KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: Splitting up into Groups

Earlier when Shi Guozhong had driven the car, the car braking noise had been extremely piercing, if there really were any monsters, it was most likely that they would have exposed themselves. However, it seemed that it was quiet all around and what Zhou Huakang said did seem to make some sense, there were likely no monsters within the vicinity of the hospital.

“Hey, Zhou Huakang’s words seem to make sense.” It was rather rare that Qin Jiagui would agree with his thinking as he continued: “The hospital is indeed quite large, let’s just split up into groups to better explore the place, even if we meet with any danger, we can scream to alert the others. This would be better than slowly searching, we can’t possibly waste an entire day here.”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Zhou Huakang secretly nudged Li Dong, signalling to him with his eyes.

Li Dong looked over at him and immediately knew what he was up to as he acquised as well.

Su Yu frowned slightly, splitting up to act would drastically increase the danger, however, Qin Jiagui and Zhou Huakang did make some sense, this hospital was simply too big, buildings could be seen all around and if they were to carefully comb every inch, that would indeed take up a lot of time. Splitting into a few groups was not a bad idea, looking at the peaceful surroundings, the likelihood of monsters being present was indeed quite low.

Although Su Yu did not feel great about the plan, he did not reject the idea.

Noticing Su Yu’s silence, Qin Jiagui immediately acted: “So we’ll go with this plan, everyone split up into your own groups, don’t move about haphazardly, each group must choose a destination and shout if you spot anything, if nothing is found, we’ll gather back at the parking lot.”

Ma Ziye pondered for a moment before adding: “For safety, each group should have at least a tier two or tier three dark iron warrior, don’t you think that would be better?”

Qin Jiagui laughed: “That idea seems workable, alright, the large surgical building no.1 will be handled by myself and Niping, the rest of you can freely choose, let’s leave the food out here with someone to guard it.”

Su Yu noticed Jade placing Lei Rui down on the ground as he spoke up: “I’ll stay behind, Jade, you stay behind as well.” He seemed to feel a strange danger in the place, however he did not voice out his concern. He did not wish for Jade to take any risks, thus coming to such a decision.

Jade nodded, it was pointless to act brave.

Zhang Zhongmou then spoke: “Qin Jiagui, will the two of you be alright?”

Qin Jiagui had a faint smile on his face: “That building isn’t too big, Yuan Niping and I will be sufficient, we’ll make a move first.” Pulling Yuna Niping’s hand as he hurriedly moved towards the building.

Yuan Niping seemed to have guessed something as her face was tinged with a shade of red, seemingly more alluring.

Looking at the backs of Qin Jiagui and Yuan Niping, Zhang Zhongmou called out: “Hey, who’s willing to team up with me.”

Zhao Shichang also rotated his left arm before adding: “Who’s willing to come along with me?”

Liu Zheng lifted his hand: “Brother Zhang, I’ll go with you, you must look after me.” before gingerly running over to Zhang Zhongmou’s side.

Zhou Huakang pulled Li Dong as he walked before Wang Xiang and Mao MingZhu while laughing: “The two of you will be grouped up with us, let’s go check out the general medicine on the second floor.”

Mao Mingzhu’s expression changed, Zhou Huakang and Li Dong had an altercation with Wang Xiang previously, now that they wanted to form a group, it was clear that they had ill intentions. She was planning to reject that but Wang Xiang actually nodded: “Alright.”

Zhao Shichang walked over as he exclaimed: “Zhou Huakang, are the two of you planning to create trouble? The four of you will form a group with me, let’s head out together.”

Zhou Huakang’s expression changed as he cursed in his heart “This dog is really annoying”. He suddenly smiled before replying: “Our group has sufficient people, too many people is a waste of resources.”

Zhao Shichang harrumphed, he was a tier two warrior while Zhou Huakang was only at tier one, he simply did not care for his views as he indifferently replied: “The four of you don’t have a single tier two amongst you, that’s simply too dangerous. I’m actually being considerate for all of you, let’s go together.” He was thinking that if they created any trouble, he would have to teach them a good lesson.

Ma Ziye walked to Su Yu’s side as she whispered: “Zhou Huakang is clearly forming the group to cause trouble, aren’t you gonna meddle?”

A faint smile appeared on Su Yu’s face as he calmly said: “They are all causes for distress within the group, is there a need to care about them? Zhao Shichang has actually created more trouble.”

