KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: New 666 Beast

Li Dong coldly measured Wang Xiang, he was not foolish and would not be hoodwinked by a few words from Wang Xiang, the strange energy within his right hand began to surge, if Wang Xiang did any unnatural movements, he would immediately act to kill him.

Wang Xiang had an appeasing smile on his face, without a single trace of unhappiness or hatred.

Mao Mingzhu’s eyes were wide as she stared at Wang Xiang, she simply could not believe her eyes and ears, she struggled violently but was punched viciously in the stomach by Zhou Huakang, immediately weakening from the pain in her gut.

Zhou Huakang swiftly ripped off Mao Mingzhu’s clothing, using a cloth to firmly tie her hands as well as one to gag her mouth.

Wang Xiang’s actions together with the fist in her stomach had caused both her physical body and spirit to be broken, her retaliation was rather frail.

Zhou Huakang pushed Mao Mingzhu to the side.

Wang Xiang and Li Dong watched from the side, Li Dong could not help but swallow his saliva, he was barely able to restrain himself but he knew that he had to keep an eye on Wang Xiang, just in case.

Wang Xiang continued to smile as he watched the scene unfold before him, it was as though the women currently being violated was not his girlfriend, as though he was not acquainted with the person who was trying to resist, from his appearance, one could not feel anger, as though he were looking forward to go up as well.

Li Dong sneered, Wang Xiang’s actions were disdainful, even though he was extremely afraid of death, if it were his girlfriend who was treated in such a manner, he would definitely put his life on the line to defend her. This Wang Xiang was merely a hooligan and by all rights he should not have been so cold blooded, who knew that he was actually a useless scoundrel.

Li Dong’s face was filled with disdain, he knew of Zhou Huakang’s plans, it was simply impossible for them to allow Wang Xiang to live, even if Wang Xiang did not act against them, no one wanted a possible threat by their sides.

He was distracted for a brief moment when Wang Xiang suddenly struck, opening his mouth as twenty odd teeth actually started flying out.

“Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!” Crisp sounds rang out, Zhou Huakang did not manage to react in time as his face, arms and body became riddled with twenty odd small holes.

“Aaaahhhh!” The twenty odd teeth had entered his body before he reacted, the pain made him miserably cry as he turned his head, Wang Xiang’s mouth which had no more teeth actually spat a big mouthful of saliva.

This mouthful of saliva landed on Zhou Huakang’s face, immediately causing ‘Chi! Chi!” noises as he felt an intense pain, his eyes seemed as though needles were piercing them and he instantly lost his vision.

After acquiring strange energy, Wang Xiang’s saliva was actually more corrosive than aqua regia, Zhou Huakang had a moment of carelessness which resulted in a successful sneak attack.

“Aaaahhhh!” Zhou Huakang continued to howl, his eyes could no longer see as he haphazardly swung his two arms, the areas of his body which had been struck by the teeth had also begun to corrode, swiftly secreting yellow pus as the holes gradually became larger.

Things had occurred too suddenly, Li Dong swiftly acted as his right hand stretched forth, summoning poisonous wasps to attack but suddenly felt an intense pain at his waist area, he was astonished to realise that Mao Mingzhu had managed to struggle free, at this moment she seemed crazed as she grabbed Li Dong’s genitalia before suddenly pulling with all her strength.

Mao Mingzhu had also acquired strange energy previously, although it was far from that of Li Dong’s tier one stage, the strength within her hands was several times that of a normal human and she was using the strength of her entire body to pull.

Immediately, fresh blood began to spurt as Li Dong screamed, the intense pain almost caused him to faint as his right hand instinctively smashed towards Mao Mingzhu’s face.


Mao Mingzhu’s face was smashed in as one of her eyeballs flew out, Wang Xiang seemed crazed as he opened his toothless mouth, suddenly spitting another mouthful of saliva.

Li Dong’s genitals had been ripped off, the pain was simply too excruciating for him to react, the saliva coated his face as he immediately began to scream like Zhou Huakang, Li Dong had fared slightly better than Zhou Huakang, he had not been pierced by any teeth. In his terror, he quickly jumped on his feet and attempted to break through the window to go outside.

