KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 142

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Chapter 142: Terrifying Hospital

“Aaaahhhh!” Suddenly, an extremely bone-chilling cry could be heard from a distance, this was a cry from Zhou Huakang.

Su Yu and the others felt their heart lurch as the miserable howls of Li Dong came from a distance: “Save me, save me!”

“I’ll go take a look.” Su Yu frowned as his figure flashed, instantly rushing towards the largest building.

Jade yelled: “Be careful!”

Su Yu waved his hand nonchalantly, indicating to her not to be worried.

Qin Jiagui and Yuan Niping also heard the commotion as they hurriedly rushed over, looking towards Jade and Huo Shan as they questioned: “What’s going on?”

Jade replied: “There seems to be some problems in that area, Su Yu is rushing over to check it out.”

Qin Jiagui frowned as he suddenly raised his voice: “Everyone who can hear my voice gather back at the carpark now!”

His voice was raised as he yelled a couple of time before continuing to ask Jade about how the groups were divided up after Niping and himself left. Jade began to fill him in as Qin Jiagui’s brows scrunched.

After a while, Zhang Zhongmou came with Zhou Birong, Xu Ruyun and the others, rushing towards them.

“What’s the matter? What’s going on now?” Zhang Zhongmou shouted.

Qin Jiagui noticed that everyone else besides those who had entered the largest building had gathered, but Zhao Shichang and Ma Ziye were still missing and surmised that something must have gone wrong as he said in a heavy voice: “Everyone take all the food and head towards that building.” picking up two large bags of food before swiftly running forward.

Zhang Zhongmou and the others had also heard the miserable cries of Li Dong, they did not know what had happened but under Qin Jiagui’s instructions, they did not speak further as they swiftly picked up the food. Jade lifted Lei Rui from the ground as they all ran towards the building.

Upon reaching the large building, they saw Su Yu carrying Li Dong whose lower body was naked walking out from the other side of the building. Noticing Qin Jiagui and the others who were rushing over, Su Yu nodded before placing Li Dong down.

“What happened?” Qin Jiagui was alarmed as he asked, he could see that Li Dong’s lower body was covered in blood, his face had corroded to a terrifying degree.

Li Dong had fallen five floors and was gravely injured, after a few howls he had fallen unconscious. When Su Yu found him, he was already unconscious.

“No idea, something must have happened…….” Su Yu spoke as his right hand went forward to press on to Li Dong’s face, strange energy in the form of qi was circulated as it swiftly prevented further corrosion of the face. Thereafter, the strange energy within Li Dong’s body began to swiftly heal his face, however, his broken genitals could not be recovered, only if the missing part was found could there be a hope for Su Yu to help, this also had to be done in a short amount of time or it would be too late.

Su Yu was not interested in helping him to find his genitals, looking at Li Dong’s naked lower body, Su Yu surmised that he must have done something but could not confirm his suspicions at the moment.

“Su Yu, the others have all come down. Only Ma Ziye, Zhao Shichang and the others within that block have not come out, something must have gone wrong within the building.” Qin Jiagui placed the bags of food down as he looked towards Su Yu.

“Alright, leave a few people behind to look after the food together with Lei Rui and Li Dong, the others will follow me to see what happened.” Su Yu was worried about Ma Ziye but was still rather calm, Ma Ziye was at tier three and also had the Star Blade, even if she suddenly met two tier three beast soldiers at the level of the Single Eyed Zombie King, she would not be able to win but also not be in too much danger.

Qin Jiagui acquiesced: “You, me and Zhang Zhongmou will go check it out, the rest can stay here. Even Ma Ziye has not responded, I’m afraid the danger won’t be small.”

Su Yu glanced over at him: “Alright, let’s go.” before rushing into the building.

Qin Jiagui looked back: “All of you be careful, no matter what happens, don’t be curious and act on your own. If there’s any problem, just remember to shout.”

“I know, Jiagui, just be careful.” Yuan Niping was extremely worried for Qin Jiagui, after experiencing the moment within the surgery building, Yuan Niping was even more inseparable from Qin Jiagui.

Qin Jiagui nodded before going with Su Yu and Zhang Zhongmou into the building.

The others exchanged glances as they watched them leave, cautiously looking at their surroundings. Initially, everyone believed that this area was without any danger and had been rather relaxed, who knew that Zhou Huakang and Li Dong would actually scream out miserably, bone-chilling to the extreme. Ma Ziye and Zhao Shichang had also disappeared and this was certainly alarming.

Huo Shan opened his case as he retrieved an off white pants, covering the lower body of Li Dong.

