KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 143

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Chapter 143: Opening a Passageway

The broken leg and hand was covered in yellow pus, it was mostly rotten and Su Yu could tell that the hands and feet were not from that of a female, allowing him to calm down slightly.

Zhang Zhongmou continued to wield his sword, cutting up more of the green vines as large amounts of fresh blood spurted forth, this scene was simply stunning.

“What should we do now?” Zhang Zhongmou was also strangely concerned for Ma Ziye, an expression of anxiety had appeared on his face, looking through each level within this large building was really rather difficult.

Qin Jiagui responded: “Continue looking, we don’t have any other good alternatives.” rushing forward as he spoke.

Although they realised that the green vines of the wall were definitely strange, they had no other options because these vines had already covered every inch of the wall within the hospital, it was simply impossible to slowly cut through each and everyone of them. What was most important was to find Ma Ziye and Zhao Shichang first.

Zhang Zhongmou swung his Red Lotus Sword, chopping a door in two before kicking, the door flew in as the empty room was exposed.

“Who!” Suddenly, Su Yu roared as he turned, earlier he felt as though there was a black shadow that had flashed behind him.

“What?” Qin Jiagui hurriedly turned, he could only see the dense mist within the walkway, his vision was too obscured to make out anything else.

Su Yu was frowning when Zhang Zhongmou who had rushed the furthest suddenly yelled.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Jiagui hurried forward.

Zhang Zhongmou held his Red Lotus Sword as he stared at the end of the hallway, up ahead, the wall had rotted off exposed an extremely large hole, surrounding the hole were countless numbers of green vines, amongst the green vines were corpses of humans, these corpses seemed to have conjoined with the vines revealing an extremely creepy scene.

Looking at the attire of these humans, Zhang Zhongmou and Qin Jiagui sucked in a breath of cold air.

These people were doctors who wore white gowns, nurses who wore their uniforms, patients who wore their sick personnel uniform, their eyes were all closed and their bodies were covered in thick juice. They were all conjoined together with the green vines painting an extremely terrifying scene.

Zhang Zhongmou held the Red Lotus Sword as his entire body trembled, his goosebumps were all standing up.

Su Yu walked over from behind as he said coldly: “Indeed, this building seems to be in the control of some unknown power, all the people within this hospital seem to have died here, damn……”

Zhang Zhongmou’s entire body was trembling as he shouted: “Then….. Then Instant Noodles and the others……”

“She should be alright, I believe in her.” Su Yu patted Zhang Zhongmou’s shoulder as he continued calmly: “Use the Blazing Red Lotus.”

Their biggest problem right now was that the did not know the true form of their enemy, it was imperative for them to force the other party to show himself, this was why Su Yu had instructed Zhang Zhongmou to use the Blazing Red Lotus.

Zhang Zhongmou trusted Su Yu the most, since he was asked to use the Blazing Red Lotus, Zhang Zhongmou did not hesitate as he immediately pierced the Red Lotus sword forward, softly uttering: “Blazing Red Lotus!”

Zhang Zhongmou was also at tier two, his Blazing Red Lotus had become stronger as it immediately caused the monstrosity before them to burn with large amounts of blazing fire.

Su Yu and Qin Jiagui backed away slightly, the blazing fire before them had formed the shape of an enormous lotus, blooming within the hole in front of them. The fiery blaze immediately caused the mist to emit ‘Chi Chi’ noises, the originally silent hole that was filled with vegetation suddenly began to violently trembled, thereafter they could faintly hear a terrifying roar.

Su Yu’s ears twitched as he twisted his head, staring in a certain direction.

This trembling became greater and greater, the walls in all directions began to emit cracking noises as the fissures became larger.

Su Yu seemed to have grasped something as he suddenly let out a long breath, his left arm, chest and back were suddenly covered with a layer of black scales as he kicked, rushing forward as he ignored the flames released by Zhang Zhongmou.

Zhang Zhongmou could not help but gasp, Su Yu roared as the holes within his body began to wildly suck energy from the surroundings, transforming it into strange energy which gathered within his left arm. Thereafter, an explosive noise could be heard as the Rending Storm was sent forward with a frightening force.

A wall that was covered in vines ten odd metres away suddenly exploded with fresh blood, green vines and corpses, Su Yu was like a bolt of lightning as he sped past the Blazing Red Lotus, landing beside the wall as he activated the Rending Storm once more.

