KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: 666 Monster?

Su Yu did not walk to and fro like Zhao Shichang, rather, he merely sat by the side. HIs current vision and hearing allowed him to clearly sense everything around him.

Zhou Huakang stood by the other side, occasionally walking before sitting down, he glanced a couple of times at Wang Xiang, it was clear that he was vexed and had wanted to walk over to stomp him to death but had controlled himself.

As for Wang Xiang, knowing that Zhou Huakang was guarding the night, how could he dare to sleep? His entire body was tense and his heart was filled with hatred and fear.

As for Huo Shan, he firmly clutched his case as though he were hugging his lifeline, not relaxing for a single moment.

This night was very peaceful, they did not suffer any disturbances as it swiftly became day, finally, Su Yu heard some movements.

It was not only Su Yu who heard this, even Zhou Huakang and Huo Shan heard the roar of a monster.

This roar suddenly transmitted from far away, this was followed by a second howling noise but it did not seem to be from the monster, also, this sound was gradually getting closer to the resting area of the group.

Su Yu did not need to speak as Qin Jiagui, Zhang Zhongmou and Ma Ziye swiftly woke up.

“What’s going on?” Zhang Zhongmou stood up as he immediately rushed to Su Yu’s side.

Su Yu shook his head, his left fist gently clenching as black scales slowly emerged onto the back of his hand.


A loud noise could be heard roughly twenty metres away from where the group were, there was then the noise of a tree falling. “Crack, crack” frightening sounds could be heard as the faces of the group changed, they were now fully awake as Qin Jiagui softly exclaimed: “Quickly retreat!” Everyone swiftly moved back as they saw one big tree after another falling to the ground.

“Roar!!!!!’ A frightening howl rang out as though it were the roar of an ancient monster from ages past, this sound came from ten metres in front of the group.

Ning Yan who was amongst the group suddenly had a weird light flash through her eyes, she unconsciously pushed aside Zhou Birong who was in front of her as she walked forward, as though something were attracting her.

“Careful, don’t go.” Zhou Birong’s right hand sprouted steel feathered claws while she used her left hand to hold back Ning Yan.

Ma Ziye, Zhao Shichang, Qin Jiagui, Zhang Zhongmou and the others stood ready in their formation as a precaution, the surroundings were still rather dim and if they met with some unexpected situation, running away haphazardly would be a foolish maneuver. Besides the newcomers, the others responded relatively calmly.

Su Yu’s left hand had transformed and was covered with black scales, as the trees continued to fall, a humanoid monster that was totally black appeared before them.

This monster was roughly as tall as a human, its entire body was jet black, what was most strange about this monster was that a large portion of its body was already rotted, the rotted flesh was slowly sliding down its body, its face did not have any obvious organs of the five senses, merely having two black holes for eyes. Those black holes contained a strange purple light, two rows of snow white teeth could be seen within its mouth, however, its lips had long since rotted away and appeared extremely grotesque.

Su Yu’s Eye of Perception immediately activated, a warning like information that was filled with a series of question marks and unknown danger was being pointed out.

Su Yu’s heart sank as he took a step back, this was the first time he had failed to obtain information on a monster using the Eye of Perception.

Behind Su Yu, the group could see the grotesque form of the monster as several people gasped.

Zhang Zhongmou and Ma Ziye went forward, wanting to assist Su Yu in dealing with the monster.
Contrary to expectation, the monster which appeared did not attack Su Yu but rather seemed frightened after seeing the large group of people, turning its head as it swiftly ran off in another direction.

“Give up! You won’t be able to escape!” A sinister voice filled with cold killing intent suddenly resounded, this sound had abruptly resounded and even Su Yu did not notice when the other party had arrived, a large ancient tree was before them and stomping noises could be heard as Su Yu caught sight of a figure.

This figure was actually climbing up the tree trunk as though it were flat ground, reaching the top of it in an instant.

This scene made Su Yu and Ma Ziye who was rushing forward speechless, being able to walk up a tree trunk as though it were flat ground, this was simply a scene out of a martial arts flick, someone with peerless Qing Gong*.

*Qing Gong refers to light body skill.

They were still dazed while the figure which had climbed to the top of the tree immediately leapt, flying over twenty metres towards the monster as his entire body began to rotate like Su Yu’s Rending Storm, heavily smashing into the rotting jet black monster.

The humanoid monster groaned, large amounts of rotten flesh were ground from its back as it fell forward


The humanoid monster smashed into a tree causing the tree to sway violently, thereafter, it fell to the ground with a ‘Plop!’ without getting back up.

The person who had flown through the air firmly landed on the ground, his actions were extremely confident and at ease.

When this person finally landed, Su Yu and the others were finally able to see his appearance. This was a male who did not seem older than thirty, his face was handsome and it seemed miraculous that his black clothes were spotless, without any stench coming from them.

After staying in this forest for a few days, anyone would be covered with a stench and appear disheveled, however, this handsome male was clean and did not seem disheveled, this filled the group with puzzlement.

After landing, the male glanced over at Su Yu and the others, he was able to see their puzzled expressions and sorry figures but simply ignored them, as though Su Yu and the others were not worth his attention.

“Why go through all this trouble? Mo Nian, just give up.” The handsome male spoke in a cold voice that seemed devoid of any emotions.

“Howl!” The rotting humanoid monster slowly climbed back up and unexpectedly spoke.

“Xue Tong…… Must you really be so ruthless?” A pair of black eyes that emitted a faint purple glow stared at the handsome male before emitting a howl, this sound was extremely miserable as though it were the roar of an ancient beast in despair.