The few females saw Li Dong’s mangled genitals and looks of disgust could be seen on their faces.

The back of this building was covered with vines, at this moment no one was paying attention to this area as a window was pushed open, a figure could be seen climbing out of it.

This figure’s upper body was naked with a tattoo at his shoulder, his entire body was covered in blood, as he climbed out of the window, he made use of the vines and was like a lizard as he slowly climbed down.

As he occasionally lifted his head, one could see his face which was filled with a frightening hatred, his eyes seemed to be dyed red.

The ‘666’ symbol on the back of his neck flashed as though there were some hidden power within, stirring restlessly within his body, appearing tough yet unstable at the same time.

This person with a naked upper torso was precisely Wang Xiang.
Not long after, he had finally climbed to the bottom as he slowly circumvented the building, looking from a distance at Jade, Zhou Birong, Xu Ruyun, Huo Shan, Liu Zheng and the others who were guarding the main entrance, a sinister and terrifying smile suddenly appearing on his face.

Su Yu, Qin Jiagui and Zhang Zhongmou had rushed into the large building, they could clearly see the fissures on the walls within which exposed the vines outside, these vines seems to be covered with small holes and were releasing smoke.

As Su Yu and the two others rushed in, the level was already filled with thick mist.

“Be careful, there’s poison!” Su Yu had just spoken but he could not help but suck in a little, he realised that there was no strange feeling and the strange energy within his body did not react, only then did he calm down.

After the few encounters over the past few days, Su Yu knew that the strange energy within his body was able to counteract poisons, if this mist contained poison, his strange energy would definitely have a reaction.

Su Yu looked back to see Qin Jiagui and Zhang Zhongmou holding their noses: “Relax, it seems like there isn’t poison in the mist after all.”

Hearing Su Yu, Qin Jiagui and Zhang Zhongmou released their hands.

Qin Jiagui sucked in a breath before nodding: “This mist feels a little moist, it seems like ordinary water vapour, however…… they are actually being released from the plants within the fissures of the walls……. This is really rather strange.”

Zhang Zhongmou added: “Don’t forget, what world is this? Strange things are supposed to be the norm.”

Qin Jiagui nodded as Su Yu began to raise his voice, calling out Ma Ziye’s name.

“Let’s go.” The building was very large and even with his shouting no one answered, Su Yu and the other two could not help but slowly search from the first level.

Zhang Zhong Mou lifted a leg as he kicked open a wooden door, Zhang Zhongmou took a single glance to see that the room was empty before proceeding to the second room.

The three people continued to search while shouting for Ma Ziye and Zhao Shichang.

“It’s simply too weird, such a large hospital but not a person in sight. Even if they all died, there should at least be some corpses.” Qin Jiagui muttered.

The deeper they went, the thicker the mist became. The vision of the three became more obscured and besides their footsteps, no other sounds could be heard. This large building which was dark and contained so much mist was clearly strange and frightening.

“Everyone, be careful.” Su Yu lowered his voice, he could sense that something was amiss, this building was definitely strange.

Zhang Zhongmou acquiesced with a grunt as his right hand waved, the Red Lotus Sword appearing within his hand.

The bright red light illuminated the area as Su Yu suddenly stretched his left hand, black scales appeared as five fingers went forward like hooks, grabbing a vine that was filled with small holes currently releasing the faint water vapour.

Su Yu exclaimed as he pulled the vine, forcefully attempting to snap it.

With Su Yu’s current strength, even a steel club would be bent, who knew that the green vine would actually remain undamaged.

“Eh?” Su Yu was stunned, the black scales on his left hand raised as it began to rotate, his left arm smashed forward as the Rending Storm activated.


The green vine immediately broke off as Su Yu suddenly shouted while explosively retreating.

As the green vine broke off, large amounts of red blood spewed forth, the surrounding walls seemed to shiver from immense pain, this scene was simply too strange.

Qin Jiagui was greatly shocked as he exclaimed: “How could this be? That is……” His hairs were standing on end.

Su Yu seemed to have noticed something as he said to Zhang Zhongmou: “Slice off this entire portion.” The Red Lotus Sword was exceptionally sharp, using it to slice the green vines was much more effective than using his Rending Storm.

Zhang Zhongmou nodded as he wielded the Red Lotus Sword, cutting through the wall like tofu to form a big hole.

As the wall began to fall off in chunks with sliced off pieces of green vine, the few people could see large amounts of fresh red blood flow out, mixed with the blood was also a half broken leg and hand.

Seeing the items on the ground, Su Yu, Qin Jiagui and Zhang Zhongmou were silent as a cold chill filled their hearts.

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