“Damned monster, come out!”

Su Yu roared, his right fist clenched as the Golden Blood within his right arm began to roil, streaks of gold appeared on his black scales before finally gathering within his left hand.

Suddenly, the shrill sound of a steam whistle could be heard as the terrifying strength ignited by the Golden Blood caused a second explosion.


Su Yu’s face and body was immediately dyed red with blood, as for the pit within the tree that was over ten metres wide, it instantly collapsed forming a frightening black hole, within the large building, a faint indistinct roar could be heard, gradually becoming clearer.

At the back, Qin Jiagui and Zhang Zhongmou were stunned speechless, Su Yu’s strength and ferocity was simply astounding.

Qin Jiagui’s palms were drenched with cold sweat, Su Yu’s performance was gradually eroding his confidence in competing with him, each time he struggled to become stronger and gained confidence, thinking he must have closed the gap with Su Yu, only to discover to his dismay that Su Yu had already run even further forward, creating an even larger gap.

This had occurred several times and Qin jia gui was slowly losing the confidence of overtaking Su Yu.

The cost of activating the Golden Blood was not small as Su Yu panted, the walls and green vines were trembling violently, in that instant earlier, he had used the ten odd holes within his body to suck in large amounts of strange energy, filling his body before daring to dash through the Blazing Red Lotus.

This was something he had researched and discovered, if he filled his body with strange energy using the holes within it, his body’s defensive capabilities rose significantly, even the Blazing Red Lotus was unable to harm his body which was filled with the strange energy. This was why Su Yu had dared to leap through the Blazing Red Lotus, however, this was a shocking sight for Zhang Zhongmou.

Of course such a state could only be maintained for a short period of time, with his entire body filled with strange energy, if he did not swiftly use it, he could possibly lose control of it, and as a result explode.

This was thus an extremely dangerous maneuver, it could not be easily used because a single mistake could result in his death.

Su Yu had utilised the power of the Golden Blood, creating an immense hole at the pit of the tree, large amounts of fresh blood was spurting forth as Su Yu used his sensitive hearing to follow the traces of the tree. There was a strange sound and he could not be bothered about the fresh blood that was spouting forth, taking a deep breath before rushing into the hole which he had made as he saw a reinforced concrete wall within. His left arm transformed, instantly becoming the immense Lizard’s Arm.

Roaring as he kicked, his entire body rushed forward as the Lizard’s Arm smashed into the reinforced concrete wall.

The Lizard’s Arm could increase his destructive prowess by two to three times, although his speed was reduced, his thrust was like that of a tank, how frightening was the force behind this rush?


The reinforced concrete wall immediately shattered.

At the back, the Blazing Red Lotus had already extinguished, Zhang Zhongmou wielded his sword as he rushed forward with Qin Jiagui.

“Su Yu, what’s in there?” Qin Jiagui yelled, his right arm had thoroughly transformed, a metallic drum was seated on his right shoulder as the Steel Missile was readied to be fired at a moment’s notice.

Zhang Zhongmou looked at the large hole which contained large amounts of blood and dismembered corpses, gritting his teeth, he also leapt in.

The Red Lotus Sword chopped large amounts of broken limbs and green vines which rushed to meet him.

From the front, piercing streaks of dazzling light shot out, Su Yu suddenly exclaimed: “Everyone, down!” as he explosively retreated backwards before proning.

Zhang Zhongmou and Qin Jiagui did not understand what was happening but they believed in Su Yu one hundred percent, immediately proning without further questions asked.

At the end of the path, dazzling lights flashed as streaks of faint blue light shot forward, like a laser which immediately disintegrated the pit of the tree and wall, causing them to collapse which formed an even larger hole.

Thereafter, the group heard the frightening roar once again, this time, the sound of it was extremely clear, as though the frightening existence were gradually nearing them.

Zhang Zhongmou’s emotions were unstable, after watching the blazing light go by, he climbed back up as he said breathlessly: “Instant Noodles?” an expression of happiness on his face.

That laser beam that was shot was clearly the ability of Ma Ziye’s Star Blade, Starlight.

Starlight was extremely powerful, it had immediately disintegrated a large portion of the tree pit and walls, allowing her to finally meet up with Su Yu and the others.

