KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 139

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Chapter 139: Condoms

Liu Zheng hurriedly added: “We definitely have to check it out, at minimum we have to check if there’s anyone else there. Who would have imagined that such a large hospital would be in this place, that’s simply too astonishing.”

Qin Jiagui added: “Let’s go check it out, who knows, we may be able to acquire some good stuff.”

Li Dong chose to speak at this moment: “I’m opposed to the idea, we are almost out of the forest, there’s no reason for us to take this risk. The vegetation in this area is so dense, this is simply too abnormal. I feel that we should avoid this place, this hospital seems like it has been stranded here for far too long, there definitely aren’t any survivors in there, even if there were any survivors, they would have left long ago, going in now is simply pointless.”

Zhao Shichang smiled: “Li Dong, things aren’t as drastic as what you’re saying, we’ve only met with small monsters along the way and I’m actually beginning to feel bored, if there are any powerful monsters within the hospital, that would be exactly what I want. That area is so quiet, I think that there shouldn’t be too big of a danger, everyone let’s go in and take a look, who knows there may even be two beautiful nurses there, haha.”

The strength of their group was really quite strong at the moment, he was already at tier two and his voice was filled with confidence.

Zhou Huakang frowned: “My view is the same as Li Dong, there is no need to go in there, we don’t have to take any risks.”

There were mixed views within the group as Ma Ziye spoke: “Su Yu, what do you think?”

Su Yu kept silent for a moment before speaking: “Within this forest, every area is filled with danger, it doesn’t mean that we will be able to avoid danger if we avoid this hospital. Running isn’t an option, let’s go in to take a look.”

Zhou Birong added: “I agree, you people may not know…… back then in the station when all of you suddenly appeared, to a person like me who had lost all hope…… all of you were like precious saviours….. Heroes…… who knows whether there are people within the hospital who require our assistance, as long as there is even a thousandth of a chance, I feel that we should not give up. If there are too many we won’t be able to save them, however, if there are only one or two…… We do have that ability, why should we give up on helping others?”

Zhou Birong’s words were moving, even Li Dong and Zhou Huakang were rendered speechless. Who knew that they had unknowingly become heroes in the eyes of others, such a feeling was extremely fresh to them, giving them a strange tingling sensation.

Zhao Shichang laughed, with Su Yu agreeing to exploring the hospital, this matter was already set in stone. Within the group, Su Yu’s opinion was key.

Zhao Shichang’s right hand stretched forth as a bone blade extended outwards, he began to clear up the path leading towards the hospital once again.

The vegetation in this area was simply too dense, every inch forward was done with much difficulty. Zhong Zhongmou and Ma Ziye had both pulled out their Red Lotus Sword and Star Blades as they began to clear the dense vegetation blocking their path, creating a small road for them to move forward.

Su Yu was following at the back, cautiously looking in all directions. As for Xu Ruyun, Liu Zheng, Huo Shan and the other newcomers, they did not have a vote within the group and could only follow along after Su Yu and the others had come to a decision.

The short thirty metre road took the group almost ten minutes to finally create a path, reaching one of the walls before finally scaling it using the vines that snaked it.

There had been an electronic door at the front of the hospital but it was currently broken, traces of blood that had turned black could be seen on the ground, testament to the vicious battle that must have occurred here long ago.

Besides Ning Yan who had already left the group, the remaining eighteen people had entered the hospital.

Su Yu, Ma Ziye, Qin Jiagui, Zhang Zhongmou, Zhao Shichang and the others naturally split out, moving out in a fan shape as they heightened their senses.

This hospital was extremely big, going past the large main doors, what entered their vision were flowers and shrubs along with a rock garden, below the fake mountain was a lake that had already dried up, decorative masses of flowers and shrubs lined the two sides, it was a large carpark and several different types of cars were parked there. These cars were mostly in states of disrepair, either overturned or smashed, none of the cars were left unscathed.

Zhang Zhongmou stopped before a car, his face an expression of regret: “Look here, this is my favourite sort of car, it’s such a pity…..” The windows of the car had been completely smashed, he attempted to open the car doors but they were bent at a weird angle and could not be opened.

He grunted as he exerted force but was still unable to budge it, his strange energy was mainly concentrated within his head and his strength was merely three to four times that of an ordinary human, the door was stuck and he simply could not budge it, causing him to curse out loud.

Su Yu walked forward as he gently stretched his left hand forward, gingerly giving a tug as the scraping noise of metal being ripped resounded, the entire door had been ripped off and he continued to toss it away.