Su Yu and the others who had backed away had shocked expressions, in this moment they realised that the rotting humanoid monster was actually a human? From their words, it was clear that the jet black humanoid monster was called Mo Nian while the cold handsome male was called Xue Tong.

“Ruthless? Mo Tian, what do you think?” A cold smile appeared on the male’s face as his body turned, suddenly looking off to the side.

Closely after, soft rustling sounds of footsteps could be heard from within the dark forest by the side, another figure slowly emerged.

This was also a male in his twenties, his hands were tucked within his sleeves and as he walked it seemed like he was huddled up, as though he were an old man who was afraid of the cold.

“Official business according to our principles!” This person’s voice was indifferent, as though he did not wish to interact with the humanoid monster as he stared off into the distance.

“Mo Tian, I’m your brother!” The humanoid monster that sat on the ground howled as it looked at the male who had suddenly emerged, the purple glow within its eyes gradually fading as it trembled violently, pieces of rotting flesh dripping down.

Xue Tong looked over at Mo Tian who had just emerged before looking at the humanoid monster Mo Nian, towards this pair of brothers, his face had a cruel smile.

Su Yu and the others continued to slowly back away, thereafter, he secretly activated the Eye of Perception wanting to gain information on the two new males. However, he did not expect that the information shown would actually be ‘Unknown’.

Why was the Eye of Perception useless against these three people? Su Yu did not understand. As for the three newcomers, they simply ignored Su Yu and the others, it was as though they were merely ants not worth paying attention to.

“Brother, if you want to be indignant……. You can only blame yourself for delving too deep…… for power you can actually stoop down to become a monster? We have orders to get rid of you, I’m sorry……. Brother, I am going to kill you.” The youth who had walked out had a dazed expression as he finally looked towards the humanoid monster on the group, hesitation could be seen within his eyes before it swiftly hardened.

The extremely handsome Xue Tong continued with a mocking smile on his face: “Also, you’re merely a failed ‘Evil’, Mo Nian…… this is really pitiful…… Mo Tian, act now!”

Mo Tian whose hands were still tucked within his sleeves gently nodded before his hands suddenly stretched out, his fingers were ramrod straight as they suddenly began to extend, each becoming a chinese foot long, seeming as though his arms had enormous forks attached to them.

“Finger Spear!” Mo Tian exclaimed as he strode forward, both his hands were like a raging storm as they jabbed forth like a barrage of javelins that filled the air, all they could see were after shadows of his fingers that were raining down on the pitch-black rotting human form.

“Why…… why must you force me…… I really didn’t wish…… didn’t wish to become like this….. Aaaahhh!” The humanoid monster which was seated on the ground hugged its head as it continued to mumble, looking at the sky which was filled with Finger Spears falling onto his body, he suddenly opened his mouth to expose his white teeth as he howled.


A loud noise rang out, no one had clearly seen what had happened but Mo Tian groaned as he suddenly fell away.

Ning Yan who was within the group suddenly groaned, her forehead was covered in cold sweat as she firmly held the nape of her neck, she could feel a burning sensation from that area.

“Are you okay?” Zhou Birong was shocked as she softly questioned.

“Why do you have to force me!” The humanoid monster howled as its body twisted strangely before standing up, the purple light which was fading within its eyes suddenly shot out, appearing like a lightbulb within the night as its entire body emitted this purple light, spreading out in all directions.

“Not good!” Xue Tong suddenly yelled as he stomped and kicked, his left leg landing on the ground while his right leg flew forward. Suddenly, his right leg began to swiftly extend and became like a two to three metre long whip in the blink of an eye as it swiftly flew forward.


An explosive sound rang out as the whip-like leg swept into the humanoid monster which had just stood up.

The humanoid monster howled as it tumbled away, once again smashing into a large tree, causing the tree to emit cracking noises as the entire trunk began to bend like a bow before finally breaking off, the strength behind the collision was simply frightening.

Ma Ziye’s eyes were wide open and her heart was stunned, her whipping kick was child’s play when compared to the whipping kick from this Xue Tong, its power was simply inconceivable.

When the humanoid monster fell away, Su Yu’s sharp eyes managed to see the three numbers ‘666’ on the nape of its neck, the three numbers were flashing with a strange purple demonic glow as though it originated from the ‘666’, continually dispersing into all parts of the body. The humanoid monster continued to struggle on the ground as it howled, the vicious whipping kick earlier did not cause any damage to it.

“666?” Su Yu immediately recalled the three black numbers ‘666’ on the nape of Ning Yan’s neck, was this merely a coincidence or……

Su Yu felt stunned as he looked back, he could see Ning Yan shivering as her right hand firmly pressed down on the back of her neck, her reaction was extremely strange.

“666”, what could it mean? Was all this merely a coincidence or was there something else to it?

Su Yu was dazed, as for Mo Tian, he had climbed back up as he pounced once again, his ten fingers extended as he yelled ‘Finger Spear’, wielding his arms as he pierced towards the humanoid monster.

The cold smile on Xue Tong’s handsome face was gone, he did not expect the humanoid monster to have such a frightening amount of strength, his body bent slightly as he sprang forth, the upper half of his body and both his legs suddenly extended like rubber. Both his hands stretched out and to grab onto a nearby tree branch, using it as focal point as he spun his body around and viciously flung both his legs out.

“Pa! Pa!”

His extended legs and body whipped towards the humanoid monster which was barely four metres away.

“Roar!” The humanoid monster howled as the purple glow from its body formed a net, covering its entire body as purple magical runes began to emerge. The monster abruptly caught both legs that were approaching extremely quickly. The monster dragged Xue Tong about and flung him heavily towards Mo Tian.

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