KGGD – Book 1 – Chapter 145

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Chapter 145: Strange Symbol of ‘8’

Xu Ruyun’s performance this entire journey had been extremely tranquil, even Su Yu and Qin Jiagui had felt he was astonishing, much less Wang Xiang.

Seven to eight surgical knives shot forward but Wang Xiang did not dodge as he merely ran forward, opening his mouth in a maniacal smile, all his teeth had already been shot out and it seemed extremely menacing. The surgical knives entered his body as he spat a large mouthful of spittle, Xu Ruyun had not expected Wang Xiang’s craziness and was immediately struck on the face.

His vision immediately turned black as an intense pain filled his face, Wang Xiang howled as he kicked heavily into Xu Ruyun’s chest.

“Roar!” Wang Xiang let out a shriek, he did not expect that surgical knives would suddenly protrude from Xu Ruyun’s chest, his leg was immediately stabbed by the knives while Xu Ruyun groaned, spitting out blood as he was kicked aside by the frightening kick.

At the back, Zhou Birong exclaimed: “Wang Xiang, are you crazy?!” her right hand waved as three claws appeared, slashing viciously towards Wang Xiang.

Jade’s eyes were sharp as she suddenly gasped: “666?”

At this moment, everyone had finally realised that Wang Xiang’s bare neck had the ‘666’ symbol, at this moment the ‘666’ symbol was no longer indistinct but rather continually glowed, appearing exceptionally eye-catching.

“666? This fellow is also a monster?” Liu Zheng said in a raspy voice, the previous day’s encounter with the black monster that had the 666 symbol together with Ning Yan’s incident made the group extremely sensitive to the 666 symbol, seeing it at this moment on Wang Xiang’s neck made them feel as though they were looking at a monster.

Xu Ruyun’s face had been hit by Wang Xiang’s saliva which contained extremely corrosive properties, immediately losing his sight while his body was also riddled with holes due to the teeth, they were currently rotting at a tremendous speed and he was currently rolling on the ground, his hands clutching his face, no longer capable of fighting.

Zhou Birong exclaimed as she sent her claws flying forward, clawing towards Wang Xiang. Jade gasped as she began to draw in the air, preparing to use the Runewords.

By the side, when Huo Shan saw the ‘666’ symbol on the back of Wang Xiang, he did not hold back as his right hand turned, strange energy surged to form a honeycomb charcoal briquette which he tossed at Wang Xiang.

Yuan Niping was also a tier one dark iron warrior and under the current dire circumstance, she did not think further as she rushed forward.

Liu Zheng was shouting loudly, trying to cause a ruckus to draw the attention of Su Yu and the others who were in the building, it was a pity that they were currently surrounded within the frightening tree wall, simply cut off from the outside world.

Wang Xiang’s feet had been pierced by several surgical knives, his body was rigid as Zhou Birong pierced her claws into him, it was a pity that she could not pull it out before Wang Xiang retaliated, his arm twisting as it smashed towards Zhou Birong’s waist.

Zhou Birong groaned as she fell away, the three claws on her hands immediately spurting large amounts of blood.

Wang Xiang was hit by Huo Shan’s honeycomb charcoal briquette squarely on the chest, it exploded immediately causing flesh and blood and fly, Wang Xiang howled as he tumbled away, no longer moving.

The group were stunned as they stared at the immobile Wang Xiang, Jade had finished drawing her Runeword and a streak of white immediately flew forward.

“Bang!” as it smashed into Wang Xiang’s body.

After the continued assaults, Wang Xiang’s body was like a broken doll, totally wrecked. The group noticed that he did not react even after suffering Jade’s blow as they sighed in relief, thinking that Wang Xiang must have died as they slowly crowded towards him.

The group had just sighed in relief when an eerie laughter suddenly transmitted from Wang Xiang, his tattered body slowly began to twist and shiver.

The group were shocked as they halted in their tracks, Wang Xiang had lifted his face, a strange expression was on it as he opened his mouth while laughing hysterically, his body continually transforming.

“Keke……. Kekeke…….” Wang Xiang’s sinister laughter echoed out, suddenly, a hand stretched forth as a frightening energy began to fluctuate, large amounts of rotten flesh began to gather, instantly forming a black claw, his legs kicked as he suddenly rushed forward.

The group were stunned as they swiftly attempted to flee.

“Aaaahhhh!” Shi Guozhong who was the slowest miserably cried, this bus driver had taken a blow to the face and had reacted the slowest, he had been caught by Wang Xiang as a frightening claw pierced his chest.