“Damn, if this were our world you would definitely be the superman of the 21st century.” Zhang Zhongmou gave a thumbs up to Su Yu before beginning to sweep the interior of the car of all the shards of glass, his entire person entered as he made himself comfortable, enjoying the feeling of being in a luxurious car.

The others were looking around at the rest of the cars when Zhou Huakang suddenly shouted: “Hey, look what I’ve found over here.”

The group were stunned as they looked over, he was doing something similar to Zhang Zhongmou, climbing into a off-road vehicle that was not too seriously damaged, rummaging before bringing out a case with an elated expression on his face.

Yuan Niping who was not far away noticed this, she clearly recognised the object as she gasped.

Qin Jiagui responded: “Zhou Huakang, you’re really too bored, it’s merely a box of condoms, what’s there to be so shocked about.”

Zhou Huakang had actually found a box of condoms within the car.

“What do you mean a box? There are several of them, there’s durex, jissbon, ultra thin, ribbed, all the high end stuff. The owner of this car actually left so many of this in the car, damn, that fellow must have had tons of fun in the car.”

Ma Ziye curiously tugged at Yuan Niping: “You actually recognise those condoms? You’re really awesome.” Although she had heard of condoms, she had not seen them before. Since young, she had buried herself in martial arts, her family was very strict and she had never seen a condom before, at this moment, Yuan Niping was able to recognise them with a single glance making her feel impressed.

Yuan Niping’s face immediately blushed as she looked over at Qin Jiagui, coughing twice before replying: “I inadvertently saw it one time, what are you thinking about.”

Amongst the group, the most agitated was the bus driver Shi Guozhong, with all these luxurious cars before him, his eyes were gleaming with happiness. Although he had driven cars for over ten years, he had never driven a luxurious car before, at this moment he had chosen high-end car as he began fussing around, suddenly making the car start up.

The others were stunned as Zhang Zhongmou cried out: “Uncle, where did you find the keys to the car? How did you manage to get it to start?”

Shi Guozhang was really excited, he had managed to start up the car as he swiftly drove two rounds, going faster and faster before the piercing noise of the car breaking was suddenly heard, the car skid beautifully before parking neatly into a lot, seemingly smooth and easy.

“Uncle, so cool!” Zhang Zhongmou yelled.

The car had stopped as Shi Guozhong walked out with a dismayed expression.

“It’s useless, within this forest, a car simply has no uses. Sigh…….” Shi Guozhong lamented.

Zhang Zhongmou continued rather excitedly: “Uncle’s driving skills are really top notch, if we get out of this god forsaken place, uncle must teach me how to drive like that!”

Shi Guozhong had a faint smile on his face: “Alright, no problems, as long as your learn earnestly, you’ll be good in no time.”

By the side, Qin Jiagui was moving closer after scolding Zhou Huakang, he secretly nudged him: “Durex ultra thin?, hand me a box.”

Zhou Huakang had a strange smile on his face, Qin Jiagui knocked his head as he whispered: “We’re all guys, there’s nothing to laugh about.”

“Yes yes, haha, you’re really fortunate with a girlfriend by your side. However, it seems like you haven’t had the chance these past few days, this hospital…… seems like a rather good place.”

Zhou Huakang laughed boisterously as he placed a box within his pocket, shifting his gaze towards the blonde haired Mao Mingzhu who was beside Wang Xiang, ill intent could clearly be seen in his eyes. At this moment, he was really grateful to Su Yu, it was all thanks to him forcing them in that he managed to get such a good chance.

For the others girls like Jade, Ma Ziye, Zhou Birong and the others, he did not dare to have untoward thoughts. However, towards Mao Mingzhu who had just joined, her connection was not close to the others and would be the best candidate to act against. Also, no matter how he acted towards Mao Mingzhu, it was unlikely that Su Yu and the others would intervene, he only needed to pay close attention to Wang Xiang, he seemed like the partner to Mao Mingzhu.

Zhou Huakang began to contemplate how to act, everyone was now gathered together and it was simply too difficult to act now, he began to discreetly plan.

His mind was churning fast as he suddenly spoke up: “Everyone, the hospital is simply too big, shouldn’t we split up in order to save time?”

Ma Ziye looked over at him as she frowned: “Split up? Wouldn’t that be very dangerous?”

Zhou Huakang laughed: “We’ve already been here for so long and made so much noise, if there are really monsters here, they would have already run out, how dangerous could it be?”

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