The noise that Su Yu had heard earlier was actually the ragged panting and shouting of Ma Ziye, he had continued to destroy everything in that direction, finally creating a passageway linking them to Ma Ziye.

At this moment, Ma Ziye’s entire body was covered in fresh blood, she cut a sorry figure and her face was filled with fatigue. Back when she had been forced into activating the Starlight, she had been filled with hopelessness. Who knew that after activating it, an enormous hole would suddenly appear with Su Yu and the two others suddenly appearing like heavenly soldiers.

Her despair turned to hope as she stood dazed, rubbing her eyes as though she were doubting her vision.

Su Yu looked over at where Ma Ziye stood, it was a large circular tree that had green vines extended in all directions, these green vines moved as they wildly danced in the air, there were large amounts of broken vines on the ground, it was clear that Ma Ziye had been engaged in an intense battle with the vines, she was currently extremely fatigued and had used the Starlight in desperation, accidentally opening a path to meet up with Su Yu and the others.

Su Yu looked the dancing green vines that surrounded Ma Ziye, rushing forward without speaking a word as his left arm transformed again, regaining its black-scaled form before activating the Rending Storm.

“Chi Chi Chi”

Green vines continued to meet with the Rending Storm as they were instantly ripped apart.

Ma Ziye had suddenly been drawn out from her despair, she was dazed for a moment before shouting: “Su Yu!” her legs gave way as she suddenly fell towards the ground.

Su Yu’s right hand stretched forth, supporting her waist to prevent her from falling.
Ma Ziye’s arms grabbed tightly onto Su Yu, her voice shivering: “You guys finally came…….”

She had just entered the terrifying boundless walls of trees, when endless amounts of green vines had suddenly struck towards her, that fear and sense of hopelessness was simply indescribable.

“It’s alright, everything will be alright.” Su Yu assisted to stabilise Ma Ziye’s body, his left hand continually flying forward emitting crisp ‘Pa Pa Pa’ noises as the Fang Bullet Burst was shot, immediately slicing up three green vines.

At the back, Qin Jiagui howled as his right shoulder tensed up, the Steel Missile was sent flying forward with a trail of white mist.


The missile flew into tree wall, immediately exploding and causing countless green vines to be disintegrated.

Zhang Zhongmou wielded the Red Lotus sword as he haphazardly slashed at the green vines, although he did not know any sword techniques, the Red Lotus Sword was exceptionally sharp, together with his strange energy which made him at least three to four times stronger than an ordinary human, his random lashing caused large amounts of green vines to be chopped.

For each vine that was chopped apart, fresh blood would spurt, causing the floor to be covered with a pool of blood which covered their feet.

“Ma Ziye, do you know where Zhao Shichang is?” Qin Jiagui had shot the Steel Missile as he swiftly followed up with the Demolishing Iron Fist, heavily smashed the wall of the tree, fissures immediately appeared on the tree pit as the surroundings began to tremble more violently.

“No idea, my guess is that he must be trapped inside like me.” Ma Ziye’s mental state had finally recovered as she picked up the Star Blade from the ground.

Su Yu breathed out, his ears continued to twitch as he carefully listened, the indistinct roars began to draw closer but it was quite difficult to get an accurate direction.

Frowning, Su Yu did not hesitate as his right hand immediately pressed onto the wall of the tree by the side, activating the Earth Spikes Assault.

Suddenly, ten odd metres away within a large portion of the wall of the tree, countless numbers of sharpened stone pillars erupted from the ground, the indistinct roars became even more violent, trembling the entire area. Su Yu’s ears continued to twitch, it seemed as though he had gotten wind of something. The stone pillars had disappeared as large amounts of fresh blood spurted forth, Su Yu did not speak as he activated the Rending Storm, heavily smashing in a direction.

Qin Jiagui and Zhang Zhongmou also wildly attacked in all directions, at this moment they could roughly guess that the wall of trees and green vines were likely part of a living organism that far surpassed their imagination, continually wreaking havoc would definitely be able to weaken the strength of the other party.

Zhang Zhongmou activated the Red Lotus Sword as he chopped, it was exceptionally sharp as the vines were easily sliced apart.

Ma Ziye held the Star Blade, panting for a period of time to recover some energy before beginning to chop anew.

“Roar!!!” A frightening howl could clearly be heard, the enemy’s real body had arrived.

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