Ma Ziye was stunned, it was only now that she understood Su Yu’s plan. Such a group was fine if they did not create trouble, if anything happened, one or two people dying would not really affect the group.

In reality, whether it be Li Dong, Zhou HUakang or Wang Xiang, they were indeed people who could result in instability within the group, them fighting each other was something that Su Yu was more than happy to see.

Su Yu turned to look at Ma Ziye before suddenly spreading his hands: “Do you think I’m cruel?”

Ma Ziye thought for a moment before sighing as she shook her head: “I’m also clear that Wang Xiang cannot possibly coexist with Zhou Huakang, there must be a conclusion. For Li Dong and Zhou Huakang, the earlier they get rid of Wang Xiang the better. If he advances further, he may cause their deaths. If we stop them now, we are also helping Wang Xiang in dealing with them. I understand what you’re trying to do.”

Li Dong and Zhou Huakang had walked out of the school together with them but were only at tier one, it could be seen that their aptitude was really lack lustre. As for Wang Xiang, he was a hooligan and his eyes had a vicious light in them, he was unrestrained and if he advanced any further, he would definitely act viciously against them.

Su Yu calmly continued: “Wang Xiang has long regarded Li Dong and Zhou Huakang as our comrades, his hate doesn’t only remain with Li Dong and Zhou Huakang, it also extends to us. Such a person cannot be allowed to grow.”

Ma Ziye suddenly understood, Su Yu had steeled his heart to let Wang Xiang die here, this was why he had not acted out to stop the formation of the group.

If Su Yu made use of his individual strength, he could easily take care of Wang Xiang. However, this would make the newcomers that had come together with Wang Xiang feel estranged, causing the group to be filled with distrust, that could potentially cause the group to eventually fall apart.

They could certainly kill off all the newcomers together with Wang Xiang, however, they were unwilling to do so unless it was absolutely necessary, this was their moral baseline.

Only Wang Xiang who was such a clear threat had to be exterminated.

Zhao Shichang obviously did not know what Su Yu and Qin Jiagui were planning, he had thus acted to prevent any further commotion from occurring. By then he would be able to teach them a lesson, such a feeling made him feel awesome.

Understanding Su Yu’s intentions, Ma Ziye softly said: “Then let me join their group as well.”

Su Yu acquised, at this moment if they were to speak up to tell Zhao Shichang not to concern himself with the matter, that would simply be too obvious. This would then let the others know that Su Yu was purposefully allowing this.

Ma Ziye walked over with a faint smile on her face: “Let me join your group as well, our group is quite large, we can go search that largest building there.”

Zhao Shichang laughed: “Sure.”

Zhou Huakang had an expression of helplessness, his original plants had fallen through, with Ma Ziye and Zhao Shichang tagging along, what could they possibly do? He grudgingly acquiesced as the group headed towards the largest building within the hospital.

Besides Su Yu, Jade, Huo Shan and Lei Rui who was in a vegetative state, the others had formed a group with Zhang Zhongmou as they headed to one of the buildings.

Su Yu and the others remained not only to look after the food but to also be in a better position to act if anything bad occurred.

“If anything bad happens, you people stay to look after the food, I will be fine on my own.” Su Yu instructed Jade and Huo Shan.

Huo Shan had been chosen by Su Yu to stay behind, he was an honest man and also one of the strongest amongst the tier one with his ability, with him together with Jade, Su Yu could feel more relieved.

Ma Ziye, Zhao Shichang, Li Dong, Zhou Huakang, Wang Xiang and Mao Mingzhu had moved towards the largest building within the hospital, this building was the largest within the hospital, it was at least thirty odd storeys high, air conditioning compressors could be seen along the outer region of the building, vines could also be seen snaking along the walls, the hospital must have been here for a really long period of time.

What met them within the large building was a large hall, there were elevators by the side as well as rows of chairs that had been destroyed, fissures could be seen along the walls, clear signs that a fierce battle had been fought within this area.

The elevators were out of order but there were a flight of stairs by the side as Ma Ziye smiled: “This building is simply too big, let’s split up to work. Zhao Shichang you take this floor, I will check the second one and the rest of you can go to the third one.”

Zhao Shichang was dazed hearing Ma Ziye’s words but Zhao Shichang quickly acknowledged: “Alright, let’s go.”

