KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 144

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Chapter 144: Demon Spawn

With the passing of each minute, Qin Jiagui would send a Steel Missile flying forth, this Steel Missile had an effective radius of twenty five metres, its power was immense and each missile would be able to cause a hole the size of a circular table to appear on the tree wall.

Su Yu, Qin Jiagui, Zhang Zhongmou and Ma Ziye worked together to destroy, their destructive prowess was extremely formidable especially Su Yu’s Rending Storm, each area he struck was thoroughly destroyed. Suddenly, a frightening roar could be clearly heard by their side.

Su Yu and the others lifted their heads, they could see that the ceiling of the tree wall had suddenly split, creating a large fissure, within this fissure were extremely thick tentacles which shot out, amongst the tentacles was a round shaped eyeball like object. Surrounding the eyeball were black circular vents, the vents were expelling out faint mist.


An explosion rang out as an indescribable monster suddenly appeared from within the fissure, countless tentacles flew forward as it instantly swallowed Qin Jiagui within.

Qin Jiagui exploded with a frightening roar as the Demolishing Iron Fist was sent flying forward.

Su Yu’s legs kicked as the Rending Storm smashed forward, landing squarely on the eyeball of the monster.


The circular pipe that was surrounding the eyeball suddenly began to release large amounts of water vapour and fluid, as for the large eyeball in the centre, it began to release large amounts of ink-like fluid, instantly being crushed by the Rending Storm.

Ma Ziye did not speak as the Star Blade swung forward, ‘Chi Chi Chi’, tentacles were cleanly sliced apart while Qin Jiagui continually sent the Demolishing Iron Fist smashing forward, finally joining back up with Su Yu and the others completely demolishing the monster.

This monster had just been killed when another monster of the same type appeared from the fissure, also an eyeball with many tentacles surrounding it.

Frightening roars could continually be heard.

Su Yu’s Eye of Perception had finally managed to capture some information, he found out that the eyeball monster was known as a Demon Spawn, there was no other information to be shown.

“Demon Spawn”, this name was extremely peculiar but Su Yu did not have the time to consider as another seven to eight of the monsters came from within the fissure.

“Everyone, be careful, back away now!” Su Yu commanded as he rushed to Ma Ziye’s side, activating the Rending Storm as a frightening amount of white mist was expunged.

Qin Jiagui and Zhang Zhongmou also explosively retreated as they shielded Ma Ziye, these monsters noticed this as they immediately attacked from all directions.

Ma Ziye immediately activated the Heaven’s Net, in the blink of an eye, the surrounding area of ten odd metres was covered with a frightening steel web.

The seven to eight monsters that had rushed forward were caught off guard as they instantly found themselves within the Heaven’s net, Su Yu howled as he rushed forward.

Qin Jiagui’s right shoulder raised as the Steel Missile shot forward followed by the Demolishing Iron Fist.

Zhang Zhongmou’s face had completed its stone transformation, the Eye of Petrification immediately shot a beam of light, causing a small portion of the body of a Demon Spawn to petrify, the Red Lotus Sword within his hand swept forward, piercing as it immediately killed one of the Demon Spawn.

Su Yu’s Rending Storm exploded forth, immediately killing three of the monsters, he lifted his head to see an unending stream of the Demon Spawn, realising that the situation was extremely grim. With such an unending stream of monsters, no matter how powerful they were, they would still fall in this place.

Looking around in all directions, Su Yu immediately leapt as the Rending Storm was activated, knocking aside two of the monsters as he rushed forward, kicking as he suddenly flew into the air.

Reaching a height of four metres, Su Yu retracted his Rending Storm as his left hand pierced into the tree wall, holding his entire person in the air.

“Su Yu, what are you doing?” Zhang Zhongmou lifted his head realising that Su Yu was suspended in the air.

“You guys stay here, don’t break the formation!” Su Yu yelled while stretching his right hand to grab the vines by the side, alternating between his left and right as he swiftly ascended the wall.

At this moment, Zhang Zhongmou and the others realised that Su Yu wanted to climb through the fissure in the ceiling, such a reckless action was something that only he would risk.

Qin Jiagui had once attempted to send a Steel Missile into the fissure, although he had managed to cause much damage to the green vines as fresh blood splattered everywhere, it was simply useless as more Demon Spawn appeared.

As though feeling that Su Yu was nearing the centre fissure, the monsters surged towards Su Yu as their tentacles attacked.