“Die! All of you must! Killing all of you will allow me to advance…….” Wang Xiang’s voice was sinister and cold, his mouth seemed to have fangs like that of a beast, biting down on the throat of Shi Guozhong who was struggling.

Shi Guozhong continued to struggle but he was gradually growing weaker and weaker.

The group were alarmed as Huo Shan once again tossed a charcoal briquette bomb, Jade’s left hand was drawing Runewords while Zhou Birong grit her teeth as claws extended, clawing towards Wang Xiang.

As for Liu Zheng and Xie Zhiming who were not even tier one, they did not have any good methods to attack and could only retreat far away.

Huo Shan’s charcoal briquette had be thrown forward, but Wang Xiang lifted Shi Guozhong’s body like a baseball bat and swung it.


An immense explosion resounded out as the charcoal briquette exploded, Shi Guozhong let out the final cry of his life before bursting into pieces, dying on the spot.

Huo Shan had never expected his charcoal briquette to kill Shi Guozhong in such a brutal manner as he shivered uncontrollably.

Wang Xiang tossed Shi Guozhong’s battered remains towards Huo Shan as he swiped his hand, a black claw swiped forward, Zhou Birong groaned as the claws on her right hand were instantly snapped, her right shoulder which contained her strange energy had been injured, a searing pain could be felt as she screamed, Wang Xiang continued forward as he kicked, hitting her chest as she flew away like a broken kite, blood spurting from her mouth.

Jade cried as a shock wave was sent forward, Wang Xiang laughed as he suddenly disappeared, suddenly appearing behind her.

“I remember you……. You’re Su Yu’s woman……. Using your power, you wanted to bully the weak, wanted to kill me…… It’s a pity……. I’ll be killing all of you today……. I want to kill his woman, keke, so what if he’s powerful…….. Once I kill all of you and suck your power, my power will surely be able to deal with them……. By then……. I will be able to kill all of them…… hahahaha……..”

Wang Xiang’s face continued to rot, his arms stretched forth before clamping down on Jade’s neck, a sinister smile on his face: “Die! You bit**!”

His arms immediately exerted as he prepared to twist Jade’s head.

“I wonder what will his reaction be once he sees your skull before him……Keke…….” Wang Xiang laughed sinisterly, Jade’s spine was emitting cracking noises and seemed like it would snap at any moment when suddenly, a cold could be felt from his neck as he suddenly felt powerless.

“What…….” Wang Xiang did not understand what was happening as an immense force suddenly pulled at his arms, sending him flying away.

“Aaaaahhhh!” Wang Xiang howled as his immense body fell heavily onto the ground.

“Ba da!”

Smashing into the ground, his head was dizzy as he barely managed to turn his body to lift his head, he was stunned to see Lei Rui who had been in a vegetative state there, she had gotten up quietly before suddenly acting, attacking the ‘666’ symbol on his neck before tossing him aside, saving Jade.

The current Lei Rui’s eyes were emotionless, as though she did not have any consciousness. However, there was a brilliant white light shining from her chest, within the light a symbol of ‘8’ could be clearly seen.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Lei Rui’s heart had previously suffered from a serious injury, at this moment it was beating violently, the sounds could even be heard by Wang Xiang, as though there was an incomparably powerful and unique heart within her chest.

Within the large building, Su Yu had been sent flying away from the fleshy hole by a gust of forceful air, heavily smashing into the ground. As he lifted his head, what he saw before him made him suck in a breath of cold air.

Within the centre of the inpatient department which was over thirty stories high was an immense empty space that had been dug out, within this empty space were countless vines that were hanging from tree walls, atop these walls were an innumerable amount of corpses.

These humans were combined with the green vines to form an enormous flesh tree wall, what made Su Yu most shocked was actually in the huge tree wall was a unique and strange monster.

This monster seemed to be formed from five thousand thick vines together with a large black eye the size of a circular table. From within, green tentacles emerged, these tentacles continued to spray out white mist while make wheezing noises.

At this moment, the monster’s roots were connected to all the surrounding area, at the top of the flesh tree wall was a slit that showed red flesh. Just recently, Su Yu was spat out from that particular opening.

This monster was simply immense, based on height it was at least forty metres high, its lower body had completely integrated with the large building and it was impossible to determine which part was the monster’s body and which was the building’s construction, Su Yu was unable to determine if this could be considered a monster or a plant that really looked like a monster.

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