Upon being hit by the saliva, he had spotted the semi broken window by the side and in his fright, he had used all his strength to smash into it.


Glass shattered as Li Dong’s body flew out of the window.

Although this was the fifth floor, Li Dong knew that with his current physical prowess, this fall would not be able to kill him, however, if he remained, he would definitely be killed. Zhou Huakang was already blind and had over twenty holes in his body, the holes were continually growing larger and it was clear he would definitely die.

As for himself, he had been hit by the corrosive saliva of Wang Xiang and his eyes were swiftly going blind, under such a circumstance, staying behind to face Wang Xiang and Mao Mingzhu was suicide because even if he killed them, he would surely die.

He did not know that with the random smash of his fist, Mao Mingzhu was nearly dead.

Wang Xiang watched as Li Dong crazily jumped out the window, ignoring him as he turned to look at Zhou Huakang who was flailing about.

Zhou Huakang could no longer see, his eyes were already corroded as yellow pus was secreted, it was extremely itchy as he began to claw at his face, he suddenly felt something mushy within his hands, he had actually plucked out his own eyeballs.

Wang Xiang no longer cared about Zhou Huakang as he went forward with a strange smile on his face, slowly taking off his top as he covered the twisted naked body of Mao Mingzhu who was lying on the ground.

Mao Mingzhu’s skull had already been cracked, her face was caved in and she was clearly not far away from death. A single eyeball had flown out leaving one behind that could barely make out Wang Xiang’s figure.

“Xiang……. Brother Xiang……..” Mao Mingzhu’s lips trembled as she gasped in a barely discernible voice.

Wang Xiang’s expression was very complicated, it looked like a mix between a laugh and a cry as he muttered: “Mingzhu, do you know? I really love you, really…… however, I’ve never said it. I really…… really thought about marrying you……. ke……. ke…… ke……” An evil grin appeared on his face, his teeth had been spat out and his cheeks were sunken in but he was gradually recovering his previous looks, new teeth were slowly growing out.

“As for those damned people……. I want them…… I want them all to die…… ke ke……”

On his exposed upper body, on the back of his smooth neck, three small numbers slowly appeared, gradually becoming clearer before forming the ‘666’ symbol.

“They wish to kill me…… wish to kill this granddaddy…… haha…… want to kill me? Dream on. No one can kill me, anyone who wishes me dead will die by my hands…… Mingzhu, I really love you, even if you die, you will only die by my hands. Even if you die, you are still my woman.” Suddenly, his five fingers were like hooks as they clamped down on Mao Mingzhu’s throat, twisting as a crisp ‘Crack!” rang out, snapping her neck in two.

Mao Mingzhu died as a ball of black energy floated from her body, entering the neck of Wang Xiang causing the ‘666’ symbol to become even clearer.

Wang Xiang used his clothes to tightly wrap Mao Mingzhu’s naked body before gently caressing her face, slowly closing her wide open eyes.

By the side, Zhou Huakang’s yells were gradually becoming weaker, his upper body corroded to the point of no longer having a human form.

Wang Xiang stood up, walking slowly towards Zhou Huakang with eyes filled with viciousness and hatred, his current hatred was not something that simple words could describe,

Li Dong cried as he fell from the window, this immediately alerted Su Yu and the others who were in the parking lot.

Su Yu frowned, he could hear that the miserable cry had come from Li Dong.

What was going on? Could it be that Li Dong and Zhou Huakang were unable to deal with Wang Xiang who was not even at tier one?

At this moment, QIn Jiagui and Yuan Niping had walked out of the surgery building no.1, their faces were filled with contentment.

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  1. Good job wang xian. You can be a true xianxia mc that never let anyone humiliate you and kill anyone you hate. Also you have a cheat which is important for an mc.

    And lol guy got penis ripped off. Serve you right.

  2. This is just inconsistent at best. From the earlier chapters we have seen and read just how far the gap is between tier 0 and tier one. Yet Wang Xiang is able to kill two tier one dark iron warriors with such ease while he himself is at tier zero.

    Honestly I feel like these 666 warriors/beasts are going to break the story just for some plot progression considering that other girl was extremely dangerous in the eyes of the MC when she transformed to a 666 beast right after she absorbed a tiny amount of energy.

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