The strands of energy from the Golden Blood flowed through his right hand, causing it to become stronger as he firmly attached himself to the wall, his left hand swiftly activated the Rending Storm as the hidden holes within his body began to wildly draw energy, filling him up before he punched forward.


Two Demon Spawn which were moving towards him were immediately rent apart by the frightening fluctuations in the air.

Su Yu seized the chance to retract the Rending Storm, stabbing into the wall as he kicked at the same time, using the force from his left hand and legs to instantly fly like a fish through water, rushing to the fissure.

Having rushed to the fissure, the Rending Storm was activated as large amounts of white mist was emitted, “Zi Zi” sounds rang out as the white mist began to rotate, forming an immense white storm, mincing the surrounding tree walls with fresh blood mixed within. Su Yu exploded with a howl, he could not clearly see what was within the fissure, instinctively acting as he sucked in a frightening amount of energy before sending the fully charged Rending Storm flying forward.

“Roar!!!” An extremely shrill cry could be heard as the entire tree wall began to tremble, the vines everywhere began to collapse as large amounts of water and dismembered corpses fell to the ground, Qin Jiagui and the others who were below were shocked attacking wildly in all directions to preserve their lives, the scene was extremely messy, something that words could not describe well enough.

Su Yu could only sense that his Rending Storm had smashed into a soft and mushy fleshy hole, thereafter, the frightening Rending Storm had minced the flesh within, Su Yu’s right hand tightened as his legs kicked, moving further into the fleshy hole as the Rending Storm began to mince a path.


Su Yu could sense the frightening roar as the surrounding hole began to constrict, squeezing him as it twitched and trembled before opening once again, an immense pressure suddenly descended as he was sent hurtling out of the hole.


Su Yu felt light-headed as he tumbled, unsure what had just happened. He had merely felt himself flung out of the hole before smashing heavily into the ground.

By the time he climbed back up, he saw a shocking scene that left his mouth ajar, as though he could not believe his own eyes.

Within the inpatient department, Su Yu and the others were engaged in a brutal battle with the unknown entity, as for the people outside, they were totally clueless as to what was going on. Jade and the others were extremely anxious as they waited, the large bags of food as well as Lei Rui who was unconscious were placed in the centre as the others carefully watched their surroundings.

Not long after, sounds of footsteps could suddenly be heard as a figure swayed while rushing towards them.

“Who!” Zhou Birong exclaimed as her right hand lifted, immediately exposing three hooks.

Jade’s left hand also tightened as symbols appeared on the back of her hand.

“It’s me, save me!” The figure rushing over seemed panicked, shouting as he swiftly drew closer. The group were stunned, this person was actually Wang Xiang, at this moment he was covered in blood and he cut a sorry sight.

“Wang Xiang?” The group were dazed for a moment, back then Ma Ziye, Zhao Shichang, Li Dong, Zhou Huakang, Wang Xiang and Mao Mingzhu had moved into the building together, thereafter Zhou Huakang and Li Dong had let out blood curdling screams before Li Dong came falling down five stories. As for the others, there was simply no contact from them.

Li Dong was currently unconscious and the group had no idea what had happened within the building.

Wang Xiang seemed anxious as he swiftly ran over, Zhou Birong said in a heavy voice: “Wang Xiang, what happened to all of you inside? What about the others?”

Wang Xiang panted heavily as he reached the group: “It’s too terrifying…… that place…… that place has…….” As he said this, he carefully measured the group, noticing that Su Yu, Qin Jiagui and the others were not present, he secretly sighed in relief.

“What happened?” Shi Guozhong pressed.

“There was a killing incident!” Wang Xiang suddenly acted as his fist smashed heavily into Shi Guozhong’s face, his mouth opened at the same time as teeth shot forth like arrows, shooting towards Xu Ruyun who was by the side.

Things had made such a drastic change that Shi Guozhong failed to react, his face was smashed in as he felt an immense pain fill him, crying out miserably as he fell away.

Xu Ruyun barely managed to twist his body, avoiding a large amount of the teeth but a couple still managed to hit him. The teeth the Wang Xiang spat out had a powerful corrosive effect, the toxin contained within immediately began to create hissing noises from the small holes that had been pierced, green smoke rising from the holes.

Xu Ruyun groaned but remained silent, suddenly moving as his hands moved to his chest, picking seven to eight surgical knives as he reacted with a god-like speed that far exceeded one’s imagination.

Wang Xiang had shot the teeth towards Xu Ruyun because he was most worried about him.

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