KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: True Evil

The humanoid monster suddenly exploded forth, a purple layer of magical runes seemed to cover its entire body as its hands stretched forth, instantly grabbing Xue Tong’s legs as it dragged him and tossed him towards Mo Tian who was rushing over.


Xue Tong and Mo Tian groaned as their bodies slammed together before tumbling away.

“Damn, isn’t he a failed product? How can he still be so powerful?” Xue Tong yelled, Mo Tian had used the Finger Spear and they had all pierced his body causing several finger sized holes to appear, blood spurting from them like a fountain.

The humanoid monster let out a frightening roar as it stomped, the ground sunk in as it rushed forward, large pieces of rotten flesh were flung aside exposing the white bone underneath. Its right hand clawed as it grabbed Xue Tong’s face, lifting his entire body with a single hand.

Xue Tong howled as his legs clamped down on the humanoid monster’s left arm, his entire lower body suddenly began to twist.


A crisp sound rang out as the left arm of the humanoid monster was snapped.

At the back, Mo Tian’s left arm tightened as his right hand pulled on the fingers of his left, causing the left arm to be pulled into the form of a curved bow, the other five fingers had been pulled straight, forming five “bowstrings” which he firmly attached to his own waist.

“Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Five “bowstrings” explosively shot forth, the humanoid monster miserably cried as its chest was blown open, the purple demonic markings on its body continued to fluctuate endlessly, the power from these five strings were extremely terrifying, causing the humanoid monster to instantly be flung away.

Xue Tong landed before kicking, closely following behind. All the strange energy was gathered within his two legs and his speed was stupendously fast, instantly covering over seven metres of space as he kicked, stepping hard onto the chest of the humanoid monster.

An oppressive sound like that of lightning could be heard from the chest of the humanoid monster, Xue Tong’s leg had stomped onto the monster’s chest as his entire person flew into the sky before kicking with his left leg, hitting the side of the monster’s face.

These sequence of movements occurred lightning fast, Su Yu and the others in the distance could only stare speechlessly as they felt thoroughly stunned.

Whether it be the humanoid monster or Xue Tong and Mo Tian, the nimbleness and speed of their movements were not something that Qin Jiagui and the others could compare with, even Su Yu was a far cry from it.

Compared to Xue Tong’s bunch, Su Yu and the others were not any different from ordinary people.

The humanoid monster was once again kicked flying as it smashed heavily into the ground with a ‘Kaboom!’.

At the back, Mo Tian continued to stand in his original position, his five fingers which had been pulled into five ‘bowstrings’ had twisted together to form a ‘bowstring’ that was in the form of a fried dough crisp.

His right hand hooked this ‘bowstring’ as his gaze grew cold, continually pulling as the ‘bowstring’ emitted cracking noises, finally, his right hand was fully extended backwards, the bowstring had been pulled to a limit and the power contained within seemed to be unbelievable as Mo Tian’s face was scrunched up, his entire body lightly trembling.

This blow surely contained a fearsome might.

Xue Tong had just landed after kicking the humanoid monster twice when Mo Tian suddenly exclaimed: “Dodge!”

Xue Tong’s expression changed as he hurriedly proned on the ground to avoid.

“Ha!” Mo Tian’s facial expression twisted, his aim was locked on the humanoid monster which had just fallen away as he finally relaxed his hand.


The air seemed to explode with a streak of lightning as the branches of the large trees by the side began to sway violently causing leaves to fill the sky, the humanoid monster which had just fallen to the ground had just stood up as it suddenly howled, the flesh at its chest area exploding out, the purple markings on its body instantly destroyed as a large clear hole appeared there.

Behind it, two large trees were also felled as they fell with a ‘Boom!” to the ground.

An absolutely frightening blow, Su Yu and the others sucked in a breath of cold air, this blow was simply too astounding, if they were the ones to suffer this blow, they would have instantly been blown apart without a whole corpse left behind.

“Let’s go.” Su Yu suddenly whispered, whether it be the humanoid monster or the mysterious Xue Tong and Mo Tian, they simply could not compare with them. Staying by the side could possibly result in their deaths.

Su Yu turned as he prepared to flee, nobody knew who would win or what would happen after, it was safer to take the chance to flee.

Qin Jiagui also recovered as he hurriedly picked up the two large bags on the ground as he whispered: “Everyone, move faster, it isn’t safe to stay here.”

Although it was not completely bright, everyone began to pick up their belongings. They were very curious on the backgrounds of the few people as well as who would win, but seeing the humanoid monster suffer heavy injuries, they decided that they could tarry no longer and immediately prepared to leave.

“Ning Yan, what’s the matter with you?” At this moment, Zhou Birong suddenly exclaimed as the group finally noticed something was amiss with Ning Yan.

There was still a piece of cloth covering Ning Yan’s face making it difficult to make out her facial expression, however, her entire body was continually trembling as her two hands firmly clasped the back of her neck. When Zhou Birong hollered, NIng Yan seemed to break down as she suddenly let out a low roar, as though a trapped beast within her body had finally been awakened and she was using everything within her to control it.

The humanoid monster which had been struck to the ground by Mo Tian’s frightening blow had a hole the size of a basketball in the centre of its chest, its injuries were extremely severe but Xue Tong and Mo Tian did not have the time to celebrate as they saw piercing purple lights shooting forth from the large hole in its chest.

The purple light was akin to a beam of light from a searchlight, within the purple lights, streaks of threatening looking black lights could be seen within it. Suddenly devil like features could be seen within the lights, extremely fearful and eye-catching.

“Hahaha…….” A frightening sinister laugh suddenly spread in all directions, azure light and black mist was being emitted from the hole within the humanoid monster’s chest, the scene seemed as though the black mist had been trapped within the humanoid monster’s body, ‘it’ had finally broken through the confines and the true evil had been unleashed.

“This…… this is……. Damn it…….” Cold sweat could be seen on Xue Tong’s handsome countenance, in the blink of an eye beads of sweat could be seen trickling down his face.

Mo Tian’s mouth was agape as though he was absolutely stunned, his lips were trembling as he muttered: “Wasn’t he a failed product? How could it be like this……. This response…… That isn’t right, could it be that there is another ‘existence’ nearby?” Having said this, he suddenly turned as divine lights seemed to flash from his eyes, shooting towards Su Yu and the others who were preparing to leave.

The black mist which was emitted from the humanoid monster’s chest was becoming more and more dense, quickly swallowing the body of the monster as the rotted flesh began to continually twist and swell, boils began to grow and burst, suddenly, a white boney finger extended from within the rotted flesh, continually extending as the large amounts of black rotted flesh on the ground began to swirl.

When this hand reached the side of Mo Tian, large amounts of rotten black flesh began to gather on this boney hand, causing it to become a thick black arm, the huge arm was swelling as thick black fur began to grow on it, five fingers like metal hooks with sharp fingernails, with a speed that far surpassed anyone instantly slashed out towards Mo Tian’s chest.

“Ahhh!” Mo Tian suddenly let out a miserable cry, a faint layer of yellow appeared above his chest seeming like a protective shield, however, it was instantly shredded by the huge black arm as the five sharp fingers instantly pierced into his chest.

Xue Tong who was by the side realised that the situation was grim as he instantly moved, climbing up the side of a big tree before jumping into the air, turning as his legs stuck together, spinning as he became like a drill while attacking.

Within the large amounts of black mist, a boney hand stretched forth, pieces of rotted black flesh began to gather forming another gigantic black arm, five fingers went forth like a demonic claw as they struck towards Xue Tong.

Suddenly, the demonic claw swept as it grabbed Xue Tong’s legs which were flying forward, flinging him towards Su Yu and the others who were planning to run away.

“Careful!” Su Yu exclaimed as everyone attempted to dodge, he could see that Xue Tong was flying towards was hurtling fast towards Qin Jiagui, it was simply too fast and Qin Jiagui did not have the time to dodge, Su Yu urgently moved as he pushed Qin Jiagui aside.


Xue Tong tumbled past Qin Jiagui as he smashed into the ground, rolling a few times before finally stopping, blood spurting out of his mouth.

Xue Tong was already extremely frightening, however, compared to the monster, he seemed like a newborn baby.

Mo Tian’s chest had been pierced as he let out a miserable howl as he hoarsely shouted: “Brother!”

This shout was heard by the monster as the black arm that was pierced into his chest began to tremble, its movements became sluggish as Mo Tian kicked, knocking the monster aside as his body tumbled away. Mo Tian’s right hand tossed as his left hand which was in the form of a fried dough twist split up into five ‘bowstrings’, suddenly causing five ‘Boom!’ noises to sound out within the black mist as frightening howls rang out. As the sounds faded away, a white skeleton appeared from within the black mist.

There was a frightening howl as the rotted black flesh on the ground began to swirl, swiftly rushing to the skeleton before forming a black human roughly 2.5 metres tall, its entire body was swollen with exposed purple tendons everywhere, like little purple snakes crawling around the body.

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