Zhao Shichang seemed as though he still wanted to say something but Ma Ziye glared at him as she quickly added: “Alright that’s the plan. I’ll head up this second floor first.” before she swiftly began to run up the stairs.

Zhao Shichang bitterly smiled, he was not dumb and could finally understand Ma Ziye’s intentions, thinking back to Ma Ziye and Su Yu whispering before she suddenly joined the group.

“So that’s Su Yu’s intention, he actually wishes for them to go up against each other.”

Zhao Shichang finally understood, he did not think much more as he headed into the walkway.

With the surroundings so quiet, it was quite clear that it was unlikely to contain any monsters of living people. The reason why they were searching was just a precautionary measure, as for Qin Jiagui and Su Yu acquiescing, it was for other reasons and not really to find any survivors.

Ma Ziye reached the second floor as she turned to Zhou Huakang and the other three: “You guys head up to the third floor, leave the second one to me.”

“Alright, relax sister Ma.” Zhou Huakang was really grateful to Ma Ziye and even his addressing of her had changed, if Ma Ziye really wanted to be his sister, he would be besides himself with joy, Ma Ziye’s strength was definitely the real deal.

Wang Xiang clearly knew that Zhou Huakang and Li Dong were finding ways to deal with him but he did not seem to care, not even choosing to reject the idea. Ma Ziye found this very strange, Zhou Huakang and Li Dong were both at tier one while Wang Xiang was only at tier zero, could he really be so stupid as to allow Zhou Huakang and Li Dong to take the chance to act against him?

Ma Ziye was puzzled as she watched Li Dong and the four others disappear up the stairs to the third storey.

Qin Jiagui held Yuan Niping’s hand as they walked into the surgery building no.1.

There were signs of the area being destroyed everywhere, however, Qin Jiagui was not in the mood to search but rather pulled Yuan Niping along, swiftly finding a room and noticing two sick beds there as he quickly locked the doors.

“Jiagui, what’s the matter? What do you want to do?” Yuan Niping timidly asked as though she did not know what was happening, however, the blush on her face was already becoming redder.

QIn Jiagui had finally locked the door, sighing, he turned to hug Yuan Niping as he softly whispered: “You really don’t know what I want to do?”

Yuan Niping bit her lips as she softly replied: “I really don’t…… Ah…….”

Her words were cut short as Qin Jiagui suddenly sealed her lips, the two people falling onto a single bed……

Wang Xiang and Mao Mingzhu held hands as they followed behind Zhou Huakang and Li Dong as the floor people followed the stairs towards the third storey. They had just reached the third storey when Wang Xiang suddenly pushed Mao Mingzhu towards Zhou Huakang and Li Dong before suddenly turning and wildly running down the stairs.

Mao Mingzhu was stunned, she did not understand what had happened. Li Dong and Zhou Huakang were similarly dazed, they did not speak as they swiftly ran after Wang Xiang.

Mao Mingzhu was still confused, looking at Zhou Huakang and Li Dong chasing after Wang Xiang, she worried for his safety as she hurriedly chased.

When she finally reached the fifth storey, she noticed that Wang Xiang was no longer running. A smile was plastered on his face as he said to Li Dong and Zhou Huakang: “…… Big brothers, this little one understands your intentions, I really mean it, I’m willing to hand her over to the both of you, I’ve never thought of seeking revenge, I swear……”

Li Dong and Zhou Huakang exchanged glances, earlier when Wang Xiang had suddenly fled, they had imagined that Wang Xiang had wanted to flee as they chased him. Who knew that once they caught up to him at the fifth floor, he had actually stopped, respectfully addressing them and even telling them that he was willing to hand Mao Mingzhu over to them, this made them feel excited but also puzzled.

When they had made fun of Mao Mingzhu, they did not have any funny ideas, however, right now ill intent filled their minds.

“Haha, since brother is able to recognise our greatness, we won’t reject your kind offer……” Zhou Huakang had a sinister smile, he was laughing in his heart at the stupidity of Wang Xiang, did he really believe that they would let him off if Mao Mingzhu was given to them? Haha, they would do his girlfriend in front of him before killing him, filling him with hopelessness and regret!

Zhou Huakang laughed sinisterly as he turned, suddenly grabbing Mao Mingzhu who had just reached the fifth floor.

Mao Mingzhu was stunned, she wanted to say something but Zhou Huakang had already clamped his hands down on her mouth, afraid that she would scream alerting Zhao Shichang and Ma Ziye who were below them.

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