KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: Gecko Beast Transformation


The gigantic black monster with purple veins roared as his two hands began to transform, extending to his knees. Ten black fingers were shaped like metal hooks, on his back were two rows of ten black protrusions, the numbers ‘666’ were on the back of his neck, glowing with a brilliant light, seeming to contain unfathomable amounts of energy yet also like a sort of frightening curse.

Mo Tian continually retreated as he pressed his chest, fresh blood was flowing from the five punctures on his chest but they were recovering at an astonishing speed as the blood flow swiftly stopped.

At this moment, his hands had returned to their original form, slowly tracing a circle as though he was preparing for something.

On the other side, Xue Tong also climbed back up from the ground as he wiped the blood from his mouth, his legs were shivering slightly as soft cracking sounds could be heard, like a piece of machinery that was beginning to start up, his handsome face was extremely pale with a cautious expression on it, his current gaze made it clear that he was currently taking things seriously.

The gigantic black monster stopped roaring as his eyes turned azure, his hands gently lifted before suddenly kicking.


The entire ground seemed to be filled with the oppressive roar of lightning as the gigantic black monster rushed forward, contrary to their expectations, he ignored Mo Tian and Xue Tong as he shot directly towards Su Yu and the group. His immense body together with the frightening force of his rush was definitely not any less than that of a tank rushing towards them.

“Quick, dodge!” Su Yu exclaimed, they had just prepared to leave but did not expect such a sudden change of events, the giant black monster had actually ignored Mo Tian and Xue Tong as he directly rushed towards them.

The giant black monster was almost 2.5 metres tall, each stride covered much ground and his speed was tremendous as he rushed over in an instant.

Su Yu exclaimed as he dodged to the side, Zhao Shichang howled as blood spurted from his mouth, he had been knocked aside by the giant black monster.


Zhao Shichang was like a ragdoll as he was flung aside, falling into a copse of shrubs as he crunched several of them causing his body to be pierced by their broken remains.

Su Yu, Qin Jiagui and the others had barely managed to avoid being hit, Zhao Shichang was sent flying away and the others had pale expressions as they swiftly ran, only Ning Yan continued to clasp the back of her neck as her body stood rigidly there.

Su Yu who had just avoided the rush noticed this and was stunned, by the time he recovered it was already too late.

The giant black monster stopped before Ning Yan who was standing there rigidly, contrary to expectations, he actually did not knock her to send her flying but rather raised a black demonic claw, pinching Ning Yan’s neck before lifting her.

“Huuu chiii”

The giant black monster had lifted Ning Yan up as coarse breathing could be felt on Ning Yan’s face. Suddenly, Ning Yan seemed as though she had suddenly been aggravated as she began to scream, her two hands letting go of the back of her neck while a piercing black light shot from the back of her neck.

“666?” At the back, some people finally noticed this. Zhou Birong had always been paying close attention to Ning Yan, at this moment she was crying hoarsely, she had finally seen the ‘666’ symbol appear on the back of Ning Yan’s neck.

Ning Yan’s long hair had always been let down as it covered her shoulders, together with the small size of the ‘666’ symbol, if one did not pay close attention it was simply too difficult to notice. Su Yu had inadvertently noticed it but did not share it with anyone, at this moment, everyone noticed the piercing black light from the ‘666’ symbol and could not help but connect it with the azure coloured ‘666’ symbol on the black monster’s neck, a strange feeling welled up within everyone’s hearts.

At the back, Xue Tong and Mo Tian also had a drastic change in expression.

“Another seed? No, it cannot be aggravated or we won’t have any chance!” Xue Tong suddenly let out a terrifying howl: “Gecko Beast Transformation!”

His body suddenly dropped to the ground as his legs and chest began to strangely change, frightening scales began to appear over them, besides his head and two arms, the rest of his lower body had transformed into that of a gecko.

At the same time, a pair of strong and powerful lower limbs kicked, causing the entire body which was prone on the ground to fly into the air, accurately landing on the back of the monster which had just lifted Ning Yan off the ground, his entire body instantly wrapping around the black monster.


The black monster howled as it twisted attempting to shirk Xue Tong aside, who knew that Xue Tong’s transformed limbs and bodies would contain countless suckers both big and small, firmly sticking onto the black monster, his transformed body was also covered in scales and densely covered in glandular hair, these glandular hair would release large amounts of mucus upon contact with an enemy’s body.

“Mo Tian! Quickly!” Xue Tong shouted as he held onto the black monster in a death vise while secreting the frightening mucus.

At the back, it was unknown when Mo Tian had wrapped his left hand around the trunk of a tree which required three people to fully encompass it, his person had swiftly ran to the other side causing this left arm to be stretched incredibly long, his right arm was still holding onto this extended left arm as he continued to pull it backwards.

He was actually relying on this thick trunk and his body to form a bow, while using his stretched left arm as a ‘bowstring’, prepared to send out the most frightening arrow in his life.

Sounds of beans being fried could be heard from within his left arm as the bones within seemed to squirm, his left arm had been pulled to a limit and a frightening arrow was about to be released.


Even Su Yu and the others who were over twenty metres away could feel a frightening gale as the withered leaves on the ground scattered, the giant black monster had barely managed to reach Xue Tong who had climbed onto his body, however, the large amounts of mucus secreted out had already flowed down his body, glueing its two feet to the ground.

By the time the monster realised that it needed to dodge, the mucus was already glueing its two feet to the ground. As it attempted to jump, large amounts of soil was actually forcefully pulled out causing it to stumble, this had occurred too suddenly and Mo Tian’s frightening blow had finally reached.


This blow contained all the strength within Mo Tian, after releasing this arrow, he howled as blood flowed out from his nose and mouth, tumbling away from the recoil.

This was a blow which contained all the potential within his body, although its might was frightening, it also had a frightening rebound on the body, causing internal injuries, it would definitely take several days for recovery.

If it were not absolutely necessary, Mo Tian would definitely not be willing to do so. The strength of the black monster was simply too terrifying, only by risking injury to himself would there possibly be a chance to exterminate it.

Following the sound of explosion, the black monster let out a miserable shrill cry, its two legs and waist had instantly disappeared without a single trace of blood. Even Xue Tong who was wrapped on its body had been severely injured, he had suffered from the terrifying attack, losing one of his large hind legs.

The lower half of its body had suddenly been destroyed as the black monster howled while falling to the ground, turning as it pressed Xue Tong who was on its back below him, the azure veins on its body began to jump erratically, ridding its body of the mucus as a demonic claw regained its freedom, instantly clamping down on the neck of Xue Tong.

Xue Tong began to struggle with his life on the line, an ordinary opponent would have long been rendered immobile by the large amounts of mucus but the demonic markings on the black monster could actually break through the mucus in a short period of time, regaining its freedom.

Xue Tong had his neck clamped by a terrifying demonic claw, it immediately became difficult to breathe as he shouted: “Mo Tian……. Save me…….” His hands clawed haphazardly as his body continued to tremble, the transformed areas of his body releasing even more mucus.

At the back, Mo Tian had fallen to the ground after that final blow, all the strange energy within his body had been emptied without a single ounce left behind.

The left hand of the black monster continued to clamp down on Xue Tong while its right hand held onto Ning Yan, suddenly, it opened its huge maw as it moved towards Ning Yan’s neck in an attempt to bite.

Almost at the same time, Su Yu, Qin Jiagui, Zhang Zhongmou, Ma Ziye and the others recovered their senses as they rushed forward.

Half the reason for Su Yu rushing forward was to kill the black monster while the other half was to save Ning Yan, as for Qin Jiagui, Zhang Zhongmou and the others, they rushed forward merely thinking of killing the black monster.

The black monster was extremely strong, stronger than any tier three beast monster that they had faced, if they took the chance to kill such a frightening monster, what stage would they be able to advance to? This was something that had an incredibly large amount of enticement.

The lower half of the black monster had already been destroyed, it had fallen to the ground and was being held in a death grasp by Xue Tong. Its entire body was covered in mucus and could be said to be a tiger without its claws and teeth, even though it was much stronger than them, it really did not cause much fear.

The black monster’s maw moved towards Ning Yan’s neck, as though there was something it desperately needed there, at the instant it bit down, the ‘666’ symbol on the back of Ning Yan’s neck shot forth a brilliant black light.

Of the people rushing forward, Qin Jiagui was the one with the greatest enthusiasm in killing this monster, seeing the strength of it, he had already imagined himself becoming stronger than Su Yu if he killed it, this monster was his only hope of doing so.

In order to take this kill, Qin Jiagui did not care about the safety of the others as he instantly activated the Steel Missile.

A cylindrical object appeared on his right shoulder as a missile flew forward, instantly smashing into the black monster.


An explosive sound resounded out, the black monster had purple veins protecting its body and was not hurt by the Steel Missile, rather, Xue Tong and Ning Yan miserably cried as they were struck by the shrapnel, blood instantly covering their bodies.

“Damn, this is impossible, this is merely a seed that hasn’t advanced……. I won’t accept this…….”

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