zhao Shichang occasionally walked around as he inspected before indicating to Wang Xiang and Mao Mingzhu to look out for certain areas. This night was relatively peaceful and the sounds of monsters roaring in the distance was seldom heard.

The night was extremely quiet with only the sound of Zhang Zhongmou snoring. Zhao Shichang yawned, he noticed that Mao Mingzhu and Wang Xiang seemed like they were falling asleep and could not help but walk over: “Focus, it will be over in a while.”

Mao Mingzhu replied: “I think it’s quite peaceful…… there doesn’t seem to be any danger….. How about……”

She had not finished her sentence when Zhao Shichang glared at her as he interrupted: “If you wish to die, it’s fine. However, don’t drag us in. Within this forest, danger lurks everywhere and we may face peril at any moment. If you continue to have such thoughts, I think…… it won’t be long before you die.”

Having said this, Zhao Shichang walked off to the side, no longer caring about them.

Mao Mingzhu’s face was red, after being lectured, her lethargy was gone and she could only focus on looking all around her.

Time continued to pass minute after minute, looking at his watch, it was finally time for Su Yu, Zhou Huakang and Huo Shan to take over.

When he walked to Huo Shan’s side, this middle aged man was currently hugging his case, his body was huddled as he continued to softly mumble.

Zhao Shichang first thought that Huo Shan had not fallen asleep but upon closer inspection, he was actually sleep talking.

“Xiang Mei…… don’t worry……. I’ll reach the hospital soon…… I’ve brought the money for the operation, you’ll be fine…… You can’t die…… “

Suddenly, Huo Shan began crying within his dream.

Zhao Shichang was stunned, seeing a grown-up male cry like a little kid caused an unhappy feeling to well up within him, looking at the time, he hardened his heart to wake Huo Shan up.

Huo Shan woke up dazed, instinctively clutching onto his case as he nervously sat up, he could feel the stains on his face as he hurriedly used his clothes to wipe it up.

“Wake up uncle, it’s your turn for sentry duty.” Zhao Shichang sat down as he spoke.

“Oh, oh…….” Huo Shan had woken up and recalled the earlier arrangement, three people in a group and they would take turns to do sentry duty, he was together with Su Yu and Zhou Huakang in group two, this half of the night was their turn.

The reason why Su Yu was paired together with Zhou Huakang was in light of the altercation between him and Wang Xiang earlier in the day, with Su Yu in the group, it was unlikely that Zhou Huakang would have the courage to cause any trouble.

On such a night, everyone wished to have a peaceful sleep without any trouble arising.

After waking up, Su Yu nodded to Zhao Shichang indicating that he could sleep and leave the rest to him.

Zhao Shichang laid down comfortably, amongst the people guarding the group, Su Yu was definitely the one who made them feel